Means for straightening hair at home

Smooth and docile strands - the dream of every woman. To realize it in reality is quite possible without expensive trips to the beauty salon and extreme ways. Independently make the curls smooth using a special ironing or hair dryer. An effective hair straightening mask made at home will also help. Prepare it from the improvised ingredients.

Hair Straighteners

Everyone knows the paradox: owners of perfectly straight and smooth hair dream of playful curls, and girls with luxurious curls sleep and see how their curls become perfectly straight. Irons and hair dryers, influencing high temperatures on the hair, do not have the best effect on its structure, destroying the strands and making them less attractive.

That is why you should pay attention to a more gentle home hair straightening. It is worth noting - you should not expect instant results. Cosmetic products are effective only in the case of regular use for a certain time. Such caring masks, creams and musas, designed for unruly and curly locks, also have a healing effect. They nourish the strands, restore the structure of the hair, and also contribute to its smoothing.

Common Ways

There are several ways to turn unruly curls into perfectly straight and shiny strands: chemical and mechanical. The latter, in turn, allow you to make your hair smooth at home by exposure to high temperatures. Mechanical methods of straightening involve the use of a special ironing, a professional hair dryer with an ionization function, a curling iron.

As for chemical leveling methods, they allow to achieve the desired effect by affecting the hair structure, covering it with a specific film. These include the following procedures: lamination, the use of cosmetic products (masks, balms, conditioners and shampoos), as well as straightening hair with keratin.

There are also popular methods that allow not only to achieve the desired result, but also to improve the appearance of hair, providing it with nutrients. The mask for straightening hair at home can be made on the basis of beer, sugar or gelatin.

Hair straightening using folk remedies

Silky and shiny curls can get any lady, without resorting to salon methods. So, in this girls coconut, castor, linseed or olive oil will help. For hair straightening, it fits perfectly. Oil is applied along the length of the strands. It slightly weights the hair, thereby aligning them. Colorless henna is also used for this purpose. Cosmetic masks from this product create the thinnest film, which also weights the curls, straightens them and prevents cross-section of the tips.

Some girls appreciated all the benefits of a low-alcohol beverage as a natural rectifier. A small amount of beer is applied to washed hair with a sponge. No less effectively straightens and strong tea with a small amount of sugar (no more than a teaspoon for one glass). The product is applied to the tips with a sponge and effectively straightens them. Blondes instead of tea use lemon juice, which has brightening properties. It adds decorative tools for straightening strands.

Homemade cosmetics

At home, you can prepare a variety of tools that will straighten the hair. For example, with the help of available ingredients you can prepare a straightening hair cream:

  1. Based on oils. To prepare, it is necessary to slightly warm almond, coconut or olive oil, apply it with massaging movements on the scalp and gently rub it. Then wrap the hair with a towel or plastic wrap and leave for a few minutes before washing.
  2. Based on honey. It is necessary to mix a few spoons of sweet flower product with mashed strawberries and milk. Rub the mixture into the root area and leave for half an hour. Wash off with regular shampoo.

There is another good recipe, with the help of which you can make homemade cream (based on butter) especially for unruly hair. It is necessary to warm up a few tablespoons of almond oil, apply on hair and cover the head with plastic wrap. Then comb the strands and re-cover for half an hour. This tool will help straighten hair, as well as protect them from the effects of ironing or hair dryer. In addition, there are several fairly simple recipes that allow not only straighten unruly hair, but also give them a well-groomed appearance and healthy shine.

Hair straightening masks

Hair care products for leveling hair are sufficiently effective with regular use. White henna is very popular among the owners of disobedient curls. The hair straightening mask (at home) based on it is highly effective.

The natural product gives hair a healthy shine, and also makes it softer and more docile. For the preparation of cosmetics it is necessary to dissolve henna with water and apply it on the hair. Mass we hold on the strands 45 minutes. Then wash off with warm water. When using such a mask at least twice a week for several months, you can see an obvious result. Hair becomes smooth and manageable, gaining a healthy look and characteristic shine.

Natural ingredients for healthy hair

All the nobility of an exquisite drink can be used for the natural beauty of long hair. Cognac - the best mask for straightening hair at home. The recipe is very simple. For the preparation of brandy balm will need a quarter cup of alcohol and the same amount of chamomile broth. It should immediately be noted one feature of the recipe - brandy can give a slightly darkish hue, so this ingredient is best used by girls with dark curls.

Cognac mask for hair straightening, made at home, is also recommended for weakened locks, prone to loss. A mixture of alcoholic drink and chamomile must be gently applied to the hair along the entire length - this can be done using a cotton pad. Leave for half an hour, covering his head with a towel or plastic wrap, and then rinse with water.

