Fashionable hair color in 2018 (51 photos)

Sun glare gives a special charm to the exterior. Curls delight with brilliance and radiance, refreshing the complexion, giving expressiveness to the look. Deciding on reincarnation, it is important to choose a suitable shade. Light hair color has a special charm, and using various coloring techniques, it is easy to achieve a natural, stylish look.

Features of light shades

Sun glare or cold steel shine - for each type of appearance, you can choose the perfect light shade. At the peak of popularity, a natural palette that allows you to change within the same color. Extravagant rich colors help to create interesting images.

Variations of light tones:

  • light blond - natural cold paints prevail, it is very capricious in care, it requires constant moistening to maintain shine, otherwise it may turn into a dull mouse color,

  • wheat- a luxurious shade includes golden, copper and nut tints, goes to warm exterior color types (Spring, Autumn), emphasizes a gentle peach blush, depth of gray-green, brown eyes,

  • honey- an elegant shade, best used in combination with blond hair strands, often used for coloring using the ombre technique, suitable for dark-skinned girls with tea and brown eyes,

  • ashen - the actual cold gamma includes a multi-faceted palette of gray, nordic, pearl, requires regular toning, careful care, suitable for contrasting appearance, you need to maintain a bright makeup,

  • blond - platinum, sand, ultra-white, several dozen names, you can achieve the desired shade only after the bleaching procedure, suitable for all types of appearance, professional care is required to neutralize the yellowness and preserve the color intensity,

  • strawberry - in 2018, the actual color, goes to an extravagant palette for girls of bright cold-looking appearance with porcelain skin, blue or brown eyes.

Advantages of light shades:

  • refresh, rejuvenate
  • give expressiveness to facial features,
  • visually create volume, density.


  • require careful maintenance
  • for color intensity, toning is necessary periodically,
  • Regularly need to tint growing roots.

Attention! Bleached curls are influenced by external factors - ultraviolet, temperature changes.

To suit

Blonding procedure does not lose popularity. Light strands instantly transform the appearance, secrete facial features, refresh the skin. Depending on natural data, each type of appearance has its own characteristics. Choosing light shades for reincarnation, it is important to consider the rules of color.

How to choose light shades:

  • The closer the tone is to the natural color, the more it goes to the girl. Be sure to consider the direction - warm, cold.
  • Owners of light warm skin with a scattering of freckles, gray-green, tea, olive eyes are wheat, beige, light-brown shades.

  • For the summer with a pink skin tone, blue-gray, blue eyes will go bright ashy colors, platinum, mother of pearl, pearl blond.

  • For burning Winter with expressive black or blue eyes it is not recommended to use natural light colors. Tawny girls are suited rich white, gray, ultra blond, strawberry.

  • For the autumn color type, it is recommended to use honey, wheat, copper blond. Such a palette looks luxuriously curled in curls.

  • Often, the warm gamut of wheat, light blond is chosen by men, this is a great option for painting gray hair. Redness, pigment spots on the face will be evident when stained in ultra blond. Only young men up to 30–35 years old can afford it. Who of the men go white hair, tips on choosing a shade you will find on our website.

  • Haircuts and styling choose based on the color scheme. For natural, natural shades, you can use straight or slightly curled curls, weaving, tails, plaits. Blondirovanny hair in pearly, pearl tones look great in asymmetrical haircuts, bulk styling.

Resistant paint

Used to quickly transform into the desired shade. Recommended for dyeing the owners of natural light brown, light blond curls, as well as after blonding. For brunettes and brown-haired women, this is not the best option: the pigment can be unevenly distributed, it is difficult to obtain the desired tone without prior discoloration.

  • Palet resistant cream paintIncludes ultra light, brightening, light platinum, light, light brown shades. Permanent treatment does not injure the stem structure, protects the keratin coating. Intense saturated color lasts up to 8 weeks. Successfully copes with gray hair, pleases with brilliance and shine. The cost of 276 rubles.

  • Dye-care for hair Estelincludes a multi-faceted palette - light blond, platinum blonde, silver blonde, polar, pearl, mother of pearl blonde. Does not contain ammonia, suitable for dyeing even thin porous trunks. Evenly paints over gray hair, the result is a smooth, intense shade without transitions. The paint has a leveling effect, makes strands even along the entire length. You can buy for 170 rubles.

  • Resistant cream paint Garnier with 3 oilsincludes more than 10 light shades. Presented in wheat-brown tones and variations of bright blond. Cream base promotes uniform distribution of pigment, a rich color will delight up to 8 weeks. Nutritious oils of olive, shea, avocado promote delicate coloring. You can buy for 170 rubles.

