How to learn to weave the spike itself and others

Weave braids back in fashion. Girls are looking for interesting techniques, learn to create original braids. Why go to the hairdresser if you can braid many types of braids yourself? A few workouts - and luxury styling will be no worse than the salon.

What types of weaving are relevant? How to braid spike itself? Stylist tips and step-by-step technology will speed up the learning process.

Features weaving braids

This version of the spit is one of the easiest. Only three strands, and how many variations! Hair spikelet was never boring. Beautiful, neat braid looks great in different situations, always remains fashionable and stylish.

Previously, only one was popular, the traditional version. Now girls can braid several original varieties:

  • side,
  • inside out,
  • around the head
  • with two pigtails.


The reasons for the popularity of this type of weaving are many:

  • sufficient simple technique to create a beautiful pigtail,
  • no need for special tools
  • You can easily braid the braid itself,
  • styling emphasizes the beauty of the face,
  • hair does not climb into the eyes, this styling does not disintegrate in a day,
  • hairstyle is suitable for any type of person
  • The original braid looks great on thicker and rarer hair.

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Another advantage: it is easy to turn everyday styling into festive:

  • slightly change the style of weaving, give more volume,
  • create a side version or braid a luxurious braid around your head,
  • Decorative hairpins and invisible beads will decorate your hair.

Useful tips and tricks

To spike a spectacular, remember a few rules:

  • the classic version weaves tight, fashionable varieties more freely,
  • be sure to take locks of the same thickness - so the styling will look neat,
  • change the thickness of the order - your hair will play a new way,
  • for a regular spike, smooth hair is needed. Original, fancy hairstyles look great on slightly wavy strands,
  • if the curls reach the waist, braid a spikelet at half the length, curl the rest, leave it loose. The length of beautiful curls is half or 1/3 of the total length of the braid, more precisely, from the neck. This feminine option is suitable for a date or as a holiday styling for a young fashionista,
  • when recruiting strands requires accuracy and accuracy,
  • hairstyle is suitable for curls of the same length and graduated haircut. The main thing is that the hair in each layer should be long enough. Strands, slightly knocked out of the total mass, give fashionable now "light negligence"
  • styling can be done on hair of different lengths. Even a square shoulder-length is suitable for creating original styling,
  • An interesting effect is obtained when weaving the spike on colored and highlighted strands.

Weaving scheme and step by step instructions

Start your workout with a classic, tight option. Invite a girlfriend, ask to be a model mother, if she has long hair. On someone else's head, you quickly learn how to create a popular hairstyle.

Perhaps the perfect spike will not be the first time, but most girls consider this technique as one of the simplest. Strictly follow the scheme, then you will succeed.

You will need:

  • hairbrush with a sharp end,
  • foam or mousse for styling (optional),
  • a thin elastic band to secure the end of weaving,
  • studs or stealth (if needed).

Take note:

  • Be sure to wash, dry, comb the strands. Matted hairs slow down the weaving, violate the beauty of styling,
  • do not braid a spikelet on dirty, greasy curls, trying to mask unwashed strands with tight weaving,
  • if you did not have time to wash your hair, collect a high ponytail, braid an ordinary braid or twist the braid,
  • get a trendy, beautiful hairstyle. Your omission with washing head will not be noticeable.

Classic spikelet


  • Well comb your hair
  • separate one strand from above, divide into three equal parts. This is the beginning of the spit,
  • put the first order between the second and third,
  • transfer the third order between the second and the first,
  • then place the second strip between the third strand and the first, add a strip of hair of the same thickness to the right,
  • do the whole braid in the same way, alternately waving curls from the right and left sides,
  • after a while you notice that there is no longer any loose hair on the sides, you are weaving a regular braid,
  • fix hair ends with a rubber band,
  • correct the loose hairs, fix them with a pair of invisible women,
  • if the curls curl slightly, you can let off a pair of thin strands from the temples.

Pattern of unusual weaving to the side:

  1. All hair needs to be combed well.
  2. On one side of the head (left or right), separate the section and divide it into three sections.
  3. Begin to weave like a regular braid. Make a couple of links.
  4. Weave a small strand on one side.
  5. Alternately, hair is woven into the braid from different sides. In this case, the braid goes in the lateral direction.
  6. At the neck, you can go to the usual weaving. You can make a bunch or tail.
  7. In the finished hair, individual hair should be pulled out. This will add volume.

Execution scheme:

  • comb and slightly moisten the curls,
  • to divide the hair into two parts by direct parting,
  • on the one hand, the plot is separated and divided into three equal parts,
  • normal weaving is carried out. In this case, the strands are picked up from two sides,
  • spit should end near the ear. If the hair is medium, you can finish the hairstyle on this by hiding the tip behind the ears. Long and medium curls can be picked up in the tail,
  • on the other hand the same weaving is done,
  • Ready hairstyle decorated with pins or barrettes.


