Making hair thicker and darker: a few simple methods

Healthy, thick and beautiful hair makes the look luxurious of any woman. But, unfortunately, not all of us have rewarded nature with such a treasure, therefore we are making every effort to eliminate this shortcoming. Today I will try to talk about how to make your hair thick and strong.

The density of the hair depends on two criteria - the amount of hair and their thickness, that is, the structure. Today, a person has learned to influence both of these factors, so making his hair thick does not pose a great deal of difficulty. Increase the amount of hair on your head by stimulating dormant hair follicles. One of the most effective natural remedies is chilli pepper infusion, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. This tincture should be applied to the scalp, wrap with a towel and leave for 30 minutes. In addition to tincture good result gives rubbing nettle oil into the scalp. After rubbing, the oil can be washed off in an hour and a half. And, of course, an increase in the amount of hair is not complete without the use of various masks. Hair masks are recommended to do twice a week, not more. In addition, any hair mask must be kept for no more than 30 minutes.

Colorless henna is an excellent way to make hair thicker, as each hair is covered with a thin film. After several uses of henna, the hair becomes more lush and shiny.

The hair extension procedure in beauty salons will also help to make hair thick. This is a fairly quick and effective way to achieve the desired thickness and length of hair. But this method is not available to every woman, because it is by no means cheap. The essence of the extension is to attach to your own hair additional strands of natural hair with the help of special thermocapsules. Such extended hair can be worn only for three or four months, after which it is necessary to visit the salon again for their correction. You can learn more about hair extensions in our article on hair extension methods.

A less costly and simpler way that is absolutely suitable for any woman is wearing overhead strands that make hair bulky in just a few minutes and without any help. Overhead strands made from natural hair are attached to their own hair with the help of comfortable hair clips. Of course, the advantages of these methods are obvious. But still there is one "but." This hair is not yours. But every woman dreams of her thick and strong hair. In addition, the density and health of hair indicate the internal health of their owner, which, in turn, largely depends on nutrition. Healthy, varied and balanced nutrition, which is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, contributes to the health and beautiful appearance of the hair. However, as a rule, more often it happens the other way around, which immediately affects the condition of the hair and their appearance. Weakened, dry, thin hair, loss of shine and as a result of their loss. Therefore, nutrition is one of the key points of healthy hair. In addition to nutrition, regular comprehensive hair care is needed, which will make them thick and strong.

Massage is considered very beneficial to the scalp. It is recommended to do it using cedar oil, which can be found in any pharmacy. Circular massage movements oil must be rubbed into the scalp, leave it for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

For those who wash their heads daily, it is useful to massage the head with a mixture of burdock and castor oil (1 tsp each) with the addition of lemon juice (2 tsp). Immediately after massaging, this oil mixture is rinsed off. Most experts are against daily washing of the head, as it adversely affects the hair, especially if this procedure is carried out with tap water.

The use of balms and rinses is a mandatory procedure for every shampooing. Instead of various chemicals, you can use herbal-based rinse. Broth can be prepared from nettle, calendula, burdock. Herbal conditioners restore damaged hair structure, as well as stimulate the awakening of new, unused hair follicles. Balm for growth and thickness of hair: mix in equal quantities vodka and milk. The resulting balm is necessary to wipe the scalp, then dry the hair with a towel and massage it with a special brush.

Among the folk remedies there is a huge variety of recipes for hair density. Among the recipes for masks, decoctions, infusions and other means you can find your own, which will have an effective effect.

Hair masks.
To strengthen and grow hair, it is effective to apply the following mask: a mixture of three egg yolks, 2 tbsp. burdock oil, a pinch of red pepper and 1 tbsp. apply mayonnaise on the scalp, cover with a plastic bag and wrap with a terry towel on top. This mask must be kept for thirty minutes and rinsed with water and shampoo. Or another option: finely chop one onion, squeeze the juice and add 1 tsp to it. Honey and 1 tbsp. cognac. Method of application is the same as in the first case.

