4 secrets of the perfect blonde from the hair expert

Women want to be beautiful in any conditions, but the important rule here is to match the situation. Most spend most of the day in a work environment that sets out requirements for appearance. Hairstyles in the office for every day can be a headache or an opportunity to emphasize its attractiveness. It all depends on how correctly the installation is chosen.

Office hair styling

What you need to know about office styling for every day

When choosing clothes, shoes and hairstyles should be guided by the rules of business etiquette. Even if the company does not require employees to adhere to a strict dress code, the appearance of the hair must meet the following four criteria:

  • Grooming Care taken hair always looks attractive.

Well-groomed hair

It is important to remember not only about their health, but also about cleanliness. Do not allow yourself to come to the office with dirty hair, collected in the tail. Such an attitude will deprive the representative of the fair sex of the chance to climb the career ladder, since the appearance of the manager must be accurate and thoughtful.

  • No loose hair. In vogue came natural styling, which is inherent in easy negligence. It is worth remembering that an office is a place where people come to work. Untidy hair can show frivolous attitude to official duties and the inability to maintain discipline. In addition, strands can fall on the face and interfere with the employee in any field of labor. Do not remove the hair in her hair can only be those of the fair sex, which does not allow the length.
  • Length requirements. If a woman has hair below the middle of the shoulder blades, then according to etiquette it should be collected in a bun or shell. Stylists believe that a business woman should not show her long hair.
  • No extra details. Hairpins, bright rubber bands and other accessories are prohibited. They will not allow to create an image of a modern business lady.

Implementing these recommendations is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. It is important to choose several options that will look good and do not require serious skills, skills and time-consuming. The choice of hairstyles depends on the length of the hair. With short it can be both difficult and easy at the same time.

Recommendations for office style for short hair

It is necessary to take into account the following recommendations in terms of business etiquette:

  1. purity,
  2. grooming,
  3. no strands falling out of the total weight
  4. good fixation with styling products.

For an office, you should choose the option with strands combed into the side parting and gel-stacked.

Styling for short hair

Hairstyles for long hair do it yourself

Hairdressers consider long hair all that fall below the shoulders. Strict hairstyles for long hair have many variations. It is important to choose those that do not require much time to perform. Further, as an example, several ways of laying, but not all options. You can not dwell on existing ones, and invent haircuts for the office for long hair on their own.

If the tips do not reach the bottom of the blades, then the following types will do:

  • Tail of bundles or twisted into a rope. It looks interesting, but it will take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Tail of harnesses

Hair is collected in the tail and divided into two parts. Each is twisted separately, and then they are twisted into one rope. For fixing on the end choose an inconspicuous gum.

  • Stepped tail. The tail is done as usual, but the length of the hair is additionally fixed with elastic bands. Each degree can be straightened and fluffed, but do not get carried away and forget that this is an office hairstyle.
  • Side tail or spit. Keeping austerity, gives the appearance of a little romance. Keeps on hair better washed the day before. Most of the hair is thrown to one side, and of the rest a bundle is woven, which is wrapped around the back of the head.

Tail or braid to the side

Office hairstyles for long hair, the length of which is below the shoulder blades are represented by the following options:

  • A bunch. It can be both high and low. For the office, it is important that there are no falling strands. It is best to carefully smooth the hair back or parting. The choice of the location of the parting depends on the type of person. Any option will suit the oval, and chubby ladies and those who have pronounced square cheekbones should better stop on the side parting.
  • Shell. With sufficient length will have to tinker to securely fasten the design, but the hairstyle looks impressive.

Suitable for special occasions and the most important business negotiations.

Beautiful and simple styling for medium hair

Office hairstyles for medium hair can be the same as for long hair. In this case, it will be easier to make a shell, since there is no need to fasten heavy hair.

The hairstyle for the office is limited only by fantasy, but it is important not to forget about etiquette.

It looks interesting classic horse tail of straight strands. There are many types of bundles to consider:

  1. from the tail
  2. from braids,
  3. from harnesses
  4. Greek,
  5. using a special "donut".


If you are going to rest, be sure to take with yourself protection for hair with SPF. Most often it is oil based sprays. Sun rays UVA and UVB can damage not only the hair cuticle, but also the internal structure of the hair. Because of this, the hair will become dry and lose pigment.

Hair after bleaching, as a rule, dry. Use nourishing and moisturizing products. It is best to help the mask, which include fatty oils. For example, oil jojoba, shi, marula, argan. Look for the label "shea butter", "argan, jojoba, marula oils".

The secrets of the perfect hairstyle

1. It is worth standing out in either tone to tone, or only slightly changing the shade. Brunettes should not turn into blondes, and blondes should not turn into brunettes.

2. With naughty hair, curling on the curler is done on dry hair. A strand of hair is taken, sprayed with varnish, wound on hot rollers and dried with a hair dryer. Getting rid of the curlers, you can see that the varnish evaporates quickly, and the hair looks great.

3. Many women with bad hair are sure that they will be saved by a perm or tail. If the hair is small and it is watery, it is necessary to have a short haircut and, possibly, to dye your hair - this will give them volume.

4. If you have oily hair, use conditioners only for the ends of the hair.

5. Avoid lacquer - it is a kind of magnet for dirt, but hair styling mousse will fit perfectly - it has a high alcohol content.

6. You should wash your hair with a suitable type of shampoo, for example, you should not use shampoo for oily hair if the hair is normal or dry. Each family member should have their own bottle - according to the type of hair. You should not save on hair, then the treatment will be more expensive.

7. The most stupid hair myth: "The more you wash, the more you get dirty." Hair should be washed as needed (but not every day!)

And the last - we are born with a certain number of hair follicles on the head - as a rule, from 80,000 to 120,000. To increase their number is not in our power.

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