Means review Agafya Granny for hair growth: choose the best option

A series of masks “on cold-pressed oils” from a Russian manufacturer. Grandmother Agafia’s recipes consist of three masks for hair: yeast, burdock and egg. The composition of the products of this cosmetic brand contains natural ingredients, extracts from herbs, organic extracts and oils.

The brand “Recipes of Grandmother Agafya”, which has already become popular among connoisseurs of natural care products, has launched a series of hair masks to enhance growth, strengthening and nourishing. We will consider these tools in more detail so that you can decide on the choice of the most suitable.

Yeast Mask to enhance hair growth from Agafya

AT composed brewer's yeast masks, cones extract, elecampane and milk thistle, natural cold pressed white currant seed and wheat germ oils, as well as vitamins C and B5

Vitamin B5 has a regenerating effect, making the roots strong and healthy. Wheat germ oil is indispensable for the care of sparse, poorly growing hair.

After application Masks to enhance hair growth from Agafya curls become elastic and silky, restore their structure, starting from the roots. A noticeable effect of the tool is visible after one month of use.

Firming hair mask "Burdock" from Agafya

As part of the mask you will find the oil of burdock, flax, black currant, as well as birch sap, oat bran, sage, and vitamins B6, B5 and PP.

Burdock oil helps strengthen and restore damaged hair structure. Sage extract counteracts hair loss and gives them strength.

Birch sap will fill your hair, tired of chemical procedures, with vitality. Nicotinic acid will give strength even to hopeless, brittle strands, vitamin B6 is considered one of the best for their growth and nutrition. Oat bran will improve the structure and color saturation.

Nourishing "Egg" mask for hair from Agafya

AT composed In the third mask from the series, you can find egg yolk proteins, rye malt, cloudberry and sage, pumpkin seed oil, sea buckthorn seeds and hazelnut seeds, vitamins B5 and E.

Lecithin and amino acids, which form the basis of eggs for a mask, actively care and nourish the scalp and strands themselves. Rye malt, which has long been used for problems with the scalp, contains large amounts of B vitamins, which nourishes the hair with vital energy.

Pumpkin seed oil prevents hair loss and thinning. Sea buckthorn oil has a pronounced regenerative effect, it heals minor wounds, renews cells, restores health to damaged areas of the head.

After the first use masks begin to heal small wounds, curls become alive and shiny, their health returns.


There are no special contraindications for the use of hair masks from grandmother Agafya. If you are prone to allergies, carefully read the composition of the product before using it, if you are allergic to one of the components, refrain from using the mask.

A series of masks from the brand “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes” perfectly nourishes, restores and improves hair growth. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose your mask from the series “On cold-pressed oils”, and it is better to try all three.

How does

Manufacturers of this cosmetic products speak about the naturalness of their products. All funds are produced according to old Russian recipes, inherited from the mother of Agafya, a Siberian healer.

Also, many consumers send their own unique recipes to help grow curls. Developers carefully select, check all materials, only the best of them complete the line of cosmetics.

All products are certified, made from natural ingredients collected in Siberia, the Baikal region. New cosmetics for hair care are available in new, convenient, soft packs that retain all the benefits of natural herbs.

Important! Manufacturers refuse to use SLS, parabens, silicone, chemical fragrances. Natural cosmetics “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes” helps to grow beautiful, healthy, long curls.


The line of cosmetics is represented by a variety of products: shampoos, balms, indelible conditioners, oils, serums, masks. Products designed to solve many problems arising from the hair.

Depending on the result you wish to achieve, there are several series aimed at nourishing, restoring the hair structure, preventing loss of curls, increasing the growth rate, strengthening the roots, and protecting against negative manifestations of the environment.

Issue price

In addition to the natural composition, certified quality, a huge selection of products, Grandmother Agafya’s series has a very attractive price. Cosmetics are widely available, it can be purchased at any chain store, supermarket, hypermarket. In more detail we will talk about the cost of specific products below.

Main ingredients

The basis of all cosmetic products Agafi make the following natural ingredients:

  1. Soap root Used to form foam when washing your head. At the same time, the product is completely natural; it is obtained from various plants, mainly cloves: soapwort, medicinal, prickly iron.
  2. Melt water, which has a softer composition, purity, benefits for curls. This water is obtained using a special technology: water is frozen, cleaned from harmful impurities, defrosted naturally.
  3. Five soap herbs, of which infusions are made: Ural licorice, amaranth, silky rock, Siberian spring, medicinal soapwort. All these plants contain saponins - natural soap extracts that gently cleanse the hair, preventing dryness and irritation of the scalp. We talked about the beneficial properties of herbs for hair growth in one of our articles.

