Myths, dangers and formaldehyde - what you need to know about keratin hair straightening

In pursuit of beauty, girls resort to various procedures, including keratin hair straightening. But many consider such an effect on curls to be extremely dangerous due to the fact that the compositions contain formaldehyde. And is it really and are there any ways to straighten hair without formaldehyde? This will be discussed in this article.

What is formaldehyde and how it affects human health

By itself Formaldehyde is a caustic, colorless gas that can cause irritation. Dangerous because it can affect health both direct action and at the genetic level. In addition, there were cases of diseases associated with disorders of the nervous and reproductive systems, as well as various diseases of the skin and respiratory tract. In the European Union, such a gas is a third-class carcinogen. So he can cause cancer.

And yet, despite all these facts, Formaldehyde is allowed and actively used in cosmetics as a preservative. Safe amount - up to 0.2%. As for keratin straightening strands, here such gas is needed to create the necessary chemical processes.

How is keratin hair straightening

Keratin straightening is a procedure aimed at filling each hair with a special compound. As a result, the curls seem to be “sealed” and become not only even, but also less susceptible to various external damages. Divide this procedure into two types:

  • Brazilian Keratine Treatment - Brazilian straightening,
  • Keratin Complex smoothing therapy - American, healthful.

The latter is precisely regarded as formaldehyde-free.

The very same straightening procedure takes place necessarily in the cabin and in several stages:

  1. Washing hair
  2. Application of the composition, which is applied without contact with the roots.
  3. Warming up the iron (up to 230 degrees). In the process, the protein in the composition collapses and “clogs” the hair.

The result is smooth curls, which, depending on the composition and care, remain such for 1-4 months.

Note, after straightening, the master advises not to injure the hair for three days: avoid hairpins, tails and so on. You should also not wash your hair during this time.

Why do we need formaldehyde

Since the hair itself will not straighten out without the appropriate chemical process, the presence of a reagent that gives the desired result is simply necessary. This compound is formaldehyde. As a result of its action, the destruction of bisulfide bridges occurs - straightening. This process is enhanced by heating, keratin / silicone (filler) penetrates the hair, the scales are soldered and the hair becomes smooth and healthy looking.

Numerous tests have proven that formaldehyde is present absolutely in any composition for keratin straightening. And even if Formaldehyde Free is written on the label, this means that this type of gas is not here in the liquid state, but it will appear as an evaporation during the heating process by the iron. Indeed, the composition will contain aldehydes and aldehyde-containing acids, which are converted to formaldehyde when heated. That is why the master should take care that during the procedure he and the client have protective devices - masks or respirators.

Formaldehyde Free Keratin Products

It is worth noting that formaldehyde-free products contain aldehydes and they have a less lasting effect. For those who prefer these compositions, many masters use these products:

  • Kerarganic Presented in three types. No formaldehyde - zero. Pros: a more gentle temperature regime - 210 degrees. Cons: weak effect and high cost. The composition contains: natural keratin, amino acids, vitamins, argan oil.
  • Brazilian Blowout. No formaldehyde - zero. Pros: good effect, consumption less than 1.5 times from other similar products. Minus: price. The composition includes: seeds of berries Annato, Kama-Kama, Acai berries, fruits of cocoa.
  • Keratin Research Inverto. Pros: price. Cons: acrid smell. In the composition are present: amino acids, proteins, argan oil.
  • Inoar. Pros: straightens well. Cons: little shine, holds a short, acrid smell. Saturated with amino acids and various oils. The formaldehyde-free line includes: BRAZIL AFROKERATIN (olive oil and coconut oil), ARGAN OIL SYSTEM (jojoba oil, cocoa and argan), APPLE JELLY (developed for teens and nursing, contains natural extracts of argan oil, fruit acids and apple carbohydrates).

The listing of trademarks is only a brief overview of the most popular products. But there are, of course, other formulations. The presence of formaldehyde in it can be found on the label and certificates, which must be from the seller. The main thing is to remember that formaldehyde is not so bad if you know how much it can be used and how best to work with it.

How else can you straighten hair at home:

Useful video

Keratin hair straightening Pure Brazilian from Julia Yarinovskaya.

Keratin hair straightening without farmaldehyde composition from the company Inoar.

Your choice: health or profit?

The number of brands offering services for keratin hair straightening has increased many times. And as is usually the case, quantity does not always develop into quality. Taking advantage of the furious demand for the service and the gullibility of the masters, the clever businessmen brought out a light formula of "keratin enrichment." All that is needed for this is financial opportunities and contacts of manufacturers in the USA, Brazil, Israel or Europe. With the high popularity of the procedure and low cost of the product (due to the presence of formaldehyde and the minimum amount of keratin in the formula) - a good profit is guaranteed.

But in the pursuit of a long ruble, few people care about the health of the masters and their clients. Most of the existing hair straightening systems today include aggressive ingredients such as oxidizing agents, highly concentrated formaldehyde, and other hazardous chemicals needed to incorporate conditioning agents into the hair structure. These systems do not have technologies for capturing aggressive agents evaporating into the atmosphere during hair pulling with irons. Of course, about any keratin healing of hair in this case is out of the question.

