How to make beautiful curls and curls with the help of an ironing or curling, and fix the effect: 5 ways

Curls look volume, romantic, create the effect of thick hair, participate in a variety of hairstyles and hair styling. Therefore, it is useful to learn how to do them yourself, especially the ways to create curls an incredible amount. You can use irons, curling iron, curlers and other devices. At home, it is easy to make a variety of curls: from mischievous and small curls to luxurious waves. It remains only to choose the appropriate option.

General principles and rules for perm

Curls - it is beautiful, but sometimes very harmful. This applies to improper use of heating devices: hair dryer, ironing, curling. Be sure to use thermal protection, as well as adhere to the temperature regimes specified by the manufacturer in the instructions.

Basic rules for perm:

  1. Hair should be clean. If the head is not washed for 2-3 days, the roots are greasy, then the styling will look ugly, the volume will not work, the durability of the hairstyle will decrease.
  2. When winding strands, it is important to pay attention to the tips, straighten them and neatly stack them. Otherwise, creases appear at the end of the curl, or it will simply stick out.
  3. With long and thick hair, you do not need to choose the small diameter of forceps or thin curlers. Twisting the strands will take too much time, and the result in any case will not last more than two days.
  4. It is necessary to always use means for fixation, especially in the cold season and in windy weather. It can be mousse, cream, foam. On the finished laying applied varnish.
  5. Warm and fresh curls undesirable immediately straighten and even more combing. We need to give them time to get stronger, it is desirable to leave alone for 30-40 minutes.

Curls can be made using different devices, but a lot depends on the length of the hair. On a short haircut will not be able to use an iron, and very long hair can get tangled in small and thin hair curlers. Therefore, from the variety of choose their way, which will give the desired result with minimal time and effort.

Curls curling

Curling iron, also known as curling tongs, is considered one of the most convenient devices designed to create curls. The working shaft has a different thickness, length, shape. There are forceps ordinary, and also in the form of a cone, with a nozzle corrugation. In any case, small strands are used for curling, the process is alternate and with long hair takes a lot of time. But on the other hand, curling can be made with ordinary or spiral curls, it is suitable for bangs or quick twisting the ends already in a hairstyle.

How to curl hair curling:

  1. To wash, dry hair, it is desirable to use a balm, apply thermal protection.
  2. Heat the curling iron. Usually the temperature ranges from 160 to 200 degrees, depending on the thickness and characteristics of the hair, the device itself.
  3. Separate a small strand, carefully comb.
  4. Grab the hair at the base, wrap around the curling iron to the end, if you want to get a spiral curl. Or just twist the strand in the roller for ordinary curls.
  5. Warm up the strand, gently remove from curling. Curl the remaining hair, put in the hair, fix with varnish.

Tip! It is a curling iron to correct errors in the hair. If a strand of ugly sticks out or simply does not twist on the curlers, you can quickly heat the tongs and curl it. In the total mass of hair, the difference will not be very noticeable.

Using ironing (rectifier)

An important condition for the use of ironing - dry and clean hair. If moisture remains, it is very easy to burn them. As a result, instead of beautiful and flowing curls will turn out hard, dry, damaged strands. It is important to dry the hair not only after washing, but also after applying thermal protection.

  1. Carefully comb the hair, separate the top part, stab it at the crown.
  2. Heat iron to about 180 degrees.
  3. Separate the front strand, zaschipnut at the roots, hold once to the tips, to straighten and warm.
  4. Again, pinch at the base, twist the forceps around its axis along with the hair and stretch the whole strand to the end, release it from the iron.

As soon as the lower hair is finished, wind up the previously pinned top in this way.

Use ironing with foil

Another way to make your hair curled up with an iron at home. It is good in that it allows the use of a rectifier even at a small length. In addition to the ironing need pieces of ordinary food foil. It is advisable to make them in advance so that the process of creating a hairstyle is not delayed for a long time.

How to spin your hair with foil:

  1. Separate thin strand. Wrap around a finger, pencil or other suitable object, but not tight.
  2. Carefully remove the hair coiled into a ring, wrap in a piece of foil, press so that nothing is unwound. Immediately you can twist all the remaining hair.
  3. Heat up to 180-200 degrees iron. Alternately warm all the curled hair through the foil. Cool it down.
  4. Carefully remove the foil, straighten the curls with your fingers.

The same method can be used to get fashionable broken curls. In this embodiment, the strand is wound not on a finger, but folded in a zigzag, then it is also packaged in pieces of foil, warmed by an iron.

Important! Regardless of the curling method, you should brush your curls with your fingers or a comb with rare teeth. If you use a regular brush, the hairstyle will quickly lose its attractiveness, the curls will disintegrate, they will stick out in different directions.

Curlers: terms of use and types

One of the oldest ways to make curls, it is also considered the most careful and safe. Exception - hot curlers (thermo, electric). Their action is similar to the work of forceps and ironing. Conventional curlers are wound in a cold way. Most often they are made of plastic, woven material with velcro or wood. Also now on sale can be found papilotki foam rubber, sometimes with a flexible rod inside.

How to wind hair on curlers:

  1. Separate the strand, sprinkle with water or apply a styling foam, comb with a comb with fine teeth.
  2. Pull out hair, attach curlers to the tip, wind it straight or in a spiral, fix it with a clip.
  3. Dry hair in a natural way or hair dryer.
  4. Remove the curlers, give curls to get stronger.
  5. Put curls in her hair.

Rags, ribbons (homemade papilotki)

Alternative papilotkam - cloth and ribbons. It is also an old way of getting small, but strong and elastic curls that can last for several days. It is suitable for any length, you can change the thickness of the ribbons wound. Hair does not spoil. For curling need ribbons or cloths with a length of 15-20 cm, the thickness is arbitrary.

How to wind hair on ribbons:

  1. Comb the strand, sprinkle with water.
  2. Attach a ribbon to the tip, gently twist hair into a hank.
  3. Tie the ends together, thereby fixing the ribbon.
  4. Dry hair, untie ribbons.

The disadvantages of this method include a large investment of time. Dry hair curled long, will have to do a perm in the evening, leaving on all night.

