Hairstyles in the style of the 20s for short and long hair

The style of the 20s in hairstyles and styling has several variations. Let us consider in more detail each of the fashionable haircuts of this time.

Haircut bob different lush top and ragged tips. This option, despite its simplicity, is the ideal basis for creating different styles. For example, to give an image of femininity, lay your hair in soft waves.

Pixie haircut is a flashy, extravagant and very short haircut with strands sticking out in different directions. Hair makes an impression of rebellious nature. Will suit the taste of the owners of the narrow form.

Haircut garcon - quite similar to the previous version. However, the strands for creating such a hairstyle are aligned in a single line, rather than in separate strands. Its versatility lies in the fact that it successfully emphasizes any face shape, and also looks good on hair of different structure.

And, finally, one of the first short and bold haircuts of the time - “Bubikopf.” Translated from the German language, this unusual name is translated as “the boy’s head”, which without unnecessary words explains the whole image. Haircut looks, nevertheless, quite romantic.

Hair accessories in the style of the 20s

Of course, the girls didn’t get along just with the haircuts and styling during the 20s. At secular receptions, hair was decorated with various accessories that were suitable in style.

Uncomplicated styling in those days was perfectly combined with hats made of felt or straw. Large curls decorated with eye-catching bandages. One of the most common additions to the hairstyles were headbands, hairpins made of precious materials and even extravagant turbans.

Turbans, which can be found in almost any color and texture, are also back in fashion. You can purchase a ready-made turban, or create it yourself, tied a suitable scarf in a certain way.

How to make a haircut of the 20s with their own hands

Of course, the most common styling of the 20s was the “wave” in its various variations. It took a lot of effort to achieve this effect, because it was created initially with fingers, and after a while with pins that twisted on wet hair and were not removed until completely dry. Do not forget about the procedure for fixing styling with a special decoction.

How to make a haircut for 20 years: step by step photos

Clean hair must be straightened. This can be done with the usual ironing. To level a part (at will, to make direct or slanting), slightly to fix everything a varnish.

Next, use forceps to make wavy curls, paying particular attention to their uniform direction. Wave bends must be repeated.

Now you should lightly brush your hair and, where necessary, use clamps or stealth. It is important to ensure that all the curls are in the same direction. After that, fix the hair with strong or super strong hairspray and remove the stealth or clamps.

Optionally, add the appropriate accessories mentioned above. Stylish styling in the style of the 20s is ready!

Video instructions hairstyles 20 years

Video instructions for laying with a beam and soft waves in the style of the 20s. The hairstyle is suitable for evening look and will be a godsend for owners of medium-length hair.

Step-by-step video on the implementation of hair 20 years in the style of Gatsby for long hair. Styling will be an excellent option for New Year, evening or wedding hairstyle.

Video tutorial on creating women's hairstyles of the 20s for short hair. Light curls make styling volume. This hairstyle is suitable for everyday appearance.

Hairstyles 20s short hair

Bubicopf (with him. "boy's head) - one of the first short haircuts of the 20s, emphasizing the natural structure of the hair and giving a romantic image.

Garson - short boyish haircut, reminiscent of "pixie." The main difference is that “pixie” is cut by separate strands, and “garcon” - under one line. Classic garcon assumes smoothly laid hair. Haircut is perfect for any type of face and any hair structure.

Bean - This haircut will suit girls with both square and oval face shape. Bob, laid in soft waves, gives femininity and coquetry.

Pixie (in translation - "fairy", "elf") - boyish rebellious haircut, suggesting short strands of hair slightly protruding in different directions. She gives her owner the enthusiasm and light. This haircut is suitable for women with a narrow face shape.

Classic Foursome - Twenties Feminist Hair

The brightest hairstyle of those years - caret. For the first time with such hair in public, the famous Irene Castle appeared. And it was exactly the square in its classic manifestation: hair, reaching only to the chin. It was a truly shocking transformation of the exterior. After all, women always wore long hair, and so much short length is exclusively the prerogative of men.