Most of the hair straightening systems on the market today use high concentrations of formaldehyde, which when heated with hot iron iron some products in the hair structure, but do not avoid the release of excess chemicals into the air. After some time, an excess of aldehydes is released during the hair ironing. Another important point - in the products of most companies contain from 2 to 8% percent of keratin. But, unfortunately, they do not advertise this, continuing to call their products keratin straightening. A natural question arises: can such a low keratin content have a healthy effect on the hair?

For comparison, Keratin Complex contains more than 40% keratin, extracted from the wool of sheep in the Alpine region. And due to the high percentage of keratin, the hair structure is enriched from the inside.

To find out the percentage of keratin in the product is quite simple - whether you just need to ask for the relevant certificates of manufacturers, in which these numbers are clearly indicated. If you do not provide such information, then the percentage of keratin, indeed, is minimal.

1. The results of air testing for the presence of formaldehyde vapor.

The bright life-affirming inscription on the bottle “Formaldehyde Free” is not at all a guarantee of security. Specify what kind of formaldehyde is absent in the composition. As a rule, a screaming label informs you that there is no liquid formaldehyde in the product, but it is completely silent that formaldehyde is present in the gaseous state during the use of hot irons.

Require test results made using NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance), or, in extreme cases, HPLC. It is extremely important to see not only the conclusion, but also the chromatograms, and the description of the methodology, photos of obtaining air samples during the procedure (as shown below during testing of Keratin Complex products).

2. Tests for the presence of gaseous formaldehyde in the formula, causing confidence

At the moment, the European Union (EU) continues to use the outdated method of testing HPLC (high pressure liquid chromatography), which is over 40 years old. The nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) test is a modern test that can distinguish between free and bound formaldehyde, detect free formaldehyde gas at 117 μg / m3 during an 8-hour working day, which is 8 times lower than the permissible limit of 923 μg / m3, OSHA - USA (United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration - USA).

4. Long-term effect of the procedure

Although the result of the first procedure can be excellent, it should not be taken as a guarantee of permanent effect. Disruption of disulfide bonds during smoothing (when using products containing formaldehyde) causes hair damage, which will be noticeable to the naked eye after several procedures. Therefore, at this point it is worth especially focusing.

Keratin smoothing: compare and study test results

Today, a significant number of manufacturers supply keratin hair smoothing products to the Russian and CIS markets. But there is still no open and objective information about the presence of formaldehyde and the presence of keratin in products: manufacturers are silent about many things, misleading both their distributors and their customers. The American company Keratin Complex, the distributor of which in Russia is the company Charm Distribution, prefers to give maximum public information, always providing clients with test results obtained from independent laboratories. After all, when it comes to health - half measures are unacceptable.

Moreover, companies have something to be proud of: all test results confirm the safety of the procedure and the presence of 40% keratin in the Keratin Complex. This is the highest figure for products created for the hair smoothing procedure. It is not by chance that the Keratin Complex brand became a two-time winner in the Stylist Choice Awards international competition “Stylist Choice” (2010–2011).

It is thanks to these facts that Chicago Salon began working with the distributor Sharm Distribution and the Keratin Complex brand, rejecting offers from a number of manufacturers at the negotiation stage. Companies could not provide air test results during the procedure, which could convince us of the safety of the procedure for hairdressers and clients.

Only the Keratin Complex company was able to fully confirm the declared characteristics: according to test results that were carried out in 2010 and 2011, the presence of formaldehyde in products was 8 times lower than the authorized workplace dose according to OSHA-USA standards (United States Safety and Health Administration) .

Better keratin and botox. Formaldehyde-free hair restoration, more natural bases. (interesting review, photo, consistent story and description of actions, in general, everything is as it should :))

Hello to all girls.

I will write, finally, about the keratin straightening, which I ventured to do on my dead, bleached hair. It's about keratin straightening Melaleuca Blond by Honma Tokyo. This keratin, which is specially designed for bleached hair, melirovannyh and spoiled by chemical hacks. In short, for the hair, which is already pretty mocked and who now need special care.

I learned about him from the hairdresser's group. Girls-masters shared their impressions, showed photos before and after. I was very impressed, and besides, I didn’t even think that such hair as mine could have keratin straightening. I have wavy hair, very difficult to care for, naughty, dry, difficult to comb and properly lay. In principle, I had never torn absolutely straight hair before, but when I saw the result from MelaleucaI decided that I can not try.

Immediately show pictures to interest, and then continue on.

I hoped that this composition would help me not only straighten, but also restore hair. AT Melaleuke There are many caring components that must be repaired. For example, aloe, tea tree oil and buriti. And as part of a purple pigment. Someone like that, but I was not very much disturbed by the colder shade. A slightly violet shade remained on the hair after straightening, but not very visible, and after the first wash it was generally washed off.

There is practically no smell in the process.. I understand, because as part of not formaldehydeit is he who usually smells strong when straightening.

After the procedure, my hair became very good quality. I can calmly even argue that this composition has fully met the expectations about the restoration. Glitter appeared, softness, fluffiness left. In general, on the head, finally, it turned out not curly dry tow, but flowing, straight hair. I am very pleased with straight hair, I go for the fourth month. So far so good, no hair loss did not start.

