Greek hairstyles: 5 original ideas

The current trend in this season is the Greek style. It is suitable for absolutely all women and gives the image of romance, grace and sophistication. You can make a Greek hairstyle not only with long hair, but also with short hair. As a "helper" you can use a special bandage called "Hirat". The accessory can be made of beads, rhinestones, lace, metal elements.

Greek hairstyles have many variations, but they are all recognizable. It can be simple hairstyles in the Greek style or complex designs with elements of weaving. All the stars of show business, who prefer this amazing hairstyle, always look gorgeous, defiling along the red carpet.

Greek hairstyle for medium hair

Greek hair is very convenient to perform on the hair of medium length. The simplest option is when the main part of the hair remains loose, and the rest is collected at the back of the head and pinned up with the help of stealth hairpins or hairpins. The free part of the hair can be curled.

To create a romantic style, you will need a “hirat”. The rubber band should not press down strongly and cause discomfort. On the top you need to make a pile. All hair collected in a tight tail. Wear a bandage. Curls can be left flowing or pick up with the help of pins. The latter option will look especially beautiful on owners of high cheekbones.

Greek hairstyle for medium hair with a hirat or a Greek meander, photo

Luxurious and elegant at the same time looks like a bunch in the style of the Greek goddess Artemis. The basis of the hairstyle is the volumetric beam. On the sides you can curl a few thin braids that will serve as a decor.

A win-win option for everyday hair style in the Greek style - light and airy curls, decorated with flowers. Curls can be collected from the side and pin the heels. With a similar hairstyle for medium hair, you will have a gentle image that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, personified.

Greek hairstyle with flowing hair of medium length, photo

Greek hairstyle for medium hair, photo

Greek hairstyle for long hair

Long hair is a wonderful material from which chic hairstyles can turn out. Choosing a Greek style, long-haired beauties can try to make a romantic hairstyle with flowing curls and with elements of weaving. This styling is very convenient and incredibly beautiful. Performing this option, you will need to make a horizontal parting. Thus, the hair will be divided into two equal parts. The first strands are divided into two parts. That strand that is closer to the face is fixed invisible. A loose strand is necessary for weaving a French braid. After the braid is braided to the neck, all hair must be combined and braided with a common braid. The resulting pigtail must be twisted into a bun and stabbed with studs. The front strands (fixed invisible) on both sides are divided into several parts, each of which is placed in turn on the resulting bundle and fixed. That's all, a beautiful Greek hairstyle is ready in 5 minutes!

Greek hairstyle with a scythe for long hair, photo

Greek hairstyle for fluffy long hair, photo

Hairstyle looks "Greek knot." Run it is not difficult at all. This hairstyle was very popular among the female population of ancient Greece. Another name for this hairstyle is “Korimbos”. Hairstyle is performed on pre-curled, long hair with parted part. Hair can be lifted and laid on the back of the head in a bun, the knot secured with a satin ribbon or hairpins.

Greek hairstyle Korimbos, photo

Greek hairstyle for short hair

Some owners of short hair believe that the Greek hairstyle is not available to them. This is a big misconception. Antique beauty is universal and accessible to all. Naturally, short hair limits the choice, but still, several interesting solutions can be implemented easily. If the length of hair is more than 10 cm, then it will be possible to braid a “spike” around the head. Short hair can curl and fold back, securing invisible or clip.

Greek hairstyle with short hair garter, photo

Greek hairstyle with short hair garter, photo

Greek hairstyle with a braid or a garter on short hair, photo

Greek hairstyle with beautiful accessories for short hair, photo

If the owners of short hair dream of a hairstyle, like Aphrodite, then in this situation there is nothing impossible. In this case, you can use the overhead strands or chignon. This hairstyle can be decorated with ribbons, bandages and hoops.

Greek hairstyle with garter

How to make a Greek hairstyle with a garter not many people know. In fact, in this case there is nothing difficult.

  • It is necessary to comb the hair and make a smooth parting.
  • Wear a bandage.
  • Now you need to take a small strand and tuck it under the bandage, and so on in turn. It is necessary to twist hair tightly so that the hair does not fall apart.
  • The remaining hair should be tightened around the bandage and the ends should be secured with invisibility.

Variants of the Greek hairstyle with garter, photo

Variants of the Greek hairstyle with garter, photo

Greek hairstyle without garter

To create a styling in the Greek style is not necessary to use a garter. The decor can be a weave, which is made in the form of a bezel. Also interesting is the option when the hair is curled and laid vertically, starting at the top of the hairline and ending at the back of the head.

Variants of the Greek hairstyle without a garter with thin braids, photo

Greek hairstyles are great for everyday life and special occasions.