It was the square that they began to associate with the feminist movement, but the styling soon became widespread among Hollywood stars and then ordinary housewives.

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Mary Pickford style

Mary Pickford is a popular actress of that period. It was her hair that many ladies copied diligently.

The actress curled her short hair, building on her head a lush mop of curls. Quite a frequent decoration was a huge bow, which was located either on the back of the head or on the side, almost on the temple.

To create a Mary Pickford style set, you will need:

  • curlers or curling iron
  • tape,
  • styling foam
  • varnish

How to do it yourself:

  1. Wash hair and apply styling foam on it.
  2. Dry with a hair dryer.
  3. Now start curling your hair, forming a curl not sideways, but downwards. In this case, the curls will not quite standard form.
  4. The final touch is a ribbon tied with a bow. Where it will be located is up to you.

Characteristic hairstyles

The styling of that period had certain features:

  • The neck always had to be open, no matter how long the hair was. The explanation for this is quite simple. One of the main components of the image of a woman of that time is the feminine curve of the neck and an elegant chin on display. And if the hair is done on long hair, then they should be raised to the maximum.
  • The style of the 20s is also a well-known wave. Most often, when creating waves used the effect of wet hair. So the hairstyle looked much more interesting, and, most importantly, it turned out perfectly smooth.
  • Parting was often just oblique. The juicy detail bringing in an image originality. But the classic direct partitions also had the right to exist.
  • The peculiarity of the style is the absence of pronounced bangs. She was always hidden when making waves, taking her hair into the total mass.

To suit the installation

Any girl can try on this vintage look. But especially beautiful waves will look on slender girls with a long neck.

The style of the 20s will be a real salvation for girls who are not too happy with the shape of their auricle. The wave may not open the ear, but go along its line, hiding an imperfect form from outside eyes.

Retro wave with a beam

You will need:

  • fine comb,
  • hair gel,
  • varnish
  • several barber clips.

  1. Wash your hair and dry it in the usual way. It can be natural drying or a hairdryer is used.
  2. Next, do the side parting straight.
  3. Select the upper area of ​​the hair (to the ear) and fix it with a clip.
  4. Then we work only with the remaining hair. We collect them in not too low tail. To create a beam, you need to use a special hairdressing roller. Just twist hair on it, form a bundle and secure it with the help of hairpins. So the hair will hold tight enough.
  5. Now let's do the wave formation. Dissolve the fixed hair and carefully treat them with gel. Scouring to evenly distribute the tool on the surface of the hair.
  6. We start to form a wave. We do not forget to fasten each received bend with a clip, giving them relief with the help of hands. We form a wave to the ear. The remaining length (if any) is wrapped around the beam and pinned the tip of the invisible.
  7. Thoroughly sprinkle the “wave” with varnish, without removing the clamps. Now you have to wait a couple of minutes to dry the lacquer, and you can remove the clips. We do it very carefully, which does not damage the styling. We smooth the waves with our hands, as if sticking them to the surface of the head.
  8. To fix the hairstyle again, all sprayed with hair spray.

The process of laying on this video:

Soft waves in the style of the 20s

You will need:

  • iron,
  • hair foam
  • hairdressing clips.

  1. Hair need to be washed.
  2. Then the foam is applied to them. Next, the hair should be dried using a hair dryer.
  3. In this variant of retro-styling, the part will be straight and centered.
  4. Select the upper zone, forming a parting from ear to ear.
  5. We begin to wind the hair with the help of ironing. To curl turned out beautiful, each formed curl gently fold with your fingers and fix the clip.
  6. We twist this way all the hair.
  7. When done, dissolve the hair on the back of the head. Comb them and collect in a low tail. Form a bundle of them in any way available to you, for example, by winding it onto a roller.
  8. When the beam is ready, proceed to the formation of waves. Remove any remaining clips and comb the hair. We form a soft wave, without excessive relief, near the face on both sides. To get the desired texture, we also fix the bends with clips, and then spray it with varnish.
  9. After the clips are removed, we correct the wave bends and spray the hair again with varnish.