The volume, by the way, also left first, and then eventually returned. Hair care is simple. It is necessary to wash with a sulphate-free shampoo, you can use a mask and be sure to blow-dry your hair so that it stays straight. That's all. So, girls who were afraid to do the straightening on the dead blonde - it seems to me that Melaleuca would be an excellent choice.

What is keratin hair straightening, what are its benefits, types and results?

For hair restoration, our readers successfully use Minoxidil. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
Read more here ...

Such is the nature of a woman — if she has even strands, she wants to curl them, and if nature has awarded her with curls, their owner will necessarily wish to level them. Women who have straight strands and want to curl them have many opportunities to do this, but curly girls have a small choice of means to achieve straight curls.

If you are the owner of curls, you should learn about keratin hair straightening, what it is, how to use this method and what are its advantages.

  • Kinds
  • Benefit and harm
  • Stages of the event
  • Care of the strands after the event

    There are two main types of this technology. Their main difference lies in the amount of formaldehyde contained in the product.

    • American keratinization
    • Brazilian straightening strands.

    The tools used for American technology contain much less formaldehyde than those used for the Brazilian method. Some manufacturers of American products on their packaging give information that there is no formaldehyde in their composition, but this is not true, since straightening the strands is impossible without this substance.

    Experts say that such information is an attempt by producers to deceive the consumer, so you can not purchase such products.

    In general, the technology of the procedure itself, both American and Brazilian products, is almost the same. As for the impact, the second means can even straighten out unruly, tight curls, while keratin straightening with American products is softer and has a sparing effect.

    It is also worth knowing that due to the high toxicity in many countries of the world, Brazilian products are prohibited to use, and this is regulated by law.

    Benefit and harm

    Masters have doubts that the presence of formaldehyde in their composition is extremely positive.

    However, keratinizing strands has many advantages:

    • The composition of substances includes keratin - protein, which is the "building material" for hair and nails. Despite the fact that the synthesized substance is used for the strands used for straightening the compositions, its quality is not inferior to the quality of the natural element. Speaking about what keratin and keratinizing hair is, it is worth saying that the underlying substance used is not chemical, which explains its benefit,
    • Thanks to the event, it is possible to straighten the curls for quite a long time (2-5 weeks),
    • The composition of the used tools allows you to restore strands after curling, dyeing and other manipulations that have a destructive effect on them. Keratin during hair straightening penetrates into each of the latter, filling them and eliminating porosity, and therefore fragility,
    • The applied composition also has a protective function, avoiding the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, cold and other factors.

    The harm of keratin straightening lies primarily in the content of formaldehyde. This substance is a toxic carcinogen that can penetrate and be absorbed through the skin, adversely affecting it, as well as the respiratory system, eyesight, and nervous system. Such an effect on the body is possible if formic acid is not formed when ingested formaldehyde. The most dangerous consequence of ingestion of this substance is an increased risk of developing cancer.

    This also serves to the fact that in a number of countries, despite the long-term effect of keratin hair straightening and many useful properties of the products used, the use of the latter is prohibited if they contain a large amount of formaldehyde.

    Some of the women who have tried this technology on themselves say that after the procedure they are seeing increased strand loss. Such a negative effect, in the opinion of specialists, is possible, but only if the procedure was carried out incorrectly and the curls of the visitor to the salon in which it was made were weakened, too thin.

    In this regard, it is necessary to consult with a master, whom you trust, whether the implementation of the procedure is appropriate in your individual case.

    Stages of the event

    Its duration is 2-4 hours, depending on the length of the curls.

    The procedure is carried out in 3 stages:

    1. Preparation of strands. It consists primarily in the careful washing of curls. It should be borne in mind that if you recently performed the procedure of dyeing or toning curls, you should wait a little before leveling them (at least a week), because the paint can wash out. After washing the hair, for which professional shampoo is used, which involves deep cleaning, the strands are dried, but you need to keep them moist,
    2. At this stage of the procedure, the main part of it is made - the keratin hair straightening itself, which involves applying the appropriate composition to the strands. It is applied over the entire length of the curls, but it is necessary to retreat about 2 cm from the roots. By means of the brush, the composition is evenly distributed over the curls, and its surplus is removed. Next, a special cap is put on the head for 40 minutes, and after its removal it is necessary for the curls to dry themselves,
    3. Next, the strands are aligned by ironing. To do this, each curl is processed by them several times, and the heating temperature requires high - about 230 degrees. You should not worry that the strands will be damaged in this case - the keratin composition reliably protects them from this. When the hair becomes smooth, the result must be fixed, which is done by rinsing with warm water. Shampoo does not apply, but a special mask is used, which is applied for 1 minute. Next, the strands are dried, and the hair straightening procedure is completed.

    Immediately after it is finished, wash the curls can not be - you must wait at least 3 days.

    Avoid even the slightest wetting them. At the first wash it is necessary to use a special shampoo. Immediately after the event, you need to abandon the use of different hairpins, elastics, clips for the same amount of time.

    These are the steps of the curl alignment procedure that you need to know about if you intend to use this technology. This event is usually carried out in the salons, but its cost makes many girls refuse it.

    You can perform keratin hair straightening yourself, and here's what you need:

    • Special shampoo, deep cleansing curls,
    • A composition containing keratin,
    • The mask used at the final stage.

