Women's hairstyles for round face

Hairstyle, matched to the type of face, highlights the winning traits. Unsuccessful model will spoil the appearance and mood, exposing flaws. Haircut or styling is determined not by a rapidly changing fashion, but by a highlight that is unique to you. But you always want to be on the crest of a wave. Even if your face is not a perfect oval, but rather a circle, there are hairstyles for a round face that can present you in the most favorable light.

When styling your hair, you must always take into account the shape of your face.

How to understand that the face is really round

Determine your form in two ways.

  • Looking at yourself in a mirror, lipstick or cosmetic pencil, draw the outline of the face. Step aside and see what kind of geometric shape the resulting face looks like.

  • Take a measuring tape and horizontally measure out the distance from the outer corner of your right eye to the outer corner of your left eye. Then the length of the forehead from the temple to the temple. The last item on the program is face height measurement. To do this, stretch the ribbon from the line of hair growth on the forehead to the end of the chin.

If the width and length differ within 2 centimeters, and the cheeks are wider than the forehead - you are the owner of a round face. Women's haircuts for this type are varied in length, style and shape.

Nuances of hairstyle selection chubby women

Tips to help hide flaws and look great:

  • long, high-raised hairstyle - that is ideal for chubby beauties. This form will visually stretch the head, narrow the width of the cheeks,
  • Multi-layer hairstyle is welcomed,
  • a pair of thin playful strands will add charm,
  • Forget about curly hair, especially framing a face in the cheek area,
  • know filing is made for you

  • performing haircuts for a round face, remember, the more asymmetry, the better.

Tip! If after reading the recommendations on the choice of hair, you can not decide on the style, contact the hairdresser. Institutions of this type have special programs in their arsenal. For work, you need your photo, and then the matter of technology.

What should be discarded

What is welcome is understandable, but what should be discarded:

  • from symmetrical, evenly clipped long twigs,
  • too short haircuts a la garcon,
  • symmetry hairstyles for chubby should be avoided, and especially straight partitions with short and medium lengths,

  • discard any haircuts cut in the zygomatic part of the face,
  • cool curls in the cheekbones and cheeks,
  • smooth hair back.

If nature has endowed with very curly hair, be patient and ironing. Lamination can be done, this will reduce the visual width of the face for the next six months. Short haircuts are not for you.

Models for medium length with bangs

This option is considered ideal for girls with a round face shape. Important! Note that the strand cut should not begin at the level of the cheeks.

If you want to perform stepped sections along the length of the face, they need to be well filmed. Medium length cascade will be one of the most preferred modifications.

Hairstyles with bang make asymmetrical or placed on one side. If the hair is shoulder-length, and the multistage cascade does not appeal to you, you can unscrew the hair, giving the hair a “ragged”. It will look good styling, framing and pulling the face.

For those who love short haircuts

The main thing is not to perceive the word "short" in the literal sense. A round face with a “hedgehog” haircut for an aged lady will look ridiculous.

Bob - a great option that visually pulls the head, lengthen the face.

Long oblique fringe will create some negligence. Chin length should be avoided. The ends framing the face should dip a little lower, creating an oval. A-shaped bob with long strands of face framing looks more harmonious.

If you want to cut your hair shorter, choose pixies. Multi-layered short haircut for a round face with the same bang, laid the corner, hide the flaws. A voluminous neck will shift the accent of the hairstyle up.

Hairstyles for long thin hair

Long thin hair and round face do not fit well. Therefore, to achieve harmony, it is worth to dream.

Say "no", flowing along the face of thin curls. Haircut bob - not the best option. Vote for layering and cascading.

Remembering the thinning. In the case of thin hair, basal thinning doesn’t hurt either.

Do not forget about asymmetrical bangs. Suppose one option symmetrical direct parting for girls with a round face. It is necessary to fix the bang, raising it slightly from the face, and framing its strands, lay the ladder. If the hair is very thin, this method of styling will need a lot of mousse or foam.

Top 3 hairstyles for women with full face

This category can be characterized in three words: thinning, volume, asymmetry. Create volume in the area of ​​the parietal zone. For this, a basal thinning is perfect, and a thinning of the ends will give a stepwise, visually drawing circle into the oval.

Cascade, bob and pixie - occupy leading places. Each haircut is suitable for a round face. If the nature has cheated off thick hair, it is better to lean towards the cascade. With the help of foam on this form, the volume is easier to achieve.

Bob with a thin hair structure is quite difficult to style. In the case when you decide to stop at the pixie, focus on the voluminous, long, slanting bangs. The hair on the neck is better graded to raise higher, so the massiveness of hair will move up to the crown.

Modification of the elongated caret with bangs

Bangs in this version of the haircut plays a key role. The main difference from the bob haircut, is the presence of bangs. She must have a graceful, airy silhouette. It is better if this element is lengthened and well shaped.

