The most successful haircuts for wavy hair of medium length

Many owners of curls completely dissatisfied with their appearance, not knowing how many envy them, curling curl after curl. Curly hair is considered naughty, and the girls try to tame them, straightening curling irons and irons. However, there are hairstyles for lush hair, which allow you to emphasize the elegance and beauty of the waves and maintain them without much effort. What haircut is suitable for curly hair?

For curly curls there are many hairstyles

Hairstyles for short hair: fashion trends 2017

Short female haircuts for curly hair are not as uniform as it seems at first glance. Proceed when choosing from the shape of the face and the love of experiments. Short haircuts for curly hair can express individuality in a variety of ways: they can be feminine-airy, belligerently bold, and also strict, neat and romantic, depending on the nature of the girl.

The selection of hairstyles for short hair is extensive

Garson is an ideal short haircut on wavy hair, which gives the image simplicity and easy negligence. To care for this hairstyle easier than ever. Suitable for an oval face and hair that curls in large curls.

Garson Short Haircut

An asymmetrical wavy bob or four-legged is suitable for a round face. Curls falling on the cheek area will visually narrow it.

Good news for owners of a long elegant neck: short curls only emphasize it.

Hairstyles for round face

Haircuts for curly middle strands: shell, bob and others

Haircuts for medium curly hair help to visually make a round face already and hide a short neck. You can choose any of the haircuts for curly hair of medium length for a girl with any type of face. Cascade on curly hair, for example, helps to give pomp to the hair, which nature cheated on this quality. In general, any graduated hairstyle gives the volume and keeps the hairstyle “fresh” for a long time.

Hairstyles for medium hair

Long bob on wavy hair is also relevant in recent times. More and more pop stars and movies, such as Cher and Beyoncé, choose exactly the square or the elongated bean. A lot of haircuts are suitable for curly hair, and there are no borders for experiments. Haircut for medium curly hair allows you to keep your hair neat and loose, without styling it with foam or varnish.

Haircut for medium hair looks neat and loose

Options for long curls

Curly hair cascade is a great option, allowing hair to curl naturally and always look well-groomed. They can be collected in a ponytail, pick up strands from the side and slaughter from behind with Malvinka, decorate with flowers or a rim. Haircuts for long curly hair always give the image of femininity.

Girl with long curls

For a triangular face and lush hair, any graduated haircut for long wavy hair, be it a long bob or a cascade, is suitable. Hair will gain more volume, but the length will remain the same. You can make a haircut "ladder": cut the hair in several layers, but not all over the head, as in a cascade, but only on the front strands. Any multi-layered haircut for long curly hair is created according to a similar principle: the upper strands are cut out shorter than the lower ones, which forms a multilevel.

Hair with long curly hair looks especially impressive.

The trends of our time in the opinion of glossy magazines

Asymmetry never goes out of fashion, but recently it has found a completely new round. For example, the female version of the undercard haircut allows girls to shave off part of the temple or even the whole head, leaving only a part from the forehead to the crown. You can do anything with it: dyeing, straightening and curling, the benefit is that it looks spectacular anyway. As you can see, haircuts for fluffy curly hair can also be bold.

Asymmetrical hairstyle

Laying difficulties

If the hair is completely naughty, it is better to leave the idea of ​​their “pacify”, straightening. There are two options:

  • Decorate what is available. You can decorate with decorative hairpins, ribbons, braid a part in braids.
  • Use a variety of styling gels. This will help to "group" small curls in larger curls.

Styling gel

  • Or just make an extremely short haircut. Haircuts for curly hair without styling (for example, pixie or garcon) allow you to preserve the freshness of the image. They are best suited to ladies with an oval or triangular face and thin elegant proportions.
  • Do you need bangs?

    Another question exciting curly beauties: whether to leave a bang? If the hair is curled into small spirals, then it is preferable to do without a straight / oblique bang, as it looks untidy.

    It is better to let it grow, “merging” with the general row of hair. Girls with low small forehead, too, it is better to refrain from bangs. Those with a large forehead are advised to wear a bang, but with a few reservations:

    1. It should cover only one part of the forehead. It will help in this side parting.
    2. Large curls should also fall to the side.
    3. You can straighten your bangs, leaving the rest of your hair to curl. But it is important to be prepared to spend a lot of time on bang care.

    Characteristics and types of wavy hair

    A styling that would look perfect on straight hair will not at all be successful on wavy ones. Why? It's all about the structure of the hair itself. The fact is that the shape of the wavy curls stands out significantly; it has a peculiar shape on the vine, resembling a comma. Even the scalp is different under curls - it is more dry there. As for the amount of hair on the head, it will be much less on dry skin than on oily skin. And, it means that there can not be much curls, it just just creates the appearance of a large volume, which must be taken into account when choosing hairstyles and styling. Another unpleasant feature of curls is that they often split. This means that it is almost impossible to grow long wavy curls.

    As for the types of wavy hair, experts distinguish three main types. Before you dwell on the choice of a particular hairstyle, you must align your haircut preferences with your type. Let's talk more about each of them.

      Cool waves . A feature of this type are very thin in their structure of the hairs, which curl in a spiral, creating the effect of curling curlers. Due to this, the waves are rather small and most often disobedient, stick out in different directions. With this type, long curls are much easier to normalize than medium or short ones.

    Features of the choice of haircuts for wavy hair

    What features should pay attention when cutting? Consider some of the main ones.