Hair dryer and brushing

Hairdryer can be used to accelerate the drying of hair curlers, but also with its help do the perm. This method is used after washing the head or you need to splash the hair with water. Additionally required brashing. So the round brush having densely planted teeth is called. It is thanks to the bristles that the whole strand is wound, individual hairs do not fall out and do not stick out. It is important to use the brushing correctly, it is not necessary to wind strands on it, as if with curlers, otherwise there is a high probability of confusing them.

How to wind the hair dryer:

  1. Washed hair dried towel, divided into several sections.
  2. Lift one strand at the roots, slip the brushing, scrolling to pull down to the very end. Repeat one or two more times.
  3. While scrolling from above, direct the hot stream of air from the dryer.
  4. To fix the result, repeat the winding, dab your hair with a cold jet of air.

The popularity of this method has forced manufacturers to release electric brasings. This can be a stand-alone device or just attachments to a standard hairdryer. Such a device simplifies the creation of curls, allows you to get a chic styling in a few minutes.

Create curls ironing

To experiment with a hairstyle it is not necessary to acquire a whole arsenal of styling tools. An ordinary rectifier can both smooth and curl our strands. This is very easy to do, but first let's talk about safety:

  • Curl only with the use of thermal protection. These can be special sprays with some minimal fixation, or hair foam,
  • We work only on completely dry hair. This applies not only to drying after washing, even applied styling should dry out well,
  • The safety of your hair depends on its quality, so choose a device that has ceramic or teflon plates. Yes, it will cost much more, but the hair is more important. It is simpler to use an iron with rounded edges, they are more convenient and ergonomic, but this is not such a fundamental criterion.

Hair tongs are worth paying attention to when choosing:

  • BRAUN ST 750 (Satin Hair 7) / ES3
  • PHILIPS ProCare Keratin HP8361 / 00
  • REMINGTON S9500 E51 Pearl
  • Rowenta for elite Optiliss SF3132

Let us turn to the very curl. With the help of the rectifier and our fantasy, we can make several different types of curls:

Large helix. Luxury classics that transform every woman. This hairstyle is out of fashion, because we just have to learn how to do it ourselves. So, we divide all our shoal of hair into separate strands. Their value will depend on how large curls you plan to wind. The principle is simple: starting from the root, we wind the strand on the styler, hold the tip with our fingers. Slowly hold the iron along its entire length, slightly linger on the tip so that it does not remain even.

Harnesses. Here we get a light spectacular waviness. The first stages will always be repeated, regardless of the type of installation, so that we wash, dry, apply the product, dry again. Each strand is twisted in a tight rope, we pass along its entire length with an iron. Divide into several parts with your fingers, fix the varnish.

Broken. This is for those who want to try something unusual. In addition to the standard set, we will need more foil for them. Those who have done highlighting at least once will cope with this perm in a few minutes. Put a strand on a piece of foil, cover the top, fold the accordion. Fix the iron for 20 seconds (at a temperature of 190-200 degrees, if less - hold a little longer), we get an unusual zigzag strand.

Experimenting with the thickness of the strands, the way they are folded, we can achieve a radically different effect, changing the images and style, like gloves. And what do we girls need?

How to make curls curling

Want beautiful curls of the correct form - curling iron is your option. Such curls are suitable for festive and everyday hairstyles, so learning how to make them yourself is task 1 for every girl.

So that everything works out quickly and efficiently, we immediately stock up on a simple arsenal of equipment and tools:

  1. hair clips
  2. fixation means
  3. studs and curling directly.

We immediately exclude gel from styling, because with it we will burn our strands. Use spray, foam or mousse.

How to make beautiful curls curling

The process of creating curls with curling:

  • Separate the hair into strands. Since it is most convenient to start curling from the bottom of the head, we fasten the upper locks with clamps,
  • Apply fixatives directly on each individual strand before curling, distribute, let dry a little,
  • Depending on the type of curling, the method of curling will be different. The tongs are much more convenient to fix the tip and wind the hair to the root. We work with a tapered curtain with exactly the opposite: we wind the strand starting from the root, while holding the tip with our fingers. To make the curls to yourself in this way, you need a little experience. In order not to burn your hands, be sure to use a protective glove that comes with a curling iron.
  • Fix the strand for 10-12 seconds (large and hard hair curls 20 seconds), carefully remove.
  • Hot curl fasten hairpin to cool. After all the hair is curled, remove the hairpins, gently divide our curls into smaller parts. Only at the end of this procedure, sprinkle hair with lacquer.

The most problematic point in self-curling is the choice of the direction of curls. Some advise doing the orders strictly in one and the same, others - on the contrary, alternate. Here the choice is yours.

Like curling hair, curling iron should be of high quality, we recommend:

  • BRAUN Satin Hair 7 EC1 (CU710)

Curls on long hair

With long hair will have to tinker pretty before you learn to curl them quickly and efficiently, but even more interesting, especially since there are many ways:

Hairstyle out large curls from the root looks too doll and unnatural, and to make it, as we have said, is not easy. We offer a simpler option: the tips are twisted, the roots are smooth. Such a contrast will give volume, weight to the strands, and it becomes easier than ever - with the help of a curling iron. Approximately half the length of the strand is curled and divided into parts. If there is not enough volume at the root, we make light bouffant.

Lungs Curls the easiest way to do the usual hair dryer with a diffuser. In the process of drying, starting from the tips, lightly press the locks to the root. Hair slightly sprinkled with varnish. As a result, we get a slight waviness, reminiscent of wet hair.

Voluminous curls - one of the current trends. This is the case when the spectacular look is combined with the simplest performance. Here we will help the usual large curlers. Apply the foam, thoroughly combing the strand, winding on large curlers, a little before reaching the root. After complete drying, we divide the curl into separate strands, do a little bouffant at the root to create volume there. Spray varnish and, voila, a gorgeous image is ready.

How to make curls curling

Curling curling - it's fast and beautiful. With the help of this simple household appliance you can create many bright images. For example, “Hollywood waves” are very popular now.