If we talk about parting, connect the fantasy and make it shaped, for example, zigzag. The only caveat - it must be oblique. The more thoughtful carelessness and lightness in this haircut, the more effective and harmonious you will look.

Wedding hairstyles for girls with a round face

The decisive role in the design of the wedding hairstyle is played by the veil. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how to combine this attribute with an increased volume in the area of ​​the crown. It is advisable to experiment in advance. The round shape of the face of the bride perfectly:

  • with asymmetrical side partings,
  • voluminous styling with an emphasis on the crown, as an option a type of knots,
  • constructions with multi-layered bangs, hair asymmetrically or figured on the forehead.

Pick a hairstyle for yourself to look at 100%

Tip! To secure the veil, in this case, use a tiara or blotches of flowers. Discard hats and pills.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, the main secret in the correct daily styling. If you multiply your desire for patience - an excellent result is guaranteed.

Hairstyles for round face type

Before you change your hair and choose the one that will emphasize your merits, you should determine the shape of your face.

The primary task in choosing a hairstyle for a round face is to visually give the face a more elongated shape, i.e. the face should become visually more proportional, bringing its oval to an ideal shape.

What hairstyle is suitable for a round face?

Before answering this question, you should make sure that your face is really round. This can be done in several ways.

  • Just comb all the hair back, and then stand in front of a mirror in a lit room. Now look at yourself in the mirror, and then circle the reflection around the contour. Rounded chin, wide cheekbones and rounded cheeks gives the effect of a round face.
  • Another option is to circle the face around your photo. Measure from ear to ear and from crown to chin.

If your face height and width look almost the same, then women's hairstyles for a round face - this is just for you.

How not to spoil your appearance with an incorrectly chosen hairstyle for a round face?

With a round face you need to remember some rules. Thanks to them, you can easily remember which hairstyles with a round face are better not to use, and which, on the contrary, will smooth and visually narrow it. Do not do the perm, as it will only make your face even wider. If you are the owner of magnificent hair, then try to tame them, for example, varnishes or gels. Another important detail is that you should not comb your hair back. Smoothly combed back hair without a bang opens its entire face. This will only emphasize the roundness of your face. Avoid even parting and straight lines.

Choose a hairstyle for a round face

Short hairstyles for round face

When choosing suitable fashionable hairstyles for a round face, follow these tips. It is important to choose a hairstyle with a volume at the top of the head, since hair length will hide the flaws of the round face. By making bouffant in the crown area, you visually make a round face oval.

Short hairstyles for round face photo

Hairstyles short hair round face photo

Good will look hairstyle cascade ladder with torn ends on short hair. But this hairstyle needs to constantly trim the tips of the hair to keep its shape.

Variants of hairstyles for a round face photo

Samples hairstyles for round face photo

A bit of asymmetry and hair coloring, a few uneven tips - this is another interesting idea for a short hairstyle for a round face type.

Types of hairstyles for round face photo

Stylish hairstyles for round face photo

Long hairstyles for round face

A round face naturally narrowed with long hair. Well, if your long hair has curly ends, it will add width to the bottom of your face and smooth the width of your face.

Hairstyles round face long hair photo

Hairstyles for round face photo.

What hairstyles go round face photo

Beautiful hairstyles for a round face photo

What hairstyle will suit a round face photo

Hairstyles for round face photo

Fashionable hairstyles for round face photo

Hairstyles on the round face oval photo

Hair properties that affect haircuts for women with a round face

To begin with, we will determine which haircuts should be addressed to women with typical round face shapes. RLet us consider the structure of the hair and give some recommendations. The tips are aimed at visually giving the face an oval shape:

  • Get rid of curls
    If you have curly or bent curls, choose a hairstyle that can straighten them, make the lines smooth. Wavy hair visually expands the boundaries of the face, from which it begins to seem large and disproportionate.
  • Create volume on short thick hair
    Short hair, tight to the head, require the addition of volume. Pay attention to the multi-layered haircuts: they will allow hair to be voluminous without styling.
  • Grow hair
    Not always a possible option, however, it is one of the best for concealing the flaws of the form. Long curls visually pull the face, strands falling on the cheeks make it already.
  • Straight thin hair
    Use bob hairstyle. With thin, straight hair, asymmetrical hairstyles performed well.
  • Short thin hair
    Look good on moon-faced ladies, if the ears are completely closed.
  • Do not tail hair
    Hair, gently delineating the cheek and cheekbone zone, remove plump places, giving the face an oval shape. It is advisable to choose bulk haircut.
  • Get rid of direct parting
    The visual division of the head into two parts will give a rounded face. Part the side and do not brush the hair behind the ears.