Note, In production, only cold-pressed oils are used, which are not subjected to strong heating. Because of this, they retain the maximum of their beneficial properties.

Shampoo activator

Shampoo-activator growth series "Bath Agafi" Available in soft packaging, the amount of funds - 100 ml. Milky product, liquid consistency contains only 100% natural ingredients. The structure includes:

  • soapwormdesigned for the gentle cleansing of the scalp from dust, styling residues and other contaminants. The natural component takes care of curls, does not change their structure,
  • sea ​​buckthorn oil, produced in Altai, is an excellent source of vitamin A (retinol). Retinol nourishes the hair structure, helps the hair to grow faster, heals damaged skin, hair,
  • tutsan eliminates brittle, dry curls, returning them shine, vitality,
  • burdock root - source of protein needed to nourish the scalp, reduce strand loss,
  • wild pepper oil designed to nourish the roots, giving a natural basal volume,
  • elfin cedar provokes the work of follicles, accelerates the growth of hair,
  • purpleweed shrub returns the tone of the locks, a healthy glow.

You can wash your hair with “Agafya Bathhouse” shampoo in the usual way. You need to put a little money on the strands, massage until foaming. It should be noted that natural detergents do not give a huge amount of foam. Spend a head massage for 2-3 minutes, rinse off.

Shampoo is intended only for cleansing from dirt, so do not keep it on the head of hair for a long time. This can lead to drying of curls. In order to achieve the desired result, the complex application of the series products will be required. The price of this shampoo is 45-60 rubles.

We recommend supplementing the shampoo with balm-activator hair growth "Bath Agafi".

Mask for growth

In the line of products grandmother Agafi there are two masks designed to enhance the process of growth of hair.

  1. Mask with lemongrass and mustard designed to accelerate the process of hair growth, to give them density, strength. The natural ingredients included in the composition are white mustard oil, wild lemon juice makes dormant hair bulbs work, increasing the number of strands, their volume, making them thick and strong. Wheatgrass, protein, licein nourish the hair, solder the damaged hairs, give them smoothness, elasticity.
  2. Mask for hair growth based on beer yeast. Already from the name it is clear that the main component that influences the rate of regrowth of strands is brewer's yeast. They are rich in protein, vitamins, trace elements. In addition to activating the growth of hair, this mask restores damaged strands, prevents their loss. The mask normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands, relieves dandruff.

Masks are applied to clean, damp hair, aged 10-15 minutes. It is effective to wrap the head after applying the mask. Heated pores open, the tool penetrates deeper into the follicle, and the best effect is achieved.

The cost of these products is very low - 70-130 rubles.

Council Evenly distribute the tool throughout the length, you can use a comb. Remember that the result will be achieved only in the case of regular use of masks.

This oil also has a natural composition, beautiful packaging, unique properties. In addition to the oil itself, the bottle contains seeds, herbs, giving the unique aroma of a Russian bath. Due to the lack of a dispenser, a rather large expenditure of funds is obtained.

The oil is applied to the scalp, preheating it, for 40-60 minutes before washing the hair. After that, wash off with shampoo in several approaches (it is rather difficult to wash off the product from 1-2 times).

Regular use of oil from the “Bath of Agafya” series in 3-4 weeks will bring you the desired result., you will see a small fluff along the growth line of the hair. According to consumers, Agafya oil is effective, safe, pleasant, but inconvenient to use.

You can purchase this product for 170-230 rubles.

Argan and linseed oils will also help to increase hair length.

Ampoules based on honey and herbal ingredients will help you find the hair of your dreams. For 10-12 months, your curls will be 12-15 centimeters longer.

The composition contains cedar oil, wheat germ, hot pepper. All this makes your strands beautiful, healthy, long.

It is possible to put means at any convenient time. Rubbing the composition a little into the scalp, it should be washed off. After the first use, you will notice that hair loss has decreased, and in 1-2 months you will see how they start to grow. Ampoules are sold in a package of 7 pieces, cost about 180-220 rubles.

For damaged hair, the company offers a miracle spray "Reviving serum. Hair Growth Activator. The composition includes a burdock oil filled with vitamins and nutrients. Thanks to this component, after the first use, the curls become soft and silky, and the problematic dryness of the tips disappears altogether.

The tool has a triple effect on strands:

  • nourishes and heals,
  • moisturizes and revitalizes
  • stimulates growth.

Regular use of the spray allows you to accelerate the growth of curls, make them strong and radiant health.

The product is inexpensive, only 75-90 rubles. Volume - 170 ml.