  • Resistant Avon Hair Coloring Cream Includes light blond, goldish, ash-blond, blond blond, ultra blond blond, ash-blond ultra blond. Italian paint is designed specifically to protect the pigment from leaching, the action of high temperatures. Does not cause irritation on the scalp. The innovative formula provides 100% paint over gray, retains intense color for 2 months. The cost of 195 rubles.

Shading preparations

John Frieda Brightening Shampoo contains extracts of citrus and chamomile. Allows you to add shine and radiance to natural and colored curls. Suitable for regular use, has a cumulative effect, gradually giving the curls wheat and sunny shades. You can buy for 580 rubles.

L'Oreal Paris Casting Sunkiss Brightening Hair Gel allows you to create a natural effect of sun-bleached curls. Includes a series for dark blond and light brown hair, helps to change the color to 3-4 tones. The gel is applied to the strands, clarification occurs when exposed to a hair dryer or sunlight. If necessary, repeat the procedure in 3-4 days. Contains camellia oil, thermoactive substances, conditioning ingredients. You can buy for 350 rubles.

Kefir mask

With regular use, you can lighten curls, make them soft, obedient. A regenerating procedure is also recommended for blonded curls in warm shades. Vitamin composition strengthens the entire length, prevents cross-section and fragility.


  • 50 ml kefir,
  • 20 ml of calamum broth,
  • kiwi.

Heat kefir in a water bath, add calamus broth and grated kiwi flesh. Mix well, distribute on clean wet curls along the entire length. Hide under the film, warm up for 15 minutes with a hairdryer. Wrap a towel and leave overnight, in the morning rinse broth chamomile. To achieve the desired clarification, repeat 2-3 times a week. You will find more recipes for lightening hair with kefir on our website.

Lemon spray

An effective tool will give the curls a bright glare, creating a natural effect. The result of the application can be seen only on natural, not previously blondirovannyh hair.


  • 50 ml of lemon juice,
  • 50 ml of light beer,
  • 20 ml of apple juice,
  • 5 drops of essential oil of bergamot.

In the foamy drink add freshly squeezed lemon and apple juice, aroma oil. Pour into a jar with spray nozzle, after washing the hair evenly spread over the entire. Next, dry the curls with a hairdryer on hot air mode. Repeat the painting procedure every other day for 2-3 weeks.

Partial staining techniques

Monochrome staining is more commonly used at home. Professional techniques with the help of several tones allow to achieve the effect of voluminous, thick curls, shimmering with bright highlights.

Note! Partial staining of the strands helps to preserve the stem structure, to ensure a healthy shine. Depending on the method of applying the blonding composition, you can adjust the shape of the face, add expressiveness to the look, hide age-related changes.

Popular Techniques:

  • Highlighting- the master selects individual strands, applies a bleaching composition, if necessary, conducts additional toning. The result is influenced by the method of selecting strands - horizontal, vertical, herringbone, as well as the painted area. The effect of solar strands, monochrome coloring is created, brightness, color shine is added.

  • Shatushor French highlighting - allows you to give the curls a natural look, strands like burned out in the sun. The technique involves the use of 2 close shades, the application occurs over the entire length or in separate zones. Soft hair creates a soft, smooth transition, does not require additional toning.

  • Ombre- As a result, there is a beautiful smooth or contrasting gradient transition from dark to light tones. A natural or bright, extravagant blond palette is used along with a range of chestnut, chocolate, and walnut. The transition to a light tone begins in the middle of the length, the borders are blurred, allowing you to add a volume of hair.

  • Balayazh - The technique involves coloring only the tips. Smooth stretching starts from the dark basal area, sections are highlighted as well as part of the face locks. Suitable for even haircuts without thinning, as well as for volume curls. The created highlights are used to correct thin hair, devoid of dynamics and volume.

The cost of the procedure in the salon

In recent years, the clarification procedure has changed significantly. Today it is possible to use various dyeing techniques, professional tools. Ammonia-free dyes allow you to save the hair cuticle, taking care of the state of curls. The cost depends on the complexity of the coloring technique, length, and the brand of the products used. You may need to wash the previous pigment, additional restorative procedures - shielding, lamination.

In addition to monochrome coloring, the master can use 1-3 tones of a light palette to get a natural look. The price of lightening short hair (up to 10 cm) from 1500 rubles. up to 3,000 rubles. Average curls (up to 15 cm) - 1600–4000 rubles, up to 25 cm - 2000–6000 rubles, longer than 25 cm - from 3000 to 8000 rubles.