Summing up we can say - best for round face are haircuts with clearly defined edges having a volume.

Asymmetry haircuts

In the new year, asymmetrical haircuts are back in fashion. This option looks great on women with a round face. However, do not rush mindlessly to run to the salon, after reading. Consider a few tips before deciding in favor of an asymmetric option.

  • Avoid too short hairstyles. They visually increase the fullness of the face, focus on the neck, figure. If the figure has elegant female parameters, then this underlining will not benefit.
  • The same effect is given by long asymmetric hairstyles. Look for a middle ground.
  • Choose a bob or bob as a base. Advanced hairstyles perfectly hide the fullness of the face, lengthen the outlines.
  • Incredibly cool will look classic garcon with asymmetry. If your goal is to hide the shape of the face - this is one of the most successful options. Add a long bangand no one will guess your secret.
  • Cascade - a magic hairstyle for any irregular face shape. It perfectly masks the fullness, opening up a world of amazing opportunities for hairstyles for women.
  • Prefer oblique bangs in any uneven cutting of strands: bang shape perfectly conceals round cheeks, extends cheekbones.

Short hair

A good choice would be a bob haircut or page. Keep your hair always at shoulder level, and the bangs were thick. Your moonlike face will be hidden from others under a mass of hair, and will not disturb you. If you are the owner of appetizing forms, refrain from this recommendation: disproportionality will become your companion.

Any haircut chosen should have a torn or well shaped fringe. The back of the head must be closed. Avoid styling haircuts - stuffing and volumes are not for you.

When you are over 50

Are you a beautiful and wise woman with a round face? Then we will tell you the options for haircuts that will make you irresistible and attract millions of looks.

Actual will be haircuts square, bob, garson. Make sure that the head does not become bare. The ideal option would be bangs. There are no contraindications to the options listed in the section for 30 year olds, however there is one thing: you It is necessary to closely monitor the hair color. Try to paint in natural colors, the brightest of your proposed color type.

Haircut that does not require styling

The haircuts described above, although they do not require special styling, but it will look completely different. Perfect haircut, is a haircut for women with a round face - pixie. This amazing haircut does not require styling at all: just run your hand to shag and shake it - The effect will shock you. Leave thin strands on the temples, so that the hairstyle looks especially.

If you have become the owner of a spherical face shape - do not be discouraged. Love yourself the way you are, and learn how to correct flaws, not hate them. We hope that the article was useful, and you learned what kind of haircut for a round face that does not require styling will suit you the most.

Expert advice

It is necessary to choose a hairstyle that will help make the face more elongated, give it a soft and smooth outlines. Stylists identified a few basic rules that must be considered when selecting a haircut:

  1. Bold experiments with strand length are welcome.
  2. Feminine curls emphasize the beauty of the face.
  3. Choose options for haircuts, in which the curls slightly cover the area of ​​the cheekbones and cheeks.
  4. Perfectly correct the "circle" asymmetrical strands.
  5. The direct parting needs to be replaced on lateral.
  6. Additional (and such unwanted) volume will give the face fine curls or a chemical waving.
  7. All styling lines and contours must be torn, milled edges.
  8. Instead of the usual monochrome dyeing technique, preference should be given to highlighting or coloring.

Also, professionals in the field of hair care give a few recommendations regarding errors that should be avoided when selecting a hair:

  1. You should not choose the “slick” options with strapped back.
  2. The ends of the curls do not twist inward (towards the face).
  3. Near cheekbones and cheeks there should not be short straight strands.
  4. Girls with very curly hair will not go short options.
  5. If a haircut involves curls - they should be of medium volume. Too small or large curls will make the face wider.
  6. The styling may end above or below the chin line, but not at the same level. Since this will give the face even greater volume.

Medium hair

This hair length is considered the most optimal, including for a round face. She allows to make the various models which are not demanding a lot of time for laying.

Most popular models:

  1. Cascade. It is a smooth transition from short strands at the crown to longer ones. This hairstyle is versatile and suitable for girls with thick, thin or curly hair.

    Cascade will successfully emphasize both monochrome coloring and various techniques (highlighting, balayazh, shatush, freezing). “Steps” begin to stand out below the level of the cheekbones. And thus, help to hide the cheeks.
  2. Another spectacular option for a round face is an asymmetrical bob.

    Of course, this model is best suited for young girls. The peculiarity of the hairstyle is torn multi-layered strands, volume in the back of the head and oblique bangs.
  3. Elongated bean - different torn or asymmetrical strands that will help to visually "pull" the face. But It is worth noting that this option will suit owners of straight hair only.

Regarding bangs - here the stylists give unequivocal advice. Stop the selection on ragged, asymmetrical or extended side strands. They will make the face narrower and closer to the ideal oval.

