The color palette and shades of hair dye Keune

Recently, it has become fashionable to use at home products that were created for use only by professional hairdressers. With some, this is easy, because you don't need any special skills, and for some you need a master's hand. Among them are Keune hair dye. Although some are at risk of using this product without special training, experts do not recommend amateur activities with this complex paint, especially from non-ammonia series.

What is

The company, which produces paint, is engaged in the manufacture of hair care products for at least one hundred years. The company managed to win the trust of many hairdressers and their customers.

The main goal of the product developers is to make a paint that will not only give the hair the desired color, but also care for them. And the goal was achieved. Even the ammonium series in Keune is gentle and also cares a bit. What to say about the lineup without ammonia.

There are several series.

  • Semi Color, without ammonia, perfectly lays down and after painting no trace of gray hair. You can mix different shades.
  • Tinta Color ammoniac dye, but gentle. It does not have an unpleasant smell, and the hair after dyeing also smells nice. Separately, there is Tinta Color Contrast and Red Infinity, for coloring in juicy red colors. Unlike the main series, they will be without ammonia.
  • So Pure Color. Not just a dye. In addition to not containing a drop of ammonia, it contains essential oils and even argan oil. It is not important that the color is so bright, but that the hair will receive excellent care. Due to the fact that the use has a number of features, the use of this paint is possible exclusively in the cabin.

  • Keune Color Man. A small line of natural saturated colors, sort of like, for men. Although the paint contains ammonia, it is pleasantly flavored, it smells of something woody. 5 minutes is enough to hold on your head. Due to the fact that the growing roots will be combined with a dyed mass, this paint can be appreciated by ladies, especially lovers of natural colors and short haircuts who would like to hide gray hair.

Kenne hair dye color palette

The color palette of colors for hair Kene is a 107 shades. Includes 80 colors and 5 mix tones. Violet-purple tones - the basis of the entire palette.

  • Tinta Color. 49 shades, mostly natural. But due to the fact that they can be mixed, the master can embody the most unusual ideas.
  • Semi Color. 38 shades, all "natural." Among them is an interesting product - Semi Color Clear. It will not change the color of the hair, but only makes the hair shiny and healthy again.
  • So Pure Color. Colors from natural blond to black. There are reddish shades, but for coloring in bright colors it is better to choose other rulers. This one focuses more on care in the process of dyeing than on rich and vibrant colors. For brightness, Tinta Color is more suitable.
  • Tinta Color Contrast and Red Infinity. Using the colors of these lines, they achieve such colors as red, ruby ​​red, copper, copper red. Red Infinity also has red with a violet tone and red with a mahogany shade. In addition, it is richer than Tinta.

  • Color Man. 6 colors and all completely natural. Brown - three options, black - one and blond - two options.
  • Special Blond. Thanks to this palette, you can become brighter by 4 tones. Moreover, there will be neither yellowness nor unexpected greenery. You can get both coffee color and light blond.

Paint Kene color palette

For more than one century, Keune has been producing salon paint for safe and gentle painting. Kene hair dye palette is very fond of famous hairdressers-stylists, because this product helps to achieve amazing results.

These products are manufactured using innovative technology. The gentle texture makes it possible to use Ken's hair dye - a color palette for dyeing even very damaged curls after chemical waving, leveling with dubious quality preparations and other procedures. Often paint Kene palette of photos can be seen in specialized beauty salons. But lately, Keune Semi palette is chosen by women for home hair dyeing. Experts assure that if you strictly adhere to the instructions, there will be no problems with self-staining and the result will definitely please.

What's special about Keune paint - color palette

A professional preparation of this brand during the procedure not only changes the color of the strands, but also conditions them and protects them from destruction. The unique composition of useful components helps fight the porosity of curls. Immediately after dyeing, the hair acquires a bright and saturated shade and radiance. In addition, paint Kene palette reliably paints gray hair. The dye mixes easily, resulting in a gentle emulsion that does not spread and does not stain the skin, has a pleasant aroma. The preparation contains natural silk proteins, thanks to them curls become soft and silky, as well as a stabilizer, so the color on the strands lasts a very long time.

Ken, the official website of the palette, offers to order in a convenient package of 60 ml. The manufacturer is constantly improving and expanding its range. Keune Hair Color Palette belongs to the class "Lux", so it is chosen even by the most demanding customers.

The advantages of paint Keune, palette

The main difference of this preparation from paints of other manufacturers is innovative technology and absolutely safe composition. Even regular staining with this drug retains the softness, strength, health and attractiveness of the strands.

Important advantages of Keune paint:

  1. Ability to perform salon painting, even at home.
  2. Wide Ken photo palette will help you choose the most appropriate shade for any person.
  3. Soft and gentle dyeing that does not dry out and does not destroy the hair structure.
  4. Such a volume of tube allows economical use of this drug.

Keune colors

The coloring drug of this brand is presented in different lines, among which there are paints with and without ammonia, for safe and SPA staining.

  1. Semi Color - the product does not contain ammonia, can often be used to refresh the bright shade, as well as to strengthen and heal the strands.
  2. Tinta - this line contains ammonia, but very gentle. Molecular formula envelops each hair with a protective film that prevents destruction and damage. This drug qualitatively paints over gray hair. Silk proteins that are included in its composition, make curls soft and supple. This Keune hair palette includes 98 different shades.
  3. Color Man - in this line there is no ammonia, consists of 6 shades that are most suitable for men. Coloring agent has a light male fragrance.
  4. Tinta-Color Red Infinity is a brand of 5 red shades. After painting, the curls acquire a bright color, the curls become soft, docile and silky.
  5. So Pure - means without ammonia for gentle painting and care of curls, contains Argan oil and other useful oils. Herbal extracts restore curls along the entire length, vitamins provide good nutrition. Kena hair color palette official site offers to buy 35 natural shades.

Since this tool is professional, it simply cannot be cheap and every modern woman needs to know about it. But at the same time, the price of paint Kene can not be called too expensive. The cost of paint - 1630 rubles.

Where to buy dye?

Ordering a professional Keune staining agent at a regular city store is simply not possible. Salon cosmetics is sold only in specialized points of the city, or via the Internet. In our online store you can easily order the necessary products for hair care of different types. All goods from global manufacturers, certified.

You can see Ken's color picker on the photo on our website.