    The algorithm of the process is the same as in the cabin.

    Care of the strands after the event

    There are a number of rules that must be followed to ensure that the result is kept as long as possible.

    • After the keratin mixture has been applied to the hair, you need to use a special shampoo,
      not containing sulfates. This is due to the fact that the latter destroy keratin. It should also apply special balms, rinsing, masks. You can consult with the master about the use of the mask that you used before the procedure - perhaps it will be suitable for care,
    • For a longer preservation of the effect of straight hair should also abandon any funds intended for styling. The same applies to the use of various thermometers,
    • Within 2 weeks after the event can not be dyed curls, do perm. Experts recommend to carry out these processes before the procedure with the use of keratin mixture for hair in about a week.

    After the event, your hair will be smooth, shiny, pleasant to the look and feel. They will be less contaminated, will receive protection from the applied composition, because keratin is the right element for the strands.

    Please note that the remedy for the procedure should be chosen sparingly, taking into account all the risks of using the composition rich in formaldehyde. Health and shine to your hair!

    Keratin hair straightening: think 7 times, do it once

    The procedure of keratin straightening that is relevant nowadays is not as harmless as it seems. Undoubtedly, one cannot argue about its merits. But the fact that keratin straightening harms the hair, few people know, and the masters in these subtleties do not dedicate their clients. It is worth seeing the reverse side of the coin. As the saying goes: forewarned means forearmed.

    Keratin hair straightening

    • The procedure for keratin hair straightening at home
    • Keratin hair straightening
    • Pros keratin treatment
    • The consequences (cons) of keratin straightening
    • Effective means for keratin hair straightening
    • Useful tips from the master
    • Do or not do

    The procedure for keratin hair straightening at home

    Keratin hair straightening involves the following actions:

    • First of all, they wash their heads with a special cleansing shampoo, which will remove all previously applied products of any purpose, normalizes the condition of the skin and the fat balance. The next step is applied medical keratin composition, suitable for the type of strands, a special brush to distribute it throughout the length.
  • The application of keratin composition on the hair

    The mixture should not touch the scalp.

    • Next, the hair is dried with a hairdryer along with the applied composition. Blown air should not be burning.
    • The longest and most difficult stage is heating. The iron is set at a temperature of 2300 ° C and pulled out by each strand.

    Hair stretching using ironing

    • It seems that the heat ironing can damage the hair. This is a misconception - in this case, the trunk is protected by a keratin composition, which contributes to the sealing of all damaged areas. This is the recovery and treatment.

    Hair before and after keratin straightening

    Keratin hair straightening

    Keratin for hair in the means for treatment is in the form of very small particles that easily penetrate into the structure of scales and fill the damage: cracks, delamination, kinks. Useful particles are obtained from the sheep hair of New Zealand, which accounts for the high price of the preparations and the cost of the procedure.

    Mining keratin from New Zealand sheep wool

    Pros keratin treatment

    The recovery procedure benefits:

    1. Damage is sealed - healing effect
    2. Suitable for hair of any type and condition
    3. Creating a hairstyle becomes a more pliable process, it lasts longer,
    4. Strands are well-groomed, moist, smooth and straight.
    5. On the colored strands after the procedure, the color remains saturated for a longer time.
    6. With proper care, the effect can last up to 3 months, after which the keratin treatment procedure should be repeated.

    The effect of keratin straightening is long

    The consequences (cons) of keratin straightening

    Keratin straightening spoils the hair with one component in the composition of the product - formaldehyde 2%.

    Formaldehyde is part of the composition for keratin hair straightening

    This substance is a dangerous carcinogen, its content in cosmetic preparations should be strictly regulated. Formaldehyde can cause allergic reactions, asphyxiation, dizziness. With prolonged exposure to cancer can develop.

    To avoid unpleasant state of health and the development of diseases, the recovery and treatment procedure is carried out in well-ventilated areas.

    In view of the content of hazardous substances, it is not necessary to do keratin hair straightening for pregnant women and during the lactation period. The carcinogen is able to penetrate the placenta and into breast milk.

    Farmaldehyde is an integral constituent of straightening agents: keratin is not activated without it

    It is believed that the harm keratin hair straightening is the effect of high temperature during the consolidation of the composition. This is not so: the heated iron melts the active substances that have already enveloped the hair, they are embedded in the structure of the rod.

    It is also worth remembering that the treated hair becomes heavier, because the procedure is not recommended for those who have active hair loss. Most likely, you have weakened onions, keratin in this case will aggravate the situation.

    If the scalp has abrasions, wounds, scratches, then the procedure is better to postpone until complete healing.

    Effective means for keratin hair straightening

    The beauty industry offers many tools for the treatment and recovery of strands. If the hair deteriorates after a keratin straightening, the master may have picked up a series of grooming that is not suitable for you or the material was of poor quality. The correct choice allows you to achieve maximum results and a longer period of wear of the drug and preserve the effect. Further on are some of the most requested brands.

    Cadiveu Professoinal Kit

    The popular brand of professional hair care formulations has developed a set of tools for keratin straightening Brasil Cacau, which includes:

    For hair restoration, our readers successfully use Minoxidil. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
    Read more here ...