But curling can not be used every day. From high temperatures, hair loses shine, becomes brittle and lifeless.

Lay hair curling no more than once a week.

How to make curls on medium hair

This task is much easier to handle than in the previous case:

Large curls on the average length look very impressive. You can make them with the help of ordinary or electric blisters of big diameter We twist the strands and quietly walk about the apartment for 20-25 minutes (or restlessly, as you please). We remove, distribute the strands, slightly beat them with our fingers, fix them with varnish and go ahead, conquer men's hearts.

Easy waviness can be made a diffuser (read above) or with the help of ordinary braids, braided for the night on wet hair.

Voluminous curls the easiest way to do curling wide diameter or ordinary socks (just socks, you did not think). We take a large strand and wind it over the toe, like on a papilotka, we fasten it.We put on a shower cap and go to sleep. In the morning we shoot all this and enjoy the spectacular styling.

Chic curls on short hair

Short haircut is not a reason to go with a boring and monotonous hairstyle. On the contrary, it is a great opportunity to experiment with images.

Use the iron. On short hair with it it is most convenient to make large curls. The principle is simple: we fix each separate strand almost at the root, then turn the iron through 180 degrees, gently let the hair through. Trying quite a bit, we get a spectacular Hollywood styling.

With curling hair, you can make classic spiral curls for a festive hairstyle.

Lungs Curls we get thanks to the Velcro curlers or papilotkam. Just wind the slightly damp hair, dry hair dryer.

To create the effect of wet hair, a hair dryer with a diffuser is suitable; if you do not have such a model, we recommend that you look at these models:

  • PHILIPS DryCare Pro BHD176 / 00
  • PHILIPS ThermoProtect Ionic HP8232 / 00
  • BRAUN HD 585
  • Rowenta Premium care CV5361

Volume Experiments

Large, medium, small or almost invisible, - curls can be completely different, but by learning how to make each of the options, we can instantly turn from a strict and elegant lady into a naughty and cheerful girl.

Fine curls - The hit of recent years, and this hairstyle fits into any style, including business. How to make afro curls? The easiest way with a lasting effect is to make a perm (and at the same time the most expensive and unsafe). But who wants to restore hair afterwards, especially since at home the result will be just as good. There are lots of options here, even curling-hair dryers are not needed! Papillots, hair curlers, boomerangs, cloths, bobbins, hairpins, cocktail tubules - all this will help to become the owner of African curls, without harming your hair. But there is an option even easier - small braids. We braid them for the night, and in the morning there will be only a little to correct curls.

Voluminous For some reason, curls are considered to be a festive option, but this does not mean at all that you need to wait for some kind of event. Large curls can be made curling large diameter ironing or large curlers. Lush curls can be made with a hairdryer or with the help of a Greek dressing (we twist slightly wet strands under it, during the day we go with a romantic hairstyle, and for the evening we are provided with a chic styling).

How to achieve lasting effect

With curls from the hairdresser's problems rarely arise, they can not lose their shape even a few days. You can sit for more than one hour with a curling iron over your home curls, but when you go outside you will see a slight waviness at best, which in a couple of hours will turn into completely smooth strands. To keep curls long, you need to follow a few rules:

  • Dry hair is a guarantee of safe and durable styling. No, wet hair can of course be curled, but note that this is not safe. Do not be surprised if in the near future they will acquire split tips, or even become significantly shorter
  • Of all the styling products, the best option is hair foam. Instructions: laid with foam, after fixing varnish. Do not forget that they should be with a thermal protection effect, for example, kallos cosmetics prestige extra strong hold professional volume,
  • The optimal temperature for curling curls - 200 degrees. But for dry, damaged hair, such a test would be too devastating, because 150 is the maximum limit for them,
  • It is useless to try to correct the shape of the curl with the help of repeated twisting, because you will get the opposite effect - the order will be absolutely flat,
  • You should always work with only one curl: curled, divided manually into smaller parts, fixed. Only after that proceed to the next. If we leave the strand unattended, it begins to lose shape before we finish the curl.

Making beautiful curls at home

There are several completely harmless ways, after using which the curls will remain healthy and beautiful. Sometimes "grandmother's" advice is much more reliable and safer than new-fangled technology.

In search of an answer to the question of how to make small curls at home without curling and curlers, you can wind the strands with a bunch. To do this, they are moistened with water, collected in a ponytail, twisted into a harness more tightly and pinned with a stud. The more bunches you make, the smaller the curls will be.

The meaning of any method of curling in the field is to leave the curls in a curved state for some time. So they will find the desired bend. It is enough to wait from 6 to 8 hours before pulling out the studs and unwinding the harnesses. After that, for beautiful styling, hair is whipped up with hands and varnished to ensure a lasting effect. It is very convenient to carry out all the necessary preparations in the evening and go to bed, and in the morning give the hair the desired shape.

Curls with cloth

The previous method is quite convenient, but there are still lots of equally good methods. How to make small curls at home from improvised means? Even ordinary fabric can serve as auxiliary material. Those who watched films about ancient times, probably saw how women walk with hair curlers out of rags. Even noble court ladies did not neglect this way, so it makes sense to draw some wisdom from them.

Although in the process the head looks quite funny, however, as a result, the woman is just fascinating, when the elastic curls slightly jump in time with her steps and movements, smoothly rolling down her shoulders. How to make small curls at home quickly and with the least expenditure of energy?


Fabric is best to take x / b, since synthetic differs slip. Too bother about the curler substitute is not worth it. It may just be unnecessary fabric. Cut it into strips. The procedure itself will take no more than 15 minutes.

To begin with, wash your hair with shampoo, pouring plenty of water on it. Then shovel combed, divided into small strands, the ends of which are placed on the fabric. This method gives an answer to the question of how to make small curls at home from the roots.

We roll the strand to its very foundation, in order to get an impressive volume. For fastening the ends of the fabric are tied in a knot. The same is done with the rest of the strands, until all the hair is twisted. Again, the more rags you use, the smaller the curls will be.

Then give the curls time to dry. Usually it takes 6-12 hours. This variation is due to the fact that the temperature of the atmospheric air and the thickness of the strands have a significant effect on the term. After removing the cloth, the curls are straightened with fingers, using lacquer for fixation.

