Chemerichna water from lice - detailed instructions for effective use

Before we talk in detail about the treatment of pediculosis with hellebore water, let us try to figure out what chemical water is and how and from which plant it is made.

So, than the meccano water - this is an alcohol infusion of a helper. Chemeritsa (popular name - puppeteer, lat. Veratrum) is a plant, a perennial grass with greenish or dark red flowering.

Chemeritsa (veratrum) - a poisonous plant, the infusion of which treats pediculosis

Chemeritsa - a poisonous plant, it contains the alkaloid veratrin (hence the Latin name), which is extremely toxic and detrimental to the nervous system of living organisms. Due to this, hellebore is a toxin and is used in pharmacology as a remedy for pediculosis.

Does hellebore water help lice?

This medication is a solution of herbal alcohol tincture in distilled water. The active ingredient is helmer lobel or puppeteer. For insisting rhizomes of this plant are used, containing natural alkaloids (poisons). The considered remedy is proven to help with pediculosis, but there are nuances in its application. The statement that chemical water from lice and nits is effective already after the first application is false. The drug has a detrimental effect only on adults, eggs and larvae remain intact.

Why does coderic water kill lice?

Properties of the rhizomes of the puppeteer are due to alkaloids in its composition. They produce an insecticidal (antiparasitic) effect, which is why helmer water helps against lice. The alcohol contained in the tincture softens and in some places dissolves the chitinous shell of the body of insects. Through it, and during the diet, plant toxins enter the digestive tract of lice. Poisons disrupt the intestinal motility of the parasites, causing spasm and paralysis. Chemerichna water from lice acts quickly. From the first application, they lose the ability to move and feed, easy to comb out.

Cemeric lice water - effectiveness

Every patient with pediculosis wants to shorten the treatment time as much as possible, to get rid of the “guests” in 1-2 days. For this reason, pharmacies are often interested in whether chemerichnoe water from lice helps. The effectiveness of the described drug does not reach 100% due to the selective effect, in order to completely eliminate the problem, at least 2 medical procedures will be required.

The peculiarity of the drug - hellebore water only from lice. Eggs (nits) and parasites in the larval stage of development (nymphs) do not die. They continue their growth, and quietly reach maturity. To get rid of the “young”, it is necessary to repeat the application of the solution several times until all the eggs and larvae turn into adult individuals sensitive to the puppete’s toxins.

Chemerichna water from lice - application

When treating with the indicated remedy it is important to strictly follow the instructions attached to the medication. Neglecting the rules on how to use cemerica water for lice can lead to poisoning, severe allergic reactions, chemical burns of the scalp and respiratory tract. Even if live parasites are detected after the initial treatment, it is allowed to repeat the session only the next day. To completely eliminate pediculosis, cemeric water from lice is applied again after a week. During this time, the eggs will hatch, and the larvae will reach maturity.

How to dissolve hellebore water from lice?

Pharmacies offer a completely ready-to-use medicine. The alcoholic tincture of the puppete's rhizomes is already diluted with distilled water in optimal proportions that ensure the safety of the therapy along with its maximum effectiveness.The only correct way to use lice nude water is to apply it in its pure form. After adding water to the drug, it will lose its healing properties, and the procedures will be useless.

How to treat the head with lice water?

There are clear instructions for using the agent in question, which is important to follow strictly. Before you apply hellebore water against lice, you need to prepare the following items:

  • cotton swabs, discs, a syringe or spray bottle,
  • gauze face bandages,
  • plastic hats, plastic bags or scarves,
  • frequent comb.

How to use hellebore water from lice:

  1. Well wet hair over the entire length.
  2. Squeeze curls, they should be just wet.
  3. Carefully treat the hair over the entire length with cobalt water, dividing them into thin strands. Maximum attention is paid to the occipital zone and areas behind the ears. If you use a spray bottle, you must wear a protective mask. The vapors of the drug can get into the respiratory tract and cause them to burn, provoke coughing, shortness of breath, vomiting.
  4. Twist the hair in a bun, if they are long, put on a cellophane cap and a scarf.