General care tips

Light curls from nature are more subtle, fragile, need regular restorative procedures. Brunettes and brown-haired women may face the porosity of the trunks after the staining procedure. To maintain a healthy shine, as well as the prevention of problems such as cross-section and fallout, you should consider the recommendations of professionals.

How to care for blond hair:

  • shampoo is better to use a professional series, choosing for warm or cold tones, you should also buy the same line balm, mask and spray for the tips,
  • It is not recommended to use mass-market tools: the presence of silicones makes the curls heavier, creates an impenetrable film, the follicles nutrition is disturbed over time, the curls become dull, loss is possible,
  • for washing and rinsing it is necessary to use warm and even cool water, hot gives unnatural redhead, which is especially detrimental for ashy shades,
  • blond hair needs regular moistening, use of fluids, sprays, conditioners, it will allow to avoid electrification,
  • For warm, wheat tones, you can use folk remedies for strengthening, shine - decoctions of chamomile, calamus, honey masks,
  • For cool colors, only professional products are used.
  • After washing, you do not need to immediately style your hair, it is important to allow the curl to dry on its own,
  • before using the iron or hair dryer, it is necessary to use protective equipment,
  • for combing it is better to choose combs from natural materials, metal brushes often injure the trunks,
  • it is not recommended to paint over the entire length more than once every 2-3 monthsIt is better to use coloring agents, and to use resistant dyes only on the grown part.

The magic of light curls can feel each, choosing the right shade. Beautiful highlights or cold play require care and professional care. The luxurious radiance of blond strands will allow you to create a gentle, sensual image.

What can safely lighten hair at home:

Useful videos

Secrets of hair coloring - the color of blond.

Blond without yellowness. How to make hair tinting at home? How to get a beautiful platinum tint?

Gradient staining is still in fashion

Techniques such as Ombre, French highlighting, sombre and gradient staining. In this case, you can choose not only companion colors to perform such coloring, but also completely unexpected, bold options.

Bold pink ombre

Sharp transition from dark to light

If you are not ready for such bold experiments, you can make a traditional ombre, which is great for brunettes and blondes.

Short hair gradient staining

Such techniques are great to refresh dark shades of hair and classic blond or light brown.

No less relevant in 2018 are fashionable shades of hair, for the creation of which the technique of Californian melirovaniye and balayazh is used.

They allow you to achieve natural color transitions, creating the effect that individual strands just burned out in the sun. Repeat this shade at home you are unlikely to succeed, but in the hands of an experienced master the dull color can turn into a real masterpiece.

Smooth transitions from golden coffee to dark chocolate shades add extra volume and luxury to hair. This trendy hair color will not let you go unnoticed in the new year.

Little sun in her hair

Trend 2018 - caramel in strands

Fashionable hair shades 2018

When you do not need to change anything

Nature, creating a woman, rarely makes mistakes. She thinks through every detail so that the natural image is harmonious. The natural shade of the hair is always perfect for the eyes, skin color, face shape. If native hair, brightly flashing, healthy, silky to the touch and falling on a flowing cascade on the shoulders, it is not necessary to expose them to chemical attacks. Any, even the most gentle painting, will cause significant damage to the strands. Restoring your hair after the procedure is difficult and time consuming.

Another thing - there was a gray hair, hair noticeably faded. There is no woman who does not wish to hide the first signs of wilting. In this case, painting is inevitable.But it should also be taken into account that according to the condition of her native and unpainted hair, the charmer can judge her state of health. Curls - a mirror of the body. Sometimes, painting helps only temporarily improve the appearance of the hair.

In general, deciding to change the color of hair, you need to weigh the positive and negative sides. In most cases, making special changes is not worth it. If you decide to paint, before the procedure, carefully consider what color to dye your hair in order to increase the beauty and emphasize the dignity.

4 colors of appearance

The theory of individual color types was proposed by the artist Johannes Itten. He, working on portraits, played with a palette in order to create images of people with perfect color combinations. This theory was supported by Carol Jackson. Working as a psychologist, she conducted a lot of her own research and came to the conclusion that all people can be divided into 4 main color types (each color type has subspecies). In her book (this work became the desk guide of famous and experienced stylists, hairdressers) she clearly described how to define a person of the winter, autumn, summer and spring type.

Based on the recommendations written in this book, it is easy to determine your type and choose a beautiful hair color.

Women who ignored the identification of their own color type and decided to dye their hair in the first favorite color, in most cases were disappointed. Updating the hair often added age and emphasized skin imperfections.

In order to accurately determine the color type on your own, you should consider your eyes, the color of native hair and skin tone.