Some of the options for laying soft waves in the face:

20's style on long hair

You will need:

  • several invisible to hair tones,
  • hair spray,
  • curling iron
  • invisible,
  • decoration in the style of the 20s.

  1. It is necessary to wash and dry the hair.
  2. Select the side parting.
  3. Next, we begin to curl the hair with the help of curling, forming a curl of medium diameter.
  4. After the whole mass of hair is wrapped, proceed to the creation of hairstyles.
  5. With the help of a thin comb you need to carefully comb the top of the head so that there are no “roosters”. The tips of the hair in any case do not touch.
  6. When the hair is ironed, with the help of invisible women we begin to fix the hair on the bottom of the neck, creating a broken line from the invisible women. It should ascend.
  7. When invisible is fixed, proceed to the design of bangs. From it you need to form a wave reaching the ear. To make it easier to work, hair can be treated with either varnish or gel. We form a wave, not forgetting to fix each bend with a clip. When everything is ready, we treat it with varnish, without removing the clamps. When the lacquer is fixed, release the hair.
  8. We turn to the hair on the nape. They need to be slightly combed. Just take a curly strand and use a comb to move your hair slightly forward. And so on all the length of the strand.
  9. When all the locks will be combed, pinch this mass of hair in the form of a massive beam. But do not pinch the hair, because the bundle should be voluminous.
  10. One of the strands should be left loose on the shoulder (opposite side of the head from the formed wave).
  11. To complete the image, the base of the beam must be decorated with an appropriate style decoration.
  12. At the end of the hair should be treated with hair spray.

See how the master does this hairstyle:

Quick styling

  • hair roller,
  • iron,
  • varnish
  • invisible hairpins and hairpins.

  1. Wash and dry hair.
  2. Select the area of ​​the bangs, forming a side parting.
  3. The remaining mass of hair must be collected in the tail at the back of the head. Spray the collected hair with lacquer and comb. Now gently wind the tail on the roller, straighten your hair and pin out the hairpins so that the bunch holds tight.
  4. Now go to the bangs. Also lightly spray the hair with a polish and comb. Next, we begin to curl the hair, highlighting the fine strands. It is necessary to form a wave. This is done quite simply: warm the surface of the strand by changing the angle of the ironer. As a result, the orders are wavy.
  5. When all the hair is curled, comb it and lay it in a large wave on its side. Disguise the ends in a bunch.
  6. Fix hair with lacquer.

The style of the 20s, however, is more suitable for an evening out, turning its owner into a real film star. But with a properly built daily look, it will also have to be the way.

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World trends

The 20s became the progenitors of fashion trends. Evolving technical progress and economic growth influenced the fashion and behavior of people. Famous actresses - Mary Pikford, Louise Brooks and Eva Lavalle - reflected the influence of time and influenced fashion. They imitated them, copied them, they were equal to them.

Characterizes the fashion of the 20s style of Chicago, which appeared in this city - it is reflected in Hollywood films. This is the time of gangsters from the big road, magnificent parties, flirty dresses and hairstyles, relaxed behavior, mouthpieces, bright lipsticks and colorful accessories. All examples of dresses are shown in the photo.

The image lasted until the 30s, and became a reflection of the era. In a fashion were women with a boyish figure and hairstyle. Attention was paid to the neckline and open hands. Long gloves, “pot” hats with decorations in the form of embroidery, feathers or flowers, as well as pearl beads, bracelets and rings were used as accessories.

The hairstyles of the 20s were straightforward: hair folded in waves, twisted into a hoop or bun.The make-up became thorough: eyebrows were drawn, powder was highlighted by pallor, dark shadows and bright red lipstick.

But by the beginning of the decade the short dresses had become longer - they reached their knees. Free fit has become semi-fitted. The fashion of the 40s consolidated the trends of the 20s, making the fashion feminine and simple.