    1. Understanding of length and structure. Only by understanding how the structure of the wavy hair differs from the direct one, can we ensure a competent choice of a haircut. The roots of curly curls are a large number of unclosed scales. This structure forces holders of wavy hair to provide them with special nutrition and hydration. It also forces you to select hairstyles that would protect the already vulnerable hairs from external irritants.
    2. Face shape. This feature is often overlooked. The most successful from the point of view of the barber face shape - an oval. Women with an oval face shape will suit almost any hairstyle. With a round face shape, it is recommended to stop your choice on medium-length haircuts. This results from the fact that too volume and long hairstyles can visually increase a face even more. An unusual element of the shape of the face, which affects the choice of haircuts, is brightly protruding cheekbones. Short haircuts are definitely not suitable for such forms. But voluminous haircuts, long or medium length, can play into the hands.
    3. Height and build. At first glance, these parameters are hardly associated with the choice of haircuts. But in fact, they should not be ignored. For example, short haircuts rarely resemble women with curvaceous, which has a logical explanation: when combining volumetric forms with miniature haircuts, the proportions are violated, which does not go unnoticed by others. But on the miniature girls, short stature and small parts of the body, it will be ridiculous to look voluminous, long haircuts.

    Examples of haircuts on wavy curls

    Bob haircut" is the most popular among women who are owners of wavy curls. Especially often it is resorted to with hairstyles of medium length. However, this haircut does not have clear limitations and may well fit the hair of any length. An experienced hairdresser will be able to pick a bob haircut for absolutely any face shape and other crucial indicators. In the professional world, such a haircut has long been considered universal. The advantage of the square is its ability to hide the flaws, both of the face and appearance, and sometimes even the flaws in the physique. To do this, contact the true professional in their field.

    Haircut "Bob" will be particularly successful in the presence of soft and rare curls. The feature of the haircut is the ability to easily change its shape, in just a few minutes, which will allow you to create new images all the time. Femininity and individuality can be emphasized with the help of additional attributes - fashion accessories, etc. It is easy to style this haircut yourself, both on short and on long hair. To do this, it is enough to have a hairdryer and a few aids in the form of varnish, foam and styling gel.

    Haircut cascade" It is considered the best option for cutting hair of medium length. The peculiarity of this haircut is the tenderness and femininity of the image created with its help. Cascade will be able to emphasize the shape of the face, while it is easy to hide flaws and highlight the merits. This haircut is easy to lay at home. Also, in the presence of a cascade, you can easily come up with a new image using various attributes for hair. And to look spectacular, not having a lot of time, it will be enough just to dissolve the hair.

    Haircut "Ladder" Suitable exclusively for long hair. In some ways it resembles Cascade: hair is also cut in layers, but not in such quantity. Fashion for this haircut originated long enough, but this does not make it old-fashioned. This is still, like many years ago, almost the only way to give hair volume, while not removing their length. Particularly harmonious cascade looks on women with lush hair. But at the same time, they should have an oval or rectangular face type and preferably not be short.

    Whichever haircut on wavy hair you would not choose, remember that not enough to be able to find the perfect haircut. It is equally important to provide additional care to hair in the form of thorough and regular washing of the head, using masks and balms, and also minimizing the use of harmful electrical devices, such as curling, ironing, curls, etc.

    What is the average hair length

    To avoid any misunderstandings between the hairdresser and the client, world fashion introduced special parameters and sizes for each haircut. Short hairs are those that do not reach 15 cm, and long - more than 25 cm. From 15 to 25 cm - this is the average hair length. In addition to measuring the size of curls in centimeters, there is also a visual option.

    This haircut should be located between the middle of the ear and the shoulder line (not lower).

    Haircuts for curly medium hair look good with or without bangs

    Intermediate option for any image. The 10 cm span gives a huge selection of various haircuts, hairstyles and styling. This is the versatility of medium hair length.

    Haircut Technology Curly Hair

    Haircut for curly hair is considered to be longer and more difficult to carry out due to the tendency of this type to fluffiness. It is important to remember that it is impossible to cut all the curls to a medium length at once, you need to do this gradually, working with each strand separately.

    Features haircuts:

    • of the tools you need to use only sharp scissors, the blade will make trimmed hair even more lush,
    • hair should be slightly wet, so they are easier to untangle and comb,
    • haircut should be done only on almost dry ones
    • before working with hair, you should cut split and damaged tips,
    • head is better divided into sections and work with each separately,
    • can be shortened to the length to which you want.

    at the end of the procedure, remove all the elastic bands and check the haircut.

    Select haircuts by type of person

    To create the most sophisticated image, the fair sex is required to consider all the main factors when choosing a haircut. One of them is the shape of the face. To choose the right haircut, you need to carefully examine the proportions of your face.

    For girls with an oval face and curly hair there are no special aesthetic restrictions on the choice of hairstyle. If the face has an elongated shape, then the long twisted strands will be just the perfect option. Square-shaped girls are strongly discouraged from doing very short haircuts to the chin. This will only add volume to the face and make it more round.

    You should not do an equal bang. Oblique and long will look much more beautiful. The parting should be oblique, asymmetrical, so as not to add massiveness to the face.

    Haircuts for curly medium hair for a rounded face should not be above the chin so as not to add round lines to the face. The ideal option would be an elongated caret without bangs. If you do the bang, then only asymmetric and multi-layered. It will also look nice short bob or pixie. It is advised to avoid even parting.

    The plot of how to make a haircut on the hair of medium length:

    If the shape of the face is triangular or heart-shaped, it is not recommended to make a bang. and shorten hair too much. In order to visually expand the lower part, the hairstyle should be voluminous and end no higher than the shoulder line. An elongated square will make the shape of the face more expressive, and the chin will be larger.

    If the upper part of the face is wide and the forehead is high, then you can make a slightly beveled bang with a length up to the cheekbones.

    Girls with a pear-shaped face should cut their hair longer than the as not to make the face visually harder. Best of all it will look oblique not very long bangs. It is very easy for girls with a long face to pick up their hair, as the proportions are equal. The only prohibition can be haircuts, where the length of the hair above the cheekbones.

    The image will perfectly complement the asymmetric multi-layer bangs.