Natural beauty

In addition to the above-mentioned techniques, fashionable hair shades 2018-2019 are natural, rich colors with a healthy shine that look great on short and long hair. The most important thing is to correctly define your color type, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Ideal for the brown-haired woman

Bold white color on pixie hairstyle


Before you go to the store for paint or to the hairdresser, stand in front of the mirror and carefully study your reflection. How to achieve beautiful hair color and avoid disappointment? Choosing the color in which you would like to repaint your hair you need to take into account such features of appearance as:

  • natural color
  • skin tone
  • eye color.

Dyeing your hair in warm colors will give your face a blush, which will be a great way to become attractive for those whose skin is particularly pale. If your skin already has a pink hue, it is best to give your preference to more cool colors.

Eye color is also important when choosing a shade of color. If you have brown, green or hazel eyes, reddish, red and warm golden shades will suit you. A blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls better to choose cold ashy and light brown shades, because they are the best way to reflect the beauty of your eyes.

In addition to the division of all women into blondes, brunettes and redheads, you can also use conditional division by type:


Owners of this non-contrast type have light blue, green or hazel eyes, bright skin with warm yellow or golden undertones and very light to brown hair.
Beautiful hair color for blondes of spring type - from honey and golden blonde to light and dark-red. Such girls can use any bright warm golden hues, except for bright redhead, which will make the face too pale. You should also avoid cold platinum and ash tones and very cold blond, they do not fit the warm tint of the face of the "spring" girls at all.

If you have light skin, hazel eyes and natural light brown hair, then warm red tone will help to highlight your beauty. Paint for dyeing does not necessarily have to be chemical, it is quite suitable for these purposes henna. As an option, you can make your native color more voluminous due to gold or copper strands.


The type of "summer" beauty is also non-contrast, its representatives have light blue or gray eyes, natural tone from blond to brown, bright skin of the face, with a cool bluish or pink subtone.
Representatives of this type are perfectly suited for ash-blond, ash and platinum shades, they can also use other cool tones and subtones for coloring. Too dark tones "summer" girls are not suitable.

If you were a blonde in your childhood and darkened a little with age, you can safely change your face to a blonde, the main thing is to choose the right tone. If your skin is pink, prone to blush, and green or blue eyes, blond hair perfectly emphasize this beauty with the exception of pinkish shades. Most likely you may not need the dye at all: in the summer, your hair will very quickly fade in the sun, resulting in a beautiful light brown color.

If the skin has a yellowish tint - golden tones are forbidden to you.

Sometimes "summer" women have a hair of indistinct light-brown, slightly mouse-like tone. A light brown tone that will revive the hair and refresh the skin will help to correct this situation. But too dark chestnut shades can make a woman of “summer” type age, so you should stay away from them. Beautiful brown hair color for brown-haired women can be selected by trial and error using shampoos or non-resistant dyes.


Girls and women of this type were lucky enough to get light or dark green, blue, light brown, black eyes, hair from brown-haired to dark-haired, skin of warm golden or yellow color from nature.
"Autumn" ladies need a more saturated color of hair as compared with "summer". They are perfectly suited dark chocolate, brown, brown tones, as well as beautiful dark hair color, as close as possible to black.

In addition, women of this type can easily choose a red color - they will look organic with red and dark blond hair in warm golden and copper shades. But it’s best not to become blonde - in this case, the skin will look too dark, unnatural.

Dark eyes and hazel or brown hair look great with strands of mahogany, chocolate or auburn interspersing. It is better to avoid gold, copper and orange tones, beautiful shades of red color most of all suit "summer" women.


“Winter” women have dark or light blue, gray, brown or even black eyes, with a pronounced contrast between the squirrels and the iris of the eyes, hair color from brown to dark, very light or on the contrary too dark tone of the face, skin of a cool bluish or pink subtone .
How to get beautiful hair color for women of this type? Such women are recommended ashy light brown and dark blond shade, should be avoided all shades of blond and warm, golden tones. In addition, the "winter" women with their contrasting appearance can easily afford to repaint into a burning brunette.

For lovers of extravagance, you can emphasize the depth of black braid with a few blue or blue-black strands. However, do not forget that the beautiful hair colors for brunettes fit well only with flawless skin.


Oriflame cares about its customers and consultants, so the company offers an excellent online tool to the wide variety of hair dyes offered - HairX TruColour, a durable hair dye catalog. This catalog describes in detail not only the quality of the paint, but also provides professional recommendations on the selection of colors depending on your appearance.

The undoubted advantages of our paint is its durability and the absence of ammonia in the composition. The presence of flax seed oil makes the product not only resistant, but also useful for hair. Adaptive smart system allows you to individually determine the depth of staining so that even with the presence of gray hair coloring quality was the highest.