An excellent alternative to this product will be a spray for hair growth, cooked at home.

We used to think that in order to gain a beautiful, long hair, you need to spend a lot of effort, time, money. The series “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes” proves that for a small amount of money you can have curls of dreams. Numerous positive reviews are clear evidence of this.

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Efficacy and features of the use of serum for hair growth from the "Grandmother Agafya's Vegetable First Aid Kit"

For hair restoration, our readers successfully use Minoxidil. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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As well as two hundred years ago, so today the fans of long hair are not extinct. But the modern pace of life, the ecology, the individual characteristics of the body do not always allow to grow long healthy hair.

One way to strengthen the strands is to apply serum. Particular attention when choosing this product should be paid to the composition.

Serum for hair can not only provide deep nutrition, but also moisturize curls, smooth them and protect them from the negative effects of the environment.
Further in our article we will look at how to use the serum and what effect it gives to the hair.

  • Agafya Grandma's serum for hair growth
  • The composition of natural products
  • Mode of application
  • Effect of use

Agafya Grandma's serum for hair growth

Going into the perfume shop, do not pass by a series of products of grandmother-herbalist, which has become the all-Russian hair and body care brand. Balsams, soaps, masks, shampoos, whey, lotions - this is part of the list of products, which is based on the recipes transmitted by the same magician Agafya.

The distinguished brand “First Aid Kit of Agafya” is a rich collection of cosmetic preparations for body, hair and face care. In the production of the entire line of products used plants collected in ecologically uncontaminated regions - the Amur region and in the Baikal region.

Serum for hair growth "Recipes grandmother Agafi" - a very unique product, appreciated by modern buyers. The majority of consumers with a problem such as hair loss or dissatisfaction with their condition positively respond to serum.

Practicing cosmetologists also recommend serum of this brand, which is produced on the basis of formulations collected by the famous Agafya. “Ordinary herbs, growing practically under our feet, are capable of performing miracles,” says Anna Kushova, a cosmetologist from Moscow.

This is due, primarily, to a unique complex of herbs that contribute to partial or 100% regeneration of the scalp.

The composition of natural products

7 is the number of the magician. Growth stimulant, made according to Grandfather Agafya's recipes, consists of only 7 plant components. The whole highlight is the ratios of the various ingredients of the product. The main composition of serum for hair growth from Agafya is as follows:

  1. lemongrass,
  2. marshmallow,
  3. ginseng,
  4. burdock root,
  5. nettle,
  6. Birch buds,
  7. Melissa.

Also there is brewer's yeast, red pepper, pantothenic acid and climbazole.

The netting exchange nettles should not be more quantitatively related to Altea and Melissa, which nourish the bulbs. In the worst case, the impact of one or another natural component is neutralized.

Herbs and each other collected in appropriate proportions complement each other, and the processes of action on the scalp activate, that is, play the role of a catalyst. For lemongrass and ginseng, this accelerator substance is the birch bud.

And burdock in the synthesis with tincture of red pepper, brewer's yeast, in the presence of pantothenic acid (they are also natural products) lead to the stunning effect of gloss and growth. When introduced into the structure of the hair, the burdock + red pepper complex stimulates intensive cell division.

With an additional feed of the roots, which comes from Schizandra and Ginseng, the latent mechanisms of natural growth come into dynamics several times.

Pantothenic acid, Climbazol stimulate the exchange processes. There is a regeneration of cells on the scalp. Brewer's yeast fully nourished, as they contain proteins - a source of vitamin B, amino acids. Pepper activates the bloodstream.

Mode of application

  1. It is recommended that Agafya serum be uniformly sprayed for hair growth at the roots and on the scalp on clean and moist hair. The course is 2-3 months, you can use no more than 3 times a week.
  2. Next, wait for complete drying, do not rinse. In the case of achieving the desired effect, you can stop the use of active serum "Plant First Aid Kit Agafi" for hair growth.

As mentioned above, for each plant component in different people individual tolerance. If after several months of use, your hair still doesn’t grow and fall out well, then it is better to consult a beautician.

Effect of use

With regular use of this tool, hair can grow 2-3 times faster.

According to consumer reviews, the growth is about 1.5 centimeters per month. The hair becomes softer and silky. The main thing is not to overdo it with the dosage.

Spraying hair may become too heavy.

Serum for hair growth from the “First Aid Kit” has the following advantages: it is inexpensive and rich in natural ingredients (plants collected in the Far East). It copes well with many problems, gives hair a healthy appearance and stimulates their growth.