Greek hairstyles, photos of which we have collected on our site, go to almost everyone. They personify feminine fragility, grace and beauty. Do not be afraid to experiment! Having made a haircut, decorate it with accessories. They will give the image a solemn look and create a festive mood.

Photos of Greek hairstyles with accessories

Photos of Greek hair

Instead of a garter to create a Greek hairstyle, you can use braids or beads.

Beautiful Greek evening hairstyles, photo

Fast hairstyles in the Greek style, photo

Greek hairstyles with various decorations, photos

Greek hairstyles with various decorations, photos

Classical Greek hairstyle: suitable for a wedding

The basic basis of the hairstyle is elegant curls, subsequently connected to the tail, located on its side, and braided into a braid-cone. The proposed option is a great evening hairstyle in the Greek style. To achieve fluffiness and volume, the hair is thoroughly washed and dried well. Prepare all the necessary attributes: curling iron, stealth, studs, rubber bands and lacquer to fix.

Step by step process of formation of hairstyles as follows:

  1. To twist hair so that at the exit large curls were formed.
  2. After placing the curls on one-sided, secure them with an elastic band. Hair at the roots should remain voluminous.
  3. The tail is divided in half. The first half is woven into a loose braid, the second - elegantly surrounds it with large curls.
  4. As additional accessories the original ribbon or beautiful hairpin is used.
  5. By splashing the curls with a means of light-reflecting particles, you will get extra shine.

As an improvisation, it is allowed to make a hairstyle with a free braided back oblique.

Application of bandages, rubber bands, rim: be in style

The use of elastic bandages allows you to quickly build simple Greek hairstyles by yourself. This will require:

  • Attach a bandage with an interesting name Hairatnik on the head. Try to carry out the action carefully, eliminating the appearance of protruding hair.
  • Strands from the front and temporal region are twisted into a bundle and winding up with an elastic bandage on the back of the head.
  • With the next part of the hair do the same, tucking under the gum. Wiring is not necessary to twist.
  • The process is repeated until each curl is wrapped through the bezel.
  • Strands, peeking out from under the bandages, are formed in the tail and twisted with a cord, which is wrapped around the elastic rim several times. In conclusion, the hair is securely fixed with pins.

Tip! Do not use too close Hayratnik, the mark on his forehead from the pressure bandage will minimize all efforts to look irresistible.

Based on the proposed option, it is possible to form all kinds of hairstyles: weave only a part of the hair, leaving curls or braids instead of braids. Experiments with accessories will add exclusivity to your image. Laying best suited to the average length of the strands, working with long hair brings inconvenience.

The idea with a bunch of long and medium hair

Regardless of the length of the hair (with the exception of short haircuts), the Greek knot hairstyle, decorated on curled strands, looks good. Such a laying on the back of the head is the original name "Korimbos". The Greek node is formed by the following actions:

  • The whole head of hair is fixed in one tail with the help of an elastic band. It should not be tight, forming a certain amount in the area of ​​the forehead.
  • Using the curling iron, the tail is wound in curls of medium and large size.
  • The resulting curls are stacked neat bundle with the use of studs.
  • The peculiar rim will successfully fit into a Greek hairstyle with a bun.

Stylists offer two options for laying the beam: on the back of the head closer to the neck or high on the head. Both look equally elegant and feminine.

Lampadion: do it step by step with your own hands

Greek evening hairstyles are distinguished by sophistication and guarantee the well-deserved delight of the guests present. Among them, a special place is occupied by laying lampadion. The following steps will help to achieve such a romantic image:

  1. Over the entire head, the hair is curled into curls, which are fixed with varnish to save the result.
  2. Strands are combed and divided into a smooth parting.
  3. On the back of the head in the parietal region a strand is separated, at the base it is tied up with a braid and twists in a spiral.
  4. Similar actions are done with the rest of the curls.
  5. Choosing the main strand, using studs and Invisibles, attach the rest of the spirals to it. For fixing use a varnish.
  6. The tips are collected in a bun.

A tiara or a refined bezel will be a harmonious addition to the hairstyle.

Interesting variations with bangs

Combination with bangs is not a separate type of installation. These are variations of the above methods. The Greek bun with bangs, which is based on the Greek tail, is notable for its particular elegance. The most harmonious looks oblique bangs framed by sloppy strands. Another way to create a unique image of a rat goddess, combined with the intricate styling of a Greek braid. Regardless of whether the braid is in a single copy or more, the attractiveness of a society diva will remain on top.