Despite the relatively recent appearance of this paint in the catalog, its popularity is already high, customer reviews are very good. Therefore, if you want to have a perfect hairstyle and at the same time not harm your hair, it makes sense to approach the choice of dye very seriously. I know cases when, after dyeing with poor-quality paint, a woman was left without hair.

By the way, I don’t know why blond color is so popular among women, which, firstly, is far from suitable for everyone, and, secondly, very often such coloring significantly spoils the hair - I watch it very often. And one more tip: do not forget about the timely tinting of the roots and the refreshing of the hair color along their entire length in the bustle of everyday life. This will give you confidence in your attractiveness and a sense of well-being.

There are 22 shades in the assortment: from black (product code from the Oriflame catalog 25415) to golden blond (code 25436). As a rule, the price is offered with a good discount. If you want to buy even cheaper (by 18%), you can register with the company.

We should not forget about preserving the health of the hair, about their protection during procedures with them, because if the hair is like a tow, no most beautiful hair color will correct the situation and the tow will remain a tow.

How to define a cold or warm palette

The first thing you need to determine the cold or warm palette suits a particular person. For this it is enough to conduct a small study. Each girl with all the tests to cope without assistance.

  1. With the help of a conventional foundation, it is easy to determine the warm / cold type. You will need a means of pink (with a light blue tone) and yellow tint. Each shade is applied to one cheek. Which color is better to merge with the skin? If yellow to the face, the owner belongs to the warm type, pink-blue - to the cold.
  2. You can conduct this test using gold and silver jewelry. Gold is suitable for girls of the warm type, silver is for cold representatives.
  3. Another clue will provide wrists. For the cold species is characterized by the manifestation on the brushes clearly visible blue veins. If the venous filaments are greenish, then their owner belongs to a warm palette.

Determination of light or dark type

After conducting the above tests, until it is time to accurately determine the color type. The second stage of self-study - the definition of light and dark type. For the dark subspecies characteristic:

  • yellowish beige, olive, tanned bronze skin tones,
  • dark to deep black, brown, brown-chocolate native hair,
  • brown, deep green, bottomless blue eyes.

By the bright subspecies include girls, if:

  • skin is light or resembles ivory,
  • light blond, blond (with any shimmer), gray-ash hair,
  • eyes of light shades of brown, green, gray (here are the owners of gray and green-blue shades of pupils).

Determination of color type by season

After testing and marking the cold, warm palette, light and dark subspecies, it's time to determine the color type for the season of the year. Only four: winter, summer, spring and autumn. But it would be wrong to distribute the images of all women only into 4 categories. Therefore, each season has its own subcategories. The characteristic will help determine which of them is representative of the weaker sex.

Winter Girl

The girl, related to the winter type, is difficult to confuse. A bright bright example is Snow White with snow-white skin, pitch black hair and dark bottomless eyes.

Winter type is conventionally divided into: warm, cold and deep subspecies.

  1. For a warm winter girl, black natural hair, dark eyes, and white skin with olive tints are characteristic. For a representative of this type, in order to change the hair color in a coordinated manner, the stylists suggest dyeing the hair in light colors with a metallic or ashy tint.
  2. Cold winter type does not fit the hair, painted in blond or golden honey shades. It is best to choose a coffee, chestnut, red and pink palette. Blue and ash-blue tides look impressively on the hair. This color type is characterized by a pale white skin, with almost no blush on the face.
  3. In a deep-winded winter girl, the eyes can be black or with a subtle olive green shade. Her hair is often black, can be with a chestnut-chocolate shimmer. Coordinately change the color (especially lighten the strands) stylists do not advise. It is better to give curls bluish-black, dark ash tint.

Spring Color Girls

Looking at the spring girls, romance-air impressions evoke. Her face skin is fresh and warm, with a slight flush, freckles and moles. It is typical for her:

  • blonde hair,
  • gray-blue, emerald green eyes,
  • velvet light peach skin that is hard to tan.

The girl-spring will have to dye her hair honey-golden, amber-reddish tones. If by nature got bright bronze curls, you can experiment with highlighting, using brown and gold paint.

The cold palette (blond blonde, ashen, platinum) will not work for her, otherwise the face will change and will look dull, pale.

Summer Charmer

The girls summer color type from nature got noble pink skin with subtle cool shades in the image. Eyes can be light or hazel. On a light-skinned background delicate pink lips look elegant. She can be the owner of light and dark blond hair.

Summer girls are attractive and elegant. They can experiment with the most daring shades of hair. Beige, light brown, pearl and light ash hair dye - a good solution. Looks beautiful rose color. If you want to shock the surrounding public with a bold fashionable idea of ​​a hairstyle, then the watermelon, violet shade will be to the face.