Gelatin mask, made at home

The following ingredients are needed to make a cosmetic: one bag of gelatin and 3 tablespoons of warm water. We combine these components in the same container and mix well. Leave for a while to swell. After that, the mixture must be heated to complete dissolution in a water bath and mixed with a small amount of hair balm. Apply to clean and damp hair, wrap your head with cling film and leave for 50 minutes. After that, rinse without using shampoo.

This mask is used for home lamination hair. As a result, the curls become shiny and silky, obedient and well-groomed. This tool has several advantages. First, such a mask can be used an unlimited number of times. Secondly, gelatin contains in its composition natural protein, which is necessary for normal hair growth. Thirdly, the mask is available to every representative of the beautiful half of humanity. In the case when you need an instant result, you can refer to the mechanical methods of straightening hair at home. For these purposes, you need a special iron or a professional hair dryer with ionization.

How to straighten hair with the iron?

To straighten strands you will need the following set of tools:

  • flat comb,
  • barrette,
  • directly iron itself,
  • means to protect the hair from exposure to high temperatures.

In no case can not straighten wet or even wet curls. After complete drying, you need to treat your hair with a thermal protective agent and collect it on the back of your head, leaving small strands. Separating the curls one by one, gently iron them with a curling iron. Remember that for perfectly smooth and smooth hair it is not at all necessary to go to beauty salons and buy expensive medications. Mask for hair straightening, made by hand, is a no less effective tool that will help to achieve the desired result.

Straightening agents

Each procedure for straightening strands has its pros and cons. It can fit or not for a specific type of curls.

Hair Smoothing Agent there are many, because lately straight curls are considered the most fashionable.

Products for hair straightening are divided into the following types:

  1. Means for straightening hair at home.
  2. Production.
  3. Mechanical.
  4. Saloon.
  5. Chemical.

Chemical smoothing

This method strands straightened before. Now you can perform many similar procedures that will be more secure. If a perm was made, but it failed, then the strands can be straightened with the help of Locking for straightening.

On chemically curled strands need apply products for perm on the entire surface of the hair, it is necessary to retreat from the roots of 4 cm.

Further strands should comb a comb with frequent teeth. Then strands need to be well smoothed palms, and on the eyes of the curls after perm become straight. After 5 minutes, the composition should be washed off from the head, then apply the fixer, then you should wait three minutes.

After applying the “Lock” means, the strands should be washed with shampoo, then follows apply a grooming mask for 15 minutes. After that strands become straight, docile and soft. This procedure can be carried out at home. This smoothing agent for hair is the most gentle and affordable for purchase. You can purchase LoCone at any store.

Chemical smoothing can be done at the beauty salon. There, the master will apply special potent substances to the curls that have a leveling effect on the most curly and unruly strands. During chemical straightening in the beauty salon, three substances are used:

  • Ammonium Thioglycolate
  • Guanidine hydroxide.
  • Sodium hydroxide.

The most negative composition is that in which sodium hydroxide is included, which is otherwise called caustic soda. This composition is used only for the most unruly and voluminous hair. Destructive action: soda dissolves the keratin membrane of the curl, due to this straightening occurs. Guanidine hydroxide is the softest substance, it does not remove keratin from the hair, but it causes drying of the curls.

Ammonium thioglycolate is considered the most delicate agent for chemical procedures. Applying it need to be careful, because it can adversely affect the scalp, deplete the hair structure and contribute to a sharp thinning of the curls.

Advantages of chemical smoothing:

  • the procedure is effective for the most disobedient strands,
  • long lasting effect.

  • if the composition is chosen incorrectly, the strands will lose their attractive appearance,
  • even the most benign remedies have a negative effect on curls.


All hair is treated with a colorless composition and passes through it with an iron. The result is a protective film.

Suitable for:

  • Fine hair
  • Brittle, stained,
  • Weakened and dull.

During lamination of colored curly strands, not only straightening occurs, but also color protection.

Price: from 1 250 rub. and higher.

Keratin leveling

This is a special salon procedure, after which the strands become smooth, smooth, acquire a healthy sheen and become soft. Keratin straightening helps in the treatment of hair, with the procedure being saturated with beneficial substances.

This helps to reduce the fluffiness of the hair, protects the styling from the negative influence of the environment. For keratin straightening in salons special formulations are usedwhich were developed specifically for this procedure by popular cosmetic brands of the world. The most popular tools are:

  1. Kerarganic
  2. Global keratin.
  3. Brazilian blowout.

The compositions differ in the method of application. Some are distributed on wet hair, while others are dry. Advantages of keratin straightening:

  • A thermal barrier is created, allowing you to use a curling iron and a hairdryer without fear.
  • There is a protection of hair from exposure to ultraviolet rays and the negative influence of sea salt water.
  • Restores the hair structure.
  • The hair becomes obedient, soft and easy to lay.

