How to achieve golden hair?

Golden hair color can be considered universal, as it fits most skin tones. It is interesting that in ancient Greek territory this tone of the strands was magnified by the gift of God. Golden blond hair was endowed with the birth of Aphrodite. Other nations also often composed stories about beauties, which had curls, painted in different shades of gold.

Interestingly, women who have golden notes in the tone of the strands, had a gentle and gentle way, so these colors were popular in most European countries in the Renaissance. Such a shade of hair attracted by the fact that its owners are peculiar to creative, charming people who are able to think deeply and calmly, and also have a docile, generous, reliable character.

To suit

Now bright unnatural color pigments are inferior to fashion primacy in natural gold tones of the strands. There are many shades of golden strands, each of which is suitable for a particular skin type.

When choosing such a shade, one should not think that it emphasizes the image only in women with light skin pigment and blue eyes. Curls with a golden sheen will be a great addition to many color types.

Of course, the perfect combination of golden blond will give women who have a spring color type, which is characterized by the following features:

  • light shade of lips
  • eyes with turquoise, amber green, pure blue, cornflower blue color, which is sometimes complemented by brown and gold rays or spots,

  • warm shade of the epidermis, characterized by a light pink, peach, or having a beige, warm white color,
  • natural blush
  • Brown hair.

Appearance of cold gamma and frankly warm golden shade of bleached strands should not be combined. Otherwise, the strongest conflict between the strands and the color of the eyes, skin, lips, can appear.

Under such circumstances, the best option would be beige, creamy golden blond or copper hair color with a cold sheen.

Dark eyes on the background of dark or tanned skin are perfectly combined with golden-brown hair. This tone actively shines in the sun's rays, giving the image depth.

How to give a shade of gold?

Natural blondes with strands of linen platinum reflux can get golden shades of hair with the help of toning shampoos. For these purposes Tonic is perfect.

Natural brunettes need to paint the strands in a golden hue gradually, each time using a pigment a couple of shades lighter than the previous one. Dark curls first need to wash and then paint the strands.

To get a golden hair color, you should contact the beauty studio to avoid dirty reflux. In this case, only paint is used for dyeing. One of the most popular firms for the salon and home dyeing is Golden, which allows you to create on the strands almost any golden tone.

If you need to create a warm golden sheen on dark strands, Tonic shampoo comes to the rescue, but it will be necessary to tint your hair weekly.

Deep dark hairs should not be dyed a golden light brown or bleached copper hair color. This is due to the fact that before dyeing should be made clarification, which gives the strands platinum reflux.

The best option for brunettes is to lighten and color several strands around the face. You can choose the right pigment that suits your face by experimenting with tones using Tonic shampoo. After selecting the perfect pigment should proceed to staining.

Possible shades

On the shelves of beauty shops you can find different tones of gold, among which the most popular are the following:

  • hazelnut,
  • beige,
  • creamy blond
  • golden dark blonde,
  • golden blonde
  • golden medium blonde,
  • golden light blonde,
  • golden ash,

  • Venetian blond, which is a clarified variation of red color, which suits ladies with pinkish or too light skin,
  • caramel,
  • golden copper
  • rose gold, which is achieved by staining the strands with apricot honey color simultaneously with a golden hue,
  • honey

Before coloring it is worth considering that golden-blond and honey hair color has a tendency to fade, so for the care of such curls you need to use special shampoos and conditioners, allowing you to keep the brightness of the strands. For these purposes, suitable tonic shampoo Tonic desired tone.

Also, once a week it is necessary to carry out intensive treatment of stained curls to preserve moisture in them. If Tonics was used for tinting, the staining should be updated once a week.

Details of the image

To shade a golden blond complement the image, to such curls should be properly selected makeup. For this you need to consider a few simple tips.

  1. Honey hair color requires makeup, made in a warm gamut. The main shades should be pink tones.
  2. Emphasize the color of golden coffee and caramel hair color can shade a brownish or golden pigment.
  3. To complement the strands of golden-pink color, you must use the shades of peach or pink reflux.