    Fashion ideas haircuts

    When choosing a trend haircut for medium-length hair with wavy curls, you need to consider:

    • the length and thickness of the curls,
    • the shape of the face and head,
    • hair color.

    There have always been short haircuts in fashion: bob car, classic car, pixie. They complement any stylish look and, if desired, they can be modified according to the preferences of the client. Best of all, these hairstyles will look at girls with a low forehead.On blond hair, this option will look very ordinary and tasteless.

    Haircut can be beautifully complemented by asymmetric volume bangs.

    Trendy will be a haircut to the cheekbones and a beautiful wavy bangs, with elements of negligence. Perhaps she will like not everyone, but, undoubtedly, will emphasize femininity. You can also add smoother lines and transitions, this hairstyle is perfect for fair-haired girls with a low forehead.

    Every day popularity gaining haircuts with shaved temples. They are well combined with various types of carpets, ragged, short haircuts, or variations of the Iroquois. The length of the hair at the temples, you can choose absolutely any. This type of haircut fits almost all face shapes, except square.

    If you want to leave a great length, then the ladder or other haircuts in the form of a cascade will suit girls with naughty curls. Girls with a high forehead will decorate stylishly any bangs.

    Creative options for haircuts

    Haircuts for curly medium hair can easily become creative if they vary the rocker or retro style. Shaved temples and the back of the head together with curls of extraordinary color will help to stand out from the crowd and complement any non-standard look.

    Oddly enough, but Hollywood curls always keep the status of "creative hairstyles", as they add femininity, sophistication and emphasize natural beauty. Long bangs on medium hair will create the same Hollywood style, and decorate the girl with any face shape and hair color.

    For people with expressive cheekbones, a cropped short without bangs is ideal, looks especially beautiful on fair-haired ones.

    Haircuts for thick curly hair

    Thickness adds volume and neatness to the curls, thus creating the effect of a “mane” or a pile. With this type of hair, it is quite easy to make any hairstyle or haircut, since it is enough to profile the tips, and immediately the volume decreases without much difficulty.

    But if thick hair is also curly, putting it on is not easy. They need additional constant moisture.

    Since the curls are always dry and brittle, you should not often use a hairdryer, ironing or curling, this can finally spoil their structure. Owners of thick and curly hair are contraindicated haircuts in need of constant styling or straightening. The cascade is ideal, as the hair will become much easier and easier to care for.

    Ladder is also suitable for girls with a thick structure. It removes an extra layer of hair near the face, but the visual pomp remains the same. A bob up to the shoulder line with bangs is ideal for fluffy and curly hair, as extra volume is removed and the fragility and femininity of the face is emphasized.

    It is not recommended to shorten too long the average length for girls with thick and curly hair, as this makes the hairstyle very careless and disproportionate. Among the options for hairstyles with a shorter length is ideal haircut Fouette.

    In this case, the back of the head can be trimmed rather short, and all other curls are visually lengthened, which allows you to align the volume.

    Haircuts for fine curly hair

    With thin hair as well as with thick hair, it is not recommended to use a hairdryer or ironing, as the hair will be seriously damaged. Haircuts that need styling, in this embodiment are also absolutely not suitable. Properly chosen haircut can facilitate the care of such hair and make them more docile.

    Hairstyles that suit this type of hair:

    1. Upgraded cascade - a haircut that will help you look great all day long, does not need styling. It differs from the standard cascade by complete asymmetry and “ragged tips”, also ideally combined with bangs.
    2. Bean - A haircut that fits almost every type of face. Helps to preserve the natural volume of hair and solve the problem with difficult combing. Asymmetrical bob with oblique bangs perfectly emphasize all the curves of the lines of the face.

    Haircuts for hair after perm

    The peculiarity of biochemical waving is that, unlike natural curls, it will last only a few months. It is not recommended to use the iron or curling iron without thermal protection. due to changes in the structure of natural hair. The result is strong and elastic curls.

    Such waves look good with all types of faces. Large curls are especially wonderful to combine on the hair of intermediate length. Haircut also depends on the diameter of the curls - do not overly shorten the average length of girls with curls of small diameter.

    For this type of hair is also not suitable bangs.

    Options with bangs

    Haircuts for curly medium hair can be improved bangs. But when choosing a haircut, it is important to decide whether the bangs will fit the overall image. She can perfectly emphasize the curves of the lines of the face, but do not forget that this can add age.

    With curly hair it will not be possible to make an even and symmetrical fringe, it will add massiveness to the face. Do not bang girls with low foreheads -the proportions of the face are very changing Asymmetrical and volumetric strands will suit lovers of oblique parting.

    If the parting is even and symmetrical, then such a haircut will be beautifully complemented by an arch-shaped bang: short over eyebrows and elongated side strands will become a delightful face frame. Long bangs complement the image of curly hair, visually does not add age and fits almost any shape of the face.

    Haircuts without bangs

    A lot of haircuts for medium curly hair look great without bangs. The best option has always been and will be a cascade, it looks beautiful at any length and fits any face shape, it will help to correct it. If the shape of the face is elongated or oval, then the best to leave the volume near the cheekbones and chin.

    On a round or square shape, the strands falling on the cheekbones look great. This will help to remove the roundness of the face, and correct the lines.

    Asymmetry on medium-length curly hair

    Layered and asymmetrical hair of medium length will add charm and beauty to every girl, as they allow to increase or decrease the volume at any time. On curly hair it is difficult to achieve perfect symmetry of the lines, so owners of intermediate length can choose haircuts by type of cascade, ladder or gavroche.

    To achieve the most beautiful option, you need to make a start from your own preferences, face shape and hair structure.

    How to make a graduation on curly hair?

    To create the perfect hairstyle, it is necessary that all layers of the haircut be combined with a smooth transition. This result can be achieved with the help of graduations. This method is an alignment of the size of each strand, while observing the correct length and angle at which the curl is cut.