  1. Comb the hair and highlight the section at the top. Divide it into three sections.
  2. The leftmost section is placed under the center.
  3. Right enclosed under the center and left.
  4. The central section is taken. A free order is added to it, which must be moved under the right section. As a result, the order must be in the middle.
  5. A similar manipulation is done with the left strand.
  6. Thus, continue to twist out the weaving to the end. The result of a secure rubber band or barrette.

If the hair is thick and fluffy, two spikelets will look spectacular. There are many variants of hairstyle: medium and long loose strands can be picked up in tails or bunches, and can be intertwined with each other. In any case, a neat and well-groomed image is provided. The main task is to divide the curls into a perfectly even parting.

Side option

Creating original styling is quite simple. This spike looks much more elegant than the classic version.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • brush clean curls away from your face
  • decide which side the spit will go to,
  • separate from the left or right side a fairly wide strand, as usual, divide it into three identical strips,
  • braid two or three links of the classic braid,
  • start side weaving. Now add a new strand from where you started,
  • it is clear that the next strip of the same width is taken on the other side of the head,
  • tighten up the added strands, weave curls on both sides in turn,
  • gradually you descend to the neckline. Here the loose strands just end,
  • dole usual braid,
  • fix the end of weaving with a thin elastic band.

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Hairstyle with two braids

This option is suitable not only for primary school students. Older girls are happy to wear two braids, created using the original technique.

With certain skills, you can create both a taut and looser spikelet. The differences are striking.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • parting,
  • on the left side, separate the strand, as always, divide into three strips,
  • start weaving in the classical way, gradually “picking up” curls from the bottom of the head,
  • check that the pigtail runs parallel to the parting
  • Spit down to the neck? Fix hair with a thin elastic band,
  • it remains to braid the exact same spikelet on the right side of the head,
  • young women of fashion can decorate the ends of braids with cute hairpins, small bows or satin ribbons.

Weave around the head

Luxurious hairstyle is appropriate not only for every day. Elegant, stylish styling is suitable for an evening dress. No less organically looks "wreath" on the head for the first date. The guy will certainly appreciate the beautiful braid.

With this haircut you will feel free and confident in any situation. Particularly relevant is laying on a hot summer day.

Weaving scheme:

  • divide the hair parting strictly in the middle,
  • Start the job from the right side of the head. The beginning of the standard - the allocation of three strands, as when weaving a classic braid,
  • create weaving a semicircle, gradually adding new strands,
  • make sure that all the curls hit the spike in a circle,
  • if you act correctly, a neat braid will end near the left ear,
  • with the help of stealth camouflage tail under the strands,
  • the second part of the work is similar to the first,
  • continue weaving on the left side,
  • from the left temple separate the working strand, create three identical bands,
  • the work must move towards the finished braid,
  • hide the end of the netting too,
  • the result is luxurious styling for all occasions.

Important! If your hair does not have enough volume, lightly squeeze the front strands. Cover it with a thin layer of straight hair, separated in advance from the very edge. For fidelity laying fix a varnish.

Some peculiarities of spike weaving

For a good result and beautiful hair, you need to remember a few nuances in the weaving of the French braid:

  • The thinner the hair strands are, the more beautiful and neater the spike will be. If you take a lot of hair in the order, then this braid will be almost no different from the classic.
  • When weaving the spike itself, the main thing is that all the strands be of the same thickness. Otherwise the pigtail will wrap to the side.
  • Spikelet looks very good on straight and well-groomed hair. Moreover, the different length of the hair does not really affect the quality of the spikelet, but on the contrary - the cutting of a ladder or cascade is perfect for such a hairstyle, and the strands that will stand out along the entire length will give the effect of negligence and elegance.
  • It will be very effective to look "fishtail" on melirovannyh or colorized hair. This hairstyle will have its own pattern.
  • In order that the locks do not crumble, use special means: gels, mousses, hair creams. They will help to securely lock the curls and permanently save the shape of hair.
  • It is important to follow the technique of weaving, so as not to confuse the sequence of strands and not to become entangled in the hair. This hairstyle is suitable for both adults and children.

So, consider the options spikelets and the technique of weaving.

Step by step instructions for the implementation of the classic spikelet:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Dry them.
  2. We divide the whole head of hair into two even halves to make two working strands.
  3. On the right we take a thin strand and transfer it to the left side. Main left strand hold hand.
  4. After that, take a thin strand on the left side. We transfer it to the right, while it is necessary to hold the right working strand.
  5. We continue to braid the braid until you create a spikelet along the entire length of the hair.
  6. Firmly hold the strands of hair, because they will constantly slip.
  7. At the end, secure the braid with a rubber band or barrette.
  8. When everything is ready, admire the work done. The French braid resembles a ripe spike.