  1. Greenish shades with a grassy or mossy shade will be an ideal option for golden chestnut shade, as well as perfectly complement golden nutmeg and copper hair color.
  2. Blue eyeliner will complement short or long golden hair with a cold sheen.
  3. Green eyeliner will reveal the beauty of a golden dark blonde and golden walnut hair color.
  4. A chocolate and bronze eyeliner will accentuate the hair color of golden coffee and will be an excellent complement to light blond golden curls.
  5. Beige and honey hair color will emphasize brown mascara.
  6. Green mascara is better to use for girls whose curls are painted in golden chestnut. Brown mascara will also work.
  1. Black mascara with blue tint will emphasize cold beige or pink hair color.
  2. From rouge it is better to give preference to peach, orange and beige tones.

Copper hair color can be supplemented with almost any pastel tones that are in harmony with the color of the iris. All blondes with any color shade of gold can use black, blue, blue, and dark herbal tones in make-up. These scales will be an excellent addition to the image, giving it tenderness and romance.

Golden shade in traditional ways

Getting the desired golden hue at home in traditional ways is easy. Modern cosmetology produces a lot of color. Enough to buy in the store a suitable shade. But remember that from black hair to get a golden blond will not work at one time. It will take several steps, and the process will take 3 months. First you need to discolor the hair, and after 2 weeks to use paint. You will get an intermediate shade. Another 2 weeks later, painting is carried out again. If the desired tone is not achieved, it is required to re-paint the hair. It is required to wait at least 2 weeks between manipulations, otherwise the hair will suffer.

The simplest option is to dye your hair with a chemical paint with the desired shade. If this method is unacceptable, refer to the folk remedies.

If you take radical measures is undesirable, but you want to give the curls a shine of gold, then use tonic tonic. They are sold in stores and are available for all hair colors. This shampoo should not differ from your shade by more than 2 tones. Otherwise, the result will be inconspicuous. Shampoo is applied as follows:

wash your hair with regular shampoo,
apply tint
let the tool act on the curls during the time specified in the instructions,
wash away tint.

This effect lasts for 1.5-2 weeks, it all depends on the frequency of washing the hair. If the tone fades, use the tint again.

Tips for blondes

The most offensive after lightening hair is that the hair looks like a straw. To get a delicate shade of gold and keep your curls healthy, use the following tips for blondes.

To begin, select a brightening tone. You should not take warm tones such as pink or peach wood. Home use of such paint will lead to a reddish tint. Ashy shade is the best choice. But too pale skin of the face such tone will give a ghostly shade.

Starting the process of staining, do not forget that the skin produces heat. Because of this, the roots are stained faster, because you should start from the ends, smearing the curls from the middle. This time-consuming technique will help to get a uniform tone. After painting in any shade, the hair acquires a porous structure, it easily absorbs grease and dirt. To preserve the shade required to close the pores of the hair with sprays and balms. So, how to get the color of gold on your hair:

Golden blond is obtained after gentle bleaching or applying a golden tonic on naturally curls that are naturally light,
bleached hair sometimes gets a reddish tint. It is eliminated with an acidic composition, but it is not recommended to do it yourself,
hair with a nut or light blond shade will get a shade of gold, if during painting add a golden pigment to the product,
the use of chamomile infusion for rinsing is a proven way to give the curls a golden glow,
A variety of ready-made products for blonde hair contain special ingredients to preserve shade.

Variety of shades

Consider how to achieve all the variety of shades yourself:

Reddish, brown and chestnut.

These tones are created by applying beet juice. Its required to connect with water and lubricate the curls (it is important not to get on the skin through the hairline). Let the compound soak for a third of the hour. After thoroughly rinse hair.

Do not forget about the help of henna. This is a natural paint. But it should be used with caution, to a minimum. Otherwise, get a bright red color.

Attractive golden shade of dark hair gives berry tea. Prepare a concentrated decoction, apply to the curls and let it work for 30 minutes. Do not add hibiscus, it changes the tone to gray-blue.

