Why do we need hair tonic balms

Frequent radical change of color with the help of dye harms the hair. In the market of cosmetic products there are more sparing tint. They hide gray hair and improve the condition of the curls. Manufacturers offer a variety of mousses, balsams, sprays and shampoos. Consider the ranking of expensive and cheap coloring tools. The list is based on customer feedback.

Expensive tinting hair products

Regardless of the color - red, ashen or blue tonic (so called users for convenience) hair solves several problems. After clarification, an ugly yellowness often appears. Lotions, balms with a pigment of a violet shade help to eliminate it. Tint products also improve the appearance of gray hair. Highlights dry and thin hair. Means additionally return natural shine and softness.

Professional shampoos, balms and other types of tinting agents include natural ingredients. Therefore, their price is significantly different from standard products.

What is tonic?

The desire to paint the hair at least once in a life occurs in every woman. But the results of experiments are not always successful, because the permanent dyes contain a whole set of chemicals that destroy the structure of curls. The use of tinting hair balms is a safer method of changing the image.

The secret of the popularity of funds lies in their composition and impact on the strands. Most products contain neither ammonia nor hydrogen peroxide, which has a negative effect on curls and scalp.

Tonics are saturated with useful substances and sparing dyes that do not destroy the natural pigment from the inside, and envelop the hairs, acting only on the surface. Even after the color disappears, your hairstyle will remain in its original form.


The most significant advantage of toning is its harmlessness. Some manufacturers add to the cosmetics extracts and plant extracts, oils, keratin and proteins, which improve the curls, make them shiny, elastic and obedient. You can not only get a new shade, but also improve the strands with the help of procedures.

The product also helps to neutralize the yellowness, which often appears on light-colored hair. The composition of these balms are purple or blue pigments, returning the hair even and beautiful tone.

Professional tonics contain filters that protect against ultraviolet radiation, which is especially important in the warm season. Other advantages:

  • varied palette
  • ease of use
  • some products have a cumulative effect, with each staining the hue becomes more saturated and lasts longer,
  • low cost, compared with high-quality permanent paints,
  • the opportunity to experiment with shades without harm to the hair,
  • excellent cosmetic effect - curls become silky and shiny.


Despite a lot of advantages, you can not ignore the disadvantages of tonics. First of all, they give a short-lived result, the shade is washed off after a few weeks. However, it comes off evenly, without creating pronounced transitions, so the hairstyle remains in order until the pigment is completely removed.

To keep the color, you will have to paint often, about once every 2 weeks. If we take into account that the funds do not destroy the hair, then this moment is not critical.

Some girls complain about the uneven manifestation of tone on the head of hair, most often the problem is taken by surprise by those who did not bother to read the instructions and apply the balm correctly.

The disadvantages include the following characteristics:

  • the inability to radically change color - balms give an effect in the range of 2-3 tones, no more,
  • overdrying strands - but there are few of such products, and manufacturers write about this side effect in the instructions,
  • the inability to paint over gray hair when it is more than 40%, and even if you managed to hide white locks under the pigment, they will appear very soon,
  • the lack of such a rich choice of colors, as in resistant paints,
  • obtaining unexpected results on pre-stained chemical compositions, curled and henna-treated hair.

A good balm for toning copes with several tasks at once. It changes the shade, makes the base tone more expressive, emphasizes the texture of the hairstyle, gives glossy shine to the strands and helps to correct the flaws in the lightening.

Depending on the set of functions, all balms can be divided into the following types:

  1. Neutralizers for blondes. Tonic is the best way to get rid of yellowness and redhead, which eventually appears on the clarified curls. It neutralizes the results of oxidation, instantly turns an unsightly tone into noble ash. It is recommended to use the products on an ongoing basis in order to preserve the effect of staining longer.
  2. Tint tones to give depth to the base color. These products perfectly emphasize the natural shade, make it more deep and rich. Also suitable for maintaining the tone acquired by staining with ammonia compounds. Keep in mind that there should be at least two weeks between the procedures so that the hair is restored and the pigment is shown correctly.
  3. Laminating products. They contain keratin, silicone, proteins and other substances that create an invisible glossy film on the surface of the curls. They fill the voids of porous hair, close the scales of the cuticles, giving the curls chic shine and volume, strengthening their structure.

