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Each girl is individual, so each needs a special approach, respectively, a special hairstyle that will emphasize the dignity of the ladies, distract attention from the flaws and just have to like it. Hairstyles with the use of weaving - a great many, so that absolutely every woman will choose the right option for themselves.

Pigtails using tapes

If it seems to you that only babes interlace the braids, then we are ready to prove you the opposite. Ribbons are often woven into the braids of girls of any age.

Ribbons are woven into simple braids like English braids, as well as into more sophisticated sophisticated versions like weaving of four strands. It all depends on the skills of the creator of hair.

If you are still not ready to weave the ribbons into the braids, then we advise you to try to apply the ribbons for other purposes - you can replace the elastic band with it or separate the bangs with a decorative pattern.

Artificial spit piling

We advise you to pay attention to the absolute trend of the current fashion season - overhead braids Kanekalony. Kanekalon is an artificial fiber., in its characteristics as close as possible to human hair. Quality kanekalon cannot be distinguished from natural strands without touching it. With the help of artificial hair, you can visually add the required volume to thin hair.

Hair of absolutely any length is suitable for this hairstyle, because with the help of invoice braids it can be increased to any desired size.

Laying with curls and weaving

Such hairstyles can often be attributed to the festive. Weaving in such cases is only a small part of the head of hair - the rest is either dissolved or partially assembled.

The most popular version of this installation - Waterfall. The curls are wound with a curling iron, and a scythe is let in from the back of the head from one ear to the other. This hairstyle is unusually gentle and practical. Other options are possible. - on loose hair braid braid on the principle of the rim - weaving can be different (French braid or fishtail). More complex and cumbersome hairstyles - a bun or a knot is gathered from the curls, and part of the hair is braided into pigtails.

Holiday Hairstyles

Braids are used for complex ceremonial hairstyles like wedding ones. This can be one complex openwork braid, decorated, for example, with decorative studs in the form of pearls or rhinestones. Also weaving can be part of the hair style. For example, a high lampadion can be framed by braided curls.

Often for wedding styling brides use overhead strands to make the braids longer or more voluminous.

Hairstyles from small braids

This very popular version of styling in afrostyle like many girls. Especially this option is relevant in the summer - such braids are comfortable to wear and care, they look bright and unusual. Some intertwine multi-colored or monochromatic threads into braids, ribbons - so the decoration looks perky and fresh.

For convenience, many braids can be collected in a pony tail or a bundle.

Features and complexity of the implementation of styling at home

In order to perform a hairstyle of braids, it is not always necessary to use the services of an experienced salon wizard - some styling is quite available for performance at home.

In order for weaving to turn out neat and beautiful, constant practice is necessary - practice to braid as often as possible, then hairstyles will be obtained at the highest level.

The use of styling products can significantly ease the task of braiding braids. Just process the curls with mousse or foam - the process will go much faster.

Below are several options for hairstyles with weaves.

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Pigtails zizi, like other types of African braids, is a stylish, interesting and very practical type of hairstyle that has a lot of fans. They help to get rid of the annoying hair dryer, curling, styling products and frequent washing of the head for a long time. There are many options for weaving, but zizi are of interest to bright and loving to attract the attention of girls.

Pigtail Bundle

This is one of the most affordable and easy hairstyles. For it, you will need transparent rubber bands and a foam rubber roller with a hole in the middle.

  1. Clean dry hair must be collected in a ponytail. The height of the final beam also depends on the height of the tail, so choose the one that suits you.
  2. The hair in the tail must be divided into two parts. Thread one part into the hole in the roller, and leave the other under it.
  3. Of the two parts of the hair, we begin to weave a braid, as if wrapping a foam roller in weaving. This could be a fishtail or a spikelet - which you prefer.
  4. After the braid is braided, its tip hides under the beam. You can secure it with a stud.
  5. The final hairstyle is treated with a lacquer for fixation.