The composition and range of exposure

“Kena” is a hair dye containing a unique nitron molecule that penetrates deep into hairs and becomes a five-step macromolecule. Due to the quality of the selected composition, it is able to fill the cracks in the hair. "Kene" - hair dye, which contains a unique patented stabilizer, which is the most resistant in the world. With it, the paint will be able to remove the porosity of hairs, as well as give an incredible shine and provide excellent durability.

Hair dye "Kene" (photo you can see in this article) allows you to achieve the perfect color after the first application. In addition, the presence of special components will take care not only of the dyeing process, but also of the health of the hair in general.

Main advantages

A big plus in dyeing hair with “Ken” paint is the use of this product during frequent use of curls. Products are manufactured in a convenient volume of 60 ml. Using paint does not cause problems, so you can dye your hair not only in an expensive beauty salon, but also at home.

Paint review

"Kene" - hair dye, having a diverse range of models. Therefore, everyone can find something for themselves.

  • Tinta Color is a gentle paint, despite the ammonia content. Special molecules protect the hair, making it smooth and silky. This paint is most often used for coloring gray hair.
  • Semi Color is a product that belongs to a non-ammonia group. Fits blond hair, as it gives them a natural look. In the store you can easily choose the perfect color for yourself because the palette contains about forty shades.
  • So Pure Color is a spa staining with healing technology. The composition includes ammonia-free dye and useful oils. Herbal elements get inside the hair and treat it from the inside. The palette contains thirty-five shades. It is best to carry out staining with such a product in a beauty salon.

A wealth of colors

Hair dye "Ken" reviews are positive. Many say that this product perfectly fills gray hair. Also, customers are pleased with the extensive palette, consisting of one hundred and seven shades. This includes eighty colors and five mixedons. There is a series designed for blond hair that helps brighten its natural color into three or four shades. In this series, yellowing is neutralized due to four pigments. Women note that the paint is great for frequent dyeing and does not spoil the hair. Of the unpleasant moments, almost all indicate a significant price of the products and the fact that it cannot be purchased in stores - orders for goods are made only through the Network.

A large number of shades allows you to get any color: from light blond to coffee. Properly selected proportions of pigments will avoid dirty green, which is very important for complex staining.

Paint "Ken" has a positive effect on the condition of the hair. The policy of the company "Kene" is that every girl should give her hair only the best, and then they will answer the same. Paint almost always receives positive reviews, and this already says a lot.

Perfect toning and 2 IMPORTANT SECRETS of this dye + FORMULA FOR RUSSIAN HAIR (8.17) and the secret of color

First, very briefly about the sensations and the result after toning.

The dye mixes easily with the native oxidizer in a 1: 2 ratio. The resulting mixture smells very pleasant, delicate, lemon-floral aroma. The smell quickly disappears from the hair.

For the primary dyeing, the mixture lasts for 20 minutes, for re-toning - 10.

Dye is not intended for gray hair.

Photo 1: this is what happens after 20 minutes on a rusty base with light brown roots.

The hair is fantastically shiny, elastic, filled. The hue came out multifaceted and iridescent, with a beautiful pearly shimmer. Formula and colors will be lower.


This Semicolor series is one of the rare lines of paints that do not illuminate your natural base. If in simple language: they do not affect the natural roots and are completely washed out of them!

That is, if in the case of, for example, Matrix SoColor, with a seemingly tiny oxidant of 1.9%, your natural base under the paint will get a rusty golden patina that will quickly come out when you wash off, then you can DARE your Keune Semicolor hair dye natural hair!

SECRET # 2. How are Keune dyes different from other brands, and why are they so good on Slavic hair?

Its basis, that neutral base on which shades are mixed.

This applies not only to the Semi, but to the rest of the Keune series.

An interesting article about this was written by colorist Yevgeny Mitenina, who makes flawless colorUS bronds. I will tell you a brief squeeze.

Different brands of dyes are basically neutral. Those hair colors that are closest to natural. And "naturalness" depends, first of all, on the genotype of people from the homeland of this paint!

For American brands: Matrixx, CHI, REDKEN, etc. the basis of color is yellow brownsometimes red brown. Just the tone that Slav women, for the most part, want to get rid of, isn’t it?)

For Italian, Spanish, French: Kydra, Alterna, Kapous, Brelil, lʻoreal, La Biosthetique, Revlon - red brown.

For German: Wella, Schwarzkopf, Londa, as well as for Japanese - Lebel, Goldwell - gray brown. Already better and closer to our natural color.)

And finally, the Scandinavians to whom Keune belongs - pearl purple. That which gives the desired "ashness", powdered and expensive silver play on light brown hair.

Of course, all these features of dyes are taken into account by competent colorists and neutralized by mixing and micones. But we are talking about self-staining, for which we are unlikely to buy a dozen tubes and want to cope with minimal losses, both financial and physical :)

SECRET # 3. How to make a beautiful light brown color without blackouton a typical reddish yellow base.

I will write my formula at the end, but first you need to clarify the principle of action, since the bases and the condition of hair are different for everyone.

The main, fundamental and not at all obvious rule when we desperately want to make the hair "colder":

You can not be tinted with a cold shade if your main color is warm! And vice versa!

That is, if you have highlights or highlights, and the base is washed out and reddish, toning the highlights into ashes will lead to a “dirty” coloring, where the opposite gamut will reinforce each other. And vice versa.

If your situation on the head is similar to mine, then choose pearl, powdery, beige and neutral shades. You will be surprised, but according to the result, your hair will not look "warm" :) And This will allow you to go into a colder shade without darkening the tone.

At my base of 7-8, I used Keune semi 8.17 + Keune semi 9.32 (4 cm, in the amount of the mixton).

Glare and clarified areas are painted with a Keune semi 8.17 + Keune semi 9.32 blend in a 60/40 ratio.

* If you look at the palette, then 9.32 will seem to be reddish and not at all “cool”, but look at what result.) The rule described above works!

More nuances to keep in mind:

- Semicolor fall 1 tone darker! If you have a base at level 10, remember this. For dilution, you can take a transparent or higher level.

- To obtain as much as possible cold tone, you should be ready to go dark by 2 tones.

- For resistant staining, combine Tinta and Semi dyes well. First resistant, then toning.

Well, that's all, good luck with your coloring!

Mine will be washed out smoothly for a couple of weeks, and then I will repeat. So the pigment will gradually fill the voids, and such a dye will last much longer!