Selection Features

Choosing a good balm that can satisfy all your needs is quite simple. To begin with, decide which tasks the tonic should perform. Carefully study its composition - give preference to products that do not contain peroxide and other harmful chemicals.

Pay special attention to the shade, for each base different colors are used. Since it is impossible to completely change the image, girls need to take into account their initial tone.

Consider which palette is worth paying attention to.

  • black hair can be toned in colors of chestnut palette, chocolate or brown, ashy, eggplant, red, copper, etc.
  • dark blonde and brown are most often tinted with bright colors to get a juicy and rich ebb: cold purple, bronze, red,
  • light blond color is tinted with all shades of beige, depending on the color of the face, they can have a different subtone,
  • Blondes most often use tonics with purple pigments to keep the purity of a light color, if you want to add warm notes to your hair, choose products with a golden hue,
  • Even 100% gray hair can be disguised with the help of special tonics - shades of pink pearls, mother-of-pearl and amethyst fit platinum curls very nobly.

Shading balm for gray hair is selected very carefully, as the results depend on the individual characteristics of the hair.

Rules of application

Getting a uniform and beautiful shade directly depends on the proper application of the balm. They need to be used with extreme caution, since even gentle formulations can damage curls when the instructions are not followed.

To get started, carefully review the annotation to the tonic, it describes in detail all the nuances of the procedure. Best of all, if the coloring will be performed by a professional, but you can cope with this task yourself, by following simple rules:

  • Carefully wash your hair with shampoo, it is necessary for the disclosure of scales and better adhesion of pigments to the surface of the hair.
  • Dry the curls with a towel, removing excess moisture from them.
  • We protect the shoulders with a cape; we wear rubber gloves on our hands so as not to stain them.
  • Pour balm into a plastic container.
  • It is necessary to apply tonic with a special paint brush to ensure that each strand is evenly processed.
  • Withstand the means for the time specified in the instructions. Balsams eliminating yellowness are washed away immediately, otherwise you can get a dirty ashy or marsh green tint instead of a cold blond.
  • We rinse the hair well with running water until it becomes transparent - it will take a lot of time, but do not rush, otherwise the new color will remain on the pillowcases and clothes.
  • Moisturize the tips with daily care balm, wash it off after 5-10 minutes.
  • Repeat the procedure with a frequency of once every 2-3 weeks, apply yellowing neutralizers with each shampooing.


Tints cannot strongly damage the scalp or the scalp, as they do not contain harmful chemicals. However, in some cases, their use should be abandoned, otherwise you can get the exact opposite of the desired result.

Do not apply formulations if you are allergic to at least one of their components. It is very easy to check this - put a small amount of cosmetics on the area behind the ear and wait 24 hours. If after this time there was no discomfort or skin reaction, you can proceed to toning. Otherwise, the chosen product does not suit you.

Reject the procedure should be in such cases:

  • very dry and brittle hair - their composition will hurt them even more,
  • any dermatological diseases or violation of the integrity of the scalp,
  • recent dyeing with ammonia agents or perm - a minimum of 2 weeks should pass after them,
  • recent henna or basma dyeing - in this case, it will take up to two months to wait until the hair is restored,
  • more than 40% of gray hair - but this item does not apply to special formulations intended to cover platinum strands.

Total Results from Matrix

Professional brand of cosmetics for hair care, based in America, has declared itself to the whole world with resistant paints. In her collection there are also tonics, with the help of which it is possible to refresh the image slightly, not completely, but completely safely.

As part of no peroxide and ammonia, but it includes a complex of ceramides, caring for the strands and making them smooth. Also, the tools are equipped with UF-filters that protect the curls from the negative influence of direct sunlight and preserve the shine of the shine.

The advantages of products include the fact that it gently affects the hair, cares for it, gives noble shades, has a wide palette of 18 colors. The disadvantages are the cost (above average), high consumption and difficulty when flushing.

Tonics from "L'Oreal"

Cosmetic giant offers several lines of professional products for different types of curls.

  1. Chroma Care is suitable for brown-haired women and brunettes, its palette is represented by red, blackberry and chocolate shades.
  2. The Expert Silver collection for fair-haired ladies has two types of balm: gray and silver, they eliminate yellowness from natural, dyed and gray strands.
  3. Owners of chestnut, light chestnut and brown hair will suit the Gloss Color series, which contains gold-honey and red tones.