How to braid spikelet Fishtail do-it-yourself video

Spike inside out

To create such a hairstyle, you will need a comb with a sharp tip, a classic hair brush and two small elastic bands that will not be visible under the hair. This hairstyle will look great, and the child, and an adult girl. Spike inside out You can weave in two ways:

  1. To collect hair in a ponytail and start weaving its base.
  2. Start braiding pigtails from the frontal zone, while using all the hair on his head.

The first method is suitable even for beginners. After all, strands of hair with this method of weaving braids do not break up and you control even the most disobedient curls. And in order for the spikelet to turn out inside out, it is necessary to enclose the strands from the bottom of the main working rather than from the top (like the classic braid).

Fish tail inside out step by step:

  • We brush our hair and divide it into two even parts - these will be the main working strands.
  • On the right side, take a small strand and transfer it to the left side. hold the main left strand by hand.
  • Then in the left side, take a strand and twist it on the right side of the braid, holding the main right strand with your hand.
  • Repeat such manipulations to the ends of the hair. Secure your hair with a barrette, rubber band or crab. If you do everything right the result will delight you with its beauty and unusual.

Step-by-step instruction and video master-class of weaving a pigtail zigzag:

  1. Divide your hair into two identical strands. We start weaving on the right side.
  2. Then we divide the right strand in half, we start to braid to the left.
  3. We take small locks from these two parts and weave according to the method of the classic spikelet. We don’t touch the left side of the hair, weave 6-7 spit links to the left and turn it over to the left side.
  4. Then we spin a spikelet, but now we take strands exclusively from the left side.
  5. If you look at the already braided hair, you can see a piece of zigzag. We continue to weave a pigtail, intertwining it in one or the other until the hair runs out.
  6. We hide the tip of the braid with an invisible hair clip under the cone, so that it is beautiful and neat. Voila! Done!

This hairstyle will help you out in any situation: you can make it for a holiday and decorate it with beautiful hairpins (it looks very solemn) and in everyday life when you want to diversify your image. Moreover, this hairstyle perfectly distinguishes you or your child from the crowd.

There are many more options for creating hairstyles with spikelets. For example, a spike on its side, around the head, of three strands, a hairstyle with two spikelets, and many others. But they are all based on the same principle of weaving. It all depends on the flight of your imagination and the time for experiments.

Then follow the instructions:

  • first spikelet spins on one side. To do this, take a small strand from the forehead and is divided into three parts,
  • plaited ordinary braid. At the same time, free sites are picked up from one side or the other. Weaving should not be tight, it is better to make it loose,
  • on the other hand the same cone is woven. You can make out the ends at your discretion. Care must be taken that the two braids are parallel to each other.


Experienced hairdressers give advice:

  • to create a voluminous hairstyle, you need to take large and thick sections of hair,
  • from thin pryadok get a gentle neat braid,
  • Hairstyle does not need much tighten.Effectively it looks slightly lush and disheveled,
  • so that the hair does not crumble, do not get confused and lie down easily, it is necessary to moisten it with water or apply styling products.

Many girls are concerned about the question: how to braid a spikelet to itself so that it is smooth and beautiful? Professionals answer: from the first time to make an ideal and even styling will not work, especially if the strands are medium or long. But you should not be upset. It is necessary to show patience, and the result will immediately please.

You can learn to weave a spikelet with the help of another person. Experience will come with time.

Even a few decorative studs, hairpins, rubber bands will help to turn an ordinary everyday hairstyle into a festive version.

Why do you need to learn how to weave spikelets?

Reasons to pull yourself together and finally do it a lot. For example, without special tools and styling tools, you can create an original hairstyle yourself. A simple technique allows you to learn to weave spikelets to itself for twenty minutes.

Moreover, when the hair is beautifully cleaned, they do not climb into the eyes, the styling does not disintegrate during the day, and this hairstyle fits any type of face. And it doesn't matter at all whether your hair is thick or thin - the spikelet will look impressive in any case. How to braid spikelets itself?

What is needed in order to braid a spikelet?

In order for the weaving process to be as comfortable as possible, it must pass quickly and successfully. It is recommended to prepare the following tools in advance before braiding the spikelets to yourself:

  • A mirror, preferably a large one, is impossible to go without it at the training stage.
  • Moisturizing spray for hair.
  • Hairbrushes, invisible hairpins, hairpins, rubber bands and hairpins are all necessary fixtures to fix hair.
  • Hairspray (optional).