  • at violation of technology of performance of procedure there is a loss of curls,
  • keratin straightening should be repeated 1 time in 4 months,
  • high price.

Mechanical means

Mechanical hair straightening involves the use of special electrical devices, these include: iron, curling iron and hair dryer. Mechanical devices have a short-lasting effect, unlike hair smoothing agents. If you use a good professional iron or hair dryer, the effect can last up to 3 days.

Hair straightening using a hair dryer considered the easiest. To do this, dry the hair in the direction of hair growth. This will help ordinary plastic comb. Ironing is also easy to use, but before the procedure you need to use a heat spray, otherwise there is a risk of burning the strands.

How to straighten hair with a flat iron:

  1. It is necessary to wash and dry the head. On the strands of hair need to apply a heat spray.
  2. Strands should be stabbed at the crown with a rubber band or a special clip. It is necessary to release the lower strand.
  3. Ironing need to hold on the curl from the root to the tip. Strands must be straightened quickly; no prolonged contact between the hot surface of the hair straightener and the hair should be allowed.
  4. Thus, it is necessary to work out the whole head. At the end of the strands need to sprinkle with varnish to secure the effect.

The advantages of mechanical straightening:

  • this procedure can be carried out anywhere, the device can be taken with you to the sea, cottage or to visit,
  • the procedure is carried out in a short time
  • straighten iron strands is very simple to cope with this task any girl.

  • Short validity period.
  • Curls remain straight for a short time, especially quickly the effect of straight hair will take place in conditions of high humidity.
  • When using the styler, a negative effect of high temperature on the structure of the curls occurs.
  • Frequent use of a hair dryer or ironing strands begin to dim, break and split.

Manufacturing products

These cosmetic products can be purchased at any store. These include balms and shampoos for straightening.

Included special weighting agents: oils, sulphates and silicones.The effect of the smoothing means is short, if the girl is in high humidity, then the strands will quickly take on their original state, that is, they will start to curl.

Cream for straightening. This tool not only smoothes strands, but also nourishes them, thickens and restores the structure. Because of the large number of active substances, hair becomes dirty quickly. Most popular products:

  1. Lissultim from L’Oreal Profesional.
  2. Studioline Hot Liss from L’Oreal Paris.
  3. Shockwave.

Spray Rectifier

This tool has a light texture, quickly distributed and applied to the hair. When using hair-straightening products, the hair is permanently protected from exposure to high temperatures, the curls are aligned, acquire shine and beauty. Spray rectifier is considered the most affordable way to straighten curls.

  • Easy to use.
  • Improves the appearance of hair.
  • Shine appears.
  • Harmless composition.
  • Effective.
  • Easily accessible.

  • strands can stick together,
  • short effect
  • underline split ends
  • uneconomical.

Home remedies

Home remedies are prepared on the basis of oils, food and herbs. They are most useful for straightening curls. Straightening at home is the most benign, but it has a short-lasting effect. The following products are most commonly used to align strands:

  1. Beer.
  2. Alcohol.
  3. Cognac.
  4. Butter.
  5. Kefir.
  6. Vinegar.
  7. Gelatin.
  8. Lemon juice.

Smoothing masks with the use of natural ingredients are made immediately before use. These products have a slight smoothing effect, but at the same time hair nutrition, treatment and restoration damaged structure.

Cognac mask recipe:

  • You need to mix half a glass of brandy and half a glass of strained pharmaceutical chamomile broth.
  • This composition should be rubbed or rinsed hair.
  • Next, let the hair shrivel for half an hour, then rinse it thoroughly with water.

  1. It has a rectifying effect. With this tool you can safely smooth strands.
  2. To prepare the composition it is necessary to mix the following ingredients: castor oil 3 parts, burdock 3 parts, olive 2 parts.
  3. The mixture must be heated in a water bath, put on the entire length of the curls.
  4. This mask can not be applied to the roots, because they will become fat.
  5. Next, the mixture should be left under the cap for one hour.
  6. To mask showed the best result, it must be done twice a week.

After two or three applications, you can not recognize your hair: they become healthy, shiny and smooth. How to apply a mask for hair straightening:

  • Depending on the type of curls, you can remove, change components or change proportions.
  • The mask should be applied only on freshly washed, slightly dried and well-combed strands.
  • After applying the composition, the curls must be combed and stabbed again, so that they do not become entangled.
  • You should wear a plastic cap on your hair, and wrap your head with a towel over the top so that the mask is warm and not dry.
  • Typically, the exposure time is from 20 minutes to an hour. The period is determined depending on the composition of the mask.
  • It is advisable to wash it off without the use of shampoo.
  • After the procedure, you can not use a dryer for drying.
  • The hair should be dried naturally, while combing it with a comb with frequent teeth.