With painting in red, red and brown chocolate hair color, stylists do not recommend summer-type girls to experiment. Such a color scheme on the head of hair will seriously make up the image and even add to a young face for many years.

Girls autumn color type

The girl, referring to the autumn type, is easily confused with the representative of spring. Her image is warm and bright. Hair can be reddish or honey brown. For the autumn girl is characteristic:

  • beige or tan skin, small freckles may be present,
  • hair the color of copper, chestnut, with a barely perceptible, or vice versa saturated redhead,
  • green, emerald brown eyes.

Autumn representatives of the weaker sex stylists are advised to choose the hair color from chestnut, bronze, chocolate palettes. Some charmer will face a rich copper, gold or deep black shade. But the light-blond tones with orange tints will not be recommended to the autumn girl for painting hair.

How to choose the hair color under the eyes

When advising how to choose a hair color, they say, it is necessary to take into account, first of all, eye color. If it can be difficult to determine the color of the skin, it is difficult to make a mistake with the mirrors of the soul. We offer to consider options for how to choose the hair color under the eyes.

  1. Dark brown eyes with dark-tanned skin to the face will be dark strands. You can dye your hair black or dark brown. If the skin is light, more suitable chocolate shade or copper-red.For girls with light brown eyes, an amber and gold palette will help to make the image more expressive.
  2. Green eyes look fascinating. They attract and attract attention. To increase the beauty and emphasize their enchanting power will be obtained if you dye your hair in fiery or golden-red tones. I want to look more modest, chestnut-blond - the perfect solution.
  3. Blue-eyed beauties are lucky in how to choose a fashionable hair color. If the eyes are cold-blue or gray, you can try a light brown or ashy range on your hair. Those who have brown eyes in blue eyes, playful lights, stylists offer to be painted in red, golden, caramel shades. Also, blue-eyed girls fit light shades of brown.

Selection of colors on the face contour

Stylists and hairdressers, explaining how to choose hair color, recommend to take into account the shape of the face.

An important rule of successful selection of hair color: light tones give volume, dark ones significantly reduce it. Of course, the hairstyle also contributes to the visual volume of the hair.

Who to face? The following professional tips will help.

  1. If the face is round, with large cheekbones and swollen cheeks, it is better to dye your hair in dark colors and make a haircut with elongated, curling face curls. Dark color will reduce the width of the face, lengthen, and strands falling from the top of the head, will hide the flaws. Chubby will not be beautiful with bleached curls, yes, and light shades better to avoid. If you still decide on an experiment and dye your hair, for example, with a light-blond color, then as a result your face will widen further.
  2. For women with a lean figure, an elongated facial shape and a sharp (prominent) chin, a bright palette is better suited. If you perform a voluminous cascade hairstyle of medium or short length, you will visually round the face. But the dark tones and straight curls of thin young ladies will not increase the beauty.

Styling tips, how to choose hair color

The color type was chosen in accordance with the color of the eyes, skin, natural hair, the shape of the face was determined, but another analysis is needed to find the right shade for your hair. Stylists offer their own characteristics for each color in order to make it easier for beloved women to decide and make a good choice.

Who will suit the shades of red

This color is not all worth trying on. With all the shades of red, you need to be on your guard. Beauty advise, based on the following recommendations:

  • skin color is pinkish, with a delicate whitish tint (all shades of red are suitable),
  • a golden or olive reflection of the skin indicates that the owner should choose any chestnut-red or fiery color,
  • pale-skinned beauties carefully choose a shade from the red scale,
  • natural and bright red tint will be to the face of those who have normal or slightly tanned skin,

Choosing a red color and all its shades, it should be remembered that such a range is suitable only in cases when the hair is in perfect condition. Damaged hair after dying red, quickly lose gloss and beauty.

Chestnut Tips

Hairdressers offer chestnut color more often to those who have natural hair belong to this range. With the help of the correct coloring you can make your image brighter and hide the flaws, namely:

  • natural hair looks sad, tired, and with the help of chestnut shades get it to hide,
  • brown shades, if the natural color is the same, does not require frequent correction and tint.

Tips for painting in blond

Blond - the most capricious hair color. It needs to be permanently tinted, the hair after dyeing needs to be restored, especially if the brown-haired women and brunettes are lightened.

Despite the fact that for some reason many girls want to become a blonde, stylists do not recommend this color in all cases. You can safely paint if:

  • the color that Mother Nature has endowed refers to the light brown scale,
  • the owner of light skin will give preference to light shades, dark-skinned will have to choose from a dark blond palette,
  • ready to constantly tint the roots.