Directions of the USSR

The fashion of the 20s did not bypass the Soviet Republic. The NEP developed in the country, replacing devastation and poverty. The air smelled of new ideas, avant-garde and constructivist plans. There was no iron curtain, so the trends penetrated the everyday life of ordinary people. Entrepreneurs brought outfits from abroad, in which they dressed themselves and sold.

The first Clothing Workshop appears, where the idea was to create fashionable clothes for ordinary women. At that time, the woman was assigned the role of a friend or ally, so it was important to make her attractive. Despite the fact that the studio did not last long, a contribution was made.

In the 20s, Soviet fashion did not differ from the world. Short haircuts, boyish figures, loose silhouette, hats, gloves and jewelry are popular. Women's hairstyles consistent with the spirit of the time. Unlike Western fashion, the hair preferred not to curl, referring to the lack of time. The photo shows examples.

Strong sex style

Men's fashion has changed. The color scheme has become monochrome. When choosing a suit used clothes and accessories of the same color. Men put on:

  • single-breasted jackets,
  • double-breasted vests,
  • wide straight pants with cuffs on the bottom,
  • knitted sweaters,
  • caps
  • suede shoes
  • shortened golf pants.

In the Soviet Union, aristocratic style became relevant after felt boots and sackcloths. Pants from linen and canvas-based shoes are popular among Soviet men. Knitted knit sweaters and striped sports shirts were worn.

Men's haircuts were made very short. For the USSR, fashion demanded a haircut. The hairstyles were created with different partings: they were combed back, on 1 or 2 sides, and fixed using a gel.

Repeating Modernity

Retro hairstyles of the 20s are still relevant. Laying did not differ technologically complex, and taking into account modern possibilities make it possible.

If you are wondering how to do the styling in the style of the 20s, then we note that the owners of short hair will suit a la Mary Pikford. Strands curl curling sideways, fasten varnish and bright ribbon with a bow.

Hairstyle for long hair is a bit more complicated:

  1. All hair curls on curling.
  2. Smooth the top.
  3. With the help of invisible women we form the occipital part, fixing the hair from bottom to top.
  4. We also form a wave on bangs with the help of invisible women, fix them with varnish.
  5. Hair a little on the back of the head, sprinkled with varnish, fasten the decoration to the base.

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To suit such hairstyles

Retro hairstyles are suitable for ladies of all ages. They are universal, they can be easily adapted to a particular type of hair, as well as the shape of a face, using decorative elements or some styling nuances. They are suitable for cutting any length. Such styling can be considered for women of any age and social status.

Retro style features

Distinguish retro styling from modern work is not. Hairstyles of this style have such characteristic features:

  • hair color. Usually it is a black shade of hair or blond. Now popular tones like red, chestnut, and blond are quite rare,

  • large volume. For retro styling is also very characteristic all kinds of backing, the use of rollers, as well as voluminous bangs,
  • waving. An integral part of many of these hairstyles are curls, especially if styling is done on long hair. On the short ones, waves are made more often or small curls,
  • unusual bright styling elements. For long hair, these are usually rollers, but for short haircuts - sharp strands.

When creating such a hairstyle, you, of course, do not follow absolutely all the rules, especially those relating to repainting hair. But you must apply a few characteristic tricks, otherwise you will hardly be able to do a retro hairstyle.

Hairstyles in the style of 20 years

In the 1920s, quite simple neat styling replaced the complex multi-layered hairstyles, often with the effect of slicked hair, which can be created in just a few minutes.

The characteristic hairstyle of this style is created in this way:

  1. We curl hair on curling iron or tongs, treat with mousse, which can provide a perfectly smooth styling.
  2. Putting curls in a low beam. Pin up our hair stealth.
  3. We put on a decorative tape or a bezel over laying. Hairstyle is ready.

If the length of your hair does not allow you to make a bun, do not worry. Short curls in the 20s were also relevant. In this case, it will be enough for you to simply fix the invisible curly strands and spray your hair with varnish to get a perfectly smooth styling. You can also use decorative hair bands.