❤ I LIKE KEUNE! ❤ Hair dye that knows what you want. +++ MANY PHOTOS

If you are still looking for your perfect hair color.You are trying to dye your hair cold (ashen, mother-of-pearl) or natural shades of hair, trying to paint over a copper and yellow background. You do not know how and what to do dyeing or toning hair after washing. Then you need to look here!

Keune hair dye saved me again! This time it is the paint of Semi color. The base of Keune dyes is based on violet-plum tones (cold), not red-brown, as in many others. It gives an additional opportunity to get exactly cold or neutral shade of hair when dyeing.

Hair dye Keune Semi Color semi-permanent (without ammonia), for intensive toning hair. It is diluted with Semi Color Activator activator in proportions 1: 2 (1 part of paint + 2 parts of activator). Exposure time 20 minutes.

Semi Color Dyeammonia-freelow in hydrogen peroxide.

Additional color

High intensity shades Fashionable shades allow you to get a more intense result. Improved gray hair coverage The new formula of Semi Color Dye allows you to dye gray hair (up to 70% gray hair!). Silsoft New Semi Color Dye Formula includes Silsoft. This component retains its color for a long time, makes hair silky and shiny. Hair is easy to comb.

Extra shine

Additional air conditioning. Thanks to the Silsoft component, the hair is perfectly conditioned. Incredible shine and softness of hair. Semi Color Dye Colorless complements the Palette. This product does not contain pigment, but simply adds shine and softness to the hair. Using it in combination with another shade of Semi Color Dye, you can give your hair a beautiful pastel shade.

Extra stamina

The use of the ingredient Silsoft provides additional stability when painting. The new formula of Semi Color Dye allows you to ensure durability of staining for a longer period8-12 hair wash cases). Dye Semi Color has a special texture with a pleasant smell.

So, after washing Capus, my hair looked like this:


I needed to return my blond hair color, preferably cold (ashy light brown, ash and pearl brown), taking into account washability from porous hair. Or at least neutral blonde.

I took 4 tones of Keune semi paint: 8.17, 8.0 (to dilute 8.17 and get more density), 7.2 (for mother-of-pearl and yellow correction) and Clear (pure tone, for dilution 7.2).

Squeezed the right amount into the bowl, it turned out 64 ml. paint and diluted 128 ml. activator. All carefully mixed!

Quickly, but evenly applied to the hair. It looked like this:

staining process

The paint has a pleasant smell, reminds me of some wild berries) The consistency is not thick and not liquid, just right! It is applied very easily and comfortably. It does not flow. Washable from the skin is very easy and simple, as with other items. To the touch it is quite oily.

After 20 minutes, went to flush. But at first, 5 minutes was still emulsified on the hair (it changed the hair with water) and washed off.

Hair after dyeing is very soft, silky and shiny. Keune paint with caring components. Very soft. Sensations, as if it was a nourishing hair mask, but not coloring!

And besides, the color! What I expected, what I wanted to achieve! A bit darker, but I knew this and did not specifically dilute it with clear (pure tone), because it was washed out more quickly from porous hair and after dyeing after washing. And by themselves, tinting dyes are washed off more quickly. And after a few scrubbing of the hair, the color will become lighter, but then the shade will sit down and fix better! But note that the tinting without ammonia dye always goes darker. And if you do not need it, take a lighter tone or dilute it in a clean tone.

Keune Semi paint gives a very good, dense coating. My chicken yellowness blocked off with a bang! Plus pearl-ash tide gave. At the same time did not make gray or dirty-gray. The hue is very natural.

That's what happened. Stacked after staining is easy!

With artificial lighting:

I'm just happy! From overdried chicken paint Ken Semi made my hair soft, beautiful and well-groomed.

In daylight! After 1 week (3 washings):

Slightly smiled and slightly brightened. Violet hair does not look, do not be alarmed!) It's just daylight so it falls and you can see mother-of-pearl outflow well. I want to show all modulations, so I catch them with light.

Color plays at different angles of light, from nacre - silver to soft neutral beige.

This is already more beige.

Washed Ken is also very natural and interesting. I already know this by coloring Keune tinta.

Very interesting and vibrant color. In general, it looks very natural and natural. Before dyeing, I had 2 cm of my light-brown roots, I did not tint them, but emulsified. They are also shaded. BUT! The most interestingThat this dye does not affect the natural hair, does not lighten it. Now my roots do not stand out against the general background in any way, but if you look closely, then I see that they did not rusty, did not turn yellow, but remained natural. That is, with this paint, you can RELEASE YOUR NATURAL COLOR.

Natural + artificial lighting:

Natural + artificial lighting!

Artificial lighting:

Artificial lighting

This is how it basically looks in life (after 3 baths)

Be sure to show the flushing process! Wait for the update update)

If you have questions, ask! ❤

Update a review. Color after 3 weeks, my hair every other day. The paint was washed out by about 1 / 3-1 / 2, but the color remains the same, only lighter. Strong yellowness does not appear. Given the fact that this toning on empty hair after washing it is very good durability. See for yourself. Photos in different lighting without flash (natural, artificial, mixed). Beautiful, natural light blonde with pearl silver shimmer.

3 weeks later (about 10 washings)

5-6 weeks later, about 20 hair washes. By the way, the instructions for the dye indicate that it holds up to 18 washings) The paint was washed out by about 80-90%, but the pearl shade still remained. Soon I will tint kene of seven or paint kene tinta again until I decide.

I order the paint and the activator here - cosmetics professional.

Damn well lightens, №№ 1517, 1012 + INSTRUCTION (for oxides)

Hard to reach and so alluring))

When I decided to grow a “healthy” blond and lighten only growing roots, and the length / maximum / tint, then the first paint was Keune Tinta 1517 (I liked both the reviews and the description of it), so that without unnecessary trouble with color.

She bought it from an Israeli seller on ebay. In Russia, kismetika-proff is sold in the Internet-mage, their oxides are also there. (By the way, a very decent store, even on the ayrekommende, there are reviews of its work. Delivery by the SDK, very affordable prices for delivery)

At that time, due to the growth rate (and the price to this day on ebee $ 10), the paint cost me between 400 and 530 rubles. with free delivery (oh gods! if i knew how to crawl up the dollar!).

Tube №1517 60 ml, but it is diluted 1 to 2. So that 90 ml. it was enough to lighten not only regrown roots, but also to capture another 4–5 cm of hair.

Unfortunately, the photo tube # 1517 I have left, as the photo, where the paint appears on the hair dirty gray blue. But do not be afraid for the result. I have only temporal thin hairs that have acquired a certain gray tint, which was washed out at the next headwash.