Half hair

Unusual variation of a very popular hairstyle:

  1. Combing hair, divide them into three main strands.
  2. Weaving begins from the forehead to the back of the head by interweaving into the braid only those strands that are located in the direction of hair growth. The remaining curls do not touch.
  3. Spit should try to shape so that they are located closer to the roots - so the half-hair will look better and hold.
  4. After work, the ends of the hair bend inward and fasten stealth.

We hope that you will master the basic techniques of making braids and then your hair will be irresistible in any situation - and in the office, and at the festival, and for a walk. We will be glad if this material was interesting for you, and the tips were useful.

What are pigtails zizi?

Zizi braids are a kind of ready-made afro braids that you just need to weave into your hair. Zizi have quite a lot of advantages. They give the opportunity to enjoy an unusual hairstyle everything, even to owners of rather short haircuts. After all, for interweaving zizy you need at least 5 cm of your own hair. Zizi braids are very light, they do not burden the head, like braids from their own hair. Moreover, with the proper use and care of this material can be used several times, so they can also be considered economical. And it will take much less time to interweave the zizi than to weave an afro braid. In general, not braids, but a pleasure. That is why they are widely popular among those who decide on a similar hairstyle.

Braid zizi

At first glance, it seems that weaving an afro braid is easy and simple, but this is absolutely not the case. After all, the process of creating this hairstyle is quite scrupulous and time consuming. Professionals, weaving them often work in pairs. More than half a thousand braids are woven to the hair, plus a neat pattern is created on the head, which is not something everyone can do either. Therefore, it is customary to trust such work to masters. Especially since this hairstyle for one day, and at least a month.

Weaving zizi step by step

  • Immediately before weaving my hair, dry, carefully comb.
  • We separate the neat strands of about half a cm in thickness, and each of them alternately weave two pigtails folded in half in zizy. It is quite simple to do this, the main thing is to make a loop at the base more tightly, so that in the future the braids would not slip.
  • We weave braids to the end of our own hair, the ends are fastened with a loop.
  • That's basically all, nothing essentially and complicated, but in fact is not so simple.

Pros and cons of zizi braids

  • "+" contrary to popular belief, weaving afrokosa not as painful as it seems, especially if you find a good master.
  • "-" weaving will take from 4 to 6 hours depending on the natural thickness and texture of the hair.
  • "-" If you add too much kanekalon, the weight of the braids will be too big, which will cause the skin to pull away, weakening natural hair. Then, after you unravel the braids, your hair will fall out, become too thin and "thin."
  • "+" Hair can be washed a little less.
  • "+" hairstyles with afros look very stylish.
  • Zizi "+" braids add volume to hair and help remove unwanted "puffing" from moisture.

How to weave pigtails zizi at home

For weaving African braids, combs with rare teeth are necessary, and, depending on the weaving technique, Kanekalon for weaving and rubber bands or glue for bonding Afrokos (if you want to solder the ends).

We start the weaving technique itself:

  1. Wash, dry and comb your hair, use the metal tip of the comb to highlight a strand of desired thickness.
  2. Comb the strand, divide it into 3 equal parts, hold the side strands with your little fingers, and the central finger with your thumb and index finger, begin to weave the braid. The African braid stalks across the bottom. When weaving, stretch the same 3 strands, otherwise the braid will not tidy.
  3. If you want to weave Kanekalon, bend the artificial threads in half, make a loose knot, extend the hair strand into the prepared knot and tighten it as close as possible to the head. Add kanekalon after the first turn of the strands, and lash further.
  4. To braid the afrokosy on the surface of the head, separate the section for weaving with two partings. Take a thin strand and divide it into 3 parts. The weaving technique is the same - through the bottom, but the central strand needs to be connected to the separated section, capturing a very thin strand from it. Braid on the head can be braided to any level, and continue weaving further. When weaving the second braid over the surface of the head, the distance between the partings can be arbitrary, but approximately equal throughout the entire perimeter so that the weaving looks harmonious.

This video shows how to weave pigtails yourself.

And in this video you will find some stylish hairstyles for braid zizi to change the styling every day.