Refined classics of the 30s

A distinctive feature of the style of the 300s are pronounced waves on the hair, often with a wet effect. Hairstyles of this era are very elegant, feminine, but also restrained, because they are suitable for almost any event. You can create styling in the spirit of the time as follows:

  1. Perform curling on curlers or curling iron of medium diameter.
  2. Disassemble curls, put your hair on the side parting.
  3. Pin up strands invisible to keep them better, and also fix styling varnish. Hairstyle is ready.

As in the 20s, in the 30s perfectly smooth hairstyles were in fashion. Keep this in mind, use special mousses or foams to create such styling. Special chic - means giving hair shine.

40's styling

In this era, complicated hair styling has returned to fashion. The main trend was to use a hair roller when doing hair. Despite the fact that visually they seemed quite complicated, almost every woman could make them without the help of a hairdresser.

A minimum of special tools was used for styling, and the process of working on a similar hairdo was as follows:

  1. The hair was separated by perfectly even partings.
  2. Each part was tucked into a roller and secured with the help of stealth arms.
  3. The remaining part of the hair could remain loose or go to the tail.

In the 40s, the main accessory for hair was, of course, the mesh into which the remaining strands were collected. You too should adopt this decorative detail. Choose it in the color of your dress or suit, and your retro look will be irresistible.

Pin-up hairstyles largely copy the fashion of the 40s and 50s. They also use high curvaceous styling, smooth curled hair curlers or curling curls, as well as brushes. The most important accessory of this hairstyle should be a scarf, which can cover even the entire head.

Make a hair-style pin-up is not difficult. You just have to put your hair in a high tail, a bun or a shell (if you push it, you should first treat it with varnish or a special mousse), then tie a bright scarf over your hair.

You can make this hairstyle not only for long or medium hair, but also for short. It will be enough for you to wind your own curls and tie a scarf on your head. At the same time try to make your hair as lush as possible.

Hairstyles 50-60 years

In this era, extremely simple styling with curls came back to fashion. However, already during this period, the curls did not necessarily have to be perfectly smooth, the hair could be naughty and even fluff. Natural shades of hair have come into fashion, thanks to which many women no longer have to make up in order to remain fashionable.

The classic hairstyle in this style was done like this:

  1. Hair twisted on large curlers.
  2. The haircut was divided into two parts: upper and lower.
  3. The upper part was combed, then neatly placed into the tail with a rare comb.
  4. The bottom strands were left uncool.

Men's haircuts with shaved temples and nape: creative and practical options

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The 60s are also a new era for short hair. It is during this period that pixie and garcon haircuts come into fashion through film images. She practically didn’t need such styling, and therefore spread very quickly among women of all ages.

Volumetric styling 70s-80s

These hairstyles are currently the most popular. And, fortunately, they are absolutely not difficult to create. Babetta, shell cladding, as well as a firm 70s tail tail should be attributed to this type of stacking. The last step can be created as follows:

  1. Apply mousse to hair.
  2. Make a smooth high tail.
  3. Make hair bulky with the help of tongs.
  4. To create a more complex hairstyle, the tail can be pinned up or a volume bunch can be made from it.

A huge role in the style of the 70s is played not only by the styling, but also by the hair accessories. The best of them should be considered as satin ribbons - they make it easy to stylize a hairstyle under the 70s, and besides, they are not at all difficult to match to the tone of your dress.

An example of creating styling in retro style, see the video below.


As you can see, retro hairstyles, popular today, can be created by almost every woman at home, choosing from the whole variety the one that fits her length of hair, as well as the style of clothing. To get the best result, it will be enough just to carefully study the step-by-step recommendations for creating one or another styling and implement them with simple styling tools.

Retro hairstyles - styling lessons

Everyone knows that fashion is a capricious lady, but she loves to dig into her great-grandmother's chests and bring to light something forgotten. Hairstyles of the 20s received new recognition after the release of the film “The Great Gatsby”.

Distinctive features of the "Gotsby style": hair, laid in waves, short haircuts, decorated with a ribbon, or haircuts "under the boy." Characteristic touches: a neck open on view, a slanting device, the absence of pronounced bangs.