The result of hair lightening № 1517 (my love forever) on 9% native oxide Tinta.


Here we look only at what is closer to the roots, since henna remains on length

Only the roots, 1517. The result as a whole, was painted for half a year with this paint (the ends were already lightened with powder, but the henna was still not completely washed out). 1517

From number 1517, a beautiful ashen color is finally obtained, washed off into neutral, closer to white (no "wheat" or "rye").

Here the roots are painted Keune tinta 1012 with 9% Tinta Oxide.

The color of the roots to the line - it is just the clarification of this number, I really did not like this chicken color. Further, behind the line - clarified 1517, closer to the ends, the remnants of the clarified henna glint.


This series is already diluted 1 to 1, i.e. But a mixture of 60 ml (half a paint of paint and oxide of 30 ml each) is almost impossible to overlap.

Skin does not burn any of the rooms, very odor emanates.

Well, and minusche - it's hard to buy, it turns out expensive.

One more thing - my hair dye a little dried, so no one has canceled the objective care!

ADF: Found 2 years later the instruction in the locker, I present it to you:

Hint at the choice of% and the proportion of oxide:

Very simple guide for choosing oxide

Primary coloring (the right column is true for clarification, including the Ultimate Blond series)

Coloring of regrown roots (on the right side also about clarification of regrown roots, including the Ultimate Blond series):

General instructions in which there is nothing unusual. Red highlighted information that It is not recommended to use the 1000 and 1500 series on previously bleached, discolored or damaged paint (except 1531 and 1038 (why - the answer of technologists is interesting.).

general instruction

Other my "painting" and not only reviews:

Matrix UL-V + Ultrablond

Indole Superblonda 1000.1 and 1000.22

Night "pajamas" for hair after stressful and not so procedures

INDOLA 9.2 pearl blond

Prof. Champion Revlon Uniq one, not worth the money and use outside the walls of the cabin.

How do you like KEUNE hair dye?

Good afternoon, girls.
Did you use KEUNE paint? Please leave an opinion about her. I recently dyed it, the price suits me perfectly, the quality also seemed quite acceptable, but I’m afraid for my hair if I’m ruining it with this paint. If used, write opinions. Thank you in advance!



the paint is very good, much better than Loreal. The hair after it is not cut, shiny, smooth. The Dutch are great!)))))


the paint is just super, and the shades are very good. The masks are also wonderful, after painting the hair just liven up.

a guest

from my own experience, I can say that keune products are simply excellent. I have been using shampoo and conditioner of the vital nutrition series for dry and damaged hair for six months already. Awesome effect, because. I have curly and dry hair, and literally a month later I saw how my hair changed and began to shine. And before that I used kerastase and leonar greyl, and there was no such effect.
I even got my young man "hooked" at their expense)))
So I advise everyone. The right thing to choose according to the structure and problems of hair. That's all.

a guest

great dye! hair live


and where you can buy?


This is the best thing I've ever painted !! Do not be afraid! Everything will be good))

Lady with an ermine

good paint, hair after it is alive. And shampoo-balms are great.
Crash in the cabin, in the same place and buy money.


keune has 2 main dye groups - tinta color and semi color. Group 1 is permanent (ammonia), but extremely soft in form to the effect on the hair, fully preserves its structure, 100% gray coating. The 2nd group semi-permanent (without ammonia) is an absolutely amazing product. The effect of lamination, luxury shining, rich shades, hair care! It is impossible to spoil hair with keune dyes, the result is fully consistent with the sample stated in the palette, but the product is not intended for domestic use! These are 100% professional dyes, and if you are not familiar with the technological nuances of chemical blending. Components - produce staining in the cabin. And yet, I advise you to use keune'vskimi cares (shampoos, conditioners, masks) of the care line, I have not seen the best products. I prefer styling (styling products) from the blend line, mega-creative product mixing system for creating the most incredible effects. Good luck)


I have blond hair. Color in keune semi color 7.35 medium chocolate blond. It turned out a bit dark. Diluted: 1: 1 with 6% oxidant. And I wanted to be a bit bigger. Can I take 1: 1 with 9% oxidant, or better 1: 2 with 6% oxidant? Thank you in advance!


tamara! The dye of seven colors works only with the activator of seven colors (2.25%) in a 1: 2 ratio. This is a semi-permanent group dye, without ammonia, it does not work not only on high percentages, but also on oxides of other dyes. If you want a more copper color, just choose a different shade. Successful result!


Hello! I painted in the salon with keune paint, shade 5 (chocolate), now I want to be painted at home. I would like to clarify how to dilute the paint in what proportions and what is necessary besides paint to buy. Is there enough one tube for medium hair? And where can I buy paint?


Julia, keune dyes are not intended for home use and are sold only to salons. If you want to do the coloring - you have to go to the salon))


alex, you are not right this paint can be easily bought in stores for hairdressers, at least in St. Petersburg.


excellent paint))) to paint her went to the hairdresser in Moscow.


Keune products (including dye) are sold in the Paveletskaya professional hair cosmetics shop, I don’t remember the name.


I also constantly paint in the salon with keune paint, I really like it, but at the same time it is expensive for me. In our city such paint is sold in special stores, but I do not know how to dilute it. If, who knows how to do it right, write.


alex, you are not right this paint can be easily bought in stores for hairdressers, at least in St. Petersburg.

I repeat, dyes and other chemicals. Keune products are not intended for home use, and if you are not a master and do not know the intricacies of working with specific products, then one way is to go to the salon. I know a very limited number of prof. Shops selling these dyes, and as far as I know you can buy them having a document confirming that you are a master trained in working with chemical keune products. I think that going to the salon takes you much less time and effort, and the result will be incomparably better.


I can confirm that you can buy keune paint without any documents in St. Petersburg for hay.
Tell me, pzhta, how much the colors in the semi color and tinti color lines differ. The fact is that I painted in Russia semi semi color 4.37, but now I live in Belgrade, and here I was able to find only tinto color (4.37, 4.53). Find a salon with an English-speaking employee has not yet succeeded (((everyone who can help, thank you for the answer!

a guest

Julia, keune dyes are not intended for home use and are sold only to salons. If you want to do the coloring - you have to go to the salon))

This paint is quietly sold in St. Petersburg. Shop in the shopping center "merchant yard" (m. Pionerskaya).

a guest

I repeat, dyes and other chemicals. Keune products are not intended for home use, and if you are not a master and do not know the intricacies of working with specific products, then one way is to go to the salon. I know a very limited number of prof. Shops selling these dyes, and as far as I know you can buy them having a document confirming that you are a master trained in working with chemical keune products. I think that going to the salon takes you much less time and effort, and the result will be incomparably better.

