L - Oreal Hair Oils Review

"Elsev", oil "Extraordinary": reviews Luxurious girlish braids have always been the object of male attention. Therefore, even ancient beauties diligently fertilized hair with oils. And in the 21st century, hair more than ever need care.

4 hairstyle trends 2018

The main trends in haircuts and coloring of the new season. The most discussed techniques and shades from star stylists Aldo Coppola Spring is the perfect moment for a cardinal change of image.

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How to dry hair at home?

How to dry hair: effective tricks and tips Greetings to you dear readers of my blog! The topic that we will talk about today is close to all of us girls, regardless of age.

Keratin hair extensions

Hair extensions on short hair: from the “boy” to Rapunzel No matter how fashionable the haircuts are positioned, they are not long, most women in the world dream of luxurious strands. And this is not a problem!

Henna and Basmo dyeing - sharing and double benefit

The proportions of henna and basma to obtain the desired hair color The main dyes are henna and basma: henna is made from the leaves of the henna plant, collected in the middle part of the plant, and the basma is made from a tropical indigo plant.