When you learn to weave spikelets with closed eyes, from the entire list you may need only a comb and elastic bands.

Rules weaving spikelet

In order for the hairstyle to be neat and beautiful, and not disheveled and unkempt, you should note the following rules on how to braid the spikelet itself:

  1. The classic spikelet weaves tightly, however, carelessness is in fashion now, so you can weave it more freely.
  2. Strands should be the same, otherwise the hairstyle will look sloppy.
  3. The appearance of the hairstyle will look different, if you change the thickness of the strands.
  4. For a classic spikelet, smooth hair is needed, wavy strands look great for modern variations.
  5. Strands that are knocked out of the common spikelet, create the effect of such fashionable light negligence.
  6. Best of all the spike looks on clean hair, no need to mask unwashed hair with such a hairstyle.

Hand weaving spikelet

Call a friend to visit and begin to learn the classic technique of weaving spikelet. In order to learn how to weave braids to yourself, you should practice your acquaintances. If the spikelet does not turn out perfect the first time, do not be discouraged, just a couple of workouts - and you will weave braids with your eyes closed. Prepare everything you need and start weaving.

First you should comb your hair.

Separate the top strand and divide it into three equal strands smaller - they will be the beginning of our spikelet.

Now you need to put the first strand between the second and the third, then move the third strand between the second and the first, and then weave the second strand between the third and the first. A start has been made, and we are already seeing the first signs of our spikelet.

At a time when the second strand is between the third and the first, you need to add one more of the same strand to the right side of the common head of hair.

This is the whole principle of weaving. In a similar way, you need to weave the spike to the end, gradually getting the locks on both sides of the head — now on the right, then on the left.

By the end of the spikelet, the hair should end, after that you need to weave the usual braid in three strands and tie the tip of the elastic to the hair.

Tweak the hairstyle and fix the sticking hairs invisible.

In order to achieve the effect of negligence, you can release a couple of strands on top.

The famous classic spikelet is ready. As we can see, nothing complicated. It can be weaved from any part of the head, be it the top of the head or the area of ​​the forehead. Imagine, experiment - and you will find the hairstyle that will suit you.

Side spikelet

An elegant version of the spikelet, which you can braid yourself for some celebration, and it will look appropriate and luxurious. Creating such an original styling is easy; the main thing is to follow the instructions:

  1. If necessary, the head should be thoroughly washed and combed clean, dry hair.
  2. When you decide on which side the braid will be wrapped, separate the wide strand from the right or left side, and on the same principle as in the previous version, divide the strand into three equal parts.
  3. Braid 2-3 levels of the classic spikelet, following the example from the first variant.
  4. Now begins lateral weaving, be careful!
  5. Add another strand to the spike on the side from which the weaving began.
  6. The next strand of the same size is taken from the opposite side of the head.
  7. Now you need to alternately interweave strands from two sides, until you find yourself at the neck.
  8. When your hair is finished, weave a regular braid and tie the tip with a rubber band.

Elegant side braid is ready - you can go to the celebration.

Two spikelets

The most popular hairstyle now is two spikelets. Easy negligence or a classic tight option - only you choose, but the technique does not change. How to braid two spikelets to yourself is described below:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly and partly part.
  2. Separate the strand on the left side and divide it into three equal smaller strands, as we did in the very first version.
  3. The weaving of the spike begins in the usual way, which has already been described, with alternate throwing of the strands and adding new ones from the bottom of the head.
  4. Do not forget to follow the process so that the spike goes straight.
  5. When the hair is finished, we continue to weave the usual pigtails and fix the hair with an elastic band.
  6. Repeat the same thing on the other side.

Asked how to braid 2 spikelets to itself? The answer is found!

Here is the most popular hairstyle of all times and peoples. And finally - advice: if the hair is naughty and can not be woven, apply a styling foam or mousse along their length, in which case weaving the spike will be much easier. Now you know how to braid spikelets to yourself, and you can experiment and dream without any problems.

How to weave a spikelet: tips and tricks

Often when weaving a braid, strands of hair protrude from a pigtail, “cocks” are formed. And how to weave a spikelet so that the plait was beautiful and neat? To facilitate the process of building hairstyles, use the following secrets of experienced hairdressers:

  • From thin strands it turns out neat, elegant braid.
  • Large strands are used to create volumetric braids.
  • To create a fashionable, careless, slightly uncool braid, take large strands, and try to cross them less often.
  • In order to avoid the appearance of "cocks", comb each individual strand and pull.
  • To simplify the process of weaving, and the hair is not scattered, lightly spray it with water, styling products (mousse, foam, gel) or moisten hands.
  • A perfect hairstyle will not work out right away, so before weaving a braid to yourself, try creating a hairstyle on another person or on a mannequin.