This is quite a convenient way to make small curls at home. Photos of women who used it show that their hair looks no worse than that of Marilyn Monroe, despite the simplicity of the technology.

So you can look good, managing yourself and not spending a lot of money on procedures in the beauty salon. Moreover, every day, not only on holidays and important events.

Instead of cloth, paper is often used that does not spill from the water, even the tubes that go together with the juice, caps from felt-tip pens. In a word, there would be a desire to be beautiful, and there will always be methods.

Curly heels

The classic auxiliary material in the hairdressing art against the background of the fabric are the studs. How to make small curls at home with their help? For moistening haystacks use a spray. Then it is divided into small strands. So you can achieve the best effect, that is, small curls. They curl inward like a curler.

When they reach the base, they fix the received ring with the help of a stealth or hairpin. The same manipulation is done with the rest of the strands. Too active to move after this is undesirable. It is better to roll your hair with a towel or kerchief and go to sleep. In the morning, when you release the curls from the hairpins and invisible women, you can admire the beauty of your hairstyle, add the last neat touches, beating it with your hands and using a fixing varnish.

Use bandage

How to make small curls at home with a bandage? This method is effective if you want to create an evening or daily hairstyle. The fabric strip is put on the head. Hair appears under an elastic band and do not get in a face. They are moistened with water. The hair is divided into thin strands. Each of them is curled and hooked under the fabric.

It turns out a kind of chain, because the tip of each new ringlet hides in the previous one. Waiting for a couple of hours. After unwinding carry out laying. Curls look easy and elegant, beautiful springy when walking.


One of the reasons to refuse hair curlers is their inconvenience. It is not very comfortable to sleep when you are spinning on a pillow and do not know how to lie down so that nothing presses. Sometimes, after their use, girls wake up with a slight headache, which prevents them from fully enjoying their own beauty and anticipation of the coming day.

How to make small curls at home to sleep a baby's sleep without the inconvenience? All ingenious is simple. One of the most common and easiest ways to curl hair are pigtails. Pomp and volume of your hairstyle provided. Hair is not damaged, as well as general well-being.

Initially, the head is washed, using shampoo, well moisten hair with water. Then create at least ten strands so that the curls come out fine. Weave pigtails and put gum on their tips. For better fixation, use lacquer already at this stage. After that, you can safely go to bed. In the morning pigtails dissolve, form curls of them and once again use lacquer to maintain the desired shape.

For short hair

Pigtails are a practically immaculate method, with the only proviso that it is not very suitable for owners of a bob. How to make small curls at home on short hair? For this fit flagella.

To create them, girls spend no more than a few minutes. The hair is moistened with running water, divided into strands, which form tight flagella that wind up into small bunches. For fixing use studs.

At this stage, you can go to sleep or just wait from 8 to 12 hours. After this time, the curls are released from the hairpins, flagella unwind. There are only the final touches for the formation of styling.

Fasten strands with clips

An additional tool in creating elegant curls often serves as a hair clip. This is a safe replacement for the curlers and the damaging protective cover curling.

After washing the head and dividing the curls into separate strands, they are twisted into strands and secured with a crab. So do with each part of the stacks. In the morning it remains only to unwind the rings and make styling.

It is worth noting that sleep is not too comfortable. In this sense, the method is not much better than curlers. The clamp can even be accidentally crushed by pushing his head too hard. So in this regard, it is much better to use cloth or even tolerance for various night turns and pigtails.

Create curls with spikelet

Another method often used in the field is the spike with which it creates an exquisite wave. It is good if you know how to braid it yourself or if someone lives with you who can help with this.

From the creation of the usual hairstyle of this type, the method is different using a piece of cotton fabric. To moisturize the curls used spray. The hair is divided into separate zones. There will be several spikelets, so that everyone has their own cloth. Strands are wrapped around the bandage. Begin weaving. Tip lay inside and secure with a rubber band. In the morning the hair is dismissed, slightly tousled with fingers. To fix the effect of using varnish.

With the help of these methods and simple manipulations that they imply, a woman can look charming and elegant every day. It makes sense to try each of them to decide on the one you like the most or just to always be different and unique.

The benefits of homemade perms

It is known that the use of hair curlers such as heated hair rollers, a special iron and curling iron, can change the structure of the strands for the worse. Hair can be simply burned under the influence of high temperatures. Despite the fact that modern curling irons have many advantages, even the highest quality, branded devices have one significant drawback - beautiful curls guarantee a high temperature that is so dangerous for hair, which is at least 190 degrees.

Therefore, hair styling using such devices causes the following unpleasant symptoms:

  1. Hair quickly loses the necessary moisture, and dehydration leads to a slowdown in the production of collagen and elastin, vital for normal hair structure,
  2. Loss of density, beautiful natural shine is lost, the hair shaft becomes fragile and brittle,
  3. The state of the tips of the locks, which are beginning to split, worsens
  4. When overheating, hair follicles are damaged, and because of this they can grow more slowly and fall out.

This applies not only to the chambers, but also to other instruments - thermal hair rollers and their electrical counterpart are no less harmful to the scalp and hair. Metal curlers negatively affect the statics of the hair, electrify them, deform the structure of the hair shaft. Even the most simple, plastic damage strands, as they are torn when entangled. If you use these tools every day, you can completely spoil the hairstyle, which will then have to be restored for a long time and patiently.

The undoubted advantage of simple self-curling methods is that they are safe to use, and the winding process itself does not take much time.

Therefore, it is worth thinking that you can use more gentle methods for your favorite hair, and use thermocouple as little as possible.

Improvised means

In order to create beautiful curls at home, you may need different materials at hand.

  • Thick paper
  • Fabric strips,
  • Studs
  • Wooden sticks.

In addition, you can curl your hair with a beam, braids, flagella, ghoul, as well as with your own fingers.

When using one method or another, it should be considered whether they suit the length of the hair. For those with whom they are average, any manipulation is convenient. If you are long, you can always make braids, twist strands on paper files, or use flagella. A little harder to come up with something with short hair - perhaps the best method would be twisting on a finger or a “snail”.