Means review Agafya Granny for hair growth: choose the best option

Cosmetology does not stand still: new hair care products are constantly appearing, formulas of already existing products are improving. A great helper in growing hair is a series of products familiar to almost everyone, called “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes”. These funds have long been on the shelves of stores, they have proven themselves on the good side, are popular with men, women. From the article you will learn the features of the main products of the series, their effect on the growth of curls, cost, pros and cons.

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Review of hair masks "Recipes grandmother Agafi"

Another competitive advantage of cosmetics of this Russian brand is an affordable price. Therefore, “Grandmother Agafya” constantly attracts women who want to try the effectiveness of funds and save their budget. There is something to choose from: this is a popular cloudberry mask based on cloudberries, a healing mask with onions or bread, and a Restorative express mask, and many other offers. This short review is dedicated to the popular hair products that Grandmother Agafia offers.

Growth like yeast

For those who wish to achieve accelerated growth of hair suitable mask Yeast from the brand "Recipes grandmother Agafi." The manufacturer chooses brewer's yeast as the basis of its product. This substance is a storehouse of protein, vitamins and minerals necessary to stimulate hair growth.

The components of beer yeast improve the metabolism and nutrition of cells.

The active action of the yeast is supplemented with wheat germ oil. The recipe with this component has a beneficial effect on strengthening the hair roots. With it, the curls come to life, acquire an attractive natural shine.

In addition to these basic elements, the Yeast Mask offered by “Grandmother Agafia” contains such beneficial ingredients.

  • birch sap,
  • extracts of elecampane, milk thistle, siksha forest berries,
  • white currant seed oil,
  • pine nut and rosehip oil,
  • vitamins C, B5.

This mask, according to the manufacturer, gives the curls a shiny silkiness. The tool will help to achieve active growth, density and health of curls. Recommendations for use:

  1. Apply to clean and wet strands.
  2. Spread evenly over the entire length as well as at the roots.
  3. Leave for a couple of minutes, then rinse with water.

On the effectiveness of this mixture, designed to improve hair growth, inform reviews. Many girls are satisfied with the action of the remedy. There is a natural composition, giving freshness to the curls, facilitating combing. The mixture is conveniently applied, the consistency of a watery cream. And if she copes with the main task? There are high marks for the action of the Yeast Mask, which confirm that it really helps hair grow.

However, not everyone notes this result. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the head of hair.

Intensive recharge

Caring for the skin of the face, we often apply a nourishing cream. Similar means "Grandmother Agafya" suggests to use also for hair! The cream mask Moroshkovka is intended for deep moistening and food. The product is suitable for dry and normal hair, especially recommended when using hard water for shampooing.

This particular cream is based on wild cloudberry berries, which are distinguished by a rich vitamin composition. The cloudberry mixture is aimed at protecting the curls against the influence of a polluted environment. Another active ingredient that includes this cream is goat milk. It contains in abundance proteins and amino acids, which are important for restoring and strengthening the strands.

Also, the cream mask includes such valuable substances:

  • silk proteins - for softness, smoothness, obedience curls,
  • vitamin C - to fight against hair loss, improve blood circulation of the scalp, strengthen the immune system.

About this cream-mask can be met and admired, and very discreet reviews. Those who come to the remedy, note the improvement in the health of the hair. Thanks to the cream mask, the strands are moistened, charged with vital energy.

It really suits dry curls. But the hair of the normal type of such a cream can bring unpleasant greasiness, rapid pollution.

Juicy offers

From the series “Agafya on 5 juices”, masks based on cedar and juniper attract attention. Reviving cedar mask is designed to restore and shine curls. The healing mixture has such main directions of action - to intensively nourish, fill the strands with energy, strength, give them shine. The main active ingredient is Siberian cedar, the oil of which is saturated with vitamins B, E, F. The recipe also contains other ingredients that also have significant benefits:

  • burdock oil,
  • Hemp seed extract,
  • silver ions.

There are good reviews about this tool, many girls have noticed a positive effect from its use. Also very popular Juniper mask-strengthening, which is designed against hair loss. Its basis is wild Dahurian juniper berries. Juniper component is useful for renewing the natural strength of hair. Also against the loss of actively acting infusion of white nettle, which is included in the recipe. A cedar sap perfectly nourishes, moisturizes and refreshes curls.

Fast and healing

One of the attractive offers of the popular Russian brand "Bathhouse Agafi" is the Restorative Express Mask. The tool is designed to revive the elasticity, elasticity, natural shine curls. Such express care is based on natural oils and herbal extracts. They penetrate deep into the hair structure, give it life-giving moisture, like a real bathhouse. The effect of intensive nutrition, hydration and protection is achieved thanks to the components of the express mask:

  • Rhodiola rosea
  • Shiksha Siberian
  • lingonberry and cranberry seed oil,
  • Mallow Flower Extract,
  • Daurian rosehip oil.