    • Stage 1 - shampoo for deep cleansing,
    • Stage 2 - working medical composition,
    • Stage 3 - a mask for care.

    Cadiveu Professoinal Kit for Keratin Straightening

    The set can have different volumes of bottles - 500 ml or 980 ml. The cost of the smaller starts from 7700 rubles., The larger - 12,500 rubles. The high price guarantees the corresponding quality The manufacturer promises a decent result and lasting effect. The compositions are suitable for any type of strands.

    Brazilian straightening with HONMATokyo

    The brand belongs to Brazil, but has Japanese roots. The manufacturer offers formulations for working with different types of hair:

    • For hard curls of African and Asian women, Coffee Premium All Liss will suit you.

    Complex Coffee Premium All Liss for hard curls

    • Plasticacapilar - a set of universal tools,

    • Light, dry and lifeless hair will restore the series Escova de Melaleuca,

    Restoration of dry and damaged hair is possible with the help of Escova de Melaleuca

    • Biyouhliss - completely organic products, permissible from the words of the seller for use by women and children,

    Biyouhliss hair care for women and children

    Manufacturers of HONMA Tokyo do not use formaldehyde in their compositions.

    Means from Israel are affordable, because most masters choose them: 1000 ml costs 5900 rubles, 250 ml - 2000 rubles.

    Working compositions are presented in 2 types:

    Both types are suitable for Brazilian straightening.

    The company from Brazil focuses on the production of medicinal products with keratin.

    Inoar hair care

    The main complex includes:

    • Deep cleansing shampoos
    • Masks - wellness treatments,
    • Working compositions for straightening with the increased term of preservation of effect of smoothness.

    Useful tips from the master

    In order for the effect of the procedure to please you as long as possible, there are several rules that must be followed after undergoing treatment of the strands:

    1. After fixing the compositions it is impossible to wash your hair for 72 hours (if the instructions for the preparation do not say otherwise, ask the master about this)
    2. For several days, do not dress the hairstyle so as not to disturb the smoothness,
    3. Do not use regular phosphate shampoos. Get special care with keratin to maintain the condition of the strands,
    4. Coloring is available after 2 weeks from the time of the procedure.

    The effect of keratin hair straightening

    Do or not do

    Before giving into the hands of the master, weigh the pros and cons. Since the composition for keratin straightening includes a very harmful substance, be guided by the state of health.

    The cost of the procedure depends on the materials used and the length of the hair, but nevertheless it is not cheap. Add in the purchase of care products and evaluate your financial capabilities.

    In addition, nothing lasts forever and the brilliance will slowly fade away and the session will need to be repeated.


    Probably many have already heard about such a novelty from the Estelle company like Thermokeratin, now I want to share this with you.

    A couple of weeks ago, a friend persuaded me to this procedure (before that we did lamination, there was no result at all). Why did she have to persuade me? There is a rumor in the Internet that keratin straightening dries hair, and that hair without it remains a tow. BUT, I was assured that it was completely different and I gave up.

    What this procedure looked like and what it includes:

    The very composition for the procedure is sold here in such a box -

    Inside lies: thermo-thermo-activator, mask and keratin water.

    Well, by itself, instructions for use of this procedure:

    So, we still need shampoo, which is sold separately, but is necessary for our procedure:

    And now about the process itself:

    1. My head shampoo.
    2. Apply the entire length of the mask, apply from the roots to the tips. We are not afraid.
    3. We take a thermo-activator and apply also along the entire length, starting from the roots. It will be warm, do not worry).
    4. Then we go to wash it all off, wring out the hair with a towel.
    5. We spray the keratin water over the entire length, also from the roots and to the tips, and proceed to hair styling.

    The process itself lasts 10-15 minutes. The effect of such a procedure is enough for a couple of weeks, but the effect is cumulative. Therefore, the number of procedures that you will need depends on your hair.

    My hair after 2 weeks of the procedure looks quite decent, but I'm still waiting for the next time!)

    The cost of the procedure is low, so if you have straight hair from your nature / maybe a little bit thick, thin and lost its former shine, then I advise you to try it!

    Now my hair is thickened, more shiny and soft.

    Here is such a great novelty!)

    Thank you for your attention girls, long hair to you!)

    Properties of formaldehyde and its application in cosmetics

    When a formaldehyde gas is dissolved in water, a chemical reaction occurs in which part of the formaldehyde in the solution is converted to methylene glycol (Methylene glycol), thus formalin is nothing but a mixture of formaldehyde, methylene glycol and water. Their proportions vary with temperature, pH, concentration, and a number of other chemical parameters, since the reaction readily proceeds both towards the formation of methylene glycol and towards the formation of formaldehyde. When working with such an aqueous solution and products based on it, formaldehyde is always evaporated in the form of a gas, which can increase or decrease, for example, depending on temperature and pH.

    Chemical formula for the conversion of formaldehyde to methylene glycol

    Formaldehyde and its solutions are very active substances that easily react with other substances. Due to this feature, this component is very effective in the fight against fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms. This made it a very popular preservative for cosmetics at one time. However, as actively as it reacts with microorganisms and fungi, it easily reacts with the skin, respiratory tract (inhalation of vapors), etc. This causes a lot of negative reactions from the body, including irritation, burns. For this reason, pure formaldehyde is now being replaced in cosmetics with the so-called “formaldehyde-forming preservatives”.