Makes hair thick, and also contributes to their rapid growth such a mask: it is necessary to 1 tbsp. yeast add yolk and decoction of herbs suitable for your hair type. Hypericum grass or oak bark is suitable for dark hair, chamomile for light hair, calendula for red hair. Leave the mixture in a warm place for an hour, then add 1 tbsp to it. burdock oil and 10 drops of any essential oil. This mask must be applied necessarily in the form of heat on the hair, distributing over the entire length, cover the head with a plastic bag and on top of a towel. After half an hour, the mask should be washed off with warm water. This type of mask is recommended to be done every 3 days. It is necessary to make 10 procedures, after two months of a break to repeat the course.

To make hair thicker, it is effective to make a mask with cedar oil or nuts. A handful of pine nuts are carefully ground, adding water, to a mushy state in a mortar. Then the mixture is spread in a ceramic dish and put in an oven heated to 150 ° C for 30 minutes. It will turn out something resembling milk, which should be rubbed into the scalp daily for 2 months. After a two-month break, repeat the course.

Dairy products have a beneficial effect on any type of hair. It is necessary to apply whey to wash the head, make different masks of kefir, yogurt. After a while you will notice that the hair not only began to look healthier, but also became thicker.

The simplest way to grow hair is rye bread. It is kneaded in warm water to a state of gruel and applied to the hair for 20 minutes, after which the hair is thoroughly washed with warm water without the use of a shampoo.

The use of the following mask promotes hair growth even on bald areas of the head, while they will become noticeably thicker. Here is the recipe for this mask: mix 0.5 cups of kefir with egg and 1 tsp. cocoa powder. Apply the mixture to the hair, starting from the roots. The mixture should be applied in 3-4 layers, gradually, after the previous one dries. As usual, cover the head with plastic and a towel, after 25 minutes wash off the mask with baby shampoo, and rinse the hair with a decoction of nettle. Such a mask to do 2 times a week for 3 months. After that, you need to take a break for 2-4 weeks.

The following mask will strengthen the hair: mix in equal proportions castor oil and 96% alcohol. The resulting mixture to rub into the scalp. Soak for 3-4 hours, then wash your hair with baby shampoo and rinse with water with the addition of juice of half a lemon or half a tablespoon of vinegar.

I want to remind you that before using any folk remedy, test the skin for the possibility of an allergic reaction to the components contained in the recipes.

In addition to the use of masks, decoctions and other means you need to remember and know some rules of hair care.

  • The head should be washed only with warm water.
  • Always protect your hair from the hot sun and cold weather.
  • Do not wash your hair more often than twice a week. Frequent washing thin hair, they lose their shine. Washing hair using any means necessary to carry out the massaging movements with your fingertips, it improves blood circulation.
  • Try to dry your hair after washing naturally, limit the use of hair dryers, forceps and other devices, because they make hair dry and lifeless.
  • After each hair wash, use a balm. Be sure to follow the instructions for use of all hair care products.

In conclusion, I want to note that the beauty of the hair is in our hands. Regular care and application of our tips will help you make your hair not only thick, but also beautiful.

Hair pigmentation

Hair color depends on the ratio of two coloring pigments: eumelanin and pheomelanin. Melanin is dark, its molecules form granules. Phaeomelanin has a reddish color and is distributed evenly - diffusely.

The pigment is located in the cortical layer of the hair. If the amount of one or another pigment determines the color of the hair, then the amount of air with which melanin is “diluted” is intensity. The following natural tones are distinguished:

  • Brunette - black or dark brown hair. In this case, produced a large number of eumelanin and very small - feomelanin. Black hair color is the dominant sign, therefore it is the most common,
  • The brown-haired shade ranges from chestnut to dark blond. The second most common color. The cortical layer still contains a large amount of eumelanin, however, pheomelanin is produced enough,
  • blond - grayish, reddish, yellowish shades of hair. Eumelanin and pheomelanin are in approximately equal ratio. However, the amount of pigment itself is lower compared to black or chestnut hair,
  • red - it is produced mainly pheomelanin, giving the curls all shades from copper to golden-red. Redhead is extremely rare - 2% of people, as it appears only when 2 recessive alleles are inherited, which is rarely the case,
  • blond - light curls with ashes or yellowish tint. Eumelanin is practically not produced, pheomelanin is present in small quantities.