Who will suit silvery and whitish shades

Despite all the difficulties associated with the care of silver or bleached strands, the hair, repainted in these colors, looks great. But to choose these colors only in those cases, if:

  • skin is darkish, strongly tanned, bronze (in rare cases this color is suitable for dyeing for pale and white-faced girls),
  • hair is in perfect condition, there are no micro-skin on the skin,
  • Do not be afraid of frequent coloring and correction of hair.

Selection of black hair

Black hair can try on any girl. But not everyone will face blackness. One she will give charm, others will make vulgar, the third will turn into the frighteningly terrible representatives of the fair sex. So, you can safely paint in black colors if:

  • skin is dark or olive,
  • natural hair, dark eyes and eyebrows,
  • to face black wigs,
  • ready for the fact that blackness is very difficult to repaint without damage to the hair.

Many difficulties in how to choose hair color. It is not enough one desire to be recoloured in the liked shade. It is important to take into account many indicators and details, so that after painting you will not be disappointed. If it is difficult to decide, you can go the easy way and, turning to an experienced stylist, choose the right color palette. Another option is to try on multicolored wigs and choose which image is more beautiful. If possible, you can choose the color using electronic programs. On the other hand, it is quite easy to choose a hair color, even if it is unusual, by determining your color type and taking into account the recommendations of stylists.

Fashionable blond hair shades

Fashion for blondes will never cease to be relevant. Therefore, stylists have to go for a variety of tricks to add new, fresh notes to the image of blond beauties.

This season, the mainstream remain calm wheat shade, straw and light blonde, ideal for blue eyes.

Star blonde Rhys Witherspoon

Scandalous blondy Paris Hilton

Trendy shade with dark roots

But stylists have little classics, so they try to constantly invent new fashionable hair colors so that you can highlight your beauty by adding a “zest” to the image that will surely make you a star on any audience. In 2018, the most fashionable shades of light-colored hair are gray and gray! Who would have thought that the gray will be in fashion. Ornate platinum, cool white gold - these shades are at their peak of popularity.

Cold steel ombre

Fashionable hair colors: saturated red

Girls with red hair are always a mystery. Men go crazy with the owners of luxurious copper hair, so red hair shades are always in trendwhatever year is on the calendar.

But if you are interested in what shades of hair are fashionable in 2018, except for the red classics, the palette has expanded to a rich burgund and deep marsala - a great solution for bold and creative fashionistas!

All copper shades of hair, which emphasize their determination and boldness, remain popular among red beasts.

Trendy shades of light brown hair

As we said naturalness has been and remains in demand in the market fashion industry. It is only a little to underline the fact that it is given by nature - and any Hollywood star will envy you.

If you are still undecided what hair color to choose, start from our selection. Pay attention to your skin color, your preferences in clothing. Pick those shades that visually like, and do not be afraid of experiments. Any bold idea is always rewarded with a successful result, if you are not afraid to bring it to life.

Look at the ideas of the stars: tell your master that you want the same beautiful and rich color as your favorite Hollywood actress. The variety of techniques and color palettes today is so wide that every fashionista can easily transform without harming her hair.


If you do not want to drastically change, choose shades of hair dye, as close as possible to your natural color. Today in the fashion of brondirovanie - the union of the blond and the brunette. Dark strands alternate with light, visually creating additional volume. These shades are suitable for brown and blue, gray and green eyes and almost any skin color.

Popular shade 2018

Bright image for brave girls

If you want radical changes, and are ready for bold experiments, then pay attention to bright colors that are fashionable in 2018. Experiment with a variety of colors, without fear of looking ridiculous. Do you want to decorate the strands in all the colors of the rainbow? Make up your mind! The main thing is to turn to a good master, who will turn even the most unusual ideas into reality, turning your hairstyle into a real masterpiece.

A bold idea for your image.

Bright sapphire strands

We have prepared for you a whole gallery on the theme “Fashionable hair color in 2018” with a photo. Choose what suits you, and remember that any changes always lead to the best, and a new female hairstyle is an excellent anti-depressant that will help raise your spirits and look at the world around us in a different way! Share in the comments which version you liked the most.

Ombre staining

Sombre and Ombre remain relevant in 2017. Techniques are similar in the paint application method. When using sombre, the transition of the tone on the curls is smooth. In coloring it is used several as much as possible shades. Color gradation is taken into account vertically and horizontally.

Stylists recommend girls who want to lighten their hair, but who do not have the opportunity to regularly take care of their hair. Suitable for brunettes. See photos and choose the method of coloring.