Stylist tips

The following tips will enable you to quickly master the skills for shaping popular hairstyles:

  • To avoid unplanned movement of the dressing, fasten it on both sides with stealth.
  • Complement the everyday styling options with modest accessories. The ceremonial exit will require the presence of ornaments decorated with rhinestones, flowers or stones.
  • When forming a low beam, braid a few strands into braids, this will give the styling additional texture and intricacy.
  • Greek hairstyle tail does not involve tight tightening. Hair at the roots should keep volume.
  • Thin curls released from a common hairstyle help to create a playful image.

Choose your style

Hair accessories can perform the function of the main accent, be the highlight of the image or calmly complement the main outfit. It is important not to get involved in ornaments too much, overshadowing their own irresistible.

A bit of history

Ancient Greek hairstyles indicate that they were worn by representatives of an organized society with a high degree of development. The Greeks are distinguished by their culture and education. The rich could have many slaves and servants. Women of the middle class and in hairstyle and clothing adhered to a modest everyday style, because they did not have the opportunity to do their hair and clothing too often. A wealthy young ladies had the means and a lot of free time, and an infinite number of servants. Their hairstyles were often distinguished by luxury and complexity of execution. The wives of high-ranking men often went to receptions, balls and banquets, so they needed to keep themselves at a very high level both during the day and at night.

Who will suit the Greek hairstyle

A characteristic feature of hairstyles are curly locks. Therefore, in the first place, very effectively this hairstyle will fall on the natural-curly hair. If a girl or woman has straight hair, then you should arm yourself with styling products and create the necessary curled effect. Hairstyle in the Greek style for long hair is the best option, but also it will look good on medium-long hair. If the owner of a short haircut really wants to make such a styling, then you can not do without hoops, ribbons and other accessories that will reliably support the strands.

Hairstyle with bandage

For such a Greek hairstyle, you will need a bandage (you can replace it with a rim or a regular elastic bandage), hairpins, a comb and styling tools. For girls without a bang, this type of styling is suitable: divide the hair, put on a bandage so that its back part is below the front, place the falling strands under the bandage so that it does not look through. The second option for any cases: take the hair as if you are going to make a tail, tie the ends with an elastic band, fasten the ends and a bandage with invisible hair, wrap the hair with a tight, tight tube, press the roller like this to your head and put a bandage on your forehead. The version with a bandage will also look great for Greek hair on medium hair. The photos below show in detail how to do all the steps.

Spit Crown

A very popular type of Greek hairstyle. The crown, made in the form of a crown, very beautifully frames the face, especially the forehead. Spit can pass along the top of the head, completely encircle your head, or just disappear somewhere in the lock. This styling option can be ideal for Greek hairstyles for short hair. Photos show all sorts of variations with a braided braid. This hairstyle will look great on straightened and curled hair. The braid itself can be woven in any way - openwork, French, inside out or with a simple spikelet. The result will be a luxurious braid of the Greek goddess, which attracts everyone’s attention.

Choosing a stylish Greek hairstyle, you will get an original and unsurpassed look. The main advantages of such hairstyles:

  • Beneficially emphasizes the oval of the face and cheekbones, if you wear a Greek dress, then the beauty of your hands, neck and chest will not be overlooked.
  • You can use any jewelry and wear dresses of any style.
  • Lots of styling options and hairstyles themselves
  • Hair does not give discomfort and do not climb into the eyes, which helps to feel freer
  • Ease of execution
  • The ability to create a mysterious, romantic and luxurious image
  • You can choose the option for hair of almost any length
  • Hairstyle is quite comfortable and very practical, no need to worry about her safety

And the Greek style looks great in wedding hairstyles

Thus, wanting to improve and improve your image. Any girl can choose for themselves the option of Greek hairstyles and shine luxury at the intended celebration.

Features Greek styling

Speaking about the hairstyle in the Greek style, we present an airy, gentle, mysterious image. Soft curls, falling over the shoulders, neat and original accessories - this is what distinguishes this style from any other. The hair is fixed with hairpins or a garter, but the styling itself is not made taut and durable; an impression of slight unkempt and carelessness should be created. You will never call such a hairstyle ordinary or boring, such styling gives uniqueness, chic and a certain divinity to the mind.

As for the relevance of Greek hairstyles in various images, it should be understood that the best addition to it is a dress in the same style or at least some accessories resembling the accessories of Greek goddesses: double or triple hoop, satin ribbon, Greek stefana, flowers, barrettes. Excellent this type of styling is suitable for special occasions, for wedding hairstyles. And during the summer holidays on the beach, it is simply irreplaceable.

What hair is suitable for this hairstyle

As mentioned above, the invariable attribute of the Greek hairstyle are curvaceous soft curls. That is why this hairstyle is best suited for owners of thick curls. If your hair is naturally straight and smooth, then equip with styling products, curling irons or hair curlers - after a little tweaking over your hair, you will get an excellent “base” for further Greek styling.