Also completely bleached hair is found. In this case, the pigmentation is disturbed. The same happens when graying.

Artificial coloring

The ratio of pigments is determined by heredity and can not be changed. However, you can darken the hair artificially. The essence of this process is the same. Under the action of a strong oxidant, the cortical layer of the hair loses its density, becomes loose. In this case, you can wash the natural pimento - the process of bleaching strands, and you can embed an artificial pigment of any color into the hair.

Hair dye acts in this way, and to obtain a pure shade requires prior bleaching. However, natural products can do the same. The difference is that without a preliminary discoloration the tone cannot be changed radically. In addition, if the cortical layer remains relatively dense, only a small amount of pigment can penetrate it.

How to carry out staining, see this article.

Coffee and tea

These are not only tasty and healthy stimulating drinks, they are also wonderful natural dyes. If you want brown, use tea, if darker, then coffee. The principle of staining is the same for both products.

  1. Brew tea - 5–6 spoons, or coffee - usually less, with a glass of water.
  2. After boiling, boil the mixture for 20 minutes and then cool.
  3. The headgear is washed with ordinary shampoo, and a coloring mixture is added to the water to be rinsed.
  4. If more intense dyeing is required, the brewed mass is distributed through the hair and held for about 20 minutes, and then washed off with warm water. It is advisable to wrap a head with a warm towel during the procedure.

Radical changes such staining will not cause. But all the time, while curls rinsed with tea or coffee, a dark shade will be there.


The walnut peel is not a shell, namely green peel, contains a large amount of iodine and other dyestuffs that provide a persistent dyeing in a dark color. At home, there is nothing easier than using this natural dye.

The procedure requires young green walnuts. The amount depends on the length of the curls.

  1. Several nuts are peeled and placed in a container together with the green peel.
  2. Pour boiling water with nuts, and leave to infuse for 25 minutes.
  3. The infusion is cooled and filtered. After washing the hair, the strands are moistened thoroughly with a decoction, pinned down and put on a polymethylene cap. You can wrap your head with a towel.
  4. After 30 minutes, the curls rinsed with warm water.

In addition, the shade is bright and intense, it is retained for more than 3 weeks.

The infusion of this herb copes with coloring even gray hair. The procedure should be repeated 1-2 times a week to get a stable result.

  1. 1,2 glass of vegetable raw materials is poured boiling water - a glass.
  2. Boil the broth for 10 minutes.
  3. The broth is cooled and filtered, and then used as a conditioner.
  4. To obtain a more intense tone, it is recommended to hold the decoction on the curls for 20 minutes, and then wash it off with thermal water.

Tips for making your hair darker without using chemical dyes:

Henna and Basma staining

This is the most popular non-dyeing method. It is believed that henna gives a shade of red hair. However, this depends, firstly, on the retention time on the hair, and, secondly, on possible additives.

  • The classic version is a mixture of 1 share of henna and 2 shares of basma. It gives excellent dark tone, rich shades.
  • When strong coffee is added to henna powder, a very pure dark brown color without reddish is obtained.
  • Henna, brewed with strong tea, colors the strands in a lighter tone with a yellowish tinge.
  • Cocoa additive - a few spoons, will give the curls a noble shade of "mahogany".
  • Cinnamon is added when they want to get rid of redhead. Cinnamon provides a dark golden tone.
  • For chocolate tones, henna is brewed with buckthorn infusion: 100 g per 2.5 glasses of water. The buckthorn is boiled for half an hour, and then this broth is added to the henna powder.

The procedure is the same for any kind of mixture.

  1. The right amount of henna is brewed with hot water. You can use strong coffee or tea.
  2. Wash their hair in the usual way, dry their hair.
  3. As soon as the mixture cools to a pleasant temperature, henna is applied to the strands of wet hair.
  4. The head is covered with a plastic cap, wrapped with a warm towel. Hold the mixture depending on the desired result: if you need only a light tone, and the original hair color is light, 20-30 minutes is enough. It will take at least 40–50 minutes to color the dark curls.

Then the mixture is washed off with warm water in large quantities.

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The bark of the plant includes many tannins that increase the strength and elasticity of the hair.In addition, there are coloring pigments.