Fully determined how to make curls without curling and curlers at home, you can begin to create your personal masterpiece. It will take a long time for the beautiful waves or curls to last longer, to withstand papilotki and other devices on the head. It is best to spend a perm on the night to arrange hair the next day. Thanks to the hair foam, the result will be more stable, but you never need to overdo it with its quantity.

Paper papillo

Paper papillots will help create elastic curls, both large and small size. It all depends on the thickness of the strand. First you need a waterproof thick paper that needs to be cut into rectangular strips.After they are folded into tubes of the desired diameter, a narrow rag is threaded in with the ends outward, so that later on the ends can be tied. For this purpose, you can also use small hairpins.

After shampooing and applying a fixative composition to damp hair, you will need:

  • Separate strands of the same thickness by winding on paper and securing in the chosen manner,
  • You should start winding up from the back of your head, gradually moving towards the forehead area.

You can cover your head with a handkerchief for the night so that the papers will not slip during the movement in a dream.

Wrap on cloth

Screwing on cloth gives an equally stunning effect, but it is much more comfortable to sleep on them than on rustling paper. To do this, cotton fabric is cut into strips from 2 to 10 centimeters, depending on the desired size of curls.

The process is as follows:

  • The washed head should be divided into the same strands,
  • The tip of the curl is put on the rag and twisted to the required height,
  • The edges of the material are tied.

When keeping wrap all night, these curls can last about three days. Even when they disperse, the hairstyle will remain lush, beautiful, more natural.

A very simple way to curl straight curls using a bun. It helps to get naturally falling, light waves, giving the hairstyle a special style.

  • It will be necessary to tie the tail of wetted hair on the back of the head,
  • One or two tight bundles are twisted from the strands and both are tightly fixed with the help of studs.

You should wait a few hours, depending on the length of the hair, after which the resulting curls correct, not combing, and apply varnish.

For long hair, a similar technique would be suitable:

  • The hair should be divided into four large strands,
  • Then the strand is twisted and rolled into a snail,
  • All four shells are fastened using studs.

To curls were more pronounced, you can twist a greater number of strands. The formation of small curls can be achieved by applying the same method for small strands, which can be any number.

Pigtails of different thickness

Pigtails of different thickness - the traditional method of curling. The result is a wavy mass of hair. Some women of fashion for greater naturalness twist and tips to hairstyle was harmonious.

  • Braid strands need to wet hair,
  • The thinner the spit, the more pronounced the waves will be,
  • The tips of the braids are fixed with an elastic band.

In this state it is better to leave the hair until the morning. Pigtails unravel, if desired, they can be gently combed. This method is ideal for medium and long hair.

Bandage or girl hoop

With the help of a bandage or an ordinary girl hoop, you can also make a beautiful styling.

  • To do this, the hair, separated by an even parting, must be screwed onto a cloth or headband, and then fixed.
  • To prevent the hairstyle from being prematurely disheveled, you can put a light kerchief on your head.

For a lasting effect, the procedure can be performed at bedtime. And before hair it is slightly wetted and dried with a hairdryer after winding for 2-3 minutes.

Instead of a bandage, you can use an ordinary sock. Since this accessory will have to sleep or walk for a while, it is better to take a product made from natural fabric, besides synthetics strongly electrify the hair.

  • To get a device for curling, you need to cut off the finger part of the accessory.
  • The sock, put on the head, should be in the form of a hollow tube,
  • The tail is made of hair, and the locks are hooked under the fabric and wound on it until it stops, until the toe is tightly seated on the head.

After a few hours, you can get amazing waves throughout the mass of hair.

Small “African” curls are extremely popular because, apart from the beauty of the curls themselves, they give the hair extra volume. They can be made using ordinary studs.

  • The hair must be clean and wet,
  • Take thin strands of hair and figure eight wound on a hairpin
  • You can fix any small hairpin.

Curls should be completely dry. To beautifully lay hair, you will need to manually disassemble curly rings. Cool curls do not hold for very long, therefore it is recommended to use different fixing compositions, as well as varnish.

So, with the help of all sorts of simple devices, you can create large and small curls, playful ringlets, careless waves and even artistic disorder in the style of a-la Hollywood.

Ways to make curls without curling and curlers at home are extremely simple and accessible to any woman. Hair can be twisted on anything, even on the fingers, if only there was a desire and time. But we must not forget that this beauty is very short-lived. Therefore, during the winding, it is desirable to use a special gel or fixing foam, and after creating the hair, use a small amount of lacquer. So the hair will be able to please the owner and her surroundings long enough.

How to make curls without curling and curlers: video

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What are nice curls

The girls try to straighten the curly head of hair no less than to curl a perfectly smooth canvas. However, curls have one important advantage used by hairdressers before doing most of their hairstyles. This is the ability to independently fit in such a way that even the simplest hairstyle looks like a holiday one. Even the usual bunch of curls is radically different from the bun, made of a straight tail. In addition, the curls present a few pluses:

  • constant natural volume
  • no need to do the morning styling,
  • the hairstyle will not be exposed to bad weather
  • styling will give the face softness and tenderness.

How to make curls at home without curling and curlers

The most beautiful result will give the styler, but its absence does not interfere with a beautiful hairstyle. If you are wondering how to make curly hair at home with improvised means, it is worth considering this section. Below, we offer several original and proven methods for wrapping hair on papillots, hairpins, through classic pigtails and even with the use of handkerchiefs. For greater resistance to styling it is recommended to apply a small amount of any fixing agent (foam, mousse) to damp hair.

With two kerchiefs

If you were looking for a way to make small curls at home, this unit is not necessary to consider - this technique focuses on large curls that look good on long hair. The highlight of the image will make salt spray, creating a fashionable effect of beach styling. Make hair simple:

  1. Wash your hair or just diligently moisten your combed hair.
  2. Divide into 2 equal parts. Each of them begin to braid in a regular braid, at the base with a scarf or kerchief. The ends of the fabric should lie parallel to the working strands.
  3. Tie a scarf at the end of the finished braid, let the hair dry on their own.