Ombre represents the transition from dark roots to light tones. Feature - preserves the smooth transition from its own color to lighter. It is recommended to owners of light brown, chestnut curls, where the transition will be most noticeable. The transition begins from the middle of the length of hair.

Balayazh style

It has a complicated technique of execution, the essence of which is in applying paint on the top layer of the curl. With a brush, light vertical strokes are applied, creating the effect of natural hair lightening.

In 2017, balayazh is actively used in graduated haircuts. Dark cherry, light golden and strawberry are considered to be trendy dark shades of hair. Coloring looks very unusual, stylish and spectacular.

Visually, the hairstyle looks fresh, voluminous, rejuvenates the image. At home, the technique is practically not carried out. It is recommended to contact an experienced stylists.

Also look at the photo of warm shades and dark cold hair shades.

Slightly update the image without any changes capable of babylites. It consists in a partial clarification of several curls, the ends of the strands near the face itself. The technique creates the illusion of slightly sun-bleached curls. It looks very impressive on light chestnut and blond curls.

Option brown-eyed

When choosing a hair dye, you must take into account the skin tone, eye color. Girls with cold type are encouraged to give preference to honey, iris, caramel, wheat shades.

Girls of warm type are impressed with red, blond, orange, brown tones.

In nature, there is a rare mixed color type. It is determined by the combination of milk skin and blue - black hair. In this case, the ideal option - red hair, as well as chocolate, caramel, coffee, chestnut.

Black color is suitable for all brown-eyed girls. Brunettes are able to attract the attention of hundreds of men. The red color on the background of brown eyes creates a playful image. Beautiful chocolate shades emphasize naturalness and elegance.

Selection of green-eyed

Owners of green eyes are encouraged to give preference to warm shades. These are rich brown, chocolate, copper, red. Green-eyed have a strong multi-faceted color.

If the eyes have yellow or orange blotches, then the hair is best painted in bright colors. Attention deserve red, red, gold.

For light or bright green, orange-red shades are suitable. In addition, you should pay attention to the chestnut and gold paint.

Green eyes with a marsh shade should choose only calm shades: chocolate, light brown. See the color palette on the photo.

Blue eyed style

Blue eyes fit all light colors: wheat, light brown, ashy. When choosing paint it is necessary to take into account the variety of blue eyes. If there are brown or red blotches, then preference is given to red, caramel, gold shades.

Gray-blue eyes with a cold shade suitable ashy and light blond. Bright blue and blue eyes in harmony in a dark blond, chestnut and caramel color. The proposed hair shades go blondes.

When brown eyes and dark skin for coloring using a palette of dark colors: chocolate, chestnut, black. Lighten hair is not recommended. If the eyes are brown and the skin is light - copper, red, caramel shades are suitable. Beneficially emphasize bright eyes amber, caramel and golden colors.

Gray eyes are considered versatile in choosing a hair dye. Fits the whole palette. Stylists recommend to avoid black in order not to look older than their age.

Relevance of decisions

Color solutions in 2017 are very diverse. Among the most popular are the following.

  1. Natural blond. Refers to a warm color palette. Includes: sand, golden, honey.
  2. Cold chestnut. In 2017, the relevance of naturalness. Red chestnut is considered such a striking example. However, the shade of a beautiful chestnut naughty and not suitable for all hair types.
  3. Silver gray. Snow-white and silver-black curls look stylish. Suitable for all girls and women regardless of age. Color creates shocking images of young girls. Ladies of mature years helps to emphasize elegance and nobility. When coloring it is necessary to take into account the fact that the color requires a strong lightening of the hair before dyeing. Brunette stylists are strongly advised to refrain from such staining.
  4. Coffee and caramel tones. Tones resembling a strong espresso, with bright patches of caramel tones will be in great demand. Suitable color combination for all types of girls, regardless of skin type.
  5. Nutty and fiery red. Brunettes and brown-haired women stylists prepared cold shades of hair. As a completely new role, you can pay attention to: fiery-red, bright gold, red and gold. The image will be expressive, defiant and very expressive.
  6. Tones of red wine and cherries. Cherry, mahogany, bordeaux - will create a unique image. Suitable for full coloring, ombra, highlighting. It is impossible to take your eyes off the cherry, strawberry, copper-chestnut and even lingonberry color. The proposed shades fit brownies.

Fans of the shocking image will not be bored. Stylists have prepared spectacular bows: a gradient sunset, having yellow, peach, pink and red tones.

Do not forget about the beautiful shades of red. Creating the illusion of a sunset looks amazing in 2017, they are very diverse. Suitable bright individuals who want to stand out from the crowd.

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