Such a mixture, which is offered by the “Bathhouse Agafi”, has been approved by many women. The manufacturer uses the secrets of folk methods of care for braids. Natural ingredients care for curls gently, efficiently. A noticeable health effect of this “bath” justifies its name.

The recipes of many other masks from “Grandmothers” are based on components tested by traditional medicine and cosmetology. So, the healing mixture for the care of oily and normal hair contains egg yolks and rye bread. The recipe for another mask called Healing includes onions, burdock oil and honey. There is also a remedy with peppermint, rowan berries and calendula.

The range of offers from a famous Russian manufacturer is very diverse. If desired, everyone can try out the action of a mask. A democratic price makes products affordable, and the naturalness of the base is attractive.

Natural, effective, affordable

If you want very different results pay attention to "Grandma Agafya's Recipes" for hair growth. Manufacturers offer a whole range of hair care products, characterizing which you can say just a few words - natural, effective, affordable.

Naturally. All cosmetics sold under the brand name "Grandmother Agafya's Recipes" made from environmentally friendly products, using medicinal herbs (soapstone, licorice, yarrow and more than 100 items), natural oils (sea buckthorn, burdock, flax, dog rose), tar, bee products, birch chaga, etc.

Normalize the sebaceous glands.

Each category of hair (dry, oily, thin, brittle, etc.) are offered individual in composition shampoos.

Available. All grandmother Agafya's funds are produced only on domestic raw materials, using melt waterwhich is made at own enterprises.

This allows you to not overcharge. All products can be freely bought in stores at affordable prices.

Different drugs - one result

Granny Agafya's First Aid Kit is included in the line shampoo, oil, vitamin ampoules and mask, growth activator and serum.

Shampoo. To create "Agafya Thick Shampoo" 17 Siberian herbs, white flower honey, burdock oil, pine tar resin were used. The melt water used in the recipe differs from simple tap water and has a live structure.

Herbs collected in ecologically clean regions of Siberia and Baikal reserves and decoctions made from them, have a strengthening effect. "Wake up" hair follicles, provoke accelerated growth, saturate with oxygen, improve blood circulation.

The shampoo has a pleasant smell of herbs, honey. Quickly washes away the dirt, two soaps will be enough to wash hair of any length. Due to its thick consistency shampoo consumed sparingly. Hair, after washing, comb well. Additional use of the gel for rinsing is not necessary.

«Agafya oil»To improve hair growth transparent honey color. Small inflorescences and seeds are placed in the bottle along with the oil. Recommended apply before washing. Heat up a small amount of the product, separate the hair into strands and part by part. apply warm oil to the roots.

Soft movements of the fingertips to massage, spreading it over the entire scalp. Wear a cosmetic hat, wrap your head with a large towel. Leave for 1.5 - 2 hours.

After this, make a light massage (5 minutes), wash off everything, first with hot water with shampoo, then warm. Oil provides nourishment to the scalp, moisturizes, supplies with vitamins, microelements. Stimulates hair follicles.

Mask "Yeast Hair Growth". The mask includes brewer's yeast, wheat germ oil. Yeast is a pantry of proteins, trace elements, vitamins. Getting into the deep layers of the skin, the active active ingredients stimulate the acceleration of metabolic processes.

Microcirculation improves. Everyone knows about the benefits of wheat germ. Sprouts harvested minerals (phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, etc.), useful acids, dietary fiber, amino acids. Vitamins of group B, vitamin PP, vitamins E, C (beauty and youth).

A small amount of mask we put on the roots and ends of hair. For warming up and better penetration into the skin. massage for 2-3 minutes. Rinse with warm water and shampoo. Use 2 times a week.

Ampoules for hair growth "Recipes grandmother Agafi." "Honey plant complex" real a godsend for those who want to grow hair fast. In one month they certainly will not grow much, but in six months by 10-12 cm - 100% guarantee.

The preparation includes vegetable oils of cedar, wheat sprouts, hot pepper. Propolis extract, perga, agave, royal jelly of bees, antioxidant complex. The drug is packaged in ampoules. Apply and wash off quickly.

You can often hear that good is never cheap. But the domestic is not worth the attention. Accustomed to chasing imported and expensive. Try grandmother's recipes for hair growth and you will not be able to stop.

Did you know that with some procedures you can speed up the growth of strands, such as mesotherapy and head massage. Also very important to properly comb.

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