Nevertheless, we wouldn’t recommend doing the zizi braids to oneself, if you don’t want to go to the master, show this article to your friend, sister, mother - let them train.

What is it zizi-pigtails?

African braids-zizi themselves are very thin, they are attached to natural hair, while using the technology of quick weaving. In the end, the hairstyle can be up to 90 cm long, pigtails can be straight, wavy or corrugated. The appearance of zizi resembles ordinary braids, having very fine weaving, their diameter is up to 3 mm. In order not to lose the effect of hair, weave zizi-braids need on hair having a length of at least twenty centimeters.

Depending on the complexity of the hairstyle, the process of creating it takes from two to four hours. Finished elements are fixed to natural hair.

What are the advantages of African zizi braids?

1. Pigtails have a minimum thickness, and therefore this hairstyle is ideal for both young schoolgirls and mature women.
2. Due to the lightness of the braid, the structure of the hair does not deteriorate. You can wear such hair for a long time.
3. The rich color scheme allows you to create a variety of images, experiment with your appearance.
4. The material used for weaving zizi, you can use up to three times.
5. In terms of cost, hair is not very expensive.
6. Zizi-pigtails are easy to clean. After shampooing, you need to leave the hairstyle for natural drying, no hair dryer is needed.
7. You can create a variety of images, it depends on the methods of weaving. Someone prefers a romantic-feminine image, and someone sports extravagant.
8. Unusual, luxurious hairstyle for one hundred percent will provide you the attention of others: at school, office, on the beach or in a club.

Methods for creating braids-zizi

There are two methods of creating zizi-braids - it is a point method and weaving through a brand.
1. Point-like African braids can be woven even into short hair (from three centimeters). Strands are separated in turn, two braids are attached to each of them.
The technology is as follows: some of the braids are fixed at the roots, this is how the volume is created, the rest are woven into natural curls, at the end of the weave they are fixed with a special knot.
2. Weaving through the brand. This technology is used only for long hair, ranging from fifteen centimeters. This method will require a pack of Kanekalon, this material is made from seaweed, similar in composition to natural hair. Braid is used for weaving braids.

How to care for pigtails

At first glance it may seem that this hairstyle requires special care. In fact, nothing complicated about it. It is enough to wash your hair once or twice a week, while using shampoo, applying it directly to the hair roots and the areas nearest to it. Do not distribute the detergent over the entire length. When drying, you should not use a hair dryer, it can make your hair sloppy, pigtails can be disheveled.

African zizi-braids - this is a great hairstyle that will suit everyone, regardless of position and age. Style, unusual, beauty - that's what zizi is. For the summer - it will be a very attractive hairstyle for long hair.

What is their feature?

Pigtail zizi - just one of the varieties of afrokosichek. Their advantage is that they trail very quickly. They differ from others in that very thin braids from Kanekolon (artificial hair) are woven into their hair. They are already braided with the help of special machines for weaving. These artificial braids are woven into natural in almost the same way as usual.

True, there is a very tangible difference. If usually the artificial strands weave to the very tip, then the zizi needs to be braided only along the length of the fashionista's hair. This significantly reduces the time: just 2-6 hours depending on the thickness of the hair. If you want such pigtails, please note that the length of your own hair should not be more than 25 centimeters. But the length of braids is usually about 80 centimeters, and if you want a shorter hairstyle, you can simply cut them to the desired length, and solder the ends with boiling water or fire.

Convenience and simplicity

Everyone who has tried weaving braids zizi, in one voice argue that it is very comfortable not only in wearing, but also in hair care. This is an excellent option if you go on a long road and know that there may be interruptions in water. If you are used to washing your hair every day, you will have to wean it, because pigtails do not require it. You do not need a hair dryer, straightener and curling iron - you already have a finished hairstyle. If you want to collect hair, you can make a tail or braid a braid and look very impressive.

As with other species of afrokos, zizi has many different shades and colors. You can make multicolored interweaving and create the effect of melirovanny hair or add brightness to the image. Highlighting with zizi braids on the photo looks very original.