  1. 1 package of bark is made by boiling water.
  2. Capacity with broth is wrapped with a warm towel and infused for at least 40 minutes. The resulting tool is used as a rinse.

Oak bark provides a beautiful chestnut tone. He holds up to 2 weeks.

See also the option with onion peel.

Vinegar and Soy Sauce

A rather unusual combination, however, gives the curls the desired dark tone. It is necessary to use the remedy before an important appearance, since both vinegar and sauce have a characteristic strong odor, which takes time to erode.

  1. Mix half a glass of table vinegar and soy sauce.
  2. The resulting liquid rinsed curls after washing.
  3. After a few minutes the hair is thoroughly washed with warm water.

Make your hair visually thicker and darker in many ways. A variety of home dyes, of course, do not give such a lasting effect, like paint, but much safer, and using them makes strands stronger and more elastic.

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What prevents to make hair long and thick

  • For the normal life cycle of the hair follicles, you need a balanced diet, above all, a rich vitamins and trace elements. Especially harmful is the lack of vitamins C, E, P, group B.
  • Hair is 90% composed of proteinit means you need enough protein foods.
  • To make the hair longer and thicker, you need sufficient intake of trace elements copper and zinc.

Copper It is considered a "female" element, contributes to the development of sex hormones. If there is enough copper, the hair and skin are strong and healthy, the body is flexible and slim. Useful trace element found in cucumbers, pork liver, nuts, cheese, bird meatyolks eggs, chocolateinfusion dog rose.

The recommended daily dose of the "male" element zinc ranges from 5 to 20mg. This amount should come from food. Zinc is part of the cellular membranes, rejuvenates and heals the skin, promotes hair growth. Especially useful to use foods containing zinc, along with vitamin A. In this case, the vitamin is more efficiently delivered to each cell. A lot of zinc in wheat germ and other cereals, strawberries, beef, the liver, nuts.

A long-term intake of one of these trace elements in the vitamin complexes causes a deficiency in the other, since they are antagonists. Therefore, do not take them at the same time.

It is no secret that modern cosmetic procedures, which help both to make hair thick and to give it shine, well-groomed appearance, are not beneficial to their health. Chemical perm, dyeing, use of a hair dryer make it difficult to grow thick long hair.

How to maintain and increase the density of hair

  • It is better to wash the head with soft water, it rinses well and heals hair.
  • The frequency of washing depends on the degree of contamination of the head. At the same time it is necessary to use a care product chosen according to the type of hair. It is better not to use shampoos with conditioning additives, because shampoo and conditioner are antagonists.
    Despite the fact that manufacturers have found a way to make the air conditioner take effect only when it is necessary to rinse out the formed foam, which speeds up the washing of the head, the concentration of active substances in such compositions is lower than in specialized products. Especially useful are those that use natural moisturizing proteins made, for example, from salmon. They give volume and strengthen hair scales, making the hair cease to tangle.
  • To wash the head, you must use warm water, hot stimulates the sebaceous glands. Wash off the shampoo with cool water. Do not rub hard, so as not to excrete sebum.
  • To make your hair thick, you should not go for a long time with a turban, dry your hair with a hairdryer.
  • To improve the blood supply and metabolism, it is useful to apply such an effective means of imparting density, such as massaging the scalp. It is performed with finger pads, movements can be stroking, rubbing, circular. The procedure helps to wake up "sleeping" hair follicles.
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How to quickly grow thick long hair

The number of hair follicles is determined genetically, so it is unlikely to surpass the level laid down by nature. But if for some reason or other the hair is thinning, thin and brittle, you have to choose one way or another to make it thicker. The result is achieved using natural masks and folk remedies.

Odorless homemade onion mask for longer hair

Onion juice helps both to make the hair thicker and longer, and stops the loss processes, reversing them. Natural density is restored after two to three months of application of the procedure.

For the preparation of onion juice is better to use a meat grinder. Pass through it two large onions, immediately separating the resulting juice from the pulp using a sieve, and then squeezing the pulp with your fingers or a spoon.

Onion mask for density and hair growth is rubbed into the roots. The head is covered with plastic wrap and a towel. After two hours, the juice is washed off with shampoo, the head is naturally dried. A simple measure effectively eliminates the characteristic onion odor.