    This allows you to achieve a smooth, natural and desired shape without losing length. On wavy hair, this way you can remove excess volume and greatly facilitate care. Also in this way you can easily align the proportions of the face by reducing the volume in a particular area of ​​the head.

    Styling haircuts on naughty curly hair

    Girls with unruly hair are not recommended to shorten the average length too much, as this creates a sloppy appearance. Such hair will stick out, and put them extremely difficult. Asymmetrical haircuts almost do not need styling. Also it is worth refusing from complicated hairstyles. This will emphasize the unevenness and coarseness of the strands.

    To make the styling look beautiful for a long time, it is necessary to use fixing tools. On wavy hair need a super fix.

    Styling products for curly hair

    Curly hair in its structure is very dry, and it is absolutely impossible to use drying agents. To create the perfect hairstyle, there are many different sprays, shampoos, balms, lotions and masks. You need to choose only the means that will provide additional nutrition and care.

    Among the most popular and effective means:

    • TIGI Bed Head Foxy Curls Extreme Curl Mousse - mousse, which is specially created for wavy hair, creates a luxurious volume and supports styling for a long time,
    • Revlon Professional Style Masters Curly Fanaticurls - an activator that will help to cope with unruly strands and effectively emphasizes every hair, there is a thermal protection effect,
    • Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream - hair cream, ideally forming curls, fixes styling and provides nutrition and hydration,
    • Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Style Curl Honey - helps to eliminate excessive volume and fluffiness of hair, emphasizes each curl, making it elastic and elastic.

    For different types of hair, haircuts for curly hair have a diverse look. Medium length is a universal option for almost every girl with any face shape. To find the perfect option for yourself, you need to study your own proportions of the head and only then proceed to the haircut.

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    Article design: E.Chaikina

    Long hair

    Layered haircuts on wavy hair below the shoulders look natural and beautiful. The main volume can be concentrated on the crown or strands framing the face. The hairstyles performed according to the stepwise principle create a volume without a weighting effect. On hard hair, the layers have a wider “pitch”. This gives the hairstyle neat and concise form. But it is better to refuse the length below the shoulders, since such a hairstyle will require complicated styling.

    The natural and well-groomed appearance of wavy strands gives graduation tips.

    But what are the haircuts for medium wavy hair and how they can be done, is detailed here.

    All variants of haircuts are based on 3 main ideas:

      cascade (allows you to reduce excess volume and ease the hair),

    On the video - what a haircut on wavy hair may look like that does not require styling:

    If the hair is tight and curly, the cascade is best suited. Stepped unusually look on wavy hair. The main volume concentrates on the crown. If you need to give extra lightness, strands on the back of your head are milled. The arrangement of strands at different levels models a haircut for any face shape.

    For stacking the cascade, simply apply a foam or mousse to the dried strands. Fingers give hair volume.

    But what are the hairstyles for short creative women's haircuts for wavy hair.

    If you do not need a pronounced volume at the top, you should prefer the "ladder". This haircut has a focus on the strands framing the face. The shortest strands are located near the face, the longest ones are closer to the back of the head. This hairstyle can be with direct or asymmetric parting. Another option with an emphasis on the lateral volume is an elongated caret. But it is not advisable to do it on hard strands. Without careful styling, the hairstyle turns into a triangle.

    The most romantic option is “rhapsody”. This hairstyle connects the elements of the cascade and ladders. Good haircut for thin hair, because it gives the hair the desired volume and shape. The volume concentrates simultaneously on the back of the head and side strands. The main nuance is the minimum thinning of the tips.

    Medium length hair

    Average hair length is practical and versatile. Strands reach the level of the chin, shoulders, or a few centimeters lower. This is the best haircut for curly hair, ready hairstyle keeps its shape well. Classic hairstyles that require a minimum of styling:

    Classic square is equally well suited for light waves and elastic curls. The length of the strands to the chin or slightly below. If the hair is thin, a graduated square will do. This form of hair balances the oval of the face below, which is ideal for a triangular or elongated face.

    The shape of the square can be:

    Medium length haircut on wavy hair bob combines well with a round and angular face shape. The main difference from the square is the elongation of the front strands. Hair on the back of the head is shortened, which creates smooth lines. For wavy hair, a graduated bean is suitable, giving curls obedience. The elongated shoulder-length bob looks feminine. But this haircut is only suitable for soft hair.

    A bob with oblique bangs visually lengthens the oval of the face, giving it elegance. Unlike a straight, such a bang does not require complicated styling.

    But what are the haircut for thin wavy hair of medium length, you can see in this article.

    On short

    A short haircut requires a minimum of care, on wavy strands looks feminine. For a complete styling often enough to wash your hair, then dry your hair with a hair dryer. On strands above chin length look such haircuts:

      pixies (for hard and semi-hard),

    Pixie haircut is a multi-layered one that emphasizes the top of the head. Only suitable for hard, docile hair. The longest strands in the front, short on the sides create an uneven silhouette. On thin and soft strands hairstyle acquires a "dandelion effect." With the help of a hair dryer and styling gel, a strict hairstyle in 5-10 minutes turns into an “artistic mess”.

    Long strands of haircut combed back or to the side.

    Haircut garcon - This is a classic hairstyle "under the boy." Looks bold, does not require complex styling. The shortest strands on the back of the head are combined with elongated front curls. Unlike the pixie, this is an ultra-short haircut. It combines with bangs of various shapes and thicknesses: straight, oblique or asymmetric. Alternating the images, it can be made smooth or slightly disheveled. In the second case, the individual strands are highlighted with wax. Hairstyle focuses on the face, it is contraindicated in square shape.