The advantages of the products include its ease of use, rich and soft shades, caring properties, neutralization of unwanted shades. The disadvantages are that the balsams are not sold in all stores and it is very difficult to wash them off the surfaces, if you don’t start cleaning immediately.

Life Color by Kapus

Professional balms are ideal for maintaining a bright and saturated color after dyeing with ammonia compounds, as they contain not only pigments, but also caring ingredients. They can also emphasize the color of natural hair, on a natural base tones will look much brighter.

Tonics have a cumulative effect, with each new procedure they give a more pronounced result. Sand shades and palettes are recommended to be used by bleached or natural blondes, brown gamma perfectly harmonizes with natural and dyed brown hair, copper manifests itself in all its glory on red curls, it also gives a soft golden shade of clarified head of hair.

Judging by the reviews, the products do an excellent job with all of their tasks - the tone is smooth and non-aggressive, there are no problems with the application. The disadvantages include only the high price, which is typical for any professional cosmetics.

Love Nuance from Estel

Affordable and very affordable option for home toning. The structure includes not only pigments, but also a keratin complex, which gives gentle care to the strands. The tools are quite simple to use, all the nuances of the technology are set out in the abstract.

The hue appears evenly, it has its own “individuality”, since it plays on new patterns in different structure and color. Gently affects the hair, it smells pretty good, so there is no problem with the extract of the balm.

You can find products in most stores, there you will also be provided with a palette that will help predict the result of staining.

The disadvantages of products can be attributed to its uneconomical - a jar is enough for no more than one time for hair of medium length. Also, the tonic strongly eats into the skin and various surfaces, so it should be washed off immediately after contamination.

Londoren from Londa

Another product that is affordable and at a reasonable price. The palette of shades is quite wide, the means that neutralize the yellow tone on the light curls deserve particular popularity. The composition has natural betaine and moisturizing elements, because even the use after clarification will not lead to drying of the strands.

Well manifested by the tool when applied to gray curls, it removes unwanted subtone, evens out color, makes the hair well-groomed and smooth. Tonic is sold in any cosmetic shop, you need to work with it very carefully, as the pigments erupt quickly and do not wash out well.

Draw conclusions

Hair tinting is an excellent option for girls who do not want dramatic changes, fear for the health of their natural curls or dream of extending the brightness of the shade acquired after painting.

Also, balms are suitable for women who dream to transform a noble gray hair, to return the grooming and shine to her hair. The range of products for salon and home use is very wide, you can choose the funds for any budget. Regardless of the price, tonics do not spoil the hair like ammonium compounds, so their use is much more useful.

Hair tonic - which company is better?

In the choice of tonic for hair the most difficult - find your manufacturer. In Russia, tinted shampoos do not have to be certified. And, unfortunately, some companies use this by adding heavy metal salts to the composition. Such components remain in the hair structure for life. Therefore, choosing a tonic of a little-known Russian brand, you should carefully study the packaging. As practice shows, the most popular Russian tonics in Russia remain Russian products from RoColor and Estel.

Foreign tonics as well as Russian, are “crammed” with all sorts of synthetic components. However, in Europe hair coloring products are subject to mandatory certification, so rarely they contain really harmful substances. In choosing a company you should not rely on the name.The tonic that you consider “our” may actually be made in Poland or Germany, and the tool with the inviting “import” name may turn out to be a domestic “replica”. General advice that beauticians give to those who doubt the choice of a company tonic - the number of components in the composition (the smaller, the better).

What is it like?

Before you begin to review this product, you need to understand what it is, and how does it differ from ordinary permanent paints and nourishing balms?

Tint balm is a nourishing balm containing in its composition coloring pigment of a certain color, which does not penetrate deep into the hair, as in permanent colors, but is fixed on its surface in the form of a film.

Thus, it is possible to achieve a change in the shade of curls, without causing them absolutely no harm. The disadvantage of this procedure is the time it takes to save the effect - only 2-4 weeks after which the shade disappears, that is, it disappears with every wash of the head.

In addition to imparting a different tone to the scalp, the tint balm has a number of positive points, namely:

  • After the staining procedure, the hair does not require special care.
  • Curls gain silkiness, shine and rich color.
  • If the shade did not suit you, then it is easy to change it after a short period of time.
  • The procedure does not harm the health of the strands, so it can be performed with enviable regularity, without fear of harm to the hair.