    Formaldehyde-forming preservatives are a special group of preservatives, such as Imidazolidinyl Urea, DMDH Hydantoin, which slowly throughout the shelf life of the product produce tiny and safe amounts of formaldehyde for most users, thereby preventing the formation of mold and the growth of bacteria in cosmetics.

    Bacteria growth in cosmetics

    In most cases, these components do not cause any negative reactions from the skin and are well tolerated by people. However, in the case of hypersensitivity to formaldehyde, the skin can react to such products, but according to statistics, the percentage of such people is quite small.

    These ingredients can be found in eyelash adhesives, hair styling gels, soap, makeup, shampoos, creams, lotions, deodorants, etc. There is even an opinion in the scientific community that almost 20% of cosmetics contain formaldehyde or formaldehyde-forming preservatives.

    Formaldehyde in nail products

    In the means for nails formaldehyde, more precisely formalin, can be found in the main 3 qualities:

    • as a preservative - its features have already been mentioned above,
    • as a conditioning additive for nails (hardener) - in the means to strengthen the nails,
    • as part of formaldehyde resins, such as Tosylamide, which form a film on the nail and promote better adhesion of varnish and other nail products to the nail plate.

    As a firming additive, this component has been used for a long time and it effectively has a strengthening (strengthening) effect on the nail. In the list of ingredients of such products, it can often be found not as formaldehyde, but as methylene glycol (Methylene glycol), which in this case means almost the same thing. In such products it is allowed for use in concentrations up to 5% (in terms of formaldehyde). These are high enough concentrations so that the products are effective and low enough so that their proper use is safe. However, there is a tendency for US manufacturers to reduce the concentration of formaldehyde in these products.

    Nail Remedies

    To strengthen nails with formaldehyde are used only at room temperature, so formaldehyde does not evaporate when they are used and does not irritate the respiratory tract and eyes. In a cabin with standard ventilation, when using perforated products, dangerous concentrations of formaldehyde vapor are not achieved.

    Means also do not have a negative effect on the nail itself and the skin under the nail, since they cannot pass through the nail plate.

    The only nuance of such remedies is an irritant effect on the skin, for example, upon contact of the remedy with the nail cuticle. For this reason, the EU Cosmetic Directive makes a mandatory requirement for manufacturers of nail care products to tell consumers about the necessity of applying a protective cream (fat or oil) on the skin of the cuticle before using these products.

    As for the use of formaldehyde resins, then - these are complex polymers with a large molecular size, which are made from formaldehyde and contain very low residual concentrations of formaldehyde in the composition, which are closely related to the polymer itself and do not contain free formaldehyde. Therefore, in cosmetics, they are evaluated more by the properties of the Tosylamide polymer itself, and not as a substance containing formaldehyde.

    Formaldehyde in keratin straightening

    As part of the Brazilian keratin hair straightening, the main task of using formaldehyde is to contribute to changing the shape of the hair, and also chemically attach keratin fragments and a number of other biological molecules in the composition of the straightening product to the hair keratin. In this case, sufficiently strong chemical bonds are formed between the keratin of the hair and the residues of the product on the hair. Therefore, the effect lasts a long time.

    The process was immediately very effective, but with this procedure, the master hairdressers use a hair straightener (iron) and heat the composition with it for straightening to high temperatures (up to 230ºC). At the same time, formaldehyde evaporates strongly from the client's hair.

    Brazilian keratin hair straightening

    This feature of the procedure caused an ambiguous attitude among the safety commissions of cosmetics. And even in one of the states of the United States, formaldehyde concentration in the air was measured while straightening hair in beauty salons.

    When using products in salons, a mass of negative appeared, as the products of individual manufacturers gave very high concentrations of formaldehyde in the air (significantly exceeding safe limits for work). Therefore, in some countries, a number of products have been banned, forcing manufacturers to reduce formaldehyde concentrations or look for safer alternatives to the active ingredient. Due to this, the safety of keratin straightening has increased, although its effectiveness has decreased (since, unfortunately, formaldehyde-based compounds with high concentrations in the product gave the greatest effect).

    However, this product still raises a significant debate about security. According to Alexandra Skrepton (Director of Science and Development "Women's Voices for Earth" - a scientific organization that works to eliminate toxic chemicals affecting women's health), the main side effects of formaldehyde exposure are irritation and burns of the skin, and if these are rectification compositions, then - Scalp burns and hair loss. Moreover, sufficiently low concentrations, which are used in cosmetics, so that these side effects appear. Even if a person does not have a high sensitivity to formaldehyde. There is also irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, as formaldehyde gradually evaporates.

    Formaldehyde free - is it always like this?

    Since keratin straightening, as a procedure, was at the same time wildly popular and incessant disputes over the safety of the procedure, on the one hand everything forced manufacturers to offer similar products, and on the other to look for ways to escape from the negative associated with them. And so there appeared preparations with the inscription on the package Formaldehyde free - without formaldehyde. Indeed, the development of compositions based on other aldehydes made straightening safer and attracting consumers who are concerned about their own health. But right there it was not without concealing the facts.