    Shortened bob has graduated and cascade modifications. The hairstyle keeps the specified form, gives wavy strands accuracy. On wavy hair, an asymmetrical version of the haircut with graduated ends of the strands looks good. This haircut is combined with almost any face shape.

    To pacify small and hard curls suitable asymmetrical bob-caret.

    Classic square with a maximum length to the chin creates, if necessary, an increased volume. On the hard and unruly hair successfully looks graded version of the haircut. Depending on the mood and style of clothing, you can give it the effect of "wet hair" or make styling in a retro style. A graded four-piece with a styling gel turns it into a “ragged” hairstyle.

    Haircut Aurora It is a modified version of a cascade with a horseshoe part. The volumetric “cap” is combined with a cascade at the back of the head and a milled bang. The most impressive is the length to the chin. Easy cutting gives graduation tips with thinning shears.

    Cascading "feathers" on the back of the head visually makes a longer neck, with an emphasis on it.


    Wavy hair looks feminine, but creates problems with care. There are many haircuts that do not require complex styling. A haircut that does not require complicated styling is a way to turn curls into a stylish hairstyle without the hassle. Most often it is short and medium hair that does not require complex care.

    Long curls risk looking like a “lion's mane,” which needs complex styling. The output will be multi-layered haircuts based on the cascade or elongated bob. But from the bangs is better to refuse, because it will have to straighten every day.

    What haircuts are suitable for thin and sparse curly hair of medium length

    Despite the fact that curly hair in any case looks more voluminous than straight lines, they are also thin and rare. This may be due to genetics or be the result of age-related changes, long-term medication, improper care.

    For such cases, professionals recommend multi-level, multi-layered haircuts.

    • Cascade - hair is cut from top to tip in layers, giving extra volume.
    • Ladder - front hair cut in steps.
    • Aurora - this hairstyle is characterized by a voluminous top, then - cascading strands.
    • Rhapsody - hair retains its length, the layers are formed at an obtuse angle at a fairly large distance from each other.
    • Italian - the hair is trimmed on the sides and in the forehead, the same length remains on the back of the head.
    • Graduated car - hair shorn along the entire length.

    Grading and thinning on curly hair is invisible, but they play a role in creating volume.

    For thick and heavy curls

    The average length is considered optimal for heavy curly hair, they will be appropriate multi-level haircuts - ladder, cascade, square, bob. Haircuts "cascade" and "ladder" are sometimes called "multi-layered bean."

    Caret options:

    • classic (straight) - the cut lines are carried out clearly, the natural waviness of the hair will give volume and elegance,
    • with a cap - additional volume is formed on the top of the head,
    • with bangs and without it.

    Bob haircut options:

    • the hair on the back of your head is cut off in steps, there is no parting line,
    • elongated bean - hair length does not change, the haircut can be made with smooth transitions or sharper from the neck to the front strands,
    • bob-caret - front cut is identical to caret, more is lifted from behind,
    • Asymmetric bob is a more daring variant, the curls are unevenly distributed, sometimes uneven parting is made.

    Options for haircuts without styling

    Haircuts for medium curly hair do not require much time and effort, since the modern fashion for hairstyles welcomes some randomness, naturalness, "artistic negligence."

    Haircuts that do not require styling:

    • Shag - air strands look great without styling,
    • gavrosh - this haircut has a “salon memory”, its shape remains unchanged after shampooing, sleeping or combing,
    • cascade, ladder, bob, graded square they also do not require complicated styling, it is enough to spread a little skin or mousse through the hair,
    • pixie - elongated, with graduation, with elongated bangs - styling does not cause much trouble.

    Haircut selection according to face type

    The right haircut can give a face more expressiveness, hide some “wrong” features.

    To do this, you should read the recommendations of stylists for choosing a haircut.

    • Holders of a round face should choose hairstyles with a voluminous top - this will visually lengthen it: cascade, ladder, square, bob.
    • An oval face gives more choices. You can afford the asymmetry, shaved whiskey and other fantasies. The side curls frame and slightly round the face.
    • Women with full face should choose haircuts with elongated asymmetrical bangs or partings. For this fit haircuts cascade, rhapsody, classic square, elongated bob.
    • Different bob hairstyles come up to a “triangular face” tapering to the bottom.
    • For a girl with a "square" face, the best option would be a graded four.

    The combination of wavy hair and bangs

    Haircuts for medium curly hair with bangs are quite common, but bangs on curly hair have their own characteristics:

    • when choosing a haircut should be repelled by the structure of the hair and the type of curls (elastic curls, curls, waves),
    • Curly hair is often disobedient, so it is difficult to maintain the shape created by the master,
    • bangs on such hair requires special daily care,
    • correctly chosen and executed bangs structures the hairstyle, hides minor imperfections of the face, can change its outlines.

    Bangs Options

    Haircut on medium-length curly hair can look impressive with a harmoniously chosen bang:

    • haircut cascade allows you to wear oblique and "torn" bangs, in some cases it can be imitated by a short strand,
    • straight fringe, weighting appearance, rarely used,
    • a ladder with a bang is recommended for an oblong oval face, it looks more proportional,
    • A bob haircut for a bob is suitable for any face shape, but this hairstyle is better to give preference to wavy, but not very curly hair,
    • a bob haircut fits perfectly with any bangs: slanting will lengthen a round face, straight will smooth a square type, short or long will correct the size of the forehead.

    Caret on medium curly hair

    Kare - a universal haircut for any type of person and for any age, but it is important to choose "your" option.

    • The classic square consists of straight lines, but on curly hair it also looks original and attractive.
    • Graduated car will suit chubby girls or smooth out angular features of a square type. In these cases, the graduation should begin with the chin line.
    • Double caret is recommended for thin hair - two layers will give the required volume.

    Haircut cascade on wavy and curly hair looks particularly impressive. Its characteristic feature is an increase in the volume of hair due to the multitude of layers - the upper ones are performed shorter than the lower ones.