This tool has some nuances that should be studied and remembered. These include the following:

  • Dye particles will always remain on the towel, hats and pillows that you use. Be prepared for this.
  • Rain, snow or any other moisture that gets on tinted hair will be painted in different colors and flow from them to your clothes. Therefore, do not leave the house in bad weather without an umbrella or a headdress.

Tonika Hair Balm

Probably, every girl sooner or later uses the tonic balm "Tonic", which became the common name of all temporary paints. However, this remedy best of all lies on gray curls or light colored strands. The basis of the tool includes flax extract, which protects hair follicles and rods from chemical attack. The tool must be kept from 3 to 5 minutes to maintain a natural color, from 10 to 20 minutes to obtain a shade, from 30 to 50 minutes to obtain a stable and bright color. To enhance the effect, after applying the balm, cover the hair with a plastic cap and a towel on top. After the required period, rinse the product to clear water and use the balm for dyed hair. If you overdo the tonic on your hair, wash them once with shampoo.


  • tinting agent
  • for any type of curls.


  • huge color palette
  • the ability to give a light shade or bright color to the curls,
  • keeps on strands for a long time,
  • easily washed off the skin,
  • softens strands, helps in combing,
  • gives a healthy shine.

Possible disadvantages:

  • may get dirty after washing your head,
  • washed unevenly
  • may be allergic to components
  • not suitable for light-colored hair.

Tinting balm for hair Leganza

The tinting balm from the Bulgarian brand Leganza is developed on the basis of an anti-allergenic formula. It consists of marc from argan, macadamia, olive, avocado, jojoba, almond and shi. The tool not only paints, but also restores, strengthens, nourishes and tones the hair shafts and bulbs. After use, you will get a uniform and luxurious color, phenomenal brilliance. A balm is applied for a period of 5 minutes to half an hour, depending on how intense the color interests you.


  • for toning and coloring,
  • for any type of strands.


  • additionally heals and strengthens the curls,
  • not smeared after the first rinse,
  • tonic evenly falls on the strands,
  • the paint is kept for a long time and washed off gradually (including, in gray hair).

Possible disadvantages:

  • natural oils can cause allergies
  • does not effectively color all hair types.

Estel Professional Love Ton Hair Color Balm

The toning balm from cosmetology brand Estel is based on a unique formula that protects hair rods from the negative influence of the environment: temperature, moisture, salts and ultraviolet rays. The manufacturer provides a huge range of colors and shades that can satisfy the most sophisticated taste. The extract of mango fruit, which is part of, actively restores the work of hair follicles and accelerates the growth of strong and healthy curls. Apply for a period of 20 minutes to half an hour.


  • for coloring curls,
  • for any type of strands.


  • cosmetic effect like after the salon,
  • softens, levels and gives volume to the strands,
  • it is applicable both for natural or gray, and for the painted ringlets,
  • rich palette of shades
  • does not cause an allergic reaction
  • not easily soiled
  • pleasant aroma, steadfastly holding on the curls.

Possible disadvantages:

  • you need to keep about 45 minutes for a rich color on the hair,
  • does not give saturated or acid shades.

Toning balm Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme 3in1

The Revlon brand toning agent for curls can not only evenly and deeply dye the strands, but also give a phenomenal vibrant shine. Balsam is considered one of the fastest because it is enough to hold it on the strands for 3 to 5 minutes, then rinse off. In addition, the tool nourishes the hair shafts and protects it from the sun’s rays or salts contained in water.


  • to maintain color on the strands,
  • for previously painted curls.


  • restores color after washing out paint
  • professional cosmetic care for curls,
  • convenient packaging with dispenser,
  • evens out the overall tone of the hair.

Possible disadvantages:

  • relatively quickly washed out,
  • ineffective for uncolored strands.

Tint balm Kapous Professional Life Color Coloring Balm

The product from the cosmetic brand Kapous was released specifically to care for previously painted strands. Since the constant use of ammonia and other brighteners containing other paints spoils the hair, the use of toning balms will help to maintain a uniform color of curls. In addition, the tool gently nourishes and strengthens damaged hair rods, protects against mechanical stress and ultraviolet radiation. The balm is kept on the curls from several minutes to half an hour, depending on the desired intensity.


  • to maintain deep color,
  • for colored strands.


  • returns to hair the deep and deep color
  • long lasting effect
  • moisturizes and restores damaged hairline.

