Foam rollers

If you are the owner of straight long hair, then surely you would like to have curly curls, while with minimal damage to the health of your hair and learn from our article how to wind foam rollers, you will get the desired curls and save hair.

You can certainly ask - why spend so much time on curlers? After all, today there are many thermo devices for hair curling that will cope with this task in 20-40 minutes. However, we want beautiful curled hair every day, and using tongs and curling irons every day will be too detrimental to the hair, especially if they are long and constantly cut the ends of the dried out high temperatures, we do not want.

Like any other styling, curling hair on foam rollers requires clean hair. Therefore, wash your head, remove excess moisture with a towel. Hair should be only slightly wet. Remember to apply a spray or conditioner against tangling the tips, then comb the hair well. If you twist tangled hair on curlers, then the curls will not turn out to be even, and it will be difficult to remove such a curl from the curlers without confusing the whole strand.

Next, you need to take care of reliable fixation of future curls - for this, apply a little mousse on your hair (an excessive amount of mousse will give your hair a “not fresh” look, and make them more brittle).


The history of curling curls originates in ancient Greece, where women of fashion curled their hair with the help of hot tongs and small sticks - the ancestors of modern hair curlers. By the way, the very name “curlers” appeared much later - in medieval France.

What kind of hair curlers have not been invented by the masters of the beauty industry during this time: thermo, electro, stickies and others. Especially many of their varieties appeared in the XX century. Among the latest inventions were foam rubber tools for curling, which have a lot of advantages over their predecessors.

Foam rubber products:

  • Lungs. Their weight is almost not felt on the hair and does not create discomfort.
  • Soft. They can be easily wound up for the night - they will not interfere with a full comfortable sleep.
  • Safe. They do not damage the hair during use (do not dry, do not break and do not contribute to their loss).
  • Compact. Do not take up much space. Can be stored in a small box or cosmetic bag.

With all this, they are easy to use - even a layman can easily cope with them.

Foam rubber curlers can be used with almost no restrictions, although there are a few nuances that you should be aware of.

So, soft curlers are great for curling long and medium hair. Create curls on short hair with their help will not work - here it is better to use more elastic options with a bending rod inside.

Foam rollers can vary in:

  • form (round or oblong),
  • diameter - from 1 to 25 cm
  • material density
  • price and quality.

At the same time, the whole variety of foam rubber products can be divided into three main groups:

  • For traditional curls. They are made in the form of small rollers with a diameter of 2-5 cm.
  • For spiral curls. Such products are also called loxes. They are made in the form of an elongated flexible stick with a rubber band. In the process of using them, the hair strand is clamped with a wand bent in half and wound on it in a spiral. Fixation is carried out with the help of an elastic band.

There is also an option in the form of spiral covers, complete with a special plastic hook. With this hook, the strand is captured and placed in the case. Fixed curl elastic fabric.

  • Papilottes, also called "boomerangs". Consist of more dense foam rubber with a core from a strong, but flexible wire. They allow you not to use additional fasteners - the strand is simply wound on a papillo, which is bent at the end and fixed.

Night styling using the first two groups of curlers as comfortable as possible. However, due to the excessive softness of foam rubber, such products can bend during sleep, which can cause breaks in the curls.

Papilottes guarantee a beautiful smooth curls, but sleeping on them is not as comfortable as on products without a wire frame.

How to use?

Curl beautiful curls at home without the help of professional craftsmen under the force of any woman or girl. In order to properly wrap the hair on foam rollers, it is enough to perform a simple algorithm of actions:

  1. Wash and dry hair a little. For this you can use a hairdryer. Hair should be wet enough, but not wet.
  2. Carefully comb your hair. If necessary, to facilitate disentanglement, you can use a special spray.
  3. Apply mousse or foam to fix, evenly distributed over the entire length. Without this, even if the hair curls easily and quickly, the curls will not last long. However, it is not necessary to overdo it with the fixer, so that the curls do not look unnatural.
  4. Divide the hair into the top, the side and two occipital sections, securing them with the help of pins.
  5. Separating one strand and winding its tip on the curlers, twist the spiral to the roots. For this, a papillet is placed under the strand about 5 cm from the tips - this will be enough to wrap around the product once and continue to twist further. At the same time, it is necessary to wind it as tightly as possible so that the curls do not crumble during sleep.
  6. Securely fix the structure. To curls there were no ugly kinks, fasteners and clips better to move to the bottom of the curl.

The advantages of foam products

  • Foam rollers are soft and very light. Because of this, during sleep you will not feel discomfort.
  • The use of such devices significantly reduces laying time. You do not need to wait a few hours to curl curls. Hair for such papilotki twist in the evening before bedtime, and in the morning you get a spectacular and resistant styling.
  • Foam curler suitable for curling hair any length. With the help of such devices you can curl short and medium strands. In addition, foam rubber products securely fix and hold thick, long curls.
  • Reviews of girls indicate that such papilotki fairly simple to use. Creating hairstyles with their help does not require much effort.
  • Foam products are classified as budget devices for curling hair.
  • Soft papilotki made of quality materials, absolutely do not harm hair. Reviews of girls confirm that after curling with the help of such devices, the hair does not break, do not split and do not fall out. That is why such devices can be used regularly.
  • When working with foam rollers do not require additional means of fixation, because these papilotki equipped with a special plastic or iron clip (or rubber).