What it is

Actually, chemerichnaya water is a tincture of a very poisonous plant, popularly known as a puppeteer, diluted with medical alcohol. His official name is Chemeritsa Lobel, after the talented botanist who discovered him. Previously, this grass was quite widespread in Eurasia, but now in many countries the plant is listed in the Red Book. For industrial purposes it is grown on special plantations.

The plant is poisonous. It has been extremely detrimental to insects and their larvae, therefore it has long been used to treat pediculosis and some diseases of the scalp. Concentrated juice causes a strong burning sensation and may even leave a burn. Therefore, our ancestors began to use precisely cheremichnoy water against lice.

In folk performance, this was a tincture of crushed plant root on vodka. It contains alkaloids (including - protoveratrin), which is a strong antipsychotic. It paralyzes insects, and they lose their ability to breathe, move and eat.

In industrial production, the technology is slightly modified. The concentrated extract is diluted with a small amount of water, and then mixed with pure alcohol. It greatly enhances the deadly effect of the drug, since it makes it easier for the pill water to penetrate through the dense layers of nits and get under the chitinous protective cover of adults.

If you use the tool correctly, it is fully capable of helping to get rid of lice in just one procedure.

How much to keep hellebore water from lice?

Sometimes the described tool is used as a cosmetic product, as a growth stimulator for curls, to strengthen them and increase the density of the hair, so you can accidentally make a mistake with the exposure time of the drug. Cemeric water from pediculosis is kept for about 30 minutes, not more. Excess of this period is fraught with burns. Lice provoke itching, and the scalp is very sensitive due to scratching.

Half an hour later, the manipulation ends:

  1. Remove the scarf and plastic cap. Fabric accessories should be immediately washed and ironed with a hot iron.
  2. Wash the strands with plenty of shampoo water. You can use special hygiene products for head lice.
  3. Comb out dead parasites with a frequent comb.

Rules of application

Do not be deceived by the fact that Chemerichnoe water - the usual herbal tincture and therefore it is harmless. Like any potent agent, it requires respectful attitude and precise application. The drug is sold in a pharmacy along with instructions, which spelled out in great detail how to remove lice with cheremical water, and what precautions must be taken.

Chemerichna water - a reliable way to treat pediculosis

Pediculosis - lice in a simple way - not rarely found in children's institutions - kindergartens and schools. Especially after the summer holidays. How to treat pediculosis? Many mothers say that Chemerichna water is a reliable remedy for lice. Chemerichnaya water is made, respectively, from the herb hellebore.

The most toxic, but at the same time and has healing properties - this is the root of hellebore. At the root contains the most alkaloids. Chemeritsu used in the form of ointment, decoction and tincture of alcohol. In order to get rid of lice need alcohol tincture of hellebore grass. Chemerichna water from lice is the first remedy, especially for removing lice in children.

Pediculosis can be treated with plender water not only on the head (head lice), but also on the pubis (pubic lice). It destroys not only the lice themselves, but also their nits, which are firmly attached to the hair follicles themselves.

Due to the large number of alkaloids, cemeric water acts on the smooth muscles of the intestinal lice, thereby causing irreversible effects and further death of the parasites.

As with any drug, proameric water has contraindications. Before use, you must carefully read the instructions for cemerichnogo water.

Composition and properties

The composition of the tincture is very simple: hellebore extract, alcohol and purified water. Despite the ease of manufacture, there are many useful properties of coderic water:

  • stimulates hair growth,
  • regulates the sebaceous glands,
  • cures dandruff
  • strengthens the hair structure
  • prevents cross-section of hair,
  • strengthens the roots and prevents hair loss,
  • enhances blood flow to the head, which helps to improve hair nutrition,
  • treats pediculosis.

As you can see, hellebore can bring great benefits as a hair care product. However, do not forget that the tincture is applied only externally. Taking the drug inside causes severe poisoning, so be careful.