Master comes home! And voila! Awesome result.
A master master strife. Until I found my own master, the result did not always meet expectations.


I repeat, dyes and other chemicals. Keune products are not intended for home use, and if you are not a master and do not know the intricacies of working with specific products, then one way is to go to the salon. I know a very limited number of prof. Shops selling these dyes, and as far as I know you can buy them having a document confirming that you are a master trained in working with chemical keune products. I think that going to the salon takes you much less time and effort, and the result will be incomparably better.
Master comes home! And voila! Awesome result. A master master strife. Until I found my own master, the result did not always meet expectations.

And I buy in the merchant yard and beautifully at home I paint the hair itself with semi paint. The result is absolutely the same as in the cabin, nothing complicated, and a hundred times cheaper :)


and how much is this paint?


in s-pb it can be ordered in tk "voyage" 5 entrance 2 floor section 2.43, m. "Ozerki" and it costs 425 rubles. Only need to order it in advance. Here's the phone salon 8-951-655-18-55. Buy on health and rejoice. Paint super.


Of course, you can always see self-made or professionally painted Alex hair.

Alex, you are not right this paint can be easily bought in stores for hairdressers, at least in St. Petersburg.
I repeat, dyes and other chemicals. Keune products are not intended for home use, and if you are not a master and do not know the intricacies of working with specific products, then one way is to go to the salon. I know a very limited number of prof. Shops selling these dyes, and as far as I know you can buy them having a document confirming that you are a master trained in working with chemical keune products. I think that going to the salon takes you much less time and effort, and the result will be incomparably better.


so someone will say the proportions of mixing ??

a guest

tinta color tinta + emulsion emulsion tone
Lightened hair 60ml + 60ml 3% - 10 vol 0 - 1
Coloring tone to tone, to a darker tone, lighter tone 60ml + 60ml 6% - 20 vol 1 - 2
Lightening staining 60ml + 60ml 9% - 30 vol 2 - 3
1000 60ml + 60ml 9/12% - 30 / 40vol 3 - 4
1500 60ml + 120ml 9/12% - 30 / 40vol 4
2000 60ml + 60ml + booster 10gr 12% - 40 vol 4 - 5

a guest

I am a blonde, at the beginning of December, I painted tinta 1012 at home and bought a color stabilizer-1 ampoule, the paint is excellent, mother-of-pearl, applied better than, Loreal (901 s),. Even my hairdresser, said that the color is even. I advise you to buy. The color of course pick up, I picked up in the cabin.


I can confirm that you can buy keune paint without any documents in St. Petersburg for hay.
Tell me, pzhta, how much the colors in the semi color and tinti color lines differ. The fact is that I painted in Russia semi semi color 4.37, but now I live in Belgrade, and here I was able to find only tinto color (4.37, 4.53). Find a salon with an English-speaking employee has not yet succeeded (((everyone who can help, thank you for the answer!

Tatiana, please tell me where exactly on hay shopping mall from the new year there is no paint in retail anywhere :( very gracious in advance!


Yes, and I wonder where there is on hay


I was also very upset when the paint began to disappear from the stores ((who knows where you can buy it? In the salon, leaving 3000 each month is like that too!

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the paint is awesome, used different brands of the professional series, but this one is just super !! Recommend.


where to buy keune paint in Voronezh


Where to buy products Kane in Orenburg for lamination hair.

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shopping center armada on the 2nd floor

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where you can buy ken products in Moscow.

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I was also very upset when the paint began to disappear from the stores ((who knows where you can buy it? In the salon, leaving 3000 each month is like that too!

In the online stores you can buy paint today saw, though worth 550r

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Where to buy products Kane in Orenburg for lamination hair.

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tatiana can confirm that keune paint can be bought without any documents in St. Petersburg for hay.
Tell me, pzhta, how much the colors in the semi color and tinti color lines differ. The fact is that I painted in semi semi color 4.37 in Russia, but now I live in Belgrade, and here I was able to find only tinto color (4.37, 4.5room with an English-speaking employee has not yet succeeded (((everyone who can help, thank you for your reply!
Tatiana, please tell me where exactly on hay shopping mall from the new year there is no paint in retail anywhere :( very gracious in advance!

4.37-Dark brown golden-violet, a4.53-dark brown-red-golden

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where girls on hay ??


in online stores you can buy paint today saw, though worth 550r

Can you link to the site? Thank you in advance!



Hello! I want to dye my hair the color of cold bitter chocolate. Please tell me the numbers in the palette. Unfortunately, there is no good colorist in our city. At the moment on the hair color 6.1 dye chi ionic. The ends can be seen a red-red hue, which is terribly tired. Interested in paint semi color keune. Thank you in advance.


Answer: y. Sennaya Spb-Spassky Lane, 3. Shop "products for hairdressers"


And do not tell me the phone?

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wonderful paint, I use it only and nothing more. Shampoos and masks the same canceled


tell me where it is possible in Moscow in the metro area Polezhaevskaya to paint themselves keune? I live in the area of ​​the grand park, the prices there bite nehil salons. Therefore, I would be grateful if you recommend salons in Moscow in general, where they paint keune with prices.


girls who painted in the natural "eight" tint. I really need it, I want to get out of the blond in a natural light blond with mother-of-pearl. I wanted to order goldwell, but there was a lot of trouble with it in terms of delivery from nl, so I decided to paint kyne for now. Prompt shade to wash out without ryzhinki.


http://www.Profhairshop.Ru/index.Php?Manufacturers_id=78&, sort = products_sort_order & filter_id = 3660 online store.

Keune Tinta Color palette

A series without ammonia in the composition for even more careful coloring. After applying the Keune Semi Color dye color palette, blond hair acquires natural, maximally natural shades.

In the collection of this line 45 different color combinations. Also, this dye is recommended for those who want to get a clean cold shade. A difference in the series is the presence of a plum-purple pigment. Other brands often use reddish, brown pigments. Violet also helps to create a deep cold shade from the first application.

In the dye line Semi Color is also a low content of hydrogen peroxide. However, this does not affect the quality of staining, and you can use the tool even in the presence of gray hair.