About the length of the hair. Naturally, the most difficult, beautiful and original styling is easiest to do on long thick hair. But, with a little practice, you can quite cope with the task and on the hair of medium length. But owners of short hair will have to wait until they grow to the required length.

Recipes "delicious" hairstyles in Greek

Hairstyles in the Greek style have one feature at all: they always save deliberately casual lookwhich gives a highlight and tenderness of the goddess of beauty. They are divided into easy styling - they can be done in just five minutes and complex with weaving and curls that are ideal for an evening out.

Hairstyles in Greek style are now in great demand in everyday life and in wedding fashion: delicate, feminine hairstyles complement the image of the bride and make it especially luxurious!

At the same time, wedding styling presupposes the presence of styling products, and in everyday life, the Greek style disposes to a natural look of hair without “specific” fleece and numerous layers of varnish.

With a bandage - spectacular and stylish

The easiest hairstyle in Greek is the hairstyle with a bandage (or tiara). In a matter of minutes we get a gentle and feminine image of the goddess: there are variations for short and long hair. Here is a good example of a short hairstyle in Greek.

It should be noted that in ancient Greece, hairstyles with straight hair served their owners only on days of mourning, so the hair was either “curled” with a tape or with forceps. Well, now variations for curling weight: and iron, and curling, and curlers-minutes.

An important feature when creating any styling in Greek is to preserve ease hairstyles: use of styling products that do not weight the hair and do not stick together strands, as well as giving carelessness with the help of various effects: side strands “accidentally”, asymmetries.

If we are talking about long hair, hairstyles with a bandage have long been used by fashionistas: here there are options with bangs and without them. From accessories if you are not close Greek ribbons, you can use just such bandage (pictured below), looks stylish and refreshing image.

How to make a hairstyle with a dressing in the Greek style:

  1. Apply to clean hair styling agent, better foam or mousse, and distribute it evenly in your hair. If the hair needs additional volume, it is better to apply the agent for the volume in the root zone, and dry the hair with a hair dryer.
  2. We fix the lower part of the hair with an elastic band - this is necessary both for the convenience of work and for an even “twist” of the hair.
  3. In the place where the hair is fixed with a rubber band, we put a bandage and start spinning our “curl of passion”.
  4. We fix the bandage, and then - a matter of taste: either “relax the top”, tightening the curls to give volume and hide the parting, or leave it with a side parting or direct parting and slightly release a few thin strands to create a slight negligence effect.
  5. Nobody forbids to use varnish, but in this case - the minimum. If the “construction” is assembled correctly, then the strands will not unwind, so it does not make sense to lacquer the beauty strongly.

Melon hairstyle - hit the Greek women of fashion

The melon hairdo was styled in ancient Greece by Aspasia, the wife of the commander of Pericles. It is spectacular and if you have by nature curly long hair - to implement this hairstyle is not difficult. Modern variations on the theme of the hairstyle of ancient Greece in this style look breathtakingly.

In this photo, instead of a bandage from the fabric used bandages-braids, look quite impressive due to the fact that they are selected perfectly to the girl's hair color. At the same time, the top of the hairstyle was left straight, but there are also variations with hair wavy from the roots, on which the melon-like hairstyle looks no less impressive.

Both on that and on the other photo a different principle of assembling the hairstyle is used - in the latter it is more chaotic, but this is more than offset by a stylish decoration - a ribbon with stones. Make this hair at home is not difficult.

How to do the hands of the Greek noble styling:

  1. Curl the hair completely, or curl the bottom strands, or leave straight, depending on the effect you want to achieve.
  2. Make easy bouffant by dividing the strands horizontally from temple to temple. At the same time we comb hair up to the top, the rest of the head remains untouched.
  3. Then, depending on the option chosen:

a) straight hair - it is better to make a shell (fasten hair onto the side with hairpins and twist the curl vertically inwards and fix the result),

b) you can do the same with curls or just form a volume bundle from them (if the volume does not work out - chignon or roller will help).

  1. The upper strands are drawn back and fastened with the help of pins. We take the tape and overtighten her hair, creating a small semicircle on top. Luxurious hairstyle in Greek is ready!

Hairstyle hetera - refinement and restraint

Contrary to popular belief, heteras in ancient Greece were not girls for carnal comfort, but were a kind of spiritual companions: they were obliged to have an education and very often accompanied commanders and rulers during feasts.

Hairstyles hetera - in general terms - it is collected on the back of the head beam hair, covered with a cloth or collected into it, as in a bag. Now, to create the original of this hairstyle, Stefana is used - a light fabric, decorated with rhinestones or laces, with flowers.