Cinnamon will help strengthen the natural red tone of the hair. In 1 tbsp. heated water add 2 tsp. crushed cinnamon. The cooled agent is left on the curls for half an hour.

Light brown and gold tones.

For a beautiful tone is to try soda. It copes well with the role of chemical detergents and makes the shade lighter. Apply soda evenly and massage a little. But it will take patience, the effect does not appear after the first use.

Black tea, surprisingly, gives a light golden hue. Make a cup of strong black tea and moisten the curls. Let it work for half an hour. Rinse hair.

A honey mask is considered a good way. She does not just heal the curls, but also gives the desired tone. Stir in honey and filtered water. Apply to curls not half an hour.

Another way is vinegar. He makes hair tone lighter. Better to use apple. Regular rinsing for a month brightens the shade.

Ascorbic acid, known as vitamin C, will help lighten the strands. To do this, combine the crushed tablet with the base. In the role of the basics fit water, detergent or protein. Lubricate hair, massage and rinse.

Natural ingredients perfectly help to change the shade of hair. The main thing is to follow the proportions and instructions.

Another excellent remedy is olive oil. It will strengthen and nourish the curls. But be careful with the amount. Lubricate hair for half an hour, and then rinse thoroughly. The result will be noticeable even after one application.

Bright shade of gold.

Light shades are obtained through the use of lemon juice. It dries hair, therefore add to the composition of the oil. The composition is left on the curls for a third of an hour, rinsed. But do not use a mask too often.

Another way is dried calendula flowers. Stir 1 part apple cider vinegar, water and marigold flowers. Boil the composition, then filter and leave to cool. Gently moisten the curls, massage and allow the remedy to act for 20 minutes.

Cope with this task and rhubarb root. But it is suitable only for dark hair, because light will make it darker. Prepare a decoction and apply on curls.

Another paradox is the lightening of hair of light brown color using coffee. Brew a large mug of coffee made from natural grains, cool. Moisten the curls thoroughly and evenly for half an hour. A radical change in shade will not work, but a nice golden tone will be added.

Herbal decoction for golden color

Get a golden hair color with the use of herbal decoction. To carry out these manipulations will require:

enamel bowl
1 tbsp. dry chamomile color
1 tbsp. dry nettle roots or sage leaves,
half a liter of water
polyethylene film,
chamomile essence,

So let's get started. Boil water in a bowl. Let it boil for a quarter of an hour. This water is required to pour dry nettle roots and chamomile. Broth need to stand for a third of an hour under a tight lid made of polyethylene. Insist then should stand for another half hour. Now the composition must be filtered.

Wash hair and lightly dry; no complete drying is required. Rinse curls with a decoction, put on a hat. In this state, you will need to leave hair for about 60 minutes.

Now wash them and dry. At this time, the essence of chamomile should be mixed with water in a ratio of 1 to 1. Apply the liquid to the curls. After an hour, rinse the hair again with broth.

Chamomile - a well-known way to get a golden hue. Fair-haired girls enough to use a decoction for rinsing.

An important point! In order to avoid getting an ashy, reddish or greenish hue, this painting method should be tested on one strand. In addition, do not forget that the result depends on your shade. On dark brown hair it will not be possible to get a shining golden color.

To increase the saturation of the tone, take 2 tablespoons of chamomile flowers, juice from ½ of lemon and oil. This decoction should be rinsed curls every 2 days. If you want to hide gray hair, then add 3 spoons of glycerin to the product.

A mixture of rhubarb and chamomile also copes with gray strands. This broth should be rubbed into the roots after washing.

Blonde Golden

Suitable mainly for blondes with light eyes. But if the skin tone is light, and the eyes are dark, then in this case it will also look very organic and beautiful.

Looks great if the girl has a fair skin by nature, perhaps with freckles. Dark brown-haired women easily become red with the help of paint, and they are fine with this shade.

In the photo - red golden hair color:


Brown with sparkles of gold will perfectly suit brunettes. Such a chic shade will not leave a girl unnoticed. How good it looks light brown golden hair color, you can see in this article.