Of course, the absence of ammonia in the composition reduces the durability of the paint, but even so, the coloring stays on average up to 10 washes, the hair remains bright, the colors look saturated and fresh.

When toning the Keune palette without ammonia, it should be borne in mind that the result is usually slightly darker than that presented on the package. This is due to the composition and is easy to solve; you just need to choose the paint a tone lighter.

Due to the creamy texture and unobtrusive aroma, working with the paint of this line is as convenient as with other toners of this brand.

Color palette Keune Semi Color

Ruler for spa staining. In it, instead of the usual aggressive components for dyeing plant pigment phytoheratin. It gently affects the skin and hair, without damaging their structure. An additional regenerative effect is exerted by various oils that are part of the composition, as well as vitamins.

The palette of Keune So Pure Color is more often used in salons, where it is preferred after diagnosing the condition of the hair. Weak tired of curls and aggressive styling hair literally transformed after using this type of dye, because the result is comparable with the effects of spa treatments.

The company also produces a product for colorless toning. The color after the procedure does not change, but the condition of the hair is transformed, the luster appears, the structure is aligned, the strands look silky, hair styling becomes easier.

You can ask questions about dyes and palettes, as well as order the presented professional tools on the page or leave a request to call back.

Paint keen

Hair dye Keen with its inimitable palette, was created by Ewald. The company began its history in 1940 in Germany. Its founder is a German hairdresser from the city of Frauenwald named Robert Schmidt.

Initially, he produced toilet water for hair, which included mountain herbs. For several years, the company has been developing and producing toilet water, hair elixir based on birch sap and cologne. However, a real breakthrough was a preparation for cold perm.

The organization is a family business led by a descendant of founder Robert Ewald, who manages the manufacturing process. In 2009, Ewald begins production of a creative professional line, which becomes the pinnacle of the company's development - TM KEEN. Translated from English, keen means to strive, passionately want something.

Hair dye Keen, a palette of which has more than 60 shades, was introduced to the market after the products for the care and styling of the same line.

The paint has a soft texture, which guarantees comfort and pleasant sensations during the application period, eliminating the inconvenience. The composition contains only natural elements, which makes it possible to achieve the desired effect.

Dye paints hair consistently, uniformly. It gives hair a rich shade after dyeing, the color is very stable and does not fade. It is easy and simple to create a hair tone yourself. This paint is one of the best among professional means for coloring hair.


  • Developed by a team of experienced professionals in the manufacture of hair dye products.
  • Special care elements ensure the hair shine and softness.
  • Exactly colors the entire length of the hair and has incredible stamina.
  • Components included in the composition, provide quality hair care.
  • Dyes blend seamlessly together. This contributes to the creation of an unusually elegant shade and to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding consumer.

The paint is designed to meet the normal acidity of the skin of the head. The pH of the dye is 9.5-11.5. Unlike other paints, Keen does not irritate the skin, and therefore the hair follicle. Healthy hair at the root - healthy throughout the length.

Composition and active ingredients

Keen Hair Dye is a creation of high quality, its palette of shades was created by a team of German specialists using state-of-the-art technologies that provide full-fledged hair care.

The composition of paints includes unique components:

  • Keratins - fibrillar proteins with mechanical property to resist destruction. Keratins are components of the skin epidermis. Included in the natural composition of nails, hair.
  • Milk protein - inorganic crystalline substance accelerates the course of biochemical interactions and is of significant importance in the process of metabolism.
  • Panthenol - a substance whose main component is a group of vitamins that are of great importance in cellular metabolism. This substance is used for moisturizing and treating various skin defects as part of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.
  • Hydrolyzed silk - a natural substance that, during the chemical reaction of interactivity with water, collapsed and formed new, easily digestible elements.

Additional components are: minerals, vitamins, aromatic oils.

Staining safety

Keen paint was developed for high-quality paint. Thanks to the unique developments, it works sparingly for curls and scalp, at the same time giving them a shine and steady tone. One of the components of the dye is ammonia. This substance is alkali. It is necessary in order to open the outer layer (cuticle) and penetrate the colored dye into the hair.

Ammonia is known to irritate the skin, even an allergic reaction. In this regard, international standards have been developed, for them the amount of alkali in the paint should not exceed 6%. All Keen dyes contain no more than 3% oxidant. Due to this staining is absolutely safe for skin and hair and does not cause allergies.

Ewald has also developed the Keen soft toning line. It is designed for thin brittle hair. Its peculiarity in the oxidizer is its ammonia content is only 1.9%, and the coloring matter is a cream-oil.

How long does the color last

Any Keen dye carries out soft dyeing, practically without injuring the hair. Specially selected complex, which consists of amino acids and olive oil, cares for depleted hair.

Hair gets shine and a healthy look for the long period. Shades of a certain series perfectly cope with coloring of gray locks. Even if the gray focal, the dye will not leave transitions - the color will be evenly distributed throughout the hair.

The components of the cream-paint fill the cuticle with dye pigment and close it. Due to this, the color looks saturated and long remains within each hair.

Olive and macadamia oils, which are part of the preparation, envelop the hair along the entire length, thereby preventing leaching and burning out.

Opinions of hairdressers on paint

The tool has a very diverse color range. It includes natural - closest to natural colors, as well as bright causing shades.

The palette itself gives a clear idea of ​​the color. The manufacturer uses artificial fibers as a model of the colored strand, but as the stylists say, the color obtained after dyeing is no different from the declared one.

Hair dye Keen palette with its color range has natural tones. Masters hairdressers use them to create the depth of color, they are also used for long-term painting of gray strands or all gray hair.

Natural shades are presented in the table.

Ewald's philosophy is based on certain principles. One bond of them is youth. This implies: irrepressible energy, high ambitions and of course health. In connection with this ball developed a palette of bright red hues that emphasize this.

Hair dye Keen (palette of brown and light shades presented in the table).

How to choose the right shade for hair

In order for the chosen color to be advantageous, to select all the best from nature, to begin with it is necessary to establish the color type of the external appearance.

There are four main types and they are named for the seasons:

Winter. This type includes the owners of light, pink-tinted skin. Eyes can be brown or dark brown. Ideal for this type of blue-black and eggplant shades, lead-ash cool colors will look good.

Autumn. The autumn color type includes people with delicate peach skin. On the face and on the shoulders they usually have a lot of beautiful freckles. The eyes are green or light brown in color. People with such appearance should choose for coloring all shades of brown: from dark chocolate to red.