Folk recipes to make hair longer and thicker

  • Take 15-20g the roots or 1 tbsp. burdock leaves, brew a glass of boiling water, simmer in a water bath for half an hour, strain.
    To rub broth in a pilar part of a head, in half an hour to wash off.
  • Prepare a decoction of herbs, taking 1 tsp. rose petals, mint, sage. Brew the mixture with a glass of boiling water for 10 minutes.
    Moisturize and rub beaten eggby making a light massage. Leave the mask for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water, where to add cooked herbal decoction. The head should dry naturally.

Having washed and dried the head well, rinsing with herbal decoctions is useful for hair growth and increase in their density.

  • It is believed that for dark hair better suited nettle, Oak bark, hop cones, tutsan.
  • For light used chamomile or calamus roots.

Broth recipe: 2s.l. the selected herb pour 3 cups boiling water, insist for an hour, strain.

How to make hair thicker at home

First, a herbal decoction is prepared corresponding to the color of the hair.

Then 1 tsp broth, egg yolk, 1 pp yeast mix, put in a warm place for one hour. Before application, to make the hair thicker, add 1 tbsp. burdock oil. The head should be covered with plastic and wrap with a towel, after half an hour, wash it.

Apply this tool twice a week for a month, then take a break for at least two months.

Flax seeds - a simple effective remedy for hair density

Flax seeds and the oil obtained from them is half composed of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, as well as Omega-6 and Omega-9. It is known that the daily requirement for Omega-3 is 1.1 g for women and 1.6 g for men. A tablespoon contains about 1.8g of butter. This means that women are required to ingest an incomplete tablespoon.

Adequate intake of oil and flax seeds helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, reduce cholesterol levels, and normalize blood pressure indicators. Prophylactic intake improves the appearance and density of the hair without the use of special masks, helps to reduce weight.

Natural flaxseed oil is rapidly oxidized, so you should not fry it in any case, since the oxidation processes are accelerated when heated. The seeds of the plant useful acids are contained in a more stable state.

The way to make hair thick with oil intake requires some caution, especially if there are stones in the gall bladder. The fact is that muscle contractions can cause liver cramps.

How to make a mask for the density of hair based on flaxseed oil

To improve the appearance and condition of the hair is useful to apply linseed oil mask.

Flax seed oil in the amount of 1.l. mixed with 2 l. honey and 4 chicken eggs yolks. The mask is applied along the entire length of the hair, the head is covered with a film and a towel for 40 minutes.

Apply the mask twice a week for a month.

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Help, my hair falls out, what to do?

Flaxseed oil is very effective, I think it takes time, two months to treat the hair.
True, you are strange, you need a few days to change everything.

Why do I have sparse, short to the shoulders and not thick hair?

Hello! Try to make a mask of mustard powder. I did about 3 years ago. Found a way on the Internet, there were different opinions that helps and does not help. But, since it would take time to see the result, I decided to do it regularly, just not thinking about anything (8 times in my opinion), after a while the hair becomes thicker, new hair grows, even noticeably in the photos.
Now come back. Try it, it can help me and it will help you. I wish you have beautiful and long (as someone) hair! 🙂

Terribly envy girls with beautiful thick hair. I also have nothing, but I always wanted to, just like in advertisements. Always used shampoos for volume .. something is worse, something is better, but the result is not from a glossy cover
I bought a couple of months shampoo with beer yeast. So they became thicker and began to grow faster. What we liked, it does not just add volume or relieve dandruff, there is a complex effect.
It is necessary, that shampoo both fed, and strengthened. And then everywhere you look, everyone has dandruff, then fallout, then hair grows greasy instantly, and here it is pleasant to use, and the result is good.

It seems to me that in the case of hair care, traditional medicine is really the way out)) Well, or in any case, the most natural cosmetics, for example, the one that contains brewer's yeast.

Hair mask with mustard powder, hairy bulbs awake remarkably. But you have to suffer, because This mask bakes a little.

I advise a mask of mustard powder, kefir and yolk. Good help. Hair grows fast and stronger.

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