Curly hair with braids

The way that is so popular with little girls, but not too much loved by their mothers because of the large amount of time spent on work. The principle of operation is very simple, but the procedure can be very tiring, so it is rarely performed on thick and long hair. How to make curly hair at home, braiding pigtails? Following this pattern:

  1. In the evening (“perm” is better to do at night), wash your hair, apply a little foam.
  2. Dry to the point where you can comb your hair without hurting it.
  3. Separate a thin strand with a needle, braid it in a 3-part braid. The thinner it is, the smaller the curls will be.
  4. Repeat the previous step until the entire head is braided. Be sure to turn the tails, otherwise they will remain straight.
  5. In conclusion, you can make 1-2 large braids from small braids and go to bed.
  6. In the morning gently weave each of them, do not comb.

How to make curls at home out of rags

A method that was popular a couple of centuries ago, when hot tongs did not exist or did not have such accessibility as today. As a “tool” for wrapping, any large-sized rag will do: you need to cut not too wide ribbons from it. How at home to quickly make curls through these papilotki:

  1. Wet each piece of cloth and be sure to moisten the hair.
  2. Begin to wrap the thin strand on the file from the tip. At the root (or below) firmly tie.
  3. Cover the head with a kerchief, blow-dry.
  4. Remove papilotki, beat curls with your fingers. For more volume, you can work the roots of the diffuser.

Curls with hairpins

The method is simple and convenient, but it is recommended to use it during the day, as it is uncomfortable to sleep with such a construction. The attractiveness of the method as a result, which can be obtained with it: curls come out elastic and small. To work you need a lot of durable studs from 70 mm in length and silicone rubber bands. How to make curls at home on this technology quickly and correctly:

  1. Split wet hair, following the standard scheme. Choose a very thin strand.
  2. Turn from the root around the parallel axes of the stud to the number “8” so that the coils cross in the center.
  3. Secure the curly with a rubber band, repeat these steps for a new one.
  4. Leave the hair on for several hours or dry it with a hairdryer.

Curls on the foil

The result of this procedure is zigzag curls that look very unusual. To speed up the process, the strand can be heated between the plates by the ironing, but even without such an impact, the success of the project is guaranteed. While twirling the curls on the foil, keep in mind that strands of width should not exceed 2 cm, and the work begins in the area of ​​the crown. Hair must be moistened before curling.

The scheme of action is as follows:

  1. Roll the long wide strip of foil with a flagellum and bend it in the middle with the letter “V”.
  2. A strand of reel around the ends of the foil, drawing loops. Fix the ends through the bend of the foil.
  3. Repeat the previous step with all the strands, blow-dry or iron the hair, or let them dry by themselves.
  4. Sprinkle curls varnish, remove the foil.

How to make curls at home curling

When working with hot tools you need to consider that the resulting curls can not be thrown, especially owners of long hair. Each curl removed from the styler is cooled and taken apart, immediately laid as it should be. So professionals in salons achieve high resistance hairstyles, beautiful silhouette and natural volume. In addition, there are a few rules neat and durable curls:

  • Never try to make styling curling hair on wet hair - you hurt them.
  • Do not forget to use thermal protection.
  • It is not recommended to make curls on a varnish - it is better to resort to a skin.
  • Curling hair is at a temperature of 200 degrees.
  • More than 2 times to go through the order styler can not be - it will cease to remember the form.

1. How to choose a curling iron

Curling irons are different coating. Ceramic hair is considered the safest. Professional hairdressers often use these curtains.

Curling irons differ in shape. With the help of the usual cylindrical pleyok of different diameter can be obtained small or large curls. A cone-shaped curling iron helps create bottom volume and playful curls at the bottom. Most pley cones do not have a clamp: the tip of the strand must be held, but it does not break. Spiral curling irons make the same curlicues, and two- and triple barrels create the effect of a corrugation.

Curling irons differ in diameter. The larger it is, the less curled it is. The minimum diameter that can be found in the store - 10 mm. Maximum - 50.

A curler of large diameter can not cope with hard, as well as thick long hair. Large curls under the weight of their weight quickly straighten, leaving no waving and no trace.

Small curling irons are intended primarily for short hair and curling bangs.

The best option for normal hair shoulder length and longer - curling iron with a diameter of 19-25 mm.

Often, the resistance of the wave depends on how correctly the tool is selected and the wrap technology is observed.

2. How to prepare hair

When curling with curling, follow the three rules:

  1. Hair should be clean. Curls on greasy hair dissolve faster than cool down curling.
  2. Hair should be dry. Curling a wet hair with a curling iron is like cooking bread on a fire.
  3. Hair must be protected. Before winding on the curling iron, be sure to treat the strands with a thermal protective agent. It seals the hair scales, retains moisture inside and thus protects against high temperatures. More effective are considered indelible sprays.

Hair cleansing

First you need to wash your hair. To hairstyle was more lush, it is desirable to use a special shampoo to give volume. At the end of the wash, treat them with balm., it will add shine and softness to each strand. Do not forget that the balm must be applied to the lower part without touching the roots, and after a few minutes completely rinse. So the hair will stay fresh longer and will look well-groomed.

Necessary means for protection and fixation

You may need thermal protection, which is used before laying with the use of a hair dryer, ironing or thermal rollers. It is able to protect the hair structure. from the aggressive effects of hot tools in the process of forming curls.

In order to make elastic waves, it is useful to use foam or mousse to create curls. This tool is applied to the wet strands after washing and evenly distributed using a comb, after which they can be screwed on curlers or curling.

Curls on long and straight hair must be fixed, otherwise in 1-2 hours the hairstyle will lose its volume, and beautiful spirals will disappear. To prevent this from happening, you should spray a small amount of medium-sized hairspray on the finished curls. It should be remembered that an excess of funds will produce the opposite effect - strands will stick together and all the pomp will disappear.

Even before you lay your hair, you need to prepare a small comb to separate the strands and special clips necessary to remove unnecessary parts while creating hair.