  • To prevent the pigtail from wrapping on its side, use locks of the same thickness.
  • Hair spikelet - a good option for rainy, windy weather, country trips with an overnight stay, trips to the beach or to the pool, long activities.
  • The spikelet in the French style will become more magnificent, more voluminous and more beautiful if you pull some links with your fingers.
  • Small "roosters" are easy to clean with a comb with small teeth.
  • For the “circular cone” hairstyle, get a small scallop and mix it with hair at the roots, so your styling will look more elegant.
  • Use accessories: various hairpins, rhinestones, rims, studs will make even the most ordinary, classic spikelet original.
  • This hairstyle looks beautiful on colorized, brondirovannyh, melirovannyh hair.

How to learn to weave a spikelet - step by step instructions and diagrams

Hair spikelet again at the peak of popularity, she fell in love with Russian and Hollywood celebrities who use it not only for everyday life, but also for social events. Among them were Diana Kruger, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Alba, Jana Rudkovskaya, Nicole Kidman, Natalia Vodianova, Rihanna and many other beauties. Knowing the simple technique of weaving, it is possible to create a variety of styles of hair, experimenting with its variations and types. It is important to watch the video and immediately try to keep your hands in motion.

Original and unusual looks spike on its side. It looks beautiful on the head of both a little girl and an adult woman. Weaving is carried out on the principle of a braid in the French style, but each strand added to the side is twisted in the form of a rope. The scheme of creating hairstyles on the side is as follows:

  1. First comb your hair away from your face.
  2. On either side of the head (left or right to choose), select a strand of medium thickness and divide it into three equal parts.
  3. Make a few links (two or three) classic braids.
  4. Further we interweave a strand into our braid from the side chosen by you. From this moment begins spit on its side.
  5. Then take a strand from the opposite side and again add it to the bunch of hair.
  6. We continue to alternately weave the strands into the hair on both sides of the head, and in order to make it beautiful, we tighten our hair each time.
  7. Reaching the base of the neck, we continue to weave the usual braid. The tip is fixed with an eraser, outward or hidden.
  8. You can decorate the finished hair, make it more voluminous. To do this, slightly stretch the curls from each link. On the sides or between the links insert hairpins with beads or flowers.

Around the head

Spike in a circle head - one of the most unusual, luxurious hairstyles. It is best suited for thick hair. If the hair is thin, it is appropriate to make a light bouffant at the roots. Hairstyle requires training and a little practice, so practice on other hair, be patient and get to work according to the following scheme:

  1. Comb well and moisten the curls.
  2. In the middle of the head, make a smooth parting to divide the hair into two even halves.
  3. On the right side, behind the temple, separate three identical strands as for a regular spikelet.
  4. Begin to weave a braid in a spiral, adding new strands with each step. In the work should be used all the hair.
  5. Weave finish near the left ear. Pin the tip of the braid under the curls, and so that it does not get out, secure it with an invisible one.
  6. In a similar way, we begin weaving in a semicircle from the left temple.
  7. We hide the tip of the hair from the left braid under the links of the right, fix it with the help of invisible women.
  8. If desired, decorate your hair with hairpins.

Twisted spikelet

Spit on the contrary looks more expressive and spectacular than the classic version. For work we need a gum, comb, moisturizer and fixative (varnish, mousse). The phased technology for creating a spike inside out is:

  • Well combed hair, separate at the top of the head part of the hair, which is divided into three strands (central, left, right).
  • We put the left strand under the center.
  • Then we put the right strand under the center and left.
  • After that, we take the central strand, attach to it a part of loose hair, move it under the right, bending around so that it again appears in the center of the pigtail.
  • We also make with the left strand, capturing part of the loose hair. This time the left strand will be in the center of the braid.
  • We continue to weave the twisted spikelet until the hair runs out.
  • The result is fixed with rubber.

Hairstyle 2 spikelets

Knowing how to make one braid, it is easy to learn how to braid a hair in two ears, the main thing is to be able to make a perfectly even parting. There are many variations of this hairstyle: you can braid the braids using the classical method or with an inverted spikelet, combine the spikelets with one rubber band, from the neck combine both spikelets into one, add a braid to the nape, and then leave the tail. All ways look original, stylish. The scheme for creating a classic-style hairstyle is described step by step below:

  1. Brush clean hair thoroughly.
  2. Divide hair into a parting.
  3. Begin to weave first on one side of the part and then on the other.
  4. To do this, grab a strand of hair in the area of ​​the bangs on the left side of the parting, divide it into three equal parts.
  5. Begin to weave a regular pigtail, constantly adding new curls to the main strands, both from above and below. Remember: do not weave too tight, braid braid straight, parallel to the parting.
  6. Having finished weaving the left spikelet, go to the design on the right side. The technology is carried out on a similar principle.
  7. Ready two spikelets you need to be beautifully laid. You can stab the pigtails in the form of a spiral or ringlet.