Feminine and elegant, bold and progressive images are easy to create for our contemporaries, in the arsenal of which there are both styling tools and all kinds of appliances.

Laying number 1. Caret - a classic of the genre

The basis is a bob haircut, with hair length to the chin. For laying waves will need:

  • Curling tongs.
  • Iron
  • Styling products with volume effect.

  1. Apply the styling cream to damp hair and spread it over the entire surface.
  2. Using a hair dryer to finally dry the hair, while raising and giving them volume.
  3. Part on the side or in the middle of the head.
  4. From the tips of the hair to the top with the help of forceps waves are made. Heating is kept for 10-15 minutes.
  5. To fix the waves hold the clips and lightly varnish.

Tip: use lacquer only weak fixation. The effect of natural lightness is important.

After removing the hairpins, you need to correct the waves with your fingers, and gently rub the feet with the feet at the roots.

Styling 2. A bunch of medium hair

  1. Dry washed hair, apply gel or styling cream.
  2. Make a direct side parting.
  3. Separate the top of the hair to the ear and secure with a clip.
  4. Tie the remaining hair in the lower part (not too low) and fasten it in a bun. For the beam, you can use a hairdressing roller.
  5. To release from the clip the separated part of the hair and forceps to form a wave to the ear on them, using the method described above.
  6. Secure the remaining straight ends of the strand around the bundle.

Laying 3. Style 20s with long hair

Owners of long thick hair can create images of 20 - x in several variations:

  • Cold long waves along the entire length are created on the principle of waves on a short square.

  • Soft curls at the front and a ribbon-fixed roller at the back

  • Cold wave and low beam.

"Head" accessories: what was in vogue at the beginning of the 20th century

A review of 20s hairstyles leads to the conclusion that the desire to keep the hairstyle longer and the absence of the styling products that are usual for us forced the beauties to use all sorts of hair accessories. The ribbons that hold the waves can be of different widths and designs: from the simplest thin to the wide rim covered with jewels. Small hats, turbans, feathers, nets make a simple short haircut into a refined evening hairstyle.

Hairstyles of the 20s contain many secrets

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Hairstyles in the style of the 20s on medium and long hair

Not every girl is ready to part with long hair, even for a vintage look. There are many hairstyles to achieve the desired image. It is only necessary to collect and gently fold hair in a convenient way by winding the upper strands and, if desired, adding accessories.

Considered the most popular styling "wave"which was of itself S-shaped curlsneatly and smoothly laid using fingers or forceps. Instead of varnish used decoction and flax seeds.

Hair washed, moistened with decoction and carried out styling. To achieve a good result, it was necessary to have a certain skill, because the technique was quite complicated.

Later styling "cold wave "which done with your fingers, replaced by studs. They were put on wet hair and held until the latter was dry.

Today, to make such a set, you will need: curling irons, ironing, varnish and a little patience.

To begin with, the hair should be straightened with an ironing device, partly or obliquely, and sprayed with varnish to give a grip.

Using curling irons, create S-shaped curls. It is important that they lie in one direction, and the bends are repeated.

After curling it is necessary to comb the hair, connecting all the curls together.

Further, it is necessary to fix the curls with clips in those places where they change their direction and carefully fix the styling with a strong fixing varnish.

At the final stage, remove the clamps and enjoy the result.

Note: if the laying keeps weakly, it is possible to fix the curls with invisible ones.


It was impossible to confine with one styling, so the girls decorated their hair with rims, turbans, hairpins with precious stones.

By the way, the ladies in those days were popular hats, which excluded complex styling. For example, a cloche hat made of felt or straw in the shape of a bell.

In this article, we found out what inspired women to drastic changes in their image, style, what the “roaring 20s” were famous for, and most importantly, how to try on this image on yourself and plunge into that inexpressible vintage atmosphere.

Feminine hairstyles of the 30s

By 30 years of the twentieth century, women are tired of trying on male images. Hairstyles of this period have become more feminine and seductive. Playful bangs with side parting came into fashion. To increase the beauty of the hair of the 30s, women were helped by strass hairpins, hairpins with jewelery in the form of stones, figurines, feathers and elegant bandages-turban.