Important! Straight lines and contours are banned, as they contribute to further focusing on the flaws - a wide forehead, round cheeks.

Long hair

Long well-groomed curls not only attract the attention of others, but also help to visually stretch the entire silhouette. Stylists have noted some of the most successful haircuts without styling for a round face:

  1. Ladder The current option for all times and ages. Without significant loss of length, you can refresh the usual way.

    It will add additional volume to curls due to its multi-layeredness and will correct the shortcomings. Its showiness will emphasize both monochrome coloring, and balayazh, ombr, shatush and Californian highlighting.
  2. Long curls with profiled tips. Ideal for owners of straight hair.

    It is important that there is a side parting. Also elongated strands on the sides or oblique bangs are possible. This hairstyle does not require styling and successfully hide the round cheeks.
  3. Multilayer haircuts. They look spectacular and slightly careless. But in general, give the image of femininity and grooming. And also help to remove accents from a wide forehead, cheekbones and cheeks.

    Emphasize the beauty of thick hair and give volume to thin strands. If desired, you can add additional volume to the strands in the occipital region (the wizard performs the so-called "cap").

Secrets that will help make the haircut on long hair even better:

  1. The round face will become visually more elongated due to the side parting.
  2. Multi-layered haircut is simply necessary for girls with curls without volume.
  3. No straight short bangs. Only elongated, asymmetrical or oblique. And necessarily - profiled.

Haircuts and styling for long hair

Long flowing hair tends to optically stretch the face, and therefore this option is always a winning hairstyle for chubby ladies. In addition, freely flowing curls make the figure more slender and graceful, but this is only if the girl has medium or tall growth. If you are accustomed to wear your hair loose, visit a hairdresser and make a fashionable cascading haircut. The equal length of the strands is definitely not your option, and therefore it is better to abandon it immediately. Laying long flowing hair, give preference to oblique parting. Unlike the direct, it will noticeably balance and stretch the features of your face. Be sure to leave a few strands on your cheeks. It is not necessary to remove all the hair back. In this way, you will fully open your face and shift the emphasis to its roundness. Another nuance - bangs. Ideally, it should be oblique and laid on its side. It is this style and styling bangs creates a visible elongation of a round face. As for the texture of the hair, it is acceptable and smooth, and wavy styling. That's only in the second case, the curls should be as soft and wavy. An alternative to a long hairstyle can be styling with fully matched hair. With this option, a high hairstyle, including the “ponytail” at the crown is the most optimal choice. To enhance the effect of lengthening the face, complement the high styling with a fluffy fleece and oblique bangs that fall over the cheekbones.

Haircuts and styling for medium hair

A competently chosen haircut of medium length is no less beneficial for a round face. If you opt for a shoulder-length hairstyle or slightly lower, do not neglect the thinning of the tips. First, due to her haircut will look more neat and, secondly, the narrowed ends of the strands will work on visual lengthening of the face. Medium-length multi-layer haircuts are the perfect solution for chubby girls. In this case, the recommendations are as follows: the longest strands should reach approximately to the middle of the neck and be located as close as possible to the face. But the shortest hair should fall on the top of the head, thus giving it additional volume. Sharp, "torn" transitions between layers are extremely undesirable. Even being layered, such a haircut should look as completely as possible. Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that the classic versions of bob, bob-cut and four-sided haircuts, with the same hair length characteristic of them, are not suitable for owners of a round face. At the same time, an elongated bob or A-bob with bangs (long front strands in combination with a short nape) can easily smooth out unnecessary roundness of the face. If you want to enhance the effect of lengthening the face, add a bob with a long oblique fringe, laid on its side or give the hair a slight waviness.

Haircuts and styling for short hair

Quite often, girls with a round face are wary of short-cropped hair, considering that a short haircut can only spoil their already “non-ideal” appearance. I must say that such a belief is one hundred percent wrong. In fact, many of the modern short haircuts are in harmony with the round shape of the face no worse than hairstyles for medium and long hair. Thus, the shortcomings of a round face perfectly level short, multi-layered haircuts with a length slightly below the chin. Ragged tips in tandem with graded bangs or cutting the hair with a ladder can best contribute to the visual effect of the narrowing of the face. Doing styling on short hair, try to turn the front strands on the face. Earlier, we mentioned that slightly covered cheeks and cheekbones - this is what a round face needs in the first place. In recent years, many Hollywood film stars prefer the pixie ultrahigh haircut for long hair. Contemplating the immaculate images of star beauties, it seems that stylish pixie is the prerogative of women with a perfect face shape. In fact, such a haircut is quite accessible and chubby girls. The main thing is that it should be voluminous at the top and as short as possible in the area of ​​the cheekbones and temples.

In the photo gallery below, we tried to collect the most "hot" ideas of hairstyles and haircuts for girls with a round face.