Harmful or not?

Sometimes you can hear the opinion that after removing the braid, their own hair begins to fall out in bunches, forming a bald spot. There is a bit of truth here. The volume of hair combed out of braids, scares. But it is worth remembering that a person loses 80-100 hairs per day, which remain in pigtails, and when removed, they all comb out.

If an experienced master braided the pigtails and didn’t stretch the hair much in the process of weaving, then there will be no balding hair then. The material from which the braids are made is very light and will not harm the hair bulbs.

What are the types of zizi?

There are several types of braids. The most popular are simple straight lines. But if you want to further increase the volume of hair, then you can choose corrugated, spiral or wave - all these types of curling braids.You can buy already curled, and you can curl them yourself or ask about the wizard. Lovers of curls, of course, will appreciate the spiral zizi.

How to weave pigtails zizi?

Best of all, of course, to find a master of weaving, but the technique is not so difficult as not to master it yourself.

  1. Well wash, dry and comb hair. Do not use balms and masks, otherwise the pigtails will crawl.
  2. Separating the strands by half a centimeter, fasten the pigtail with a knot at the base of the hair and weave it.
  3. Solder the ends with boiling water or with a lighter.

It will be enough to wash the head only once a week. Dilute the shampoo in water to a foam and apply to the scalp with a sponge. Hold for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

You can not use balms and masks, otherwise the pigtails may begin to crawl. It is also forbidden to blow-dry. Hot air can melt the material from which the braids are made, and the cold will fluff up the hair and give the hairstyle an untidy look. Just blot your hair well with a towel and dry naturally.

How to unravel?

It is best to remove the pigtails, pre-wet hair. First untie the knot, and then gently, using a needle or toothpick, unravel the braids. After thirty braids are whipped, carefully comb your hair to remove loose hair.

After complete removal of the braid, wash your hair with shampoo. Apply shampoo and gently spread it over the entire head. Massage and comb. Wash off the shampoo. Apply a caring mask or balm. Rinse off the product if necessary.

Zizi hair - description

Zizi braids are African thin braids that are attached to real hair. The length of the hair can be short. Hair with zizi pigtails can contain a wave, corrugation, or just straight braids.

This ordinary finished braid, only with a very small diameter, is convenient in that it does not take much time to fasten it to the head. Three to four hours is enough for everything to work out. And if weave small braids completely, then it will take much more time. To create a hairstyle zizi, hair length is enough and ten centimeters.

Another advantage is the relatively low cost of performing this image when compared to other types of weaving African braids.

When using the same workpieces, weaving can be repeated several times, which is also a plus if you change your mind, and then you want this hairstyle again.
Zizi hair is presented below in the photo.

How to weave zizi braids

A person who first encountered such work will be quite difficult and not a fact that everything will turn out as it should. Therefore, it is best to contact a professional master. The weaving technique itself is nothing complicated. Consider it:
The hair needs to be washed, dried and thoroughly combed. Next come strands with a diameter of about three millimeters. A zizi braid blank is woven into this strand, and possibly also two blanks to give volume. Then it is released through the braid. Pigtails are root-free and denser by the end, which allows them to keep their shape longer.

It is important that the master chose quality material to create a hair with zizi pigtails. In this case, it will not harm the structure of the curl. This hairstyle will not harm and health, so even for pregnant women it is not contraindicated. The hairstyle with African braids is very popular not only among girls and women, but also among girls, especially in summer.

Photos before and after weaving zizi braids in her hair, see below.

Curls with zizi pigtails

For example, due to the fact that they are so thin, they can be easily screwed onto a curling iron and you can get very interesting curls of zizi. At the same time, the owner of such styling will have additional volume, which will make her image more vivid. And curls will create the impression of elegance and solemnity, if required.

You can create a variety of braids. The easiest is to braid a regular braid only from this hairstyle. You can make it anywhere even from below, even from above, even from the side. However, it will also be more voluminous than in the standard case.
An excellent option is to weave in the technique of a fish tail, using two strands. Zizi braids allow you to create a variety of hairstyles with weaving.