Video lessons on weaving spikelets of hair

Mastering the technique of weaving is not particularly difficult, even a child can cope with this task. Several attempts - and you will learn how to create real masterpieces on your head. Do not worry if it does not work right away, use the tips of the video tutorial. A theoretical description with pictures and photos can not always tell in detail how a hairstyle is done, so for a visual description of all the intricacies of this skill, we present to your attention the video instructions on weaving French, as well as classical ears.

Spikelet round it

  • Choose large strands on the parietal part of the head.
  • Strands should be 3 and no less. All the same thickness.
  • Strands on the sides to shift to the central, the one in the middle. Repeat the movement of the right, then left.
  • After 2 weave add thin strands.

How many would not add strands. They are always only 3.

A fairly common braid, made zigzag. It is done quickly and easily:

  • Good to comb your hair. If they are not obedient, then we process them with mousse, gel or foam. If at the moment, there is nothing at home. Then we moisten with ordinary water.
  • Parting on the side.
  • Divide into 3 strands. They should be uniform in thickness.
  • Weaving goes in one piece head and up to the other.
  • When weaving is completed to one piece. We continue to weave back to another part of the head.
  • If the hair is very long. You can make more zigzags.
  • At the very end secure stealth. You can also have some kind of beautiful hair clip. Who like more.

Spikelet with ribbon suitable for any event. It will always look stylish:

  • On the top we fix the ribbon. Select a strand and fasten the tape under it.
  • From the strands you choose. Make a loop that will look to the left.
  • Wrap the tape around the strands. Do it carefully so that it is not disheveled. Then the spike will last a long time.
  • Picks up a strand of loose hair on the right side. Again we make a loop.
  • Put the ribbon on the loop and wind it well. It should be well fixed.
  • Hinges tighten to each other. So it will look more spectacular.

Elegant spikelet, which always remains in fashion. Suitable for work, parties and just for every day:

  • Select curls at the crown. We start to weave like a spikelet. Weave up to 3-4 cm and secure carefully.
  • Meanwhile, on one side, select 3 strands and also weave a spikelet. Secure with a barrette.
  • On the other hand choose 3 curls and also weave.
  • All three braids weave to the end.
  • At the very end of the spit can be connected and braid in the bun.

  • Parting Fasten half the hair with a rubber band. And the other half will be involved.
  • Weave ordinary braids with the addition of tail strands.
  • Hair in the tail should be enough for the volume of the head. Do not take too large curls. There should be a uniform distribution.
  • Reaching before weaving. Continue his usual pigtail.
  • Be sure to fasten invisible.
  • Any beautiful addition will do here. It can be a hairpin or a flower.

Magnificent spike to the side

Spectacular lush spikelet on its side. Always looks very gentle:

  • The beginning is, as in the usual spikelet. Separate 3 strands.
  • Weave a standard braid, gently turning it to the side.
  • On one side and the other add curls.
  • Twist in the form of a harness.
  • Spit and harness are connected on the side.
  • You can add jewelry in the form of studs.

For different hair lengths

For any length of hair, you can choose a beautiful and elegant hairstyle. Pigtail, fits more to long and medium long hair. A spikelet is also suitable for very short hair, but not in a simple variant.

Hair band:

  • Separate the hair from the temples and forehead. Stab the rest.
  • Those that have a temple, divide by 3 strands.
  • Start weaving the other way around. Adding curls on both sides.
  • To do in the opposite direction. Reaching the ear, finish. Tie gum.
  • All is ready. The rest of the hair can be screwed with a curling iron.

This option is suitable for any hair length.

How to learn to weave spike itself

In your power to teach your hands how to weave these masterpieces:

  • First, once others have learned, you can also master the art of weaving braids.
  • Secondly, bears in the circus did not immediately learn to drive a bicycle.
  • Thirdly, patience and work have made a monkey a man, and out of you will make masters with a black belt for weaving braids of any complexity.

You will become a real guru, able to braid a spikelet even for Dmitry Nagiyev in a couple of minutes.

On himself, on the other, without a comb, in zero gravity or with his hands tied behind his back. Ready to start learning?

The scheme of weaving spikelet on yourself beloved - three steps to mastery:

Prepare everything you need: a comb, gum or barrettes. Moisten your head slightly if it is warm outside or there is time to dry at home.

Meningitis does not contribute to the development of useful skills. Dress in advance so that dressing does not break your fragile masterpiece. Sit in front of the mirror in a comfortable position.