This deep luxurious color can be both light and dark shades. Therefore, they can get and blondes, and brown-haired women, and even brunettes. You can buy it even with inexpensive henna. How can you achieve amber-blond hair color and with what dye, described in this article.


Very beautiful and fashionable shade. Suitable for girls with warm skin and gray or brown eyes. This color is also called "Dark Gold". Very chic, luxurious look. Ideal for the dark-haired dark-skinned with brown and amber eyes. But in what color to dye brown hair will help to understand the information from the photo from this article.


Wonderful elegant classic color. A great option for brown-eyed and green-eyed beauties with a warm shade of dark skin. But the beauty of this tone is that it looks great and with a cold type of appearance. How well caramel hair color looks and how this color can be achieved is described in this article.

Wonderful beautiful, suitable for light or blond hair. On the dark hair, he does not "take", well, or only through a preliminary clarification. How can you achieve a nutty hair color and with what paint, is described in detail in this article.

Pink gold

Trendy shade. Suitable for fair-haired and fair-skinned girls. It turns out by highlighting in a copper, golden and peach shade - all this at the same time. The task is quite complicated and time-consuming and costly.

However, this combination looks just amazing. It is necessary to find a good master who can competently carry out such staining.

How effective shampoo hair growth activator golden silk, will help to understand the information from the article.

How does the golden mummy look for hair and in what cases is described in detail in this article.

How and with what paint you can achieve light brown golden hair color, help understand the information from the article:

But what looks like a golden mocha hair on the photo will help to understand the information from the article.

Almost any girl can afford to have golden hair or at least a light shade. But there are some nuances that a woman needs to know if she wants to acquire this color. We will understand - who suits the golden hue.

  • It is perfectly combined with light eyes. Green-eyed and blue-eyed beauties out of competition: soft light golden ones are very suitable for them.
  • With gray eyes, a golden hue does not look. Therefore, the owners of such eyes should be more careful with this color.
  • If brown eyes have golden splashes or are themselves light brown, amber or tea in their own right, then the golden color is very suitable for them.
  • If natural hair is cast in gold or copper, golden hair color will suit you.
  • Warm skin tone blends very well with gold. Ivory, peach, beige - those skin tones that will be best combined with golden hair.
  • Ruddy cheeks are a good companion for this hair color. But pale skin with a bluish tinge - not the best partner in this case.
  • For girls with olive or very tanned skin, golden brown medium tone is perfect. It will look good with brown eyes of varying degrees of intensity.
  • If you have a naturally cool appearance: pale skin and gray or blue eyes, then the choice of golden options in this case is a little difficult. However, you can choose a beautiful caramel color. He has a golden tone, but at the same time goes cold type of appearance.
  • For a girl with the “autumn” color type, golden brown hair shades are suitable. Their palette is quite diverse - from light to dark.
  • For girls who have eyes of dark brown hazel shade, suitable hair color, reminiscent of dark gold with a touch of caramel. To get such a complex combination, it is better to contact an experienced colorist.
  • Rye, wheat, brandy and nutmeg shades do not go to girls who by nature have a dark color of hair. These unique colors can “kill” expressive features of the face, make them faded and inconspicuous. But with amber or blond hair, these shades will look very organic and beautiful.
  • If the skin has a pinkish sheen and possesses porcelain dullness, then the golden tone of the hair does not suit it much. It is better to focus on the cold range in this case.
  • Girls who have naturally ashy hair, blue-black should be more careful to "flirt" with golden tones. It is unlikely that they will look good. In addition, to translate ashen or natural black hair color into golden is a task for a real professional colorist. As an option - to use not warm shades of gold, but cold ones, which are also able to look just great. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to get such a rare tone like “cold gold” at home.
  • If the skin tone is very cool and pale, then stop at the shade of butter and light beige, without a strong golden sparkle. In this case, a strong bright shine does not fit, you want to choose muted, soft tones that look more noble and elegant.

In the video - the hair color is golden blond:

Golden autumn and sunny spring

It will be fair to see that a gamut of wheat flowers is the best solution for representatives of warm color types - spring and light.