    Formaldehyde-free cosmetics - is it true?

    In the composition of cosmetics, there are 2 chemically different substances formaldehyde (Formaldehyde) and methylene glycol (Methylene glycol), which are closely related to each other by reaction with water. All the time, all the negative was relative to formaldehyde, and few o wrote about the twin brother methylene glycol associated with it. For cosmetic inspection bodies, these are actually two identical substances and it is allowed to indicate both one and the second option as part of cosmetics. A number of manufacturers took advantage of this, indicating methylene glycol instead of formaldehyde in the list of ingredients. Formally, they are right, and the finished product contains formalin in the form of methylene glycol. However, in terms of cosmetics, this is the same thing that the Consumer Safety Committee (ESCCS) has confirmed in its findings. And this replacement of the name of the active substance by an analog has allowed some manufacturers to start writing Formaldehyde free on the packaging, thereby misleading the consumer, since formaldehyde is still released when working with the product.

    Therefore, if the product has the inscription Formaldehyde free (without formaldehyde), it is also worth analyzing the list of ingredients - is there a substance called Methylene glycol.

    A couple of words about the dangers of formaldehyde

    Despite the fact that formaldehyde is present in small quantities in the human body, it has long been classified as a substance probably carcinogenic (capable of causing cancer) and toxic, since some animal experiments showed a similar result. With prolonged use and inhalation in high concentrations, formaldehyde caused nasopharyngeal cancer in individual animals during tests. He did not receive the full status of a carcinogenic substance, since the data were rather contradictory. Disputes are still going on regarding his ability to cause embalmers and professional workers in destructive changes in the tissues of the respiratory tract and the appearance of leukemia, but a direct connection has so far been found. With the advent of Brazilian hair straightening and nail strengthening products, controversy has also started regarding the safety of hairdressers and nail masters.

    Also, the harmfulness of formaldehyde is manifested in its ability to be a strong skin irritant at high concentrations. For some people with hypersensitivity, formaldehyde solutions with concentrations of 0.1% and below, which are significantly lower than the limits allowed in cosmetics, can cause negative skin reactions. Before using products containing formaldehyde, people with a tendency to allergies are recommended to carry out tests for allergic reactions, and also to exercise caution when using these products.

    Formaldehyde safety

    Formulations with formaldehyde as an active ingredient are widely criticized. In some countries, formaldehyde products even started to ban them or put forward strict requirements for the organization and ventilation of workplaces.

    Is Formaldehyde safe?

    The American group CIR (review of cosmetic ingredients) recognized formaldehyde and methylene glycol hazardous substances. The group published its findings, recommending not to use keratin hair straightening drugs. For this reason, a number of manufacturers began to replace methylene glycol with other glycols as active ingredients.

    In nails, it is allowed to use only with a formaldehyde concentration of no more than 5% (in well-ventilated areas) and apply the composition only to the ends of the nail without contact with the skin, with the application of a protective composition to the skin. According to CIR, the content of formaldehyde as a preservative in skin cosmetics is allowed below 0.2%, and in oral hygiene products - below 0.1%. If it is part of a cosmetic product in a concentration of 0.05% and above, then its presence must be notified on the package. In some countries, formaldehyde is already recognized as completely carcinogenic, and Sweden and Japan have banned its use in many industries.

    What is aldehyde methanol and formic acid used for keratonation?

    Therefore, it is important to exclude the use of formaldehyde in various procedures. This gas is needed in keratin straightening to support certain chemical processes. It acts as a reagent for straightening hair. Formaldehyde acts on the hair, destroying bisulfide bridges, thereby straightening it.

    What is it - means for leveling without caustic connections?

    Keratin straightening is to fill each individual hair with a special composition.. Strand wrapping occurs, causing the hair to become healthy, shiny, and strong.

    Keratin straightening is divided into 2 types:

    • Brazilian Keratine Treatment - Brazilian straightening.
    • Keratin Complex smoothing therapy - American, healthful.

    Algorithm keratin hair straightening:

    1. Washed head.
    2. Apply the composition, so as not to hurt the hair roots.
    3. It warms up with an iron up to 230 degrees. Under heating, the protein in the composition is folded and “clogs” every single hair.

    Under the influence of high temperatures keratin / silicone (filler) wilts in the hair.

    Keratin hair straightening tips:

    • Shampooing should be done only 3 days after the procedure.
    • Avoid injury to hair (do not use hairpins, do not pick up hair in the tail, etc.).

    What is the difference of such cosmetic products?

    It is scientifically proven that formaldehyde is present in all formulations for keratin straightening. Reading on the label of the drug Formaldehyde Free, it is necessary to understand that formaldehyde in the form of gas is indeed absent, but only in a liquid state. It will appear in a gaseous state, evaporating during exposure to high temperature on the composition.

    Aldehydes have a less lasting effect.

    Indications and Contraindications


    • Thin and dry hair.
    • Furing, wavy curls.


    • Allergy to keratin and other components that make up.
    • Scalp injuries and diseases.
    • Baldness.
    • Oncological diseases.
    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    The composition of the kit for smoothing

    Kerarganic preparations contain:

    • Moroccan argan oil
    • organic natural extracts
    • various amino and fatty acids,
    • vitamins.