Zizi hairstyle has not been spared and popular bunches. You can take a small amount of curls from the side, twist them into a bundle, and then turn it around. Secure everything with stealth or hairpin. The same thing to do on the other hand. In this part of the hair will not be twisted into a bun, as can be seen in the photo.

Also, such a bundle will not look bad on top.

Zizi braids on the crown should be collected in a high tail. From the lower braids select a few pieces and wrap around the gum of the tail, in order to hide it. Leave some strands hanging over the top of the face. And also, if you want, then this tail can be screwed up, get more elegant. The tail can be made and, having captured only strands from the face, the rest of the braids should be left loose.

There is an option to create a rim or wreath around the head. To do this, from one ear to the side of the other, it is necessary to begin weaving an ordinary braid with the gradual interweaving of several strands. It is clear that in this case zizi braids are strands.
If you wish, you can not stop on the bezel, and make a snake or something like that. All this is decorated with various decorative elements, for example, hairpins or pins.

To create a bow, you must collect all the pigtails in a high tail and tie it. Next, take a small part of the braid on one side and tuck as a side of the bow. All this is fixed with the help of studs and stealth. The same is done on the other hand. Something similar to the middle of a bow is created in the center, and the tip is hidden under the hair. You can collect all the hair in a bow, or only part of it, and leave the rest to hang.

As you can see, almost any styling that can be done on ordinary hair is possible to embody braid zizi in hairstyles.

Pigtails and their advantages

Zizi is one of the most popular types of hairstyles with afrokosichkami, as they are ready for use, which makes it possible to make a haircut in just 2-4 hours: the shorter the hair length, the easier and faster the weaving process. Due to the minimum thickness, they look good on both young girls and mature ladies.

Like any afro-braid, zizi have a huge number of colors and shades. You can make very interesting interweaving of different shades of zizi with tiers, segments, edging, which will allow you to create unusual amazing lines. This approach makes hairstyle multivariate. For example, in loose form, a hairstyle may have one color, but if you lift the upper braids a little and put them in a bun, you will see a different color on the back of your head, which will change the image. Also with zizi you can experiment with the forms of hairstyles.

The advantages of this type of Afro-braids:

  • a small amount of time that you need to spend on creating hair,
  • low cost
  • with careful handling zizi can be used several times
  • wide range of colors,
  • ease of use of the material for the manufacture of braids themselves.

But the main advantage of Zizi, thanks to which they will always be in great demand, is that they are ideal even for quite adult women.

Zizi: how do weave pigtails?

Of course, it is better to entrust the care of your hair to a qualified specialist. It is necessary to understand that only quality material is purchased at salons from good manufacturers. A specialist can find all the necessary instructions for the care of such a hairstyle. Weaving zizi can be organized at home, inviting to his wizard.

I must say that the technique of weaving zizi is simple and accessible to everyone:

  1. Hair washed, dried and carefully combed.
  2. Strands of 0.5 cm are separated from each other.
  3. In each individual strand along the entire length of the hair weave a finished braid with its release through the braids.
  4. To create such a hair, hair can be 7-25 cm long. Of course, you can braid long strands, but it will be much longer and more difficult.

Zizi are harmless to the hair itself: the material used to create them is very light, so the hair and the bulbs are not damaged. That is why these afrokosichki can be woven into the hair, even nursing mothers and women in the position. Zizi is easy to care for, they do not need to be constantly laid down, which allows you to devote more time to yourself or your child.