Harmonic combination with a golden frame get:

  • turquoise
  • greenish amber
  • blue
  • blue cornflower blue
  • Brown eyes.

It is very important that the skin has a warm color of peach or beige.

Mother nature endowed the girl with spring with brilliant warm flowers, so you can change the tone of hair within the golden palette specifically

Natalya Vodianova, Emmy Adams, Rosie Huntington Whiteley chose golden hair color, creating inimitable images copied by thousands of fans.

Secrets of choice

  1. Maybe you will be surprised, but the golden color scheme can be both warm and cool.. On soft warm colors, the color of pure gold is worth paying attention to girls with brown or greenish eyes.
  2. A tandem of grayish eyes and light skin is better to complement the cool colors, which in the palettes of colors often referred to as light honey.
  3. If nature has presented you with a natural light brown color, choose golden blond hair. Such a gamma is as burning as ever in the case of beige skin tone.

Schwarzkopf Brillance 814 paint staining

Pay attention! The most popular past few seasons is the color of rose gold, which is obtained by highlighting the strands in honey, apricot and rich wheat.

  1. Natural reddish color can be transformed by an elegant golden-copper one, which has lost its reddish pretentiousness, but retained its brightness.
  2. The close relative of golden is caramel, it is comfortably located in a range between yellowish and chocolate. It is astounding that, despite the light red notes, it suits the girls of cool color type.

Light golden-brown hair color suits the autumn color type, also those whose curls own a natural redhead

  1. Brown-eyed girls fit a mixture of similar colors - caramel and dark gold. When applied to bleached strands, they give an obviously pronounced reddish color scheme, which requires caution if you are a summer color type.

Light golden colors

Photo palette light golden tones for the original color type

Light colors of gold in hair dye can be found out by the following titles:

  • beige tones: ashen golden blond,
  • golden tones: medium golden blond, dark wheat blond, hazelnut, light honey blond,
  • cream tones: creamy blond, Venetian blond,

Medium golden colors

Hair color golden color Wella Wellaton 8/0

Medium golden colors: golden rye, golden nutmeg, brandy, caramel.

Pay attention! Gamma golden colors of medium intensity will not suit girls with a natural dark color of curls. Great is the possibility that you will lose the brightness and expressiveness of facial features.

Chestnut gamma

Pale chestnut hair color Palette Fitoliniya 750

In contrast to the traditional chestnut color, the color scheme with golden notes looks softer and more unique. Suitable for those in their own form does not plan to focus on the hair, preferring to emphasize the beauty of the eyes.

Hair color golden truffle from the French company Palette

Dark golden colors (chestnut): golden chestnut, truffle.

Golden copper range

Golden reddish hair color L’Oreal Feria Color 6.34 (price - from 400 rubles)

Golden copper tone is a perfect solution for natural reddish curls, owners of greenish, emerald and brown eyes from hazel to deep dark hazel.

Golden color by traditional means

Make adjustments to the hair color can be done by hand, for example, using fragrant chamomile

Light clarification of hair with a golden color can be obtained not only with dyes, but also with natural products that are perfectly familiar to us - chamomile, rhubarb, nettle, lemon juice and sour milk.

Chamomile and shredded nettle roots, taken in 1 tbsp. spoon pour one liter of boiling water. Boil the broth until its volume is reduced by half.

Apply to hair and warm with polyethylene for 15-20 minutes. For rinsing the hair, it is recommended to use chamomile essence solution, which is diluted with boiled water in a ratio of 10 ml per 1 liter of water.

Lemon - a good answer to the question of how to achieve golden hair in home conditions

Light light blond golden hair color will help to get a tincture of 10 g of long leaf tea, 50 g of pharmaceutical chamomile, 40 g of dull henna. Dry ingredients pour 200 ml of hot water and boil for 5 minutes.

In the filtered broth at room temperature, add 400 ml of vodka. After insisting for 2 days, the agent is applied to the hair and warmed for 40-50 minutes. The function is repeated until the desired color is obtained.