To translate the idea of ​​this old hairstyle into life is very easy: wind the strands of hair into a small curling hair and gather the hair in a bun and slightly dissolve the curls, creating the effect of “free” styling. Attach the decoration with hairpins, and fix the result with varnish. Hair hetera ready!

Stunning Greek holiday recipes

Hairstyles of ancient Greece are a good help not only in everyday life, but also have many complex variations from stepped styling curls to weaving or combined.

In any case, a beautiful image of the goddess of beauty is created, and again, with a certain dexterity and desire, some complex hairstyles can also be implemented independently.

Curls play a crucial role in styling in Greek, so a good styling tool before creating curls will help make a quick “assembly” of a complex festive hairstyle and give it maximum durability.

Lampadion - flames

Got her celebrity after the historical film, where the beautiful Angelina Jolie made her the owner. It should be noted that the "tongues of flame" have variations with loose and gathered curls.

Hairstyle Lampadion do it yourself:

  1. Split the hair horizontally in half and on the back of the head to collect in the tail.
  2. Twist the curls and on the tail and released on the strands. Putting the tail in a bundle using stealth.
  3. We fix the hairstyle with the help of the upper strands: we spread the curls evenly over the head, creating a “wavy” volume. The bundle must also be “covered” with curls and, in this case, generously fix the styling with varnish.
  4. As you can see, the hairstyle is also available for "samostroya", but requires some skill. Feminine hairstyle "Lampadion" is ready!

Another version of this hairstyle allows you to leave the lower curls, and the knot of curls to fix a little higher, by the way, this option of styling and conquered all Jolie!

Greek braid - feminine and unique

To emphasize your individuality will help the hairstyle in Greek with a braid. Complex weaving, a huge field for fantasy gives a lot of variations on the theme of creating an evening or wedding hairstyle.

Weaving complex Greek braids:

  1. Divide the hair into a side parting: along the parting, choose three strands and start weaving.
  2. After the first steps we connect new bottom and side strands alternately.
  3. When we reached the area near the ear, on the other hand, which was not woven, we make a flagellum and begin to weave it into the Greek braid.
  4. Carefully pull the strands all over the spit to make the scythe look more voluminous.
  5. We fix the result and admire!

Regal Hairstyle in Greek for 5 minutes

The most popular and famous hairstyle of ancient Greece - greek knot. It has many variations, both simple and complicated, but in any case, it is a knot of hair, and how to make it is a place for fantasy!

Hair, separated by parting and curled, are collected in a bun, which fits into a voluminous knot with the help of hairpins and means for fixing the hairstyle.

The ideal hairstyle in this style is close to the original, it is created with strands or bangs released in front, as in Ancient Greece it was thought that the forehead should be covered (the distance from eyebrows to hair should not be more than two centimeters). Although modern interpretations are also beautiful and without ancient conventions.

This hairstyle can be created in a completely light “five-minute” style, especially if you are the owner thick hair (if not, it just takes more time for laying and creating additional volume): braid a large braid, starting from the forehead and not reaching the back of the head, fix with an elastic band. Screw the remaining tail and put the curls up, securing stealth. Luxurious hairstyle - Greek knot ready!

If you want to give your image femininity and special charm - the hairstyles of ancient Greece are able to give such an opportunity for every day and for special occasions. Decorate this world with yourself!

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Video lessons

Videos that introduce the Greek styling closer:

Greek hairstyles: for what occasion?

And greek hairstyle is appropriate both at graduation parties, weddings, holiday parties, and in everyday life.

Greek hairstyle is real art which involves a combination of the following qualities: elegance, convenience and romance of the image. All this makes the hair extraordinary.

Greek hairstyle suggests the presence of curled strands. This is the perfect solution for hair styling, curly by nature. If you - the owner of straight hair, then your hair should be curled along the entire length or only at the ends, it depends on the specific version of the hairstyle, which you choose.

Greek hairstyles are suitable for long hair

The hairstyle, made in the Greek style - a great choice for long hair, as a variant of elegant, careless styling. You can perform hair and hair of medium length.

The main features that distinguish the hairstyle in the Greek style - flowing curly strands. In this case, the hair is fully or partially assembled, sometimes it is envisaged to use a double or triple hoop.

Greek hairstyle - a real find for women who want to make their image romantic with the help of curled curls but don’t want to sacrifice comfort. Because hair completely or partially collected, they do not interfere. At the same time, they remain visible, showing beauty and romance.
The upper part of the Greek hairstyle is not a complex structure, which does not make this option less stylish than other classic evening hairstyles.