Possible disadvantages:

Vitality’s Art Espresso Balsam

Professional tonal balm from the Italian cosmetic brand Vitality’s is able not only to restore the hair deep and rich color, but also to restore them after numerous dyes. Universally applicable to natural or colored curls. The keratin and protein that form the basis not only make the strands strong and elastic, but also activate the work of the hair follicles, as a result of which the growth of curls is accelerated.


  • for coloring and restoring curls,
  • for all types of strands.


  • intensively restores the desired shade on the hair,
  • softens and revives curls,
  • convenient packaging with dispenser,
  • economical,
  • accelerates hair growth.

Possible disadvantages:

  • does not give a bright result on uncolored strands,
  • washed through 3-4 shampoos.

The number of tinting balms to create color includes products from "Tonic", Leganza, Estel and Vitality’s.

To maintain the previously applied color, it is recommended to use products from the professional line of brands. Revlon and Kapous.

What this tool is and to whom it suits

Color balm is a gentle way to maintain or slightly change the color of the hair. Due to the fact that there are no aggressive components in it, it is possible to give the curls a new shade without harm and special work. Of course, with the help of a tint, it is impossible to turn from a blonde into a brunette or produce a lasting dye. But, to make hair color brighter and more expressive - that’s what he can do.

Pros and cons of tint tools

With the help of a balm, you can add a new shade to the curls without harm

Let's start with the positive properties. The main ones are:

  • The use of balm does not cause such harm as traditional cream paint.
  • The procedure does not take much time, it can be done independently at home.
  • A varied palette of colors and shades.
  • Availability both at the price, and in the place of sales.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • The visible effect of the use of balm persists up to 8-10 times after shampooing.
  • Balsam pigments do not penetrate inside, but are only on the surface of the hair, which is why everything that comes in contact with them - towels, pillows, clothes can be colored, which is especially noticeable when using balsams of dark and bright shades.

Tonic products

  • It is not recommended to visit baths, saunas and swimming pools with curls, painted with tint balms - because of contact with water and moisture pigments can stain the skin.

The most popular tint balms: Estelle, Belita, Lux color, Capus and Henna

Five of the most popular balms are as follows:

  1. Tonic's tint is affordable and of high quality and has a wide palette. It consists of natural ingredients, there is a special line for gray and bleached hair.
  2. Estel Balsams is a popular and high-quality product with a gentle action. For independent use, you can choose one of two series with a wide range of colors.

Estel Balsams are a quality product with a gentle action.

  • Tint balms Farah - affordable and easy to use. The color is kept after 5-8 times washing the head with shampoo. The product includes natural oils and herbal extracts that soften hair during dyeing and give it extra shine.
  • Kapus tint balms are an ideal way to add color to colored strands. With each use, the curls become more saturated color.
  • Balsams tint from L'Oreal - easy application, quality and the presence of a wide palette makes this tool especially popular among women.
  • Another means to brighten colors to colored strands.

    How to choose the right shade

    Each manufacturer tries to please its customers, therefore, produces a rich palette that can satisfy the requirements of any fashionable woman. Choose the right shade will help table of colors with the source and destination colors.

    For the first use, it is better to choose a shade that is not much different from the natural hair color.

    It is also not recommended to use a coloring hair balm that has been dyed with natural means (henna or basma).

    How to dye your hair tonic color chocolate, ashy blond, pearl, brown

    To give the shade to the strands, it is recommended to choose a tone that is not much different from the natural color.

    For proper application, it is necessary to study the instructions attached to each tint. The main stages of coloring with balsam:

    • Wash and dry hair a little.
    • Wear protective gloves to protect your hands.
    • Apply dye evenly to all hair, comb it with a comb with rare teeth.
    • Hide dyed hair under a plastic cap.
    • To sustain the time specified in the instructions.
    • Rinse hair with running water without shampoo until it is transparent.

    Is it possible to get rid of the resulting shade before

    If the resulting shade is not liked or tired of something, you can easily get rid of it.

    To do this, rinse hair with shampoo 5-8 times and the pigment is washed. Another option is to purchase a special tool that is sold in specialized stores.

    Successful to you experiments. Be irresistible and charming!

    Tint balm: how it works

    In this miracle cure is a coloring pigment that cannot penetrate deep into the hair shaft, but rather envelops it. The impact is only the top layer of the flakes, and your natural color remains unchanged, you only hide it for a while. So, the hair shade changes, but not for long, and is gradually washed off after each shampooing. It is this property of tinted balm that gives you the opportunity to experiment with a new hair color, and also carefully cares for your curls. Indeed, from the usual balsam tint differs only in the presence of pigment.