Learn to make a spike. Comb the curls back, take the upper strand with your hand. Divide into three parts, intertwine.

Do it slowly to see what you get. Tighten Attach the strands from the sides, try to tighten them tight so that it is level.

Watch for thickness: all strands should be about the same thickness. Make the first upper strands thicker if you want to get a clear braid

If you do not know how to weave a spike on someone, it is useless to learn from yourself.

Ask a friend to show you how to make a spikelet, practice on it. The more practice, the better the result.

How to braid two spikelets girl

Weaving two spikelets is a simple task. Follow the proposed scheme, and you will be happy.

The scheme of weaving two spikelets:

  • Combing curls.
  • We make a vertical parting, clearly dividing the head into two equal halves in a straight line.
  • We pin half the hair so as not to get in the way. It is necessary.
  • We start weaving from the top on the second half.
  • We braid the braid, leaving the tail.
  • Tie a bow or overtighten with a rubber band.
  • We make the second spike in the image and likeness of the first.

Fishtail for blunt

Fish tail is a type of pigtail, characterized by thin streams flowing into each other.

For women who have mastered the usual spikelet, this hairstyle will seem transcendental.

Let's try to figure out the example of photo lessons. After all, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times:

The figure above shows the fish tail pattern. Hairstyle is unique in that even in a disheveled form it looks very cute.

It is appropriate at a social event, in the office, on a walk, on a date and even on a clean-up day. Universal option.

And here we see a masterpiece, performed the opposite:

The scheme is no different, only the strands do not braid forward, but back. Reverse method. But the usual spikelets on both sides will look no less beautiful.

Hairstyle around the head

Russian braid around the head - what could be more beautiful? With this hairstyle, our grandmothers and great-grandmothers went on a date, enchanting our grandfathers and great-grandfathers at first sight.

How to create it on your head? Remember the bears on the bike: they still had a harder time. You will learn this way too.

We evolve to the masters: we learn to make a circular cone:

  • They undertake such work, having previously mastered a simple spikelet. Moscow was not built at once, and the spikelet did not immediately begin to move.
  • Practice on others: skill is practice. Open your salon for friends: invite them to visit master classes on hair pulling. You will be able to give professional lessons later.
  • For circular weaving, it is necessary to visually transfer the spike to the plane of the head. Start from the back of the head. Divide the head into sections so that the curls are not tangled.
  • Try it until it works. Remember about monkeys: they worked for a long time before becoming individuals who learn to braid pigtails using the Internet.

Little trick! Let us open a secret: our grandmothers did not know how to skillfully braid a spikelet around the head. The braids of the girls of those times were as thick as the arm, to the waist and below.

The girls braided the usual braid and laid it around the head, so that leisure cavaliers would not pull it.

Step-by-step instruction of a pigtail turned inside out

Reverse weaving of the spikelet: a great way to create a tight, distinctive braid

Its size will depend on the thickness of the hair. But even liquid curls can be given volume by stretching the strands.

Refer to the figure, which shows the scheme of permutation strands:

So the spikelet does the opposite. Strands do not go on top of the braid, and hook to the bottom. Otherwise, this method is no different from the usual spikelet.

Armed with theoretical knowledge, begin to practice. Do not give up for temporary setbacks, try and succeed.

Himself a hairdresser - a simple scheme for beginners

To create this hairstyle does not necessarily use the services of a stylist or a hairdresser, because it can be repeated independently at home. To do this, follow the simple instructions.

How to braid spike itself:

Step 1. Before weaving the "spike", carefully go through the hair with a comb.

Step 2. The upper part of the hair is divided into three main sections: left, middle and right.

Step 3. Skip the left strand under the middle and right strand.

Step 4. Next, place the right strand between the middle and left strand.

Step 5. Position the middle strand between the left and right, gradually weaving loose hair on the sides.

Step 6. Note: the side strands must be the same volume. We place the side strand in the middle, weaving loose curls.

Step 7. Do the two previous steps using this technique of weaving until you have loose hair. Then weave an ordinary braid, fixing it with an elastic band.

Technique weaving two spikelets

Spit "spike" can be divided into two separate braids. Two spikelets - a subtle hairstyle that attracts attention to one of the most beautiful female parts of the body - the neck. It is thanks to this weaving, it is possible to emphasize the beautiful, thin neck. If you are still wondering how to learn how to braid two spikelets to yourself, then here is a step-by-step instruction for you. Stop thinking - act!

Step 1. Dividing the hair into two different parts, comb them.

Step 2. Separating two thin strands from the main part of the hair, cross them between each other. To create a more airy and voluminous hairstyle, it is better not to tighten the strands tightly between each other.

Step 3 Gradually introduce a free strand from the weaving side, crossing it with the main strand.