Create a flawless image

In order for the image of Goldilocks to look sophisticated and romantic, choose a warm palette of gentle pastel colors in clothes and make-up. You find suitable colors of shadows in the middle of brown, golden, light pink, peach, green (the color of grass or moss).

Discard the rich dark eyeliner, preferring chocolate, bronze, blue or greenish. These same tips apply to mascara.

To create a make-up, choose warm colors that allow you to focus on naturalness.

Lipsticks and gloss of orange, peach, orange-beige, light pink and beige color will become reliable assistants in the design of lips.

Of great importance is your wardrobe. Beautiful and bright things will look dark purple, grassy, ​​turquoise, orange, gold and tomato color. Do not deny the emphasis on blue, blue and green.

Abstract on the selection of wardrobe allows you to look boldly in the direction of the brightest purple, turquoise and blue tones

Now you understand how to get a golden hair color, make a harmonic image and always be at your best (see also the article “Do you understand who ashes hair color is suitable for and how to get it?”).

Light golden tones

Amber eyes and bright sun curls - the perfect combination

Surely at least once you heard the phrase: “the shade of strands of light gold,” or you came across the hair dye golden blond, wheat, warm or milky. All these shades belong to the light group.

Girls with light-colored curls are very lucky, it will be very easy to give them a golden color. But the dark head of hair to turn into a golden one is not very easy. It will require bleaching, after which the hair tinted in the shade you like.

Tip! The bleaching procedure is very difficult - not always the result can be of high quality, and if you decide to do everything with your own hands, it is better to give up this idea. In this case, the instruction is very important in order not to spoil the curls.

Turning to a professional, you can be sure that everything will be held at the highest level. The price of work depends on the skill of the hairdresser and the type of hair.

  • Owners of light or dark skin.
  • For girls with brown, blue or amber (tea) eyes.

Rich hue

Coloring in complex techniques allows you to achieve a rich color.

Rich golden shades of hair dye combine several tones at once - chestnut, blond, gold. This shade in natural form is quite common, it has a name - light chestnut. It is very easy to make such a color with ordinary coloring.

However, some stylists recommend to go the hard way, making staining in more complex techniques - so the color is revealed more and looks deep and bright.

These techniques include highlighting or coloring hair. Today, these types of dyeing are very popular, but initially you need to give the strands of the primary color, which can be light chestnut. And after the preparation of a specially dyeing composition, the master conducts the bleaching, bleaching the strands.

Then proceeds to their tinting, using from one to several shades. Thus, as a result, it is possible to obtain a beautiful volumetric color that practically duplicates the natural tone.

Today, almost all girls prefer all natural and natural, and this color can be attributed to the natural. Also the most natural and brondirovanie looks - a pair of paired with several shades of gold creates a harmonious and charming picture.

Red hair with golden sheen

Red hair with gold make the look bright and sophisticated at the same time

The golden shade of hair in red color is very popular today. In the sun, it shimmers with several ebb - chestnut, gold, red, while it looks very bright and rich.

The most common red-golden hair color caramel color. It has a soft golden tint with light notes of red. In addition to caramel, to the red group can be attributed, and such colors as red chestnut, warm gold, copper-gold, milk chocolate, hair dye, golden honey.

With such a head of hair you will be able to create a very vivid and memorable image.

Useful: first of all it will suit girls with fair skin with blue, brown or green eyes.

Golden color strands: a variety of colors

L'Oreal paints in golden series became the most popular home dye products

According to surveys, the majority of girls who carried out hair coloring at home preferred the colors of the L’Oreal Paris trademark.

Therefore, below are the golden shades of hair dye from L'Oreal.

  1. Bright group:
  • Sublime Mousse, tone 830 - golden blond.
  • Excellence-9.3 cream-paint - light-brown golden
  • Excellence Cream - 8.13 - light blond beige.
  • Preference- 8.32 Berlin - light blonde golden-pearl.
  • Preference - 10 Los Angeles - very bright blonde.
  1. Saturated colors:
  • Preference- 34 Florence - light blonde golden-copper.
  • CASTING Creme Gloss - 9.304 - a very light blond, sunny.
  1. Red tone:
  • Sublime Mousse - 740 - fiery - copper.
  • Preference - 6.35 - Havana is light amber.
  • Preference -7.43 - shangril intensive copper.