    Tint balm: benefits

    • The balm contains sparing components that do not penetrate into the structure of the hair, which guarantees the health of your hair after dyeing.
    • The result of dyeing is not as durable as after ordinary dye, so you can experiment with color as much as you like, without fear for your hair.
    • After applying the tint balm, the hair becomes shiny and silky.
    • Hair after dyeing does not require special care.

    Important nuances

    If you have dark hair, you can safely experiment with any shade. But be prepared for the fact that light shades are not for you.

    If you are the owner of blond hair, then any shade on them will look brighter and richer. Do not risk using dark colors immediately, better consult a master. Otherwise, you may not get what you expect. But copper, ashen, golden, light blond and honey shades apply boldly!

    After staining with a balm, it is not recommended to immediately paint with resistant paint, it can react with the dye pigment of the balm, so the result can be unpredictable. It’s better to wait until the hair is completely washed off.

    Color balm: how to use

    You should have no difficulties, we promise. All balms are similar to each other, respectively, you always act the same way. But there are tint tools of some manufacturers that require compliance with certain nuances, so be sure to read the instructions before use.

    1. Wash your head with your favorite remedy (this is very important, unpleasant surprises are possible on dirty hair) and soak your hair with a towel. Your hair should be wet, but not so much that the water flowed from it.

    2. Put on gloves and squeeze the balm on the palm, process all the hair. You will have no difficulties - the tool is perfectly distributed through the hair.

    3. Put a plastic cap on your head and leave the balm for 20-40 minutes. The exact time must be indicated on the packaging. Bear in mind that the longer the tint on the hair “sits”, the richer the shade.

    4. After the time you have selected, wash the hair with warm water until it becomes completely transparent.

    Color balm: disadvantages

    Tint means do not harm the curls, as they do not have ammonia and other aggressive substances in the composition. But still, there are some disadvantages: · A coloring pigment on the surface of the hair can stain the towels, so after each shampooing use one that is not pathetic. · Be careful in rain or snow, you are afraid of any moisture. Flowing from your hair, water will be painted with pigment, and you can stain your clothes. It is easy to wash, but imagine how surprised surrounding the appearance of colored droplets on your hair.

    Tara balm "Fara" from the manufacturer RUSSIAN COSMETICS

    Average price in Russia - 65 rubles.

    Release form - convenient bottle with a cap of 135 ml.

    Composition: color pigments, citric acid, perfume fragrances, cetrimonium chloride, glyceryl palmitate, cocamide laurate, emulsifiers, plant extracts, cetearyl alcohol, thickener, auxiliary components.

    This tool will easily give a new shade to your hair. Thanks to the active ingredients of the composition, the Headlight carefully envelops each hair with a color film without damaging its protective layer.

    It is easy to use because of its thick consistency, which lays down perfectly and is retained on the hair of the head. The composition does not contain ammonia and parabens, as well as silicones, so the procedure will not harm the health of the strands.

    The color palette of this balm is quite wide, indicated by a code of numbers and letters, which mean the main color that should turn out, and the accompanying subtone. The palette looks like this:

    For brown hair (natural and dark color) fit following tones:

    • "502 A" - ruby ​​(dark).
    • "505" - chestnut (natural).
    • "510" - dark red (woody).

    For light brown hair (natural and dark color) you can use following tones:

    • "503 A" - chestnut-red.
    • “506 A” - light chocolate (milk undertone).
    • “507 A” –Chocolate (natural).
    • "508" - hazelnut (natural).
    • "509 A" - garnet.
    • "509" - cherry (dark).

    Blondes, both dark and light, perfectly suited following color shades:

    • "516" - light brown (silver).
    • "531" - ash-platinum blond.
    • "532" is a pearl blond.
    • "533" - mother-of-pearl (natural).

    Tint balm "Henna Platinum" for all hair types from the manufacturer FITO COSMETIC

    Average price in Russia - 50 rubles.

    Release form - cellophane (disposable) packaging of 50 ml.

    Composition: active dye - white henna, extracts of flax seeds and beeswax, citric acid, stearate, emulsifiers, auxiliary components.

    This tool not only paints the strands, but also has a curative effect on them, by strengthening and saturating them with useful substances.