Method of use

Cheremical water - a means intended exclusively for external use. It should not get inside the body, including through the blood. Therefore, if the head has already formed sores or scratching after insect bites, this drug will have to be abandoned.

The treatment of the head of hair with cherem water is performed in the following way:

  • It is necessary to wash the head well with shampoo (better tarry) in order to wash off dirt and excess fat from hair and skin.
  • Liberally moisten a cotton swab or a small piece of sponge with liquid.
  • Carefully treat each area of ​​the scalp, paying special attention to the areas behind the ears, the back of the head and the temples - the favorite places of insect accumulation.
  • Now you can apply the composition throughout the hair. This should be done so as not to miss a single strand, especially on long hair.
  • Put on a cellophane cap or bag and leave the helical water on the head for 30-40 minutes. At the same time it is quite possible a strong burning sensation, but you have to suffer
  • Then the hair is rinsed under a stream of slightly warm running water for several minutes, after which it is washed again with shampoo.

After completion of the procedure, it is imperative to remove all dead insects and their larvae. To do this, you need to cover your shoulders with a white cloth or sheet and gently comb through the entire head of hair with an anti-pedicular thick comb.

Important! Before using cheremical water, hands should be protected with gloves, which after the completion of treatment will have to be thrown away.

The next day after the procedure, it is imperative to once again examine the head well - if there are any surviving insects on it. If they still show up, then you will have to re-process immediately, until the parasites had time to multiply.

But even when from the first attempt it was possible to bring out live lice, there is no guarantee that there was not a single surviving nits.Therefore, doctors advise a week later once again prophylactically pickle the head with tesnic water.

Danger and contraindications

In concentrated form, helical extract is very dangerous for humans. When it is ingested, symptoms of severe intoxication are immediately apparent: vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, difficulty breathing, etc.

If swallowed hellebore water, it causes a sharp decrease in blood pressure, slow heartbeat and shock. Without timely medical care in 2-3 hours, death can occur.

But even small doses of the choleric water when applied externally can provoke a strong allergic reaction. Therefore, first you need to carefully study the instructions to know exactly how to use hellebore water from lice, and then make a test for individual tolerance. Apply a little of the drug on the back of the wrist, and if there is no pronounced negative reaction within half an hour, the remedy can be used for its intended purpose.

The treatment of pediculosis with tactile water is strictly contraindicated.

  • pregnant women
  • breastfeeding mothers
  • children up to 12 years.

With great care, it can be used by people suffering from bronchial asthma and serious cardiovascular diseases. Store the drug must be in tightly closed packaging and out of reach of children. After the expiration date it cannot be used.

Chemerichnaya water from lice: composition and properties

The drug is a tincture of rhizomes and the root of the Puppeteer or hellebore Lobel on alcohol. Its main purpose - the removal of parasites (lice and nits), which infest in the hairy parts of the body. White hellebore, on the basis of which the tincture is prepared, has a unique antiparasitic property. The herbaceous perennial plant, with a lifespan of up to 50 years, is capable of reaching a height of 1.5 m, it grows predominantly in the Central Asian strip.

Pedicuclear treatment with tincture in an adult and a child can be carried out if there are living parasites that will die due to the effects of the main substance of the plant - alkaloids. In the roots they contain about 2.5%, in the rhizomes - 1.2%, in the leaves up to 0.55%.

  • Antibacterial.
  • Protivediculosis.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Emetic.
  • Neurotoxic.
  • Scrubber.
  • Antifungal.
  • Weak painkiller.
  • Stimulating.

Chemerichna water as a means of combating pediculosis

How can a hellebore can get rid of lice, if she has so many properties useful for hair? The fact is that the infusion is applied to the hair externally, the pores of the pores are sucked into the skin in very small quantities, and practically do not get into the blood.

Chemerichnaya water is a good way to get rid of lice.

As for lice, they are in the immediate vicinity of the active toxic substance with the whole body, the toxin penetrates chitin into the body of parasites and destroys their nervous system. Tincture carries death for all mature individuals of lice.