We select the right makeup

Photo: sunny curls and golden-bronze makeup make the appearance much more expressive.

Properly selected makeup will emphasize the charming hair color, and the appearance will make it bright and at the same time mysterious.

The following guidelines will help you look your best at 100%:

  • Choose the most natural shades for day makeup.
  • If your skin is dark and your eyes are dark, a golden eyeliner and light lip gloss can be an excellent option.
  • Gray, gray-green and blue eyes will be more expressive if they are emphasized with shades of beige, pink, green or purple. Mascara is better to use brown or gray.
  • Brown-eyed beauties with red locks is better to pick up the shadows of a bronze, olive, purple color.
  • If the curls are golden-ashen, then purple, gray-blue, purple shadows - what you need.
  • Avoid black pins. Do not use blue or orange shadows. It is also better to refuse burgundy and red lipstick.

Golden hair - one of the most unique and beautiful. Girls with such strands look angelicly charming and noble. However, choosing such a shade, take a closer look at yourself, because only with a certain type of appearance it looks harmonious and attractive.

The video in this article contains more detailed information on this topic.

Golden brown

Golden brown hair can be both light and dark. This shade implies a caramel and honey shade, where the hair shines brightly with yellow tints in the sun.

In the photo below you can see a rich variety of golden-brown shades, radiant with warmth and grace.

Shades of golden brown hair

Light golden brown great lay on blond hair. This warm color is rich in spicy, honeyed notes that will make green-eyed girls look charming.

Dark golden brown will give your hair a luxurious shine. This luxurious and elegant shade to the face of the ladies with dark skin and brown eyes.

Golden brown with red notes make hair color more rich and versatile. Hair will be shimmering mahogany color and gold reflections. This color is especially good for blue-eyed ladies.

Golden blond hair is distinguished by its caramel and honey shades that make.

Light brown hair color is universal and rich shades. Every girl will be able to pick up.

Ash-brown hair color refers to cold brown shades, which in 2018.

Light blond hair color is distinguished by its luxury and richness of play. Girls with that.

Hair coloring with crayons is a new trendy solution for bright girls.

Coloring for light brown hair suggests saturating the not too bright hair color with suitable ones.

Who is the golden shade?

This color is popular because it suits almost every woman. To make it look beautiful and natural, you need to try to find "your" shade. At first glance it may seem that the golden hair color is suitable only for fair-skinned girls with blue eyes, this is not quite true. It has many options, each of which is suitable for a particular type of appearance. Gold color looks gorgeous in women of spring type with greenish-amber, turquoise or light brown eyes. It is combined with pale lips and fair skin.

The most common gold options are:

  • honey
  • caramel blond
  • pale yellow,
  • desert rose
  • light copper.

If you have a cold type of appearance, it should be remembered that such shades may not suit you. After staining, there is a sharp contrast with the color of the skin and eyes. If you have a cool type of appearance, but you like warm colors, you can try a beige version of a golden blond. For some women, the natural tone is a bit platinum to get a golden color, you need to use toner.

A rich palette of colors

If you are the owner of dark curls, it is not recommended to repaint in gold, if you really really want to get this shade, it is desirable to lighten up. Those who have a slightly yellowish skin fit golden brown, brown hair, it will give greater saturation. Repaint dark hair in gold is not easy, it should be done gradually: each time you should get the paint two tones lighter than the previous one. Coloring too dark hair is recommended in the salon. Golden shade is called differently for each manufacturer, for some it is represented by a range of beige tones. On the shelves is often found golden-ash blond and his options.

Venetian blond is a rare species, it is a light shade of red. This blond is combined with light pinkish skin. If you want to get a golden brown color, it is recommended to give preference to caramel paint. To give expressiveness to your eyes, you can make honey strands. It is important to remember that golden curls can fade, in order to avoid this, you need to use special hair conditioners. Dyed hair needs treatment, which should be done every 7 days.