    To guarantee the effect, it is recommended to use a certain technology during the procedure.

    1. Pre-wash your scalp using Kerarganic - Pre-Treatment Shampoo.
    2. The keratin lotion kerarganic - One Step Hair Rejuvenation System is applied to cleaned hair.
    3. Applying a kerarganic mask to consolidate the effect - Treatment Mask.


    Keratin treatment Kerarganic Organic keratin system has an excellent feature, in its composition there are no formaldehydes, aldehydes or other harsh chemicals. Keratin lotions are much more effective and cleaner, they have much less harmful impurities., there is no unpleasant and sharp smell.

    To enhance the gloss in the composition have gold nanoparticles.


    • This system can be applied to pregnant and lactating mothers.
    • Does not cause irritation of the scalp, mucous systems of the eyes and throat.
    • Hair can be washed with shampoo within 20 minutes after the procedure.
    • One application is enough to strengthen and restore hair.
    • Reduces the curling rate of curly hair and controls their volume.
    • Provides ease in hair care and freedom of modeling.
    • The effect of the keratinization system is observed up to 30 head washes.

    What is included?

    Inverto is a patented hydrolyzed keratin polypeptide. That it is closest to the natural structure of the amino acids of hair.

    Inverto easily gets into damaged hair and reconstructs it from the inside.

    It should be noted that The kit includes botox for hair keratin research inverto.

    All keratin research cosmetics do not contain formaldehyde and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), which helps to provide the necessary hair care and keep them healthy and strong for much longer.


    In the compositions of this hair care product there are amino acids and various oils.. The kit includes:

    • Keratin complex BRAZIL AFROKERATIN (contains olive oil and coconut oil).
    • Keratin complex ARGAN OIL SYSTEM (the composition includes: jojoba oil, cocoa and argan).
    • The keratin complex APPLE JELLY (consists of: natural extracts of argan oil, fruit acids and apple carbohydrates).

    Reduces the curling rate of curly hair.

    • Not enough shine.
    • Short effect.
    • Unpleasant smell.

    We offer to watch a video on the set for keratin recovery Inoar:

    Brazilian Blowout

    These preparations contain seeds of berries annato, kama-kama, acai berries, fruits of cocoa. The kit includes:

    • Shampoo Anti-Residue Shampoo Brazilian Blowout.
    • Professional Split & Repair Solution Brazilian Blowout professional for the treatment of split ends.

    Protein compounds have similar properties with proteins that are contained in the hair of each person.


    The main substances that make up the funds are keratin and collagen. - natural biopolymers.

    Shampoo free of sodium sulfate and sodium chloride. Developed Global Keratin keratin shampoo specifically to consolidate the effect of keratin repair procedure and align the hair structure. Shampoo suitable for daily use.

    • Small cost.
    • Use at any types of hair.
    • Ease in hair care.
    • Long lasting effect.

    There is no representation in the CIS countries, so there is a chance to get a fake.


    The high cost of these funds should not confuse women who want to do this procedure.. Positive sensations after keratin straightening will pay off. Hair will be in excellent condition, will become much stronger, more beautiful. And the long-term effect will give wonderful emotions for a long time.

    Cadiveu Professional

    The composition of the drug has a unique formula, developed by modern technologies. is he possesses the highest resistance after use compared with other drugs. It includes:

    • panthenol,
    • cocoa,
    • plant components collected in the Amazonian forests.

    It is produced in Brazil. According to its characteristics, the drug has proven itself among elite masters and the most demanding customers. Using Cadiveu allows you to make hair:

    1. wetted
    2. alive
    3. with natural shine.

    Due to the high quality of products, the cost is quite high. Experts recommend using the entire line of this brand, which also includes shampoo and a special tool that cares for the strands after straightening. Price ranges from a thousand to 10 thousand, if you purchase a full set of tools.


    Contains organic natural extracts and keratin. It also contains fatty amino acids, vitamins, Moroccan argon oil, due to which the agent has a healing effect.


    • The structure of each hair is restored.
    • The shag after applying keratin has a pleasant brilliance and beauty.
    • Due to the absence of chemicals, it is allowed to use the product for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
    • Scalp irritation does not occur.
    • After the procedure, after 20 minutes you can wash off the composition.
    • After straightening it is easy to do any styling.
    • The effect lasts up to 4 months.

    Cost from 1000 to 2500 rubles.

    Selection rules

    1. Despite the fact that stylists and professionals do not recommend preparations with formaldehyde, girls with very small curls and hard hair are recommended preparations with the presence of this component.
    2. If curls are straight and thin, it is advisable to buy keratin with cysteine.
    3. In the instructions for the drug manufacturers indicate the exposure time. The thicker and thicker the hair, the longer the time required for straightening.
    4. It is necessary to pay attention to the composition of the drug.
    5. If the tool is purchased via the Internet, a certificate must be available.
    6. Keratin should not only straighten the curls, but also simultaneously heal and nourish the hair. Therefore, the presence of vitamins, extracts or amino acids is required.

    By choosing a drug, each girl can easily straighten hair at home. To achieve the desired result, you should consider all the nuances of the choice of creatine.

    Watch the video: 11 Hair Myths That Prevent You from Growing Long Hair (March 2020).