Step 4. Braiding a spike on one side, go to the other, adhering to the same technique.

How to braid a spike on its side

The side spike is also simple in execution, like the two previous versions. The main thing is to “get a hand” and then this universal hairstyle will take only a few minutes.

Step 1. At the temple (left or right) divide the hair into three equal sections.

Step 2. Begin to braid the most ordinary braid.

Step 3. Capturing a free curl from the opposite side, add it to the weave. If you start weaving a braid on the right, then now you need to take a curl on the left side.

Step 4. Then, do the same, but taking a curl, on the other hand.

Step 5. Stick to the vertical direction, it is very important! Spit should appear thicker on one side than on the other.

Step 6. When the loose hair is finished, do the braid in the usual way, securing it with rubber or tape. Also, for additional volume, you can “release” some strands, creating a sloppy effect.

Spikelet on the contrary

“Spikelet on the contrary” is a more difficult variant of weaving a braid, but this only makes it more elegant and feminine.

Three equal strands are also taken as the basis for the hairstyle. Before weaving hair should be carefully combed in order to avoid tangling and unpleasant sensations.

Step 1. Start braiding the classic braid, placing the strands under the other two, that is, the strands do not overlap each other (as in the classic weaving of the spikelet), but wind up one after the other.

Step 2. Weaving the braid depends on the desire: it can be placed on its side or left straight.

Step 3. After fixing the result with a rubber band, you can add a little volume by releasing a few strands or loosen the weave. Thus, the braid will look more natural, tracery and elegant. It is important to remember: it is better to begin to loosen the strands from the end of the hairstyle, otherwise it can be damaged, forming unnecessary “cocks”.

The braid braided around the head has become very popular lately. Fashion designers are actively using this option hairstyles for their collections, making it the benchmark of refinement and elegance.

Spikelet around the head

Weaving around the head is based on the usual principle of weaving a classic spikelet: curls are taken alternately right or left, interlacing them with each other, alternately introducing new strands. Usually, such a tress lags from one ear to the other. The resulting spike is fixed with hairpins or invisible, you can add satin ribbons.

This hairstyle can be varied at will: to hold the weave on the top of the head, pre-curled the lower curls and leaving them loose or arrange the weaving all over the head, adding hairpins, which will give the image of romance and ease. It is noteworthy that this hairstyle will look great on both long hair and hair of medium length.

"Fish tail"

Only at first glance, “fish tail” seems to be an incredibly complex version of weaving, subject only to gurus and stylists. In fact, the “fish tail” is woven very simply: it takes only a little skill, patience and a few minutes to create this “masterpiece”.

Before weaving, you should carefully comb your hair, and especially disobedient hair should be sprayed with water.

Step 1. Form a triangular strand on the parietal zone, while dividing it into three equal in thickness parts.

Step 2. Classically bind them once together.

Step 3. Take a thin strand from a wider edge, throwing it into the inside of the weave, thereby connecting with the left side.

Step 4. In the same way, repeat on the right side, weaving the strands into a common braid, as when creating a classic French braid.

Step 5. Continue weaving to the base of the neck until the loose curls run out, throwing the locks from the sides inwards. Secure with a barrette or rubber the result.

Several strands can be casually pulled out of the braid, thereby giving the hairstyle an incredibly airy and lightweight version. For a strong hold, sprinkle the braid with varnish. Also, if you are the owner of a not too thick head of hair, use the technique of basal volume.

Add a bit of style and personality.

There are many options for how to decorate a spikelet hairstyle, making it more romantic and elegant, or, conversely, a little bold and bold.

  1. Natural flowers. This accessory will look very concise and sophisticated for a date or some kind of celebration. Flowers can be woven into the entire hairstyle or arrange them at the base, creating a wreath. For careful fixing, fix them with stealth, studs or varnish.
  2. Satin ribbons in bright or pastel shades. Satin ribbons of any width and shades will be an excellent addition both in a daily image, and on the occasion of a festive celebration. It all depends on your imagination: the ribbons can be woven into the hairstyle itself, connecting them with some strands, or you can fix the braid with an unusual ribbon bow. In any case, it will give the image of individuality and elegance.
  3. Bandana An option for a bold girl who wants to experiment, combining a romantic and a little hooligan image.
  4. Barrettes They are also a unique addition to the hairstyle, giving beauty and sophistication. They are best added to the braid itself, carefully fixing.

Of course, beautifully designed hair, gathered in a hairdo or braid, will always look very feminine. But it is important to remember that, whatever hairstyle is not, first of all, the hair must always be clean, well-groomed, shiny and without split ends. It is then that they will be a real cause for pride.

In the next story, you can very clearly see how to weave a spikelet itself.

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