Afro-braid zizi: possible hairstyles

The pigtails themselves are a great hairstyle. But if suddenly you want to somehow update your hairstyle, you can try different styling options:

  1. Even if these Afro-braid data were straight at first, they can be easily screwed with a curling, thereby increasing the volume of the hairstyle.
  2. To braid a free braid, and it can be located anywhere - on the side, behind, on the crown itself. 2 braids woven using the fishtail technique will look very good.
  3. Separate 2 strands of 5-10 cm along the sides of the head. These strands twist into bundles and turn around from 2 sides near the head. The remaining tails can be secured to the back with a rubber band, barrette or tie a knot.
  4. Pigtails are collected in the "horse" tail on the crown, and free zizi braids twist around the base of the tail and secured with the help of invisible.
  5. From the side, a little above the ear, begin to braid a tight, not too thick braid. Weaving continues until the second ear, while gradually adding several braids. Then you can either just finish the braid, which will be wrapped around your head like a wreath, or continue to add strands. The ends of the hair are fixed with tape or a small rubber band.

Now you know how to weave and how to make beautiful hairstyles with afrokosichkami. If you have the time and desire, you can try to do this hairstyle yourself.

Features of zizi braids: how many of them are necessary on the whole head

Zizi is a fast version of African braid weaving.

Artificially braided pigtails that have a diameter of about three millimeters are used. They are made using machine weaving from artificial material - Kanekolona.

There are the following options:

  • classic version of thin braids,
  • spiral, with small curls and large.

These hairstyles are designed for wearing up to two months. Suitable for hair, the length of which is not more than twenty centimeters.

The length of the braided elements is about 80 cm. Due to the small section of the blanks and a large number of elements, the hairstyle is voluminous and fluffy.

Work on weaving occurs in a short time, because you do not need to dangle the pigtail to the end. It takes about three hours to make it.

The advantage of zizi is that the material is used up to three times.

Advantages of the original braids, not only in price, but also in the material

Afro-braid zizi are considered to be in demand among various types of African braids.

The speed of weaving depends on the length of natural hair: the smaller it is, the faster weaving occurs.

These braids are suitable for women of any age. Their use helps to create a unique image. Zizi are used in a variety of colors. In this case, individual colors are used on individual parts of the hairstyle, which makes it possible to realize unusual ideas.

There are the following advantages of hair:

  1. It is created in the shortest possible time.
  2. An extensive color palette is used.
  3. Low weight materials.
  4. Affordable cost.
  5. The material is safe and does not harm the scalp and hair.
  6. The ability to apply the material several times.

Weaving technique: braid African braids just even at home

Hairstyle from a variety of small thin braids is created quickly, unlike alternative braids.

Suitable hair length from 8 to 25 cm. The material is purchased in the salon. Produced more than 26 colors of the material. Billets are available in various shapes: spiral, straight and corrugated.

Pigtails are easy to weave:

  1. Clean strands comb well.
  2. The hair is divided into curls in thickness of half a centimeter.
  3. Very thin braids are woven into the strands, which are produced through braids.

If the hair is longer than 25 cm, then the process of weaving is complicated.

With a similar hairstyle, you can try different styling:

  • Direct zizi can be screwed up, which will create volume.

  • Braid is not tight braid - at the crown, back or side.

  • Two braids are performed using the fishtail technique.
  • On both sides, strands of 8–11 cm thick are separated and twisted into bundles. Then they are wrapped around the head and fastened with a hairpin.

  • Hair is collected in the tail at the top. Several strands are wrapped around the tail. The remaining curls are fixed invisible.
  • From one ear to another, a scythe is woven. At the same time intertwined by several braids. It turns a wreath around the head. The ends of the strands are attached with a rubber band.

Zizi is safe for hair. The material is lightweight and does not damage the strands.

How to care for a haircut

For those who decided to do this hairstyle, an important point is the problem of grooming hair. For hairstyle requires simple care.

You should wash your hair no more than once a week. The need for this procedure depends on the length of the hairstyle and the features of the secretion of the sebaceous secret. To wash your hair, preparing the composition of shampoo and water. Mass applied to the scalp and hair roots. The length of the strands can not be washed.

Some experts argue that you should not dry this haircut with a hairdryer, as this will spoil the look.

With the help of braids you can create any image. They are suitable for active lifestyle and sports. Suitable for creating the original style. Proper hair care will help to enjoy a longer hairstyle.

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