In addition, hellebore water has an antiseptic effect, neutralizes the fungus, which provokes the appearance of dandruff, cleans the surface of the skin from germs.

So, chemerichnoe water - highly effective means to get rid of lice. It is widely used in the fight against pediculosis, as can be seen if you read the reviews of people who in practice have used this drug.

Patient Reviews

I myself deduced hellebore, the main thing is not to get in my eyes - pipets sensation. And so in one and a half weeks in a day the head processed. Apply cotton - hold it - wash it off and wash your hair with a simple shampoo. Since there is no one to comb out to me, and look at it too, everything is all by herself. Two times already this year the son infected, both times she used the hello-sacred.

Tomcat C.S.

Many years ago, when I was still in grade 4, I managed to pick up lice in camp.Mom immediately ran to the pharmacy and bought a few jars of meteoric water and a comb with frequent teeth. Hair at that time I had very long, to the waist. More than anything, she was afraid that even a centimeter of hair would have to be cut off. After several applications of hellebore water in a complex with combing out lice, we managed to completely get rid of this scourge.


I came across this “water” at least 2 times. And both times my mother used her hellebore water to eliminate such troubles as lice ... She repeated this process for several days until these creatures completely disappeared.

... here's a husband and grandfather flatly refused to paint their thick hair, and for them was bought Chemericheskaya penny water. I applied this water to their hair, wrapped it with a headscarf for half an hour, and then they washed their hair with shampoo ... The procedure needs to be repeated a week later ... . But I didn’t like it because of the suffocating smell.


The only effective and quick remedy is cemerichnaya water. Sold in a pharmacy and costs a penny. For one or two times display.

a guest

Chemeric water helped me too at school with such a problem. Once done, then, after a week or two, repeat the procedure.


Thus, most users of procameric water agree that the remedy actually helps cure pediculosis.

The undoubted advantage of cobalt water is availability (sold in pharmacies) and relatively low cost. The disadvantages include the toxicity of the drug and its low efficiency in the destruction of nits.

Contraindications and likely side effects

Like most drugs, prochemic water has its limitations in use.

It is impossible to apply chemeric water:

  • during pregnancy
  • when breastfeeding,
  • under 3 years old
  • if there are open wounds in the area of ​​application,
  • if cuts and scratches are present on the treatment surface,
  • with individual intolerance to the components of the tool.

All side effects are described in the instructions attached to the tincture. We list the main ones:

  • dizziness,
  • nausea and vomiting,
  • itchy skin
  • weakness in the legs
  • heart palpitations
  • redness of the skin.

In order to avoid dangerous situations and the appearance of an allergic reaction, apply a sensitivity test before using the caliber water. To do this, apply a small amount of tincture on the inner fold of the elbow. If during the day there are no signs of allergies and no side effects, you can use the drug for the treatment of pediculosis.

Recommendations for the use of hellebore water

So, to get rid of lice with the help of cemerichnogo water, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Well wash your hair with shampoo.
  2. Blot the hair with a towel so that the excess water is completely absorbed.
  3. Dry your hair a bit until water stops flowing from it. Do not overdry! Hair should be wet.
  4. Comb your hair and divide into strands. Process very long hair, dividing the head into sections. Wash your hair, comb it and divide it into strands before using water.
  5. Shake the vial with pore water.
  6. Take a cotton pad or swab, blot it with tincture.
  7. Apply the product with quick movements to the entire length of the hair, on the roots and scalp.
  8. Pay special attention to the back of the head, the area behind the ears and the temples. They are the site of the greatest accumulation of parasites.
  9. Bundle your long hair.
  10. Then put a plastic cap or a bag over your head and tie it tightly with a handkerchief on top. In isolation from a strong odor, lice will suffocate, which will contribute to their early death. After applying chemmeric water, put on a plastic cap.
  11. Leave the applied agent for 20–30 minutes.
  12. After that, remove the package, wash your hair with shampoo.
  13. Sit down and lay a scarf or newspaper on your lap.
  14. Carefully comb a small comb (preferably special from lice) each strand of hair over the cloth.
  15. Be sure to remove all nits.
  16. If necessary, repeat the procedure every other day.