    Cascade comes in different versions:

    • cascade with smooth transitions, a large number of levels and fine-tuning,
    • The “ragged” cascade is also multistage, but transitions are sharper,
    • graded - its peculiarity is that the strands are clipped at an angle,
    • volume curls along the cheekbones and cheeks will adjust the narrow, elongated oval face,
    • a uniform cascade with additional volume at the top of the head will make a harmonious round face,
    • the cascade on medium curly hair is quite simple to style; in addition, it can be the basis of various hairstyles.

    Multilayer cascade

    Multi-layered, or double cascade, is characterized by a large number of layers. There are several varieties of it that differ from each other in different lengths of strands at different sites. Suitable for any type of face, but more preferable for wavy curls than for curls.

    Ladder - a version of the cascade haircut. Hair is removed stepwise from the face to the back of the head. Looks great on wavy hair, with curly - highlights the face and removes excess volume. Not recommended only to owners of a round face.

    Bob haircut is versatile - suitable for all face types and for all styles due to its many varieties.

    Stylists offer a wide variety of hairstyles based on this haircut: elegant bob with a large curl, different waves, with accented strands (the effect of "wet hair"), curly "tattered", elongated, retro waves, textured (for a round face), flipped (for thick hair), with matted curls and many others.

    A characteristic feature of a bob-kare are long strands in front of the head with a smooth or abrupt transition.

    Other features:

    • visually lengthens the neck and face (a good option for the round and square type),
    • suitable for both casual wear and evening dress
    • It creates the impression of style, modernity, youth.

    Long caret

    This haircut allows you to wear loose hair or collect them in different hairstyles. With the help of special tools easily create the effect of "wet hair" or vertical perm.

    For different types of faces, you can choose the best type of haircut and styling:

    • round face will look more oval, if you lay strands, weighting the bottom, and make parting sideways,
    • with a square face type, the curls will fall down, smoothing the corners,
    • women with an oval face can afford torn curls, all kinds of bangs and other bold options.

    Asymmetrical haircuts

    Asymmetry still does not go out of fashion. This category includes haircuts with unequal hair length, shaved temples, oblique bangs, etc. Stylists argue that asymmetrical haircuts look good even on curly hair, which may seem impossible.

    The location of the strands of different length switches attention to the features of the face

    In this regard, stylists advise:

    • the side parting and the long bang along the face will visually stretch the round face,
    • with a narrow face, asymmetry is done only on the sides,
    • Having wide cheekbones, asymmetry should be performed below them.

    Asymmetrical bob is a creative haircut, the effect of which is achieved by uneven distribution and length of curls (one side will be longer than the opposite), uneven parting, long bangs with shaved nape. For fans of rock or youth subcultures, an inverted asymmetrical bob is offered.

    At the same time, other varieties of this haircut will suit women of any age, emphasizing the advantages of appearance and arresting shortcomings. It is important that with these models all types of people are combined.

    Haircut ladder allows you to do asymmetry in any area. It can be side curls of different lengths, asymmetrical bangs, long front strands with short hair at the back of the head.

    Asymmetrical car made with and without bangs. A characteristic feature is the different lengths of the strands bordering the face (the difference in length can be up to 10 cm). This bold option is suitable for both young girls and those who are older.

    With the help of asymmetry it is possible to make any haircut original: fervent pixie, gavrosh with side strands of different lengths and torn or slanting bangs, shag. They always look stylish and young and do not require special styling.

    Haircuts for medium curly hair sometimes have similar features. Aurora is the forerunner of the haircut cascade, but with smoother transitions.

    Criteria by which you can choose a haircut Aurora:

    • perfect for fluffy hair
    • with small curls can be problems with combing and styling,
    • if the hair is weak and thin - it is better not to keep the length of the hair, but choose a shorter version,
    • besides the owners of the classic face oval, the aurora will approach the face of a triangular type, since it frames its contour.

    Sheggy has some visual negligence.

    Thanks to the layering and layering, it adds extra volume to the hair and combines with any style:

    • on curly hair of medium length sheggy looks spectacular and fresh,
    • levels are performed closer to the ends of the hair,
    • strands along the face are graduated,
    • volume is created on the top
    • there is almost always a bang, which is recommended for a round face to be bilateral.

    Classic gavrosh suits a face of any shape and hair of any type, wavy curls give it femininity and lyricism.

    • milled structure, an interesting play on the length of the strands, unusual bangs create an artistic mess on the head,
    • self-confident and somewhat shocking people are chosen, often complementing it with bold coloring,
    • Hair almost does not require styling.

    If the hair is very curly

    Curly hair requires special care, as it is usually thin and dry at the tips. Their owners have problems with combing and styling.

    In order to properly care for very curly hair, you should listen to the recommendations of professionals:

    • Of great importance is the choice of shampoo, which for curly hair should contain natural oils that help strengthen them.
    • Do not wash your hair too often, it contributes to the drying of hair.
    • After washing the hair should be applied balm.
    • Comb curly hair better comb with rare teeth, preferably wooden.
    • Minimize the use of a hair dryer, ironing, curling, or use a spray for thermal protection.
    • Once a week to make nourishing masks, to fix the hair use special tools.
    • Lamination will heal curly hair, make it shiny and obedient. This procedure can be carried out at home.
    • If you cut curly hair with hot scissors, the tips will not split.

    Particular attention should be paid to fluffy hair, for them there are also special tools. However, trichologists consider homemade masks as the best preparations: a mask with burdock oil, from herbal decoction and glycerin, from essential oils, gelatin and others. They must be used twice a week.

    Recommendations for choosing haircuts heavily curly hair:

    • optimal length is average so that you can collect hair in the tail,
    • bang on curly hair will have to straighten ironing, it is better to choose the option without bangs,
    • The best haircut for heavily curly hair is a cascade, but not multi-layered, you should not make a bang when bobbing.