The retro hairstyles for long hair looked spectacular and sophisticated. The main thing is naturalness and lightness. If you want to experiment with hair, provided that the length of the hair is below the shoulders, you can repeat the following styling in the hairstyle style of the 30s.

  1. Split the strands horizontally in half. The upper curls while fix the crab - with their styling will have to mess around later.
  2. Lower hair divided into 2 parts and braid in braids in the usual way.
  3. Twist the left braid with a bagel and secure with studs. Wrap the right braid around the donut to form a bundle of flat structure. Also fix.
  4. Now it's time to do the upper part of the hair. Alternately separating the fine strand from the upper beam. To wind it with the help of the curling iron with a large nozzle. Removing the letter from the tool, try to keep it from falling apart. Pin invisible. The same manipulation with the rest of the locks.
  5. Sprinkle with varnish and wait until it grabs, dries. After removing all the invisible beings, dismiss the braids.
  6. It is important, combing hair, put your hair in a light and smoothly passing wave.
  7. On the one hand, collect the hair and, taking it back a little, stab it with several invisible beings. Retro hairstyle 30s ready. Additionally, the wave can only be sprayed with varnish.

Pin-up hairstyle

With retro hairstyles 40s in the style of pin-up can be one hundred percent confident in their own irresistible. Vintage styling of this period is bold and provocative, flirty and elegant at the same time. In the retro hairstyle felt liberation and seduction. In a fashion - high boucle, smooth to the middle of the hair and elegant volume curls.

If you wish, you can repeat this kind of hair-style in the style of pin-up at home.

  1. First, twist the hair. You can use the old proven thermal curlers, curling iron or iron.
  2. Curly varnish.
  3. Spin the front strand into a large beech, resembling a roller, and chop it up invisible, trying not to break the rounded shape.
  4. The remaining strands are formed from the main boucle on both sides, also fixing invisible.
  5. The remaining hair is effectively collected in the tail, decorate with a beautiful bow, hairpin.

Not only high volume boules decorated the hair of fashionistas in the 40s. During this period it was fashionable to braid the braids and lay them around the head. Run retro hairstyles for long hair with pigtails easier than ever.

  1. Curls split in half.
  2. Spit braids, starting at the temple level. You can do the weaving spike or a fish tail - if only the length of the hair allowed.
  3. Lightly fluff weave, give it a volume.
  4. Lay out the pigtails, pinning the pins, a crown around the head or in the form of a basket over the back of the head.

High hairstyles 50-60x

In this period, it became fashionable to use hairpieces, various overlays to create hairstyles. Beauties, to put curls, did great bouffant. Voluminous curls ceased to be in trend. High hairstyle in the style of "babette" - the standard of beauty. Also retro-hairstyles for short hair became fashionable, only haircuts were not performed strictly along the lines (“page”, “bob”), but acquired interesting geometric shapes.

You can try to give your hair a retro-style haircut of the 50-60s, based on the following instructions.

  1. First you need to separate the side parting and leave the locks at the temples. Hair on top to comb, sprinkle with varnish.
  2. Occipital curls to collect in the tail and twist into a bun, making a volume bun. Studs will help to fix it.
  3. Hair, combed at the top, twisted in the form of a roller or crescent (depending on the length of the hair), fix the invisible. Sprinkle again with varnish.
  4. With the help of studs side strands should hide the main beam, laying them on top and smoothing. If there is a bang, it should be straightened and also smoothed on the side, fixing the invisible.

Hair in the style of "Babette" is always relevant. Most fashionable women of the XXI century give this styling to their hair on the occasion of marriage or visiting a social event. Hairstyle can be done on medium and long hair. The longer the curls, the more spectacular.