Gelatin mask - an alternative to hair lamination

Gelatin has the same effect as lamination. This product is the leader among the rectifying components at home.

Before the procedure, you must prepare the gelatin in advance, it must be taken in the amount of 3 tablespoons per cup of warm water. Gelatin is necessary stir thoroughly in waterso that there are no lumps. While the composition is infused, you need to wash the curls.

When gelatin swells, you need to add a little balm for hair. It is necessary that the mask is easier to wash off the hair. Cooked remedy necessary put on the entire length of the curls except for the root zone. After applying the composition on the strands, you need to wrap your head with a warm towel. The mask is aged for 45 minutes. It should be washed off with cool water without shampoo.

To make the effect of the mask longer, can apply medicinal herbs. For this purpose, suitable hop cones, nettle and chamomile. If gelatin is poured not with water, but with an extract of the herbs listed above, then in addition to straightening the curls, their strengthening will occur. If you add 4 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 3 drops of lavender oil to the basic composition of gelatin, the mask will help you well from dry and brittle hair.

Rinsing with vinegar

Apple vinegar is used for cosmetic procedures. Its main feature is water softening, so regular rinsing curls with vinegar in the amount of one tablespoon per liter of water makes the hair more docile, radiant and heavy.

Hair can be straightened in a beauty salon or at home. It all depends on the desire of the girl. Home procedures give a short effect, and salon manipulations, for example, keratin straightening can last up to 3 months.

Straighten curls with different methods.

Smoothing a disobedient hairstyle can be a variety of ways:

  • Apply cosmetics to straighten curly hair. There are a lot of those on the modern market - these are shampoos, balms, sprays and serums, which, due to the silicone content, make the hairstyle heavier, from which it is smoothed.

Photo: spray for straightening

  • Keratin (Brazilian) stretching. Means for keratin hair straightening have protein in their composition, which the hair pores are saturated with, also methane, which causes a lot of controversy, but its concentration is not so high as to harm the body.

The iron is an effective method of pulling curls, but not harmless

  • Straightening iron and hairdryer. These are the most common methods, but, can badly affect the health of hair, if you resort to them very often.
  • Traditional products, the composition of which is only from natural products.

Keratin Straighteners

Keratin stretching is a procedure that hairdressers are increasingly practicing. The method is valid and smooth hair for 3-6 months.

The process consists of several steps:

Photo BEFORE and AFTER Brazilian straightening

  1. At first, the curls are well washed with a special shampoo, which deeply cleanses the strands of dust, sebum, particles of styling products. After using such a shampoo, curls become susceptible to the application of subsequent compositions.
  2. After washing, the composition is applied to the curls, the amount of which is determined by the master, after which the locks are dried with a hairdryer.
  3. Heated to 230 degrees ironing pull each separately taken strand, smoothing all the scales.
  4. After the procedure, it is forbidden to wash your hair for the first three days, and after using a mask and a balm, it is provided specifically for the keratin-treated hairstyle.

One of the favorite brands of keratinizing products

Keratin hair straightening products used by hairdressers create many campaigns, but there are three obvious favorites:

  • Inoar Professional.
  • BrazillianBlowout.
  • Cocochoco.

Pay attention! If you decide to do keratinization with your own hands, then it is better to abandon such an undertaking. The procedure requires special knowledge and skills possessed only by a professional stylist.

If you want to quit your hair in integrity and safety, then it is better not to risk it.

Give the hair smoothness by traditional means

How to straighten hair with traditional means is a question that arises for many. There are a huge number of recipes that will free you from the problematic hairstyle.

Below are more popular hair straightening products that everyone can cook.

Black tea with sugar is a quick and usual straightener.

Warm the head with a film and a towel, and an hour later, rinse the composition with shampoo. The function is carried out 2 times a week.

Carefully soak the straps with the acquired consistency and leave for 30-40 minutes. After a given period of time, rinse everything under running water.

Pay attention! If you are a bearer of light hair, then means with brandy and tea can give it a light brown color.


A wonderful hair straightener - which removes fluff, is biolamination. The essence is that the strands are covered with a thin film, the structure of which allows the hair to breathe.

Light fluffiness and curls are straightened, but due to the enveloping composition, the hair becomes not only large, but also shiny.

Here are used the following, specially intended for the procedure means - shampoo, lamination cream, air conditioner, moisturizing mask.