    The effect of the procedure does not last long and the shade is washed off within 1-2 weeks after staining. White henna acts firmingly not only on curls, but also on the roots - strengthening them and provoking new hair growth.

    The color palette is represented by 9 shades and as follows:

    • For blondes fit the following colors: platinum, pearl and ash.
    • Light brown and light brown hair: mahogany, cherry, garnet.
    • Brunettes should choose: chocolate, dark chocolate, dark garnet, copper.

    Tint balm "Little Mermaid" from the brand SPECTRUM COLOR

    Average price in Russia - 500 rubles.

    Release form - convenient bottle with a lid.

    Composition: color pigments, linoleic acid, conditioning components, emulsifiers, laureth-11, propylene glycol, plant extracts, purified water, fragrances, thickener, auxiliary components.

    After shading curls balm "Little Mermaid", they acquire an unusual softness, silkiness and obedience.

    The color palette is represented by 20 bright colors and as follows:

    • Violet: May lilac, fragrant violet, pastel indigo, magic indigo.
    • Blue: pastel blue, icy river, forest lake, winter sky.
    • Red: pastel pink, pink (classic), pink flamingo, wild grapes, blooming fuchsia.
    • Turquoise: pastel turquoise, sea wave, classic turquoise.
    • Greens: fresh lime, green marker, spring garden.
    • Yellow: moonlight.

    Sensido match ottenochny balm from the SIM SENSITIVE company

    Average price in Russia - 490 rubles.

    Release form - tube of 150 ml.

    Composition: isobutane, fragrance, citric acid, beeswax, cetrimonium chloride, glyceryl palmitate, propylene glycol, extracts from flowers and plant seeds, lecithin, thickener, auxiliary components.

    Balm at the same time strengthens the hair structure, as well as prevents premature washing out of coloring pigments. The hue obtained after the procedure lasts about 1-2 weeks, so it needs to be updated frequently.

    The color palette is quite extensive, so everyone can choose the tone that interests him. It looks like this:

    • Bright red (saturated).
    • Bright silver (cold).
    • Orange-red.
    • Blond (sand).
    • Pink (saturated).
    • Brown intense.
    • Purple (deep).

    Tint balsam "Every day" from the manufacturer COMPANY KLEVER

    This tool is sold only in the trading network "Auchan" and has a fixed price - 36 rubles.

    Release form - plastic bottle with a cap of 150 ml.

    Composition: color pigments, perfumery fragrance, citric acid, wild flax seed extract, beeswax, glyceryl palmitate, laureth-11, parabenzoic acid, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, cetearyl alcohol, thickener, auxiliary components.

    This cosmetic product refers to the budget products, but not inferior counterparts in the degree of staining. It does not contain ammonia and other aggressive chemical elements that destroy the structure of the curls.

    The tool can be used on both natural and dyed hair to give them a new shade. Color lays down smoothly, it turns out deep and saturated. After the procedure, the hair becomes softer and more shiny.

    The color palette is not as diverse as the above described balms, but there is plenty to choose from. Tonality "Everyday" represented by the following shades:

    • "9-1" - ashen.
    • "8-4" - chocolate and milk.
    • "7-34" - copper-gold.
    • "4-45" - chestnut (saturated).
    • "3-0" - light brown (dark).
    • "2-4" - brown (dark).
    • "1-0" - black (natural).

    The ash tone of this product is often used as a remedy for yellowing when lightening hair.

    Mode of application

    Virtually all such tools are similar (in terms of their use), so the procedure is as follows:

    Be sure to wash your hair thoroughly. This is necessary so that the particles of dirt are not sealed with a color film on the surface of the hair. It is best to wash a couple of times, to achieve 100% purity.

    1. Dry your hair with a towel so that it remains slightly damp.
    2. Comb the hair and apply the product by squeezing out a bottle or tube and spreading it over the entire surface (work only with plastic or rubber gloves).
    3. Stretch the balm on the surface of the hair with a comb and leave for 25-35 crumple, after collecting all the hair in a bun and covering them with plastic.
    4. After the time has elapsed, rinse the balm from the hair with warm running water (until it drains out of it transparent) without using detergent.
    5. Gently blot the curls with a towel (it is best to take the old one, as it may stain), but do not rub them. Allow to dry naturally, without using heaters for drying.

    Watch the video: What Is Hair Tonic, and How do I Use It? (October 2019).