    Features styling curly hair

    It is necessary to pack curly hair wet, until they are completely dry and curled on their own.

    There are several ways to do this, for example:

    1. Using a hair dryer:
    • after washing, comb your hair, apply styling products,
    • form curls, wringing the hair with his hands,

      Haircuts for medium curly hair can be easily styled effortlessly with a hair dryer

    • dry the hair dryer with a nozzle-diffuser, choosing the average mode and tilting the head forward and to the side.
    1. without hair dryer:
    • dry hair with a towel, apply the composition for styling,
    • to massage, to form curls with a palm,
    • let it dry, apply a little wax (you can only on the tips).

    If you choose the right haircut for curly hair of medium length, and perform simple procedures for the care and styling, you can always have a stylish haircut with luxurious curls.

    Video: Haircuts for curly hair

    Haircut for short curly hair:

    Cascade female haircut:

    Given the shape of the face

    WITHthe head structure, its shape, the fit of the eyes, the shape of the eyebrows, the lips and the nose are of great importance in the selection of a new image. Violating at least one proportion, you risk making the image asymmetric, inharmonious and unattractive. Very short women's haircuts are not suitable for curly hair.

    Planned haircut should fit every feature of your face.

    Remember, with the help of a successful hairstyle, you can emphasize all the advantages and hide what you would like to hide from prying eyes (big ears, cheeks, irregular nose shape, mimic wrinkles, eye size). Haircuts without styling especially relevant girls with curly hair.

    Chemical processing

    Coloring, regular thermal curling, brightening and other chemical effects on the hair cause them great harm. Their structure is gradually destroyed, they become thinner, weak, brittle, the tips begin to split. If your hair has been subjected to such “torture”, the only right decision would be to remove the length as much as possible and allow them to recover.

    Given the type of hair

    Consider that thin, weakened, splitting or “liquid” hair is ugly. Only women with thick and strong hair can safely grow them to any desired length.

    If the hair is prone to rapid contamination, its properties are greasy and need to be washed every day, it is best to switch to a short or medium length.

    On average curly curls

    With curly hair, it will be advantageous to look like a square and of medium length, especially in combination with various bangs. The tails may be lateral (on one or two sides), thinned, thick, long or short. It all depends on the facial features and desires.Haircuts for fine hair of medium length will give the desired pomp. Layered haircuts for curly hair will add volume.

    Multi-layer haircut is another version of the haircut on wavy hair of medium length. It is suitable for any length and structure of the hair. But such a haircut has one big disadvantage; it is difficult to care for. You will be exhausted by regular styling and blow-drying, while the hair itself will weaken and lose its natural elasticity. More information about haircuts for medium hair with long bangs can be found here.

    Long wavy hair

    Long wavy hair is very capricious. However, with proper care, they will be a real decoration. In order to preserve their beauty, you must constantly visit a hairdresser, use cleansing and moisturizing agents.

    Cascading haircut will give the curls the shape of a waterfall due to strands of different lengths.

    To emphasize this effect will help light amber or staining strands in different shades.

    Haircut ladder for long hair suitable for any type of person. On oval and triangular faces, she will highlight her cheekbones. With a round face, it will hide its wide part and give it elegance.

    Thick and curly

    Thick hair is a versatile tool for changing the image.

    To change it, all you have to do is cut the bang, remove or add length. Haircut will be based only on the features of the face and shape of the skull. WITHThe most winning option is a haircut "waves". Their number, spreading and volume are determined by the desire of a woman. Photos of creative female haircuts for short hair can be viewed here.

    Frankly, the curls will be enough to give volume and shape so that they look advantageous in any image. Even professional stylists recommend to start from the natural shape of hair, to use universal haircuts without unnecessary ingenuity. This may be a U-shaped, V-shaped cut if there is no bang. How does the asymmetric bangs on long hair look can be found in our article.

    Make sure that the tips are always moist and not split.

    Haircuts most suitable for thick curly hair are:

    • «Fox's tail" (haircut with a distinct V-cut, perfectly complemented by styling or highlighting the hair),
    • "Ladder" (a haircut for lengthening below the shoulders, which adds elegance and lightness to every woman, and also emphasizes any face shape),
    • Graduated haircut - it is a haircut at an angle depending on the working side of the face using stepped technique. Hair has a different length, but the original length is always maintained. On it strands "are stratified" and the extremely interesting, unusual hairstyle turns out. Great for those who want to add extravagance and sophistication to the image.
    • Long sesun. This hairstyle will emphasize the individuality of each woman. It combines a romantic vintage and bold modernity, suitable for women of all ages. The main feature of the haircut is torn lines and carelessness combined with neat and feminine styling.

    On thin, rare curly strands

    The main problem of thin and sparse hair is their capriciousness and rebelliousness.

    BUT because the selection of haircuts with such hair must be approached especially carefully. The dominant task in this situation will be the need to hide all the flaws.

    So, a weak volume will help to hide haircuts such as:

    Most brittleness is compensated by special cosmetics and styling. You can also rely on the shape of the face:

    1. Square Look for haircuts for a rectangular face type that will soften the shape of the face. Avoid neat styling. Excellent solutions are the Greek haircut, classic bob and bob with thinned bangs. It would be optimal to open the forehead. The best length is shoulder length and shorter.
    2. Round. Lift the hair at the top of the head to visually extend the oval of the face. Bypass symmetry. It is best to stop at the shoulder trim or to the start line of the shoulder blades. Feel free to make a short cascade, elongated or asymmetrical bob-caret. The highlight of the image will be thinned torn bangs with styling on the non-working side of the face.
    3. Triangular. Of course, you need a voluminous luxurious hairstyle. Feel free to show the public ears, cheekbones and forehead. One-sided fringe is preferably laid up, sharpening it to the end. Experiment with cascading short and medium length haircuts. For short hair, you can make such haircuts for a triangular face: symmetrical or asymmetrical squeaks, bob or bob-caret.
    4. The oval shape of the face does not limit women in choosing hairstyles. The main criterion is your desire. But keep in mind that you should avoid the intricate styling, because thin and sparse hair is extremely naughty.