The process takes place in several steps:

  1. Washing hair with shampoo for lamination.
  2. Applying the cream and keeping it under hot air for about 20 minutes.
  3. After washing, the air conditioner is applied and aged on the curls for about 10 minutes.
  4. The hair is well washed and a moisturizing mask is applied, which is left on the strands for 10 minutes.

The result after carrying out biolamination

At home, the girls resort to gelatin lamination hair. The traditional recipe is:

Soak in glassware 1 tbsp. l gelatin 3 tbsp. spoons of hot water, if there are lumps, then get rid of their shackles by heating the steam and slowly stir the mixture. Leave the composition to cool, then add an incomplete tablespoon of balsam or mask before application.

Eggs and various oils can be added to the standard gelatin composition.

Spread the composition on each strand, departing from the root of 2 cm. Wrap your head with plastic wrap and a towel. Leave for 40 minutes. Rinse under running water and rinse with a decoction of herbs.

Perform the function every week.

You see, there are quite a few straighteners. There is a choice - even if the budget is limited, because you can always turn to cheaper homemade recipes. Choose the best option for yourself, and you can amaze others with your unsurpassed appearance every day.

The video in this article will demonstrate our theme in a pleasant way.


This coating strands ceramide composition, which may even be colored. When this occurs simultaneously with straightening the coloring of gray hair. For a couple of weeks, washed off and requires repetition.

Price: from 1 000 rub. and higher.

Keratin straightening

This salon procedure is not only an external result, but also the treatment of hair with substances useful to it. Cosmetic effect - elimination of fluffiness. In the salons use special formulations of world manufacturers. Depending on the manufacturer and, accordingly, the composition, and changes the method of application.

The most popular are:

  • Cocochoco
  • Cadeveu,
  • BrazilianBlowout,
  • Globalkeratin
  • Keratin Reseach.

In addition to curly, this procedure is indicated for dry curls, such that are heavily damaged or regularly exposed to thermo-impact.

By time, keratin straighteninglasts up to three hours. And includes phased processing:

  • Professional deep cleaning,
  • Application of keratin composition for the entire length,
  • Drying with the use of a hair dryer and thermal tongs.

Price: from 3 200 rub. and higher.

Keratin straightening - before and after the procedure

Straightening Chemicals

The main point of the procedure is the application to the locks of potent chemical components that straighten unruly strands.

To do this, use:

  • The main point of the procedure is the application to the curls of potent chemical components that straighten unruly strands. Ammonium thyogolate. This is the softest of the presented chemical preparation for smoothing hair. May have a negative effect on the density of hair, damaging their very structure.
  • Guanide hydroxide. It is considered not strongly aggressive, although it dries curls that lose their luster and volume after exposure.
  • Sodium hydroxide. The second name of the drug is caustic soda. Can only be used on very curly hair. It turns out a very negative effect on keratin hair. Straightening is due to its destruction, which can not but affect the health of the curls, their brightness and volume.

Home Cosmetics

Aspiring to the smoothness of the curls, you can turn your attention to cosmetic products aimed at home use. There are whole lines with popular brands. Balsams, indelible means and masks are able to have a smoothing effect due to moisture and nutrition. For heavily curly hair these products will not be enough.

Mask "Straightening" from KeraSys

Effective remedy that has a quick effect on the structure of the curls. It is enough to rub the mask into the wet strands for 1 minute, and then rinse with water. Hair practically does not push, and the acquired shine makes them more spectacular.

Price: from 300 rub. with a volume of 200 ml.

KeratinSmooth Treatment by Marc Anthony

This tool is suitable even for heavily curly hair, which acquire not only smoothness, but also shine. With continued use, the effect will persist. Otherwise, after the next shampooing, the hair will start to curl a little again.

Price: from 2 200 rub. for 100 ml.

LissOltime Professional Liss Ultime Cream

Indelible care for unruly hair. Smoothes, enveloping the protective film. It protects against external factors. It has a healing effect due to the patented complex. Curls do not push. The composition of ceramides nourishes and moisturizes.

Price: from 700 rubles for 150 ml.

Balsam "Vinegar"


  • 2 tbsp. l mineral water
  • 2 tbsp. l apple cider vinegar,
  • 1 tsp almond oil.

The mixture is applied to the strands rubbing. After ½ hour wash off.

Balsam "oil"


You can warm the mixture in a water bath while stirring. Carefully apply to the entire surface of the hair, trying not to fall on the roots. Cover the head with a film, and on top with a towel. After 60 minutes, rinse with shampoo. To achieve the result, it is recommended to repeat every 3-4 days.

Tea Balsam

  • Brew 1 cup of black tea.
  • Mix with 1 tsp. Sahara.
  • Apply to wet strands.
  • Balsam "Beer"

To apply dark beer on wet locks very carefully. At the same time constantly combing them until they become completely smooth. If you want to speed up the process, you can use a hairdryer.