Hairstyle for greek goddess

In order to create the image of the Greek goddess, First you need to make a basis - to curl the hair along the entire length. Curls with no need to comb. Next, you will need all sorts of crabs, invisible hairpins and a hoop. Choosing with the help of them curls, you will create your own, unique, romantic image.

  • One of the simplest variants of the Greek hairstyle is hair from the sides, tied in a tail or fastened with a hairpin. Options for this hairstyle - many.
  • You can twist the hair from both sides into bundles, tucking them away from the face, and fasten them with a hairpin at the level of the neck. Another option is to braid pigtails (tight or loose), gathering them at the level of the ears in the tail, or fasten them with the help of invisible women. Thus, you get a gorgeous, original hairstyle.

  • You can in the same way to issue a hairstyle in the face, at the same time collect strands of hair in the side tail, falling free curls or elastic curls.
  • You can make a version of the Greek hairstyle without braids and braids. Using your fingers, give your hair a lush volume, straightening them at the roots, and then collect the hair in the tail at the neck or on the back of the head. Wear a hoop that looks great on a voluminous hairstyle.

  • Very elegant, and at the same time simple Greek hairstyle It turns out, if the hair curls are divided into a side parting.It will look very beautiful in the Greek hairstyle tail, if it is in the form of a fountain falls on the bulk of the hair.

  • You can collect curled locks entirely in a bun, which should be big enough. However, the observance of the Greek style involves the appropriate design of the hair strands in the face.
    Hair can be braided into braids, pigtails or lay loose strands, curled light wave. This style of Greek hairstyle is suitable for not very long hair. In this case, you can use an artificial tail.

  • Greek hairstyle can be framed with large hairpins with ribbons, stones or rhinestones. At the feast appropriate use of live flowers. However, the main principle here is not to overdo it. If you use a hoop, do not “clutter” your hair with many other accessories.

How to make a hairstyle in the Greek style with your own hands

Wash and dry hair. Using curlers or curlers, wrap curls of the same thickness along the entire length of the hair. Try to make the curls elastic and beautiful. Do not brush them. Do not forget to use special styling products that will make your hair look more stable, and also make your hair shiny and shiny. From the sides at the temples, scroll along the strands of hair, slightly fold them with a flagellum, then join them and fasten with a barrette.
The easiest and fastest version of everyday hairstyles in the Greek style is ready.

How to do your own hands hairstyle in the Greek style with a bandage step by step instructions

From the name it is clear that the bandage is used in this hairstyle. This style will look stylish and original. You can buy a bandage at any store specializing in the sale of hairpins, rubber bands and all sorts of female things for hairstyles, haircuts or fabrics.

Step-by-step master class with dressing

Clean hair combs back from the temple and forehead. It is better to immediately put a bandage on your head, which will hold the hair so that it does not stick in different directions. Divide your hair into three strands, two sides and one back. Take a strand on the right side, twisting it with a braid, push them under the bandage from top to bottom and twist it onto the bandage several turns, so the installation will seem more voluminous. Go to the back of the strand and also wind it on the bandage. And with the third strand doing the same thing. This hairstyle can perform in several ways:

  • the first option is described above,
  • the second option is similar manipulations, but the central part is not all wound, leave half and curl curls, they will be loose,
  • the third option - a bandage can be replaced by a braid braided from the hair at the temple.

Greek Style Hairstyle Tips:

  1. The hairstyle will become more voluminous if lightly done on the strands slightly,
  2. To make your hair easier to fit, put on them a styling mousse,
  3. The bandage can be replaced with a regular satin or other fabric tapes, even a handkerchief can play the role of a bandage. Silk decoration will subside, so be careful when using it,
  4. For the wedding hairstyle, you can use beautiful jewelry - tiara, tiara, crown, bezel and a wreath of flowers, for example,
  5. It is possible to fix the hairstyle with the help of the invisible and special means of fixing hair: varnishes, mousses, foams, gels, etc.

Simple hairstyle in the Greek style for long hair

And again we begin to create beauty on our head only after we wash and dry our hair, and also apply styling agent.
So, everyday simple Greek hairstyle for long hair is created in just a few minutes and is an excellent option for everyday styling.
Take the curled hair into a tail that can be made slightly on the side. Tie the base of the tail with a satin ribbon, the ends of which wrap the loose hair of the tail several times.

The tail of small braids looks very original.

Make it pretty simple, and the effect will be amazing. Divide the hair into the desired number of strands. From each strand braid braids. Note, once you can braid pigtails tightly, another time - carelessly, and each time you get a new hairstyle. The finished tail of braids is decorated with ribbons.

Hairstyle in the Greek style on medium hair photo

For medium hair, the perfect styling in the Greek style will be curled hair, combed back and fixed with a triple hoop. Some stylists recommend using ribbons or straps instead of the traditional hoop.