Summer. The skin of the owners of the summer color type gently and smoothly tan. The color of the eyes of the cat - yellow-brown, rarely green. "Summer" people prefer brown-yellow and light-blond tones.

Spring. This color type is fragile, sensitive. Consequently, colors must be chosen, with emphasis on these qualities. The skin of such people is light, with a wheat tint. Eyes are blue or pale green. They probably fit caramel, wheat and red tones.

Instructions for dyeing hair paint Keen

Despite the fact that the paint Keen professional, it is easy to dye her hair yourself. Before proceeding to staining, the manufacturer recommends that you test your skin for an allergic reaction. To do this, drip a little oxidizer on the outside of the elbow.

If after 3 hours no changes on the skin have occurred, you can proceed to the procedure for changing the color.

  • In a non-metallic container measure the required amount of the coloring matter.The calculation should be carried out with a small margin, given that the cost of damaged and dry hair will be more.
  • To the coloring composition is added an oxidizing agent in a 1: 1 ratio. The manufacturer has already calculated the required percentage of alkali in the oxidizer. Therefore, the ratio must be observed exactly, not to experiment. Otherwise, the company for the damage caused to the hair and skin will not cause liability.
  • Using a brush components are thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass.
  • But the head is parted. Separate a thin strand and paint over it from root to tip. Each strand must be combed after applying the paint, for its even distribution.
  • Minimum staining time is 20 minutes, maximum hour. It all depends on the structure of the hair and the desired shade intensity.
  • After the time is up, the head is well washed with shampoo. After applying a balm, and washed the hair with warm water.

In the future, to maintain the brightness of the color, it is enough to use a balm of the same line.

Release form and price

The Keen line includes the following coloring agents:

  • Cream paint pH 10.5. The volume of 100 ml.

Over 100 colors for creative compositions. The components that are included take care of the hair structure during and after dyeing. The cost is 420 rubles.

  • Cream-oxidant (1.9% - 12%) comes separately. The volume is 100 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml.

The product is intended for oxidative staining. Due to its thick consistency, it does not flow down the strands during use. Price from 170 to 550 rubles.

  • Cream oil pH 9.5 - 10.5. Volume is 100 ml.

Accurate toning without ammonia. The combination of oils provides care for the entire length of the hair. Price 390 rubles.

Where to buy paint

Keen dyes can be purchased at professional cosmetics stores. Do it better online because of the wider and more complete range.

Changing the image or emphasizing natural beauty will be supported by an unusually wide color palette of Keen hair colors. And the components which are its part for a long time will provide protection and shine of hair.

Article design: Mila Friedan

Video about hair dye Keen

Paint Keen 8.7 on hair after washing:

Coloring dye Keen:

Product Features

Keune paint gained its popularity due to its unique composition. The main advantage of this product is the presence in the composition of paint Keune nitron. Nitron is such a micromolecule, which after contact with the scalp miraculously turns into a macromolecule. The macromolecule, in turn, fills the voids in the damaged hair structure. Also, the dye in this brand contains a unique substance - an innovative stabilizer, for the first time a patent for which was granted to the Keune brand.

Thanks to such innovative technologies, paints of this line occupy the first places in the global cosmetic market, in color fastness. A five-step macromolecule nitron perfectly removes the porosity of damaged hair, so that the curls become elastic, smooth, strong and silky.

The composition of the paint also contains additional natural nutrients that eliminate the harmful effects of coloring components and give the hair energy and vitality.

This is one of the few types of paint, regular dyeing which is allowed even with frequent chemical curls.

This cosmetic products is positioning itself as a professional. But at the same time, the tool is very convenient and easy to use, it can also be used at home.

Varieties of coloring products

There are two types of these products:

  1. Ammonia-free coloring agents.
  2. Coloring agents that contain ammonia.

Keune tinta color is an ammonia paint. But, despite the presence of ammonia, the staining of tinta color is gentle. As a part of the product, there are special coating agents that provide 100% protection for the hair structure during dyeing. At the same time, this kind of Köhene perfectly paints over gray hair. It also contains proteins that make hair shiny and silky. Another significant advantage of this type of cosmetic products is the lack of ammonia odor.

Semi color is a type of ammonia-free coloring product. After using Semi color, light shades of hair acquire exceptional naturalness and naturalness.

The color palette of Semi color differs a huge variety and includes 40 various color scales. Keun is the seven most sought-after variety of all Ken paints.

Semi color is also recommended for women who want to give their hair the most cool shade.

The main difference Semi color, from other brands, is the use of plum-purple pigment, while other manufacturers use brown-red pigments. It is this pigment purple shade gives hair color a cool natural shade.

Keune semi not only does not contain ammonia, one of its main advantages is the reduced amount of hydrogen peroxide, but it does not affect the quality of staining. Keune semi also fills gray hair effectively.

The only noticeable disadvantage of Keune semi, compared with other types of cosmetics for dyeing, is a relatively quick wash. The manufacturer guarantees the brightness and color saturation up to 8-12 washes, which of course is much less than that of paints, which include ammonia.

One of the positive aspects of Ken's hair dye users also note its comfortable creamy structure, which does not spread, is well applied and is neither too thick nor too liquid.

To keep the paint on the hair manufacturers recommend no more than 20 minutes.

Additional vegetable oils and caring components are present in the composition of the Kene products, which has a beneficial effect on the hair structure.

After coloring, curls become shiny and silky, vegetable oils moisturize the strands, give them vitality, saturate them with nutrients.

Many grateful users even compare the effects of dye with the effects of a variety of nourishing hair masks.

When using this tool, you should take into account the fact that non-ammonia products usually result in a slightly darker color than that stated on the package. This fact should be taken into account when choosing a means, if the desired color should be exactly the same as on the box, you should choose a shade to a tone lighter than stated.

Cosmetic brand Ken is also a series of so-called SPA staining. This kind of painting is represented by paint So Pure Color. This is an innovative unique coloring procedure, which not only dyes hair, but also actively cares for and heals them, in the process of painting. In this type of coloring agent, the organic component phytoheratin acts instead of the aggressive chemical dye.

This substance of plant origin, which has no harmful effects on the skin and on the structure of hair. Also in the paint is used a lot of vegetable oils (sandalwood, jasmine), vitamins A and E. Thus, strands, in the process of dyeing, get an effective SPA care. After this procedure, the hair and skin of the head receive a beneficial effect, the result of which is similar to the effect after the spa salon.