Gelatin lamination

  1. Soak: 1 tbsp. l gelatin with 3 tbsp. l hot water.
  2. Leave to cool, avoiding lumps.
  3. To the mixture add 1 tbsp. l hair masks or balm.
  4. Apply the entire length, not reaching a couple of centimeters from the roots.
  5. Wrap your head in a wrap and towel.
  6. To sustain 40 minutes.
  7. Wash off with water.
  8. You can rinse a decoction of herbs.

Note: can be repeated every 7 days.

Folk remedies - before and after use

Efficiency, advantages and disadvantages

  • Chemical smoothing gives a prolonged effect, even on very curly hair. But at the same time exerting a negative impact on them and in some cases worsening the overall appearance of the hairstyle.
  • Keratin straightening restores hair structure, removes fluffiness, protects from sunshine, creates thermal protection. For a permanent result, the procedure should be repeated every three, and at most four, months. It is worth noting the high cost.
  • Industrial tools are affordable and easy to use, give shine to hair. But the effect of their use is short-lived, it happens that they stick together strands and emphasize the dry ends of the hair.
  • Lamination does not give full straightening of strongly curling and curly curls. Refers to useful procedures.


Strictly speaking, the result that beauties crave for is not quite consistent with the epithet straight. The latter may be dull, and dry, and split. It requires exactly smooth and shiny hair, that is, by straightening is also meant a certain care, or at least the absence of harm.

There are 3 groups of methods:

  • instrumental - for leveling use special tools: irons and curling mainly. You can succeed with the help of a conventional hair dryer and a comb, although this method requires a lot of experience. Hair is subjected to heat treatment, which is not quite safe,
  • procedural - keratin straightening curls, for example. In this case, a certain chemical reaction occurs, due to which some bonds in the structure are broken and the hair shaft loses its shape. Some of them are quite aggressive, some are even recommended for protection with too brittle strands,
  • leveling agents - balms, styling gels, serums, special masks and so on. The principle of operation is usually this: the substance envelops the hair along the length, forming a film. And, since this film has a lot of weight for it, it is leveled out under additional weight.

The third option is certainly safer: this composition does not affect the structure, but provides a purely mechanical effect. However, such a film is quickly contaminated, the product must be washed off a few hours after application. In addition, for weakened hair, excess weight can be disastrous.

At home, you can successfully use both popular and professional means with the exception of procedural.


The action of the tools is based on heat treatment. At a sufficiently high temperature, the hair shaft loses its rigidity and becomes much more docile and elastic. If in such a “relaxed” state it is given a different shape, the hair will hold it for a while.

Depending on the nature of the strands - thin, dry, hard, smoothing temperature should be different. In any case, preference should be given to the device capable of operating in different temperature conditions. If this is not possible, you need to choose a tool that matches your type of hair.

The structure of the weight of the devices are divided into 3 main groups.

  • Iron - a classic version. It consists of two metal plates between which a strand is placed. Current is applied to the plates, they heat up, and the hair becomes more docile under the influence of temperature. Ironing is slowly carried out under the length of the curl and get a smooth smooth strand.

The advantage of this solution is universality and accessibility. And for thin, and for the toughest curls, you can pick up the appropriate tool. They can work as a professional and amateur. The cost of models varies widely. Minus - the hair is charged with electricity and with frequent use ironing strongly dries. The first drawback can be corrected if you buy a tool with a ceramic coating, the second drawback, alas, is a drawback of the method itself.

  • Curling iron - in the first place, is designed for curling, however, and for straightening at home is quite suitable. The principle of operation is the same: the strand is held in the clamp and then the curling iron moves along the length. This is capable of smoothing out hard hair, as this effect is weaker, and with increasing temperature it is easy to burn curls.
  • Hair dryer - only hot air has a smoothing effect. For the procedure, strands are picked up by a comb and slowly combed, directing a stream of hot air to it. After straightening, it is necessary to treat the hair with cold air.

Again, this method is powerless with thick, hard hair. Thin and soft it is possible to align. In comparison with the iron or curling iron, the action of a hair dryer is much safer.


The main difference of the salon procedure is the sustainability of the result. If regular straightening with the help of an ironing provides the effect of straight hair for 1 day, maximum until the first wash, then after applying professional tools and technologies, the result is maintained for up to 1 to several months.

  • Keratin straightening - cosmetic procedures of this kind combine mechanical and chemical effects. In this case, strands after thorough deep cleaning, which itself makes the hair softer, are treated with a special composition containing a large amount of keratins. Such a "glut" makes hair soft and docile. The tool is applied at a small distance from the root, otherwise the straight curls will lose volume, and then dried with a hairdryer and pulled out with an iron at a temperature of 230 C.