Hair dryer with diffuser

In a special nozzle for a hair dryer - a diffuser are small rubber fingers, with their help, when laying you can form a lush volume and light waves that will look very natural.

The rules for creating a beautiful hairstyle here are as follows:

  1. Wash hair, then lightly dry it with cool air.
  2. It is necessary to apply thermal protection and means for laying - a foam or mousse is quite suitable for this.
  3. A little dry hair, proceed to the formation of curls. Carefully separate each strand and dry, starting from its end and moving to the roots.
  4. Gorgeous volume will turn out if you lower your head down and begin to dry the strands from the back of your head, gradually moving towards the front side.

To achieve the desired result, you need to learn how to work with a diffuser. If at the beginning something didn’t work out for you, do not despair, if you wish, after a while you will be able to style your hair no worse than the stylist in the salon.

Curling irons

This device can be worn hairstyle literally in 10−15 minutes. It is best to use a long curling iron, medium in thickness, with a conical plate. It should be borne in mind, the larger the diameter of the working side, the larger get your curls.

Create curls using electric pliers need according to the following technology:

  1. After washing, completely dry the hair and be sure to treat them with a protective agent.
  2. Separate the strands and wind them on the curling, starting from the tips and moving to the roots. During the process, the device is best kept vertically.
  3. Begin to form curls from the back of the head, gradually moving to the crown and temples. If you have a bang, you need to put it last.
  4. Carefully disassemble the finished curls with your hands, and to give volume you can make a light nap on the back of your head, then lower your head down and fix the curls with varnish.

Using curling iron is very easy, so it is most often used to create hairstyles at home.

Usually, with the help of an ironing, long-haired beauties straighten their unruly strands, although it is also designed to curl them. Thanks to this device, you can get soft waves that will look very impressive and festive.

To make this haircutIt is recommended to act in this way:

  1. Clean and dry hair should be protected from hot exposure and the means for forming curls (mousse or foam).
  2. Take a strand of medium thickness and press it to the end with an iron.
  3. Holding the device vertically in your hand, turn it 1 or 2 times so that your hair is screwed onto it. Then lower the iron down and release the strand.
  4. Thus it is necessary to process all the hair. As a result, you will get large waves, which need a little bit to be disassembled by hand, in order to give shape to a hairstyle and to treat with varnish.

This method of curling is very convenient, saves time and allows you to create chic curls. In addition, the iron is a fairly versatile device, so it is very popular among the fair sex.

The use of curlers

Hair curlers will help you get a gorgeous hairstyle with curls for long hair without damaging them. This method of installation requires a certain skill, so first of all you need to master the technology of cheating. Hair curlers come in several types, and depending on the type you choose, you can get curls of different shapes and sizes.


These curlers are very suitable for winding long hair, as the curls obtained with them, for a long time retain their shape. Papillots are thin and soft "sausages" that can be left on the head during sleep - they are comfortable and do not interfere at all.

You can make curls with the help of folders in this way:

  1. Hair should be washed and dried a little so that they remain slightly damp. Then comb and apply the styling foam.
  2. Splitting hair into small strands, wind each of them on the curler in a spiral.
  3. After that, you need to leave papilotki on the head until the hair is completely dry. To speed up this process, you can use a hairdryer.
  4. After removing the curlers, correct each curl with your hands without using a comb, because it will spoil the shape of the curls.
  5. To fix the hair, sprinkle the finished curls lacquer medium fixation.

Wavy strands are very beautiful, but, unfortunately, they take a lot of time to create, so papilotki are used most often in the evening and left on the head all night to get ready curls in the morning.

Spiral curlers

Such devices for curling are suitable for almost everyone - they do not spoil the structure of the hair and have different sizes that can be selected depending on the length of the strands. These curlers are made in the form of a cover from a special material twisted into a spiral. Wet strands are placed into it with a curved stick at the end and remain there until it is completely dry, gradually acquiring a wavy shape.

Spiral curlers should be used as follows:

  1. Wet hair should be treated with mousse or another styling agent.
  2. Then you need to separate the small strands and thread them into curlers. Keep in mind that the curl should start from the very roots, then the curls will look especially impressive.
  3. After the hair is completely dry, the curlers must be removed and the resulting curls are separated with the help of fingers. To fix curls, you can use wax or varnish to give volume.

Spiral curls look very nice, this hairstyle is perfect for special occasions.

Hair curlers

These curlers are quite large, so they are used to get curls at the tips of the hair. Basically, the procedure for creating curls using bobbins is carried out at night. Beautiful hairstyles are obtained on long and medium strands.

It is necessary to wind the hair on the reel in the following way:

  1. On a clean head, evenly distribute the mousse and divide the hair into thin strands.
  2. Screw half of each strand on the curler to get beautiful waves at the ends.
  3. Leave the reels on all night.
  4. After removing the curlers, put curls in his hair and fill with varnish.

If you are going to sleep with reels on your head, it is recommended to collect hair in a ponytail - it will be much more convenient. When laying the finished curls you can make a light naked on the top and the back of the head - the hair will gain volume and will look especially impressive.

Braid waving

This option of creating curls is ideal for long-haired girls. It is recommended to carry out such a procedure at night, so that in the morning you already have ready-made curls. In addition, braids absolutely do not interfere during sleep, which is very convenient and practical.

Create curls using braids need the following scheme:

  1. In the evening, braid 2 or 4 braids on clean and slightly damp hair. If you plan to get large curls, they should be thicker, and for small ones, 3-4 pieces should be thin.
  2. In the morning, carefully unravel the braids, lay them on and spray them with varnish so that they will last as long as possible.

This method of getting curls is very popular with the fair sex of all ages, as it does not damage the hair and does not take much time, and the resulting curls look as impressive as after using a hair dryer or electrippers.

Fine curls

A large number of small curls look very interesting, with their hair look bulky and elegant, and make such a hair is not difficult. To work, you will need stealth or clamps and a shower cap. The procedure is best carried out at night.

To obtain small curls need to act in this way:

  1. Wash your head, lightly dry and apply styling agent.
  2. Separate thin strands, wind them on stealth and fasten at the roots.
  3. After you handle this, put on a cap.
  4. In the morning, spread out all the flagella. You should have a cascade of small and voluminous curls.