  1. For the hairstyle, immediately separate the locks on the temples and for the time being fasten them with a clip. I will tie up the main tail in a high tail, shift it forward and fasten it with stealth.
  2. Using a stud under the tail to attach the roller.
  3. Throw hair back and distribute so as to completely hide the assistant to give volume accessory.
  4. The tips of the hair hide, fixing invisible.
  5. Temporal locks to comb and lay, covering the frontal part, to get behind the ear and fasten.

70s free images

In the 70s, the fashion for retro hairstyles for short hair quickly faded. Now it has become stylish to appear in a society with long curls, falling down the back. During this period, an unprecedented scale spread the hippie movement. It was impossible not to notice the representative of this trend.

The image of free youth stood out from the general stream. These representatives dressed in a certain style of clothes, made their own special hairstyles: hair, decorating ethnic nature with accessories, left flowing, made low tails, holding together with a rubber band so that their ears hid, or braided several braids falling on loose strands.

The girls, who didn’t like the style of the hippie, made their hair simple and elegant, delicate and romantic. The styling was simple but elegant. Fashionistas shorn (or grew) hair slightly below the shoulders. On top of the head was made lush bouffant, which gradually turned into light curls directed outwards.

To make yourself such modest hairstyles in the retro style of the 70s, you have to stock up on a lot of varnish. Especially if the native curls are heavy and capricious, difficult to manipulate.

  1. When combed, separate the hair on the top of the head and comb it right at the roots.
  2. Lay higher combed shovel, trying not to disturb the pomp.
  3. Separate a small curl, wind it out with a curling iron to the middle of the length. When taking out the curling iron, hold the hair ring in order to prevent the curl from falling apart. Be sure to fix the donut clip or clothespin. Similarly, we work with all strands.
  4. Sprinkle with varnish, wait for it to dry and remove the clothespins.

Hair in the style of "hippie" will also look spectacular. Laying options abound. For example, braid a few thin braids and lower them onto a flowing stream of loose hair. To wear as a decoration, putting it on your forehead, tourniquet or effectively tie yourself with a bandana scarf.

Without difficulty and in minutes you can perform the following retro hairstyle of the 70s in the style of free youth.

  1. Hair combed, divided into 2 parts. A couple of locks to release from the top closer to the forehead.
  2. Spun some thin braids out of a strand.
  3. Fasten each divided part with a rubber band to a low tail.
  4. Pigtails lay on its side, fixing the side, so as not to fall on his eyes.
  5. If there is a bang, then it is effectively smoothed and laid on its side.

Vivid images of the 80s-90s

In the 80-90s, hairstyles have changed significantly. Now the modest curls were replaced by lush hair, eccentric screaming tails, collected on the crown. In the fashion of cascading haircuts, hairstyles in the style of "Italian", a small perm and torn bangs, put the cook.

A simple retro hairstyle for long hair in the style of the 80s can be repeated independently and without any help.

  1. Washed and slightly dried hair comb and divide into 6 strands.
  2. Each curl, twisting in a spiral, to collect in the bun, fix. If there is a bang, it also twist in a bun.
  3. Sprinkle with styling.
  4. Wait at least 6 hours (it is better to do the hair at night, although it will be uncomfortable to sleep), to unwind the strands.
  5. Massage comb walk through the strands. It should turn out on the hair the effect of light curling. Lay bangs.
  6. It remains only to spray hair with varnish.

Vintage styling will always be in fashion. Having made herself a retro hairstyle, the charmer does not lose. This image is suitable for a party, a secular reception, a business meeting or a normal walk.

It is important when choosing a styling, take into account the length of the hair. Retro hairstyles for long hair are easy to make. The choice is huge: you can make a high tail or side gulki, volumetric bouffant or funny chaotically scattered curls.

To pick up retro hairstyles for medium hair is always a problem. Well, if the chariot has a bob haircut. In any case, you will have to choose styling from vintage waves, half-marks at the tips.

When making retro hairstyles for short hair, it is worth playing with the shapes, directions of curls and the angles of cut hair. A bang is better to grow. In this case, it is possible to come up with various styling options: waves, straight brushing to the temples.

Watch the video: Great Gatsby FAUX BOB. 1920's Inspired Hair! (March 2020).