With such a strong heating keratin, absorbed into the cuticle, is folded, and fixes the shape given to the hair. Strands become very smooth, even, as keratin, among other things, fills the irregularities. The result, depending on the stiffness of the hair and the experience of the master, is held from 1 to 5 months.

  • Brazilian straightening - in fact, the procedure is the same, but the keratin composition is enriched with extracts of Brazilian herbs and various oils. This composition provides not only alignment, but also nutrition, and hydration of the hair. Its effectiveness increases with the repetition of the procedure. On average, the result is held from 3 to 6 months.
  • Japanese - rectifying means in this case are used the most potent. The main composition is enriched with proteins and vitamins, so the procedure not only does not affect the curls' health, but also provides smoothness and shine. The technology, in principle, is used the same, but, thanks to numerous special components, the performance of the Japanese method is noticeably higher - at least 2 years.

The procedure is long - up to 8 hours, depending on the type of strands. However, this technology guarantees the straightening of the most stubborn curls.

  • Chemical - based on the use of sodium hydroxide or ammonium thioglycolate. When processing the hair means partially destroy the cuticle. They penetrate the cortical layer and make it more friable. Accordingly, the hair straightens, but becomes more brittle and dry and needs additional care. Sodium hydroxide is more aggressive, but the result lasts longer.
  • Biolamination - the procedure consists of several stages: first, the hair is washed with a special shampoo for lamination, then cream is applied to the strands. In this case, curls treated with a stream of hot air for at least 20 minutes. The cream is washed off, an air conditioner is applied, which is held for another 10 minutes, and the moisturizing mask completes the procedure. The essence of biolamination is to create a vapor-permeable film around each hair. It does not interfere with the passage of oxygen or water, but at the same time smooth the cuticle and straighten curls.

The smoothing effect of lamination is not only long - up to 4–5 months, but also safe. Moreover, the film serves as a good protection for loose strands.


The chemical effect of masks, creams and lotions is rather conditional, but quite effective. Most often it is based on the introduction of substances into the cuticle with the aim, on the one hand, to achieve high smoothness of the hair, and on the other - to weight it and force it to straighten up under its own weight.

Most manufacturers of cosmetics for hair, of course, produce and this kind of funds. The best among them is difficult to choose, it all depends on the state of the curls, the degree of curliness and even color. The most famous include the following.

  • Moroccanoil is an Israeli company producing a whole line of products for leveling: shampoo, mask, conditioner, and even indelible lotion. Their composition includes a complex of amino acids - AminoRenew, which provides shine and softness of the strands for 72 hours. The cost of various funds ranges from 2420 to 3200 p.
  • Sleek Smoother Straightening Treatment by Londa Professional - mask for curls. As part of its avocado oil and wheat germ. They do not create a feeling of stickiness, but at the same time force the hair to even out. In addition, the oil perfectly retains moisture. Mask price - 1292 p.
  • Enrich from Wella Professionals - cream containing silk proteins. Apply cream on the entire length of the strands before laying, the effect is retained for about a day. The cost is quite affordable - 685 p.
  • Taming Elixir from Sebastian Professional - serum used before laying, in particular, before using ironing. Besides the fact that it provides the softness of the strands and makes them more docile, the serum has thermoprotective properties. Worth serum 1791 p.
  • Paul Mitchel - includes shampoo, conditioner, masks, balsams and other means for straightening. It is used both when washing a head, and before laying. All products line protects the hair from the action of ultraviolet radiation. Shampoos and conditioners cost from 365 to 675 p.


To get even and smooth strands, you can use and folk remedies. There are quite a few such recipes, the effectiveness of some of them allows to cope with the most unruly curls. However, unlike salon procedures, such methods do not give long-term results.

Quite often, homemade masks and conditioners are combined with the instrumental method: you can use a hair dryer or curling iron at home with the same success. However, when weak and thin curls are recommended to do without ironing.

Most recipes are based on the effects of butter or low alcohol. Oils make hair heavier, forcing it to even out under its own weight. Alcohol, impregnates the cuticle and when dried gives the hair greater rigidity. Sometimes both means combine.

  • Oil masks - use burdock, castor, and even olive oil. In fact, this is an ordinary oil mask, at the same time caring and straightening. Record for straightening is shea butter, it is used by Africans to cope with small curls.

Europeans are more likely to use other smoothing compounds: 2 tablespoons of castor oil, 3 teaspoons of burdock mixed, moistened each strand, without touching the scalp. Then the hair is wrapped in a warm towel and an hour later the mask is washed off with warm water and shampoo. The procedure is repeated twice a week.