    Thus, women are given a huge selection of haircuts for wavy and curly hair. In no case should you strive to hide this “zest” by straightening your hair regularly. Hairdressers and stylists to date have developed a huge number of haircuts, which will make you unique due to curly hair. When choosing a new image, be guided by your physiological features of the head and face. Do not forget about the features and deficiencies of hair.

    The main thing is the desire for change, and there will always be options and means!

    We also recommend that you read in more detail about how to achieve ash-colored hair.

    The optimal geometry of the haircuts for the average length of the strands

    Contrast highlights will add volume to any hairstyle

    Properly chosen hair style, especially for unruly thin strands, will greatly facilitate daily styling and help, regardless of the weather, always look great.

    Medium-length curls are always popular and this season, stylists have not ignored this universal length of hair. What hairstyle for thin curly hair at the peak of popularity this spring?

    Upgraded cascade

    Always current cascade

    The formation of strands in the form of a ladder will help to give the curls an extra volume and is guaranteed to keep the styling shape during the working day. But if the classic cascade, known to us from the 90s, was distinguished by strict symmetry, then this year the designers prefer the “ragged”, asymmetrical contours, with the effect of “light deliberate disheveledness”.

    Characteristic nuances of haircuts on the average length:

    • Asymmetric accents "ragged strand" are placed on the occipital and temporal region. For owners of a round face oval, you should also pay attention to the filleting of hair in the neck area, in order to visually lengthen the oval,
    • Shading highlighting with differences in one - two tones will allow to emphasize the multi-layer hairstyle.

    In the photo, vertical waving in combination with contrasting coloring strands

    Council Processing the tips of the strands with cosmetic wax will give the image of youthful enthusiasm and spontaneity.

    • Giving texture to the tips with a razor and additional volume using a multi-layer haircut and contrast highlighting at the roots create a free, rapid modern look,

    Haircuts for thin curly hair of medium length form a cascade with straight bangs are suitable for an elongated and diamond-shaped oval face. And oblique torn bangs will help to advantageously change the geometry of round and square features, especially with a heavy chin. Long oblique bangs visually simulate facial features, bringing them closer to the classic lines.

    Bob is an option for confident ladies who are not afraid of courageous experiments.

    Variations on the theme of "elongated bean"

    This hair style has many variations, so it can be adapted to any face shape.

    With this haircut you can perfectly adjust the oval, highlight the advantages and disguise flaws.

    • This form looks great in combination with staining in all the golden shades of blond, which gives the hair extra pomp and volume,
    • Spiral curls in combination with such a geometry haircuts are very popular this season. This style adds to the image fervent, youthful focus,
    • Haircuts for curly and thin hair forms asymmetrical bob - fashion trend of the season. The strand on one side should slightly touch the shoulder, and on the other should be ten to fifteen centimeters lower. Such styling is universal and suitable for both work and special occasions.

    Casual zigzag parting

    Note that you should not confuse the bean with the classic square. If the square means the same length and thickness of the strands, then in the bob version the emphasis is on creating volume in the back of the head, which gives an exquisite charm to this styling.

    Council Diversify the haircut will allow laying with a parting and playfully curved tips, treated with cosmetic wax.

    First, try uploading your photo and see how this haircut will look at you.

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    The length and shape of the bangs, or how to change the shape of the face

    Graduation strands give bang additional volume and expressiveness

    Unfortunately, only the owners of the classic elongated oval can afford haircuts with an open forehead. But there are few.

    How can a bang change drastically the look and add certain accents to the image:

    • Straight thick bangs in the cascade are recommended for happy owners of a strict regular oval,
    • The instruction recommends that, with wide cheekbones and a heavy chin, stop at the oblique torn bang, with pronounced asymmetry,
    • Long hair, beautifully arranged on a parted part, will visually lengthen the round face,
    • Graphic long bangs in combination with the classic square and spiral curl looks very original and effective for any face oval,
    • Super short bangs are suitable for casual style in combination with contrast highlighting and asymmetrical cascade or ladder.

    Council The triangular face shape is not combined with straight, properly decorated haircuts. It is better to stay on the disobedient curls and asymmetrical bangs of medium density.

    Modern styling tools for thin curls

    Styling options for different haircuts

    Daily care for thin curly hair requires the use of "correct" styling products. Lucky strong fixation makes strands stuck together and untidy, and the means in the form of a gel is not recommended for blond hair.

    What do stylists advise?

    • It is easy to make a spectacular do-it-yourself styling with the help of a professional mousse or thin curl foam. The lines of the companies WELLA DESIGN, Volumactive Kerastase, Sexy Hair (red bottles only), Sensciense Volume Boost foam, and Londa heat protection lotion from Londa are always popular. These funds give volume without weighing up the strands, and the price is quite democratic.

    Council Apply on wet curls, lay using brushing and hair dryer at low temperature conditions.

    • Cosmetic wax ideally simulates individual strands and comfortably fixes the tips without weighing down the curls. Allows you to create interesting and original styling yourself,
    • "Wet" styling remains in trend and this season. Added color accents only. For example, for light strands, shades of blue and nutty in the bangs. For dark hair gels with coloring pigments maroon and golden hue.

    Important. For thin strands, gels are used only as a structuring of individual strands.

    Watch the video: Shoulder Length Haircuts & Hairstyles Medium Hairstyles (April 2020).