This kind of staining series of Kene is used mainly in salons. Where professionals in matters of beauty and health of hair conduct an additional diagnosis of the condition of the skin and scalp.

Cosmetic company Kene also produces a product that is called Clear. Its main purpose is colorless tinting. This technology is used to give hair extra shine and silkiness, without additional painting. After using Clear, the hair gains a healthy glow, color is revived, the damaged structure of the hair coat is compacted, the hair becomes soft, docile and supple when styled. Such a positive effect for hair will last up to two weeks. Regular use of this tool can significantly improve the condition of the curls.

Features hair dye Keune (Ken)

Professional hair dye Keune (Ken) conditions and protects hair in the process of dyeing. It is able to prevent the porosity of the hair, and also gives them shine and lasting color. Paint 100% paints over gray hair.

The paint has a pleasant smell and does not stain the scalp. Fine aroma is achieved by using extracts of jasmine and sandalwood, as well as fragrances. The silk proteins that make up the dye make hair silky, making it soft. Color stabilizer guarantees lasting results.

Professional hair dye Keune (Ken)

It also has a practical volume of 60ml. You can buy Keune paint (Kena) by selecting and ordering the desired color in online stores.

Keune Hair Color Palette (Kena)

Keune paint palette (Ken) includes 107 shades, which include 80 colors, 5 mixtones and a series of Special Blonde. This huge number allows you to get in the process of dyeing almost all shades from light "Nordic" blond to coffee. And also find the color you want.

A variety of colors in Ken's hair dye palette

The most popular colors are:

  • 5. light brown
  • 7.35 Medium Chocolate Blonde
  • 7.2 Mid-pearl blond
  • 9.2 Very light pearl blond
  • 1517 Super ash-purple blond.
Fashionable shades of hair dye Keune - Ken Popular colors from Ken's palette (Keune)

Hair dye Keune (Ken) is one of the adapted for natural and fashionable shades. Series Special Blonde allows you to lighten hair color at 3-4 levels. The yellow tint in this series is neutralized with 4 pigments.

Reviews of hair colors Keune (Ken)

Keune paint always gets great reviews. Our reader Natalia has thin, porous, fluffy hair. Using one of the shades of the Special Blonde series, she received a magnificent bright color. Hair has become denser and has got a healthier look. Coloring did not cause any unpleasant sensations and skin reactions.

Hair dye Keune (Kena): palette

Negative reviews include the opinion of the hairdresser Valeria, who considers blond 1519 to be very capricious. In certain situations, it can manifest greens.

Ken's hair dye palette pictured

KEUNE Semi Color - Good colorless hair tinting

What we work with: hair thin, curled, puschatsya, porous. A little split, exfoliate, dry on the tips. Hair dryer + ironing (prof. Gamma) every 2-3 days. Natural light-brown color, so to speak, "ripe rye" with a golden hue. And yes, I am not a master of coloring, an absolutely amateur tip. If there are errors in the technique - correct.

What I wanted from colorless toning: 1) Increase gloss.

2) Revive the color, eliminate tarnish.

3) At least a little to make the hair denser and more pliable to styling.

4) Make the hair color a little bit (!) Lighter. (I am completely satisfied with my color, I didn’t want to repaint myself drastically, because the color should be monitored, constantly tinted - it takes a lot of time). Although colorless toning does not imply this, for example, the matrix brightens slightly.

For these purposes, I have been using MATRIX Color Sync Clear for more than half a year, once I did this tinting by Estelle (but I didn’t really like it because of the smell and small effect). For a change, tried the paint KEUNE Semi Color Clear.

TTX. Paint in a tube 60 ml, the consistency is quite thick, with a yellowish tinge. The smell is not sharp, cosmetic oil. It uses only the native activator, the SEMI COLOR dye activator. Available in liter volume, so I took a portion. The consistency is thick, white, the smell is also not sharp, cosmetic. Mixed in a ratio of 1: 2. After mixing, a rather thick mass is obtained, with a bluish tinge, this makes this paint a little inconvenient for me (the matrix is ​​more liquid in consistency, it is easier to distribute it - it may just be used to it).

Additionally. Balm stabilizer of the same company. I didn’t like it very much, I like Estelevsky De Lux more.

You can also add a vial for staining. I know only HACK, although in the store I was not recommended to mix them with KEUNE paint. Therefore, the first time I did without them, the second time with them - the effect was greater and the paint was not so thick. In general, nothing bad happened.

Also deep cleansing shampoo - I take portions at the Barber shop - there were Estelle, Concept, Londa (she liked it more).

How to do it:

1) Mix the paint with activator, in a 1: 2 ratio. 90 ml is enough for my hair, that is, 30 ml of dye and 60 ml of activator. Leave.

2) My hair deep cleansing shampoo. Hair is not dry.

3) Then add 1-2 vials of HEK.

4) I apply paint on wet, wrung out towel hair. Hold for 20 minutes.

5) I wash off with shampoo, apply a stabilizer balm for 2-3 minutes, wash it off. Further styling.

Result. In the process of staining no discomfort and skin reactions caused. I liked the fact that the paint has a rather pleasant smell.

As a result, the hair is more shiny, the dye enlivens the color, but does not make it lighter, so it may be suitable for dyed hair. The hair becomes denser, heavy, although it does not radically affect the volume. Easier to set. Well, my problem, they always want to touch. The effect lasts up to 2 weeks, of course with every next wash it is less than immediately after.

I use these paints once every 2-3 weeks or as I recall.

Hair dryer + ironing.

For all the time of using such colorless tints - the condition of the hair has become better. Now the Matrix will alternate with KEUNE, at a price almost the same. Matrix likes to make hair look lighter, KEUNE cares more.

As far as I know, this Klear is used in the KEUNE Hair Regenerating Wrap.

From the accompanying care, I note - JOICO Moisture Recovery Shampoo Shampoo, condo - JOICO Moisture Recovery Conditioner, SELECTIVE Ammino keratin, Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask and Revlon Professional Interactives Hydra Rescue masks.

Grade 5. The price of paint is 590 r, 120 ml of activator 110 r, a portion of KEUNE stabilizer balm -40p. On my hair before the paddles packing is enough for two times.

Can someone tell the online store professional cosmetics for hair?

Watch the video: HOW TO get started with Keune Color (March 2020).