Separate the curls with your hands, shape your hair and do not forget to treat it with varnish so that the effect will be preserved as long as possible.

Stylist tips

When creating flowing curls, hairdressers in beauty salons use various techniques, due to which the hairstyle looks especially elegant and beautiful. In most cases, in the process of curling stylists follow these rules:

  • On long hair, it is better to make small waves, since large ones hold much worse.
  • You need to curl on fresh, freshly washed hair, only then curls will look properly.
  • Hair curlers must be removed after the hair has completely dried.
  • Disassemble the finished curls recommended only hands without the use of a comb.
  • In order for the result to last as long as possible, it is necessary to apply a mousse before curling, and fix the finished hairstyle with varnish.

3. How to curl hair curling

Hairdressers are advised to divide the head into the occipital, temporal and frontal zones and curl the hair in that order.

At home, you can act more simply: fix a part of the hair on the crown and curl the lower and then the upper strands first. Or, if length allows, you can partly part, divide the hair into right and left parts and curl each.

Whichever option you choose, first separate the strand about 2 cm wide. The thicker the hair, the thinner the curls should be.

If you want your curls to last all day, sprinkle your hair with varnish or apply it with foam before making a curling.

Comb the strand and wind it on the curling. Twist the strand into a harness, if you want the curl to be tight, like a spring.

Try not to overtighten or pinch the tip of the device. To get spiral curls, hold the curling iron vertically. If you want more playful curls, set it horizontally or at an angle.

If you have very long hair, do not wrap the whole curl on the curtain at once: when the tips are almost burnt, the upper layers will not even get warm. First, grasp the middle strands with forceps and twist to the roots. Then curl the tip.

Hold each curl on the curling iron for 10–15 seconds. Curling time depends on the power of the device and the desired elasticity of curls. If the hair is healthy, the curling iron can be heated to 200 ° C. Thin and loose hair is better to curl at a temperature not exceeding 100 degrees.

Carefully remove the curl from the curler and lightly spray it with varnish.

So that the still hot curl does not develop under its weight, fix it invisible until it cools completely.

Allow curls to cool for 10–15 minutes. After that, you can comb them with a comb with sparse teeth or fluff fingers.

If necessary, put the curls in her hair and fix it with varnish.

4. How to restore hair

To restore weakened hair, you can use one of the following masks.

  1. With kefir and aloe. Heat 1 teaspoon of castor oil and combine with 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of aloe juice and 1 ampoule of vitamin E. Rub the mask first into the roots, then spread over the entire length of the hair. Hold for half an hour, then rinse with warm water.
  2. With egg and honey. Mix egg yolk with 2 teaspoons liquid honey. Add ½ tablespoon of olive oil and apply the mixture to the hair. Hold for half an hour, then wash your head.
  3. With banana and glycerin. Blender a banana puree. Add 1 teaspoon of glycerin and the same amount of almond oil. Apply the composition on the head: from the roots to the tips. Keep the mask for 40 minutes, and then rinse well.

How to make curls curlers

Good old curlers are used to create curls, and to give volume. Curling on curlers usually takes longer than curling. But the hair is not exposed to high temperatures.

And thanks to the diversity of modern hair curlers, you can even make new hairstyles every day. Here, for example, what effect can be achieved with the help of folders.

However, due to the tension that is created when winding up, the blood supply to the hair follicles can be disrupted. If you use curlers often, the hair may loosen and begin to fall out.

1. How to choose a curler

Large and small, plastic and foam rubber, with clips and without - the range of modern hair curlers is huge. But each species has its own purpose.

Papilottes, or boomerangs, are foam or silicone rods of different lengths, densities and diameters. Inside the wire, so that the strands can be twisted and fixed in different positions. Suitable for hair of any length: the shorter, the smaller the diameter you need to take. Also depends on the diameter of the volume of curls.

Velcro curlers are cylinders of different diameters with lots of small hooks. Hair clings to them, and additional clips are usually not required. Velcro is ideal for creating basal volume on medium and short hair, as well as for curling the tips of long curls. But you need to be careful: such curlers can get tangled in the hair.

Spiral curlers are made of soft plastic and allow you to get spiral curls. To do this, simply thread the strands through the curlers using special clamps.

Most curlers should not be held for more than an hour.

Curling hair curlers are wooden sticks with thread that are attached with rubber bands. Koklushki usually used for perming or to create curls on very short hair.

Foam rollers are fixed with rubber bands or special plastic clips. The various diameters of these soft barrels allow you to wind hair of different lengths on them.

Electric and heated hair curlers help to make an express perm, as they heat the hair. The first are charged from the mains, the second must be boiled in boiling water to melt the paraffin inside them.

Ideally, you need to have in the arsenal and combine curlers of various types and diameters.

3. How to curl hair with curlers

According to the classical scheme, hair curlers begin to curl from the center of the frontal zone and gradually descend to the back of the head. This requires large curlers. After you can curl the hair on the sides of the curlers of a smaller diameter.

Using a hairbrush with a thin handle, separate the strand in the middle of the head. It should be the same width as curlers. Thickness will depend on the thickness of the hair: the more hair and the harder it is, the thinner the strand should be.

Moisten the strand with water if the hair is not damp enough. Then process it with foam or mousse for hair.

Comb, lightly stretch and twist the lock. Make sure the tip does not crease. Usually curlers are placed perpendicular to the head, but you can experiment by twisting them vertically or at an angle.

Screw the first strand, fasten it with a clip, rubber band or a pin (depending on the type of curlers) and go on to the next. Try to not cheat was not too tight: stretched hair gives discomfort.

With hair that does not take the curling iron and curlers, can iron. Make curls from the strands, wrap them with foil and warm them well.

After finishing the wrap, dry your hair naturally or with a hairdryer. If you are in a hurry, but do not want to harm your hair, use low-temperature mode.

Gently remove the curlers when the hair is completely dry. Straighten the resulting curls with your hands or a comb and fix it with varnish.

Watch the video: 5 Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair. Luxy Hair (March 2020).