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Creating spectacular curls

Modern manufacturers provide a wide selection of curlers, made of soft or dense foam. When choosing such papillotok should pay attention to their size and diameter.

Small items (up to 2 cm in diameter) are designed to create small curls. Devices with a diameter of 2.5 to 4 cm are used to form volumetric curls.

So, how to use foam rollers?

  1. Wash hair with shampoo and treat with conditioner.
  2. Dry hair hair dryer. Strands should remain slightly wet, but not wet. Reviews of girls indicate that the most resistant is styling on slightly damp hair. Wet strands during the night do not have time to dry and therefore curls will disintegrate immediately after removing the curlers.
  3. The first should curl the bangs. At first apply on it spray or mousse for laying. Then put the ends of the bangs on top of the middle of the curlers and tighten until you reach the bottom. Curl bangs should be tight, so that hair does not unwind during sleep.
  4. Divide the hair into 5 parts (top, side and 2 occipital), fix each hairpin.
  5. Select one strand from the upper zone and wind it on the curler. It is important that the strands were same width. In this case, you get a beautiful uniform curls. Width strands choose, focusing on the width of the curlers.
  6. If during curling curlers placed vertically, the curls will turn out spiral and elastic. If you want to get the effect of volume waves, then the papillots should be placed horizontally.
  7. After the upper part of the hair is curled, go to the temporal zones, and then to the occipital.
  8. When using foam products for styling, one rule should be followed. After fixing the product, the clip needs to be moved from the top of the curl to the bottom. Otherwise, you risk getting ugly dents or creases on the curls.
  9. In the morning, carefully remove the papilotki. Start to curl on the back of the head, then go to the temporal, and lastly spin the strands on the crown.
  10. Gently comb your hair with your hands.
  11. Please fix the style with hair spray.

Recommendations for working with foam rollers

  • If you want to get spectacular volume curls, then choose wide foam curlers. To create small curls, take small strands of hair.
  • Reviews of girls indicate that soft papilotki best to cheat strands medium width. Too thin curls can be fixed poorly, and wide strands can curl badly.
  • If your hair dries quickly, then before curling, spray each strand with a special styling spray or plain water.
  • If papilotki poorly kept on strands, then at night cover your head with a scarf.
  • In order to get the effect of “disheveled” curls, twist each strand into a braid before curling.

What kind of curlers are needed to create curls: all kinds

At the moment, hair curlers are beautiful and easy-to-use accessories for women's hair. Today, manufacturers produce various types of curlers.

This article talks about what kind of curlers are - what kinds of hair curlers produce at the moment, and also discusses the rules for their use.

Foam rubber curlers

Girls use foam rollers when laying hair on the night. Such curlers for the night have a soft and comfortable shape for the head.

Foam curlers - sleep curlers have one drawback: they take on any hair shape when a girl is sleeping. As a result, the use of foam rollers leads to the fact that in the morning the female hair often becomes flattened or has angular curls.

Metal curlers

At the moment when applying metal curlers, girls fasten them on the head of hair with special sticks.

If a girl dries her hair with a hair dryer, then you should not use metal curlers. After all, under the influence of hot air, the metal heats up and burns women's hair.

Velours - hair curlers

A woman fastens such devices on her head by using special sticks, which she pierces into the holes of the curlers themselves. As a result, girls do not put velor uncomfortable to sleep on their head before going to bed.

Such curlers can use girls with short short hair. Otherwise, when using velor, a girl will have to spend a lot of time drying her hair and forming beautiful curls on her head.


Such curlers have a prickly surface, thanks to which they hold well on the female hair. In this situation, the woman does not use the curler clips, chopsticks or rubber bands. If the girl has short, healthy hair with thin strands, then the hairs wound with velcro quickly dry.

Boomerangs Magic leverage

Similar girls use hair curlers - both with short and with long hair. The longer the boomerangs, the longer the strand the girl winds on her. The same rule applies to short strands - by analogy.

Thermo curlers

Before using terobrohigudi woman heats them in boiled water. With the help of such devices, the girl creates graceful curls on her head - for 20 minutes.

Heated hair rollers are used only by girls with short and medium hairs - long hair will not have time to fully heat up.

So that the new curls retain their shape for a long time, when she puts on her hair, she uses various means to fix her hair: mousse, spray, and lacquer.

Spiral hair curlers

The girls use similar curling-hair curlers in the chemical perm of the hair.

Manufacturers produce curlers of 2 types - classic and modified. On classic bobbins, the girl makes the usual perm, and on the papilotka - ring, on the spiral - spiral, etc.

Elastic wavy curls

During the formation of elastic and wavy curls on the head, the girl performs the following actions:

To obtain free waves, the girl turns the hair strands in different directions, then back and forth,

How to remove curlers

After the female hair has completely dried, the girl slowly removes the hair curlers in the reverse order. In this situation, you can not pull the hair strands - otherwise the new hairstyle will be spoiled.

After removing all hair curlers, the girl should not immediately comb her hair. In this situation, you have to wait, and then gently comb the hair with your fingers.

Curl your hair and use curlers correctly.

So that the new hairstyle keeps its shape for a long time, the woman fixes it with varnish - at the maximum distance from the head of hair.

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