Also from the hair of medium length can braid braid, which is then wrapped around the head. To give a romance to the image, do not forget to release a few flowing curls around your face. Do not be afraid to use false tails and hairpieces. Gather the hair in a bun and attach to them a false tail, the hair of which is curled into curls or braided into pigtails. You can also try to fasten the curls in the tail curls with stealth at different heights and widths from the base of the tail. Decorate this hairstyle with hairpins with flowers.

Wedding hairstyle in the Greek style photo

Amazingly looks wedding hairstyle in the Greek style with a delicate wedding dress in the Empire style. Brush washed and dried hair. Separate the hair strand from the temple to another temple and wrap it with curling tongs or using heated hair curlers. This will give extra pomp and volume to the finished hairstyle. Then on both sides above the ears, collect hair in a ponytail. The remaining center-back hair strand gather in the third tail. Tails also twist into curls. It is advisable for this to use thin curling tongs to get neat strong curls. The resulting curls must sprinkle with varnish for a strong hold. Take the twisted front strand back and fasten it with stealth and hairpins. Then move the hair on the left side of the head to the right side and fasten it with stealth hair. Repeat the same steps on the reverse side. Under the curls at the base of the hairstyle, attach a veil. Decorate your hairstyle in bulk with small flowers.

Modern variations of Greek hairstyles for long hair

There are many options for styling in the Greek style. Some of them will turn out to be realized only with the help of a master, with others you can easily manage yourself.

This original and elegant styling requires some experience with hair. Hairstyle is performed on curls, and therefore to create a Greek knot is not always easy. Here is the instruction for its creation:

  1. Comb your hair and collect them in a tight bun on the back of your head, leaving a few curls falling along the cheekbones.
  2. Bundle fasten studs and tie it with ribbons.

Good advice: ideally, if you make up hairs forward, because in ancient Greece, a low forehead was in fashion. In addition, this action will not allow your curls to be disheveled. Look at what hairstyles from curls can be done.

Hair Style

This style will give your image tenderness and is perfect for every day. To perform the hairstyle, you will need Stefana (a special hair styling net decorated with rhinestones, gold threads and pebbles).

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly and curl it into frequent curls.
  2. Collect curls in a tight bundle on the back of his head.
  3. Cover the bundle with stefana, after releasing several curls from it.

Lampadion looks very stylish, spectacular and solemn, and resembles flames. From here there are some rough edges in the course of its creation.

  1. Comb your hair and divide it into a smooth parting to form a line.
  2. Separate the strand from the back of the head, tie it at the very base with a braid and curl into a spiral shape.
  3. We act in the same way with all strands.
  4. Select the main strand, pin all the curls with hairpins or invisible, fix the result.
  5. Collect the tips in a bun.

Weaving the Greek braid can be a variety of ways, but one thing that unites such styling: the braid should be skillfully wrapped around the head.

Here is one of the ways of weaving:

  1. Separate the hair into a smooth parting.
  2. Select three strands from the frontal zone of the head and begin to create a hairstyle, as if you were braiding a French braid. Weave the strands alternately left and right, constantly weaving all new and new hairs into them from below.
  3. As soon as one spit is ready on one half of the head, braid the other.
  4. To add volume, at the end of the weave, gently pull some strands across the entire braid.
  5. Connect the braids on the back of the head, securing them with stealth, ribbons or rubber band.

Choosing such an elegant styling, you can safely experiment with its implementation. For example, braid not one pigtail, but several rows of braids, make ornate instead of direct parting or weave ribbons.

Classic tail

With such styling can cope any beauty, even if she rarely does the hair on their own.

Just follow the steps below step by step:

  1. Curl your hair and fix the result.
  2. Collect the curls on the back of the head in the tail, fasten it with an elastic band and decorate the entire length with ribbons or beads.

Experimenting with the Greek tail, you can supplement it with artificial hair strands to create volume, as well as accessories for decoration.

With bandage

The fashion for the Greek styling with a bandage came relatively recently. This hairstyle is appropriate in any situation, whether it is work or your own wedding. A characteristic feature of Greek hairstyles with bandages is their pomp.

  1. Curl the curls, collect the hair back in a bun and secure it invisible.
  2. Release several strands so that they frame the face.
  3. Put a bandage on your head, letting your hair slightly to the forehead.

The second way to create a Greek styling with a bandage is more laborious, but the result will be worth the effort. To create a hairstyle, you will need a thin bandage, a chain or a string.

  1. Make a vertical parting.
  2. Lift the curls up and put a thin bandage on your head.
  3. Take a strand, twist it into a flagellum and wrap it under a bandage.
  4. Do the same all over the head, not forgetting to fix each strand of the invisible.