Style Tips

If you decide to repaint in a golden hue, your clothes should be modest, and make-up moderate, the image as a whole should not be defiant. Blonde beauties should do light makeup that will look harmonious. If you have warm hair color, makeup should be appropriate. For the light type, you can pick up the shade of golden, light pink, peach, pale green. Eyeliner should be blue, greenish, brown or soft chocolate. Blush should be in harmony with your image, it is desirable that they were peach, beige, light pink flowers.

Owners of honey-colored hair fit all pastel colors, they will be well combined with the color of the eyes. Clothing may be rich grassy, ​​dark purple or orange.

How to choose paint

Consider the most important question - with what paint you can give your hair a golden tone.

This budget brand of hair dyes in a fairly extensive assortment is golden tones. You can choose from light straw to amber and chestnut.

Semi-professional dye allows you to evenly color the hair, gives depth and shine. A very interesting option - “golden caramel blond”.

It allows you to make bleached hair sparkling and radiant. In addition, the paint keeps for a very long time, it copes well with gray hair.

This high-quality and mid-priced brand offers a choice of many gorgeous golden tones. Here you can highlight such a rare color as “pure gold”. But it is suitable only if the hair is blond. To purchase such a color, you first need to lighten the strands.

The brand offers its customers to get a beautiful golden-red hair color. The hue is very lively and radiant. A golden-copper shade is ideal for girls who have expressive eyes of warm amber, greenish-brown shades.

The company also offers us quite extensive palettes of luxurious dark tones. Including Chocolate truffle. This is the shade that looks best on dark hair in combination with dark-skinned appearance.

Budget paint from the company Schwarzkopf allows you to dye your hair in several variants of gold tones. There are very beautiful golden brown, chestnut, copper and amber colors. The choice is rich, besides the paint allows you to completely paint over gray hair and provides long-lasting lasting results. And its price does not hit the wallet at all.

The color “golden nutmeg” will make the appearance of a fair-haired girl interesting and unusual. Also, fair-haired beauties can choose a “golden brown” tone, which will advantageously emphasize soft features.

The brand also offers beautiful dark gold options. You can highlight the "golden truffle" tone, which gives the dark hair a unique radiance and brilliance.

This professional paint category offers many beautiful colors. It is possible to distinguish a trendy shade "Golden rye", which is particularly suitable for blondes.

In the photo - Vella hair dye:

Londa color

This professional paint boasts a very beautiful golden tones. Among them are the "cognac" - a universal tone that will look good on the hair of any color.

This budget professional brand offers chic gold tones - from light to deep amber and cognac.

The brand offers, among other things, beautiful blond versions of gold. In this category, you can highlight the unique ash-golden hue of the “Sugar”, which can turn a fair-haired girl into a luxurious beauty with blond hair with a soft golden tint.


If you naturally have red hair, they can easily be given a noble copper color. In this case, you are not far from your natural tone, but at the same time, the color will become brighter and more saturated.

If you do not want to dye your hair, you can use safe natural folk methods that will help the hair to find the coveted golden sheen. This can help rinsing broth pharmacy chamomile - but only if you are blonde. As a result of this rinse hair will acquire a soft golden glow. Slightly lighten the head of hair and add a slight golden luster rinsing with lemon juice and rhubarb extract.

In the photo - golden chestnut hair color:

Having acquired the desired golden tone, do not forget now to maintain this color. To do this, use special shampoos and balms that will help the paint stay longer on the hair and maintain its brightness.

If you are naturally a brunette, then immediately "jumping" in light golden tones is not recommended. It is better to gradually lighten up one or two shades of hair. In this case, the transition will be more benign and natural. If the hair was dyed in a dark color, then before their new dyeing the strands need a special remover that will get rid of the old tone. The procedure is carried out in the cabin. It is cheap, so don't let this moment stop you.

Summary: now you know a lot of golden shades, and with what colors you can buy them. As you can see, golden colors are suitable for almost any appearance - you just need to find "your" shade. And our recommendations will help you with this.