We remind you that the cemeric water contains toxins, so be sure to follow the precautions:

  • Prepare the room before the procedure. It should be well ventilated, and better if possible, perform manipulations outdoors.
  • Take care of your breathing. It is better to wear a mask or use a tube and breathe through it.
  • Anyone who applies hellebore water should wear rubber gloves on his hands.
  • When applying ensure that the tincture does not fall into the ears, eyes and mouth. If suddenly this happened, then postpone the procedure and immediately flush the area with a large amount of water.
  • Do not use tincture inside. Keep away from children.

Pediculosis treatment in children

Children are our greatest value, so the use of any drug causes questions: is it possible, is it necessary, is there a danger? It is possible, subject to all precautions. Is there a danger? It is possible, so before applying, read the instructions, but rather consult your doctor. In any case, children under 3 years of pediculosis with hellebore cannot be treated. Do I need to apply the tincture on children over 3 years old? It is up to you.

In practice, hellebore water is widely used in relation to both adults and children. If there are no contraindications and all safety measures are observed, then treat your kids for health.

Chemerichnaya water - inexpensive and effective tool for breeding lice. This drug has its pros and cons. Hellebore tincture is available, but the nits do not kill, so they need to be combed and cleaned. Do not forget that the tincture of hellebore is toxic. As well as before using any other drug, first carefully read the instructions and after that make a decision on the use of piperic water to kill the lice. Observe safety measures, follow the instructions of doctors and you will successfully cure this ailment.

Is it possible to use chemoremic water during pregnancy?

Expectant mothers are always recommended only natural remedies for the treatment of any diseases. In the case of pediculosis, this advice is not applicable, treatment with cephalic lice water is strictly prohibited. Alkaloids in the composition of the puppeteer spirit tincture have a neurotoxic effect. Even topical application of the medication can lead to serious consequences. Before you remove the lice with cemeric water, it is best to consult with a parasitologist. The doctor will help you choose a less toxic medicine that is safe for the health of the woman and the fetus.

Can children use Chemeric water?

The instructions to the drug indicate that the application of the solution is allowed only after reaching 12 years. Chemerichna water from lice to children younger than a given age is contraindicated, but some mothers ignore this recommendation and perform the treatment. This approach is too risky. When deciding on treatment options for pediculosis, it is important to first talk with a pediatrician. Alkaloids in chemeric water may be too toxic for a small organism.

General information

The drug is a yellow-brown, turbid aqueous solution of alcohol tincture of the roots and rhizomes of the plant Chemeritz Lobel (in common "puppeteer"). It is produced by infusion of hellebore in 70% alcohol (ethyl) with subsequent dilution of the infusion with purified water. The percentage of active and auxiliary substances 1: 1.

Release form - solution in dark glass bottles of 40, 50, 100 ml. Sold in non-prescription pharmacies.

The full composition of the drug:

  • natural raw materials
  • ethanol,
  • distilled water.

What is the basis of the therapeutic effect of the drug for lice? Chemeritsa - is a poisonous grass that grows in regions with a temperate climate, in the steppe zone of Ukraine, southern Russia. All parts of the plant are extremely toxic because they contain a large amount of natural alkaloid compounds. But thanks to the alkaloids, the puppeteer has medicinal properties - antiparasitic, antiseptic, bactericidal, antimycotic, tonic.

On insects, including hair, body, pubic lice, a solution of hellebore tincture has a pronounced insecticidal, neurotoxic effect. Poison, penetrating into the body of the parasite, instantly affects the nervous and reproductive system, blocks the smooth muscles of the intestine of an adult. As a result of the use of the drug lice die in half an hour.

Efficiency in the fight against pediculosis is enhanced by the alcohol component of the solution. Upon contact with ethyl alcohol, the insect's chitinous cover is damaged, which facilitates the penetration of toxic substances into its internal organs, spiracles. Additionally