Ideally, the bandage should be almost completely hidden under the hair.

Greek hairstyle with bangs (video)

Styling in the Greek style is ideal for any bride, as she makes the girl visually slimmer and emphasizes the natural splendor of hair. Choosing a Greek styling for such an important day in your life, you will surely feel like a Greek goddess. For example, Aphrodite.

Make a simple, but very refined option for a wedding:

  1. Part of the strands gather on the back of the head.
  2. Curl the rest of your hair and let it luxuriously curl in luxurious curls, scattering over your shoulders.

This style is perfect for an open dress.

The wedding also looks great gathered up hair curls, fastened with a rim or ribbons. The image will be especially romantic if you add some confusion to the curls or release a couple of strands from under the hoop.

Classical wedding styling has become the Greek braid, which is an interweaving of loose braids along the face oval. Ribbons to match the color of the dress or live flowers, which will echo the flowers from the bride's bouquet, are used as decorations in this arrangement. For decoration, you can choose a hairpin or a stylish bow.

Any Greek hairstyle will look great at a gala event, be it a party, graduation or Viennese ball. Greek styling looks harmonious with evening make-up, jewelery and fancy dresses. And if you add accessories to your hair, then at the gala evening you will have no equal!

Nowadays it is very fashionable to use fresh flowers for hair decoration. The only condition for creating a divine image with fresh flowers is to visit the salon, where the stylist will help secure flowers in their hair.

Greek hairstyles: ideas and techniques

First of all, it is worth noting that hairstyles in the Greek style can be done on any length of hair and on any type of hair. That is, it will look good both on thin hair and thick, the main thing is to follow the rule of volume. Hair should look healthy and light. That is, no tightly tied and smoothly combed moments. The main component of almost all Greek hairstyles - curls, beautiful curly curls. It is from them that various weaving or hairstyles with accessories are made, such as a Greek gum or a rim.

In order to make a hairstyle in the Greek style with your own hands, stock up with rubber bands, hairpins, invisible beings, and always a curling iron for hair or hair curlers, as well as styling products.

1. Greek tail is the simplest, but at the same time relevant version of the Greek hairstyle, which can be done independently. Hairstyle should be done on long hair or long hair on the shoulders. For the tail you need a gum in hair color. So, for a start, comb your hair well, if there is a bang, then immediately separate it. Now curl your hair into curls and make a low side tail. The tail should not be bristled and tightly tied. Separate one strand of hair and twist it around the elastic band, hide the ends of the strands under the elastic band or under the tail. Greek tail is ready!

2. Beautiful and very feminine look Greek hairstyles with a Greek eraser or hoop. In order to make such a hairstyle, twist your hair in curls, put a Greek gum on your head, and gently tuck the strands along the gum. More information on how to make a hairstyle with a Greek eraser read: All about how to do a hair style in the Greek style with a rubber band and accessories.

3. But hairstyles with a Greek dressing are relevant at any time of the year and with any outfit. A girl with such a stylish accessory looks not only like a real fashionista, but also very charming. Read: The secret of the divine hairstyle: create an image with a Greek bandage.

4. If you want to make a Greek hairstyle in the hot summer or in a hot time, then this hairstyle is ideal. This is a high lush beam. In order to make this hairstyle, collect hair in a high horse's tail. Carefully collect the hair from the neck, so that nothing would disturb you. The hair that you have collected in the tail, braid in a simple pigtail and braid her tail base. The end of a pigtail can be hidden under the received bun, or neatly stabbedevidimkoy.

5. Going to a party and want to look divine? Greek hairstyle will help you with this. The hairstyle will look good on hair of any length. Twist the curls, gently comb them. Greek style, your hair style will add floral decoration. This may be a hairpin with a huge bright flower, with which you will pin strands or several elastics, with which you will neatly tie strands with curls.

6. Greek hairstyles with your own hands - it is easy and very fast, it is important to master the technique of hairstyles and learn how to handle naughty strands. The hairstyle of the Greek knot looks very nice. Hairstyle will be a great addition to the business image and will be appropriate for girls of any age.

7. It is no secret that Greek hairstyles are the basis of a chic evening look. Read: Greek style hairstyles: the best evening hairstyles. For any hairstyle in the Greek style you need to choose the right accessories. So, give preference to large hanging earrings, they will perfectly fit into your image with a Greek hairstyle.

Greek hairstyles are unique and divine! They will easily complement any style and will decorate your female image. Now you know how to make hairstyles in the Greek style with your own hands.

Watch the video: Twist Faux Braid. Greek Goddess. Halloween Hairstyles (April 2020).