  • Rinse based on apple cider vinegar is popular. For him, mix a teaspoon of vinegar, the same amount of alcohol, half a tablespoon of apple juice and a tablespoon of lemon juice. The concentrate is diluted in 0.5 liters of water. This composition rinse the hair after each wash. The tool is suitable for light curls, as lemon juice has a bleaching effect.
  • And apple cider vinegar, and alcohol, or rather, brandy, you can use the "solo" as a mask. The liquid is applied to the scalp, combed strands and hold the mask for 1 hour. Then wash off with warm water. In addition to the smoothness of the composition will give shine shine and elasticity.

A mixture of 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, the same amount of mineral water and a teaspoon of almond oil can be olive, but the effect will be weaker, applied to the strands and held for 40 minutes. Then wash off.

  • Straighten curls can be a balsam based on brandy: equal proportions of chamomile and brandy decoction are mixed, swab applied to curls and hold for 30 minutes.
  • A very simple way - a glass of strong black tea with a teaspoon of sugar. Tea is applied on wet curls and allowed to dry. Both the tea mask and the cognac mask are more suitable for dark hair, since both substances give the hair a brown tint.
  • Beer is a tool that even professional hairdressers resort to. Depending on the color, dark or light beer is thoroughly saturated with slightly damp hair and allowed to dry. At the same time the strands are constantly combed slightly pulling. As a result, get very smooth hair.

Beer can be mixed with olive oil - half a cup of 2 tablespoons. This mask is held for at least 45 minutes, be sure to warm with a towel, and wash off with warm water.

Tips on how to safely straighten hair and make it smooth at home:

The desire to change your appearance is inherent in man from nature. And folk recipes, and special compositions from different manufacturers quite allow it. Reviews of various tools can be found on any women's forum.

  • Catherine, 35 years old: “My hair is not that curly, but simply disobedient. For daily styling using conventional gel or wax. But when I seriously want to get rid of curls, I use a beer mask: it is very easy to make, and the effect is long. The only drawback: when washing with beer it smells a lot. ”
  • Irina, 43 years old: “To get rid of curly locks, I use products from Wella. The cream is very light, the strands do not stick together, there is no greasy luster. The effect lasts for a day, but I don’t need more. ”
  • Marina, 23 years old: “The hair is only slightly curly, but fluffy, too light and quickly confused. 2 times a week I make a mask with almond oil, and for daily care I prefer indelible oil: it is very light, takes care of curls, and straightens it. ”
  • Veronica, 28 years old: “I really love Londa Professional masks: I need care for both straight and curly hair. If you have time, gelatinous lamination is done at home. Of course, it cannot be compared with the Brazilian one, but the effect lasts a week. ”
  • Svetlana, 33 years old: “I made biolamination a couple of times to make my hair perfectly smooth. The result was held for 4 months - I have hard hair. I also use an iron with an ionization function, and for styling - a composition from Sebastian Professional. It is thermally protected. ”

Means for straightening and leveling hair can be very different. Make curls smooth and obedient, you can with the help of tools, and using cosmetics of all kinds, and resorting to salon procedures.

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Hair straightening hair dryer with ionization

Ionization is necessary for smoothing the hair structure, as well as getting rid of static electricity. Such a hairdryer straightens hair no less effectively than an iron, but does not injure their surface. The effect is achieved under the influence of microparticles - ions. They prevent drying of hair under a stream of hot air. Under the influence of ions, the electrical balance of the hair is normalized.

This allows you to achieve noticeable results:

  • Curls are smoothed.
  • Fragility decreases.
  • The formation of split ends is prevented.
  • Eliminated fluff.
  • Laying is stored for 3 - 4 days.

Ionizing hair dryer helps moisture soak into hair faster. In this case, only its excess evaporates. This allows you to avoid increased fat or dryness, as well as maintain smoothness until the next shampooing.

Hair straightening hair dryer and large brushing

Thanks to the round holes in the base of the brushing, it is possible to prevent the hair from heating.

Features of the procedure depend on the type of such a comb:

  • Ceramic base is designed for dry and unruly hair. When exposed to a hair dryer, it has a cooling effect, and also contributes to the closure of hair cuticles.
  • The aluminum base is suitable for normal or oily hair. Its cooling properties make it possible to give the styling the necessary shape and fix it for a long time.
  • Brashing with a wooden base and natural bristles will suit owners of thin and lifeless hair. It not only smoothes strands, but also gives them volume.
  • The size of the base should match the length of the hair.

Tools for hair straightening without ironing is recommended to be used in conjunction with styling.

Before laying, you should distribute the fixing foam or gel on the hair. Then each individual strand is straightened by brushing. Movement must be rotating. At the same time it is necessary to send a hairdryer to the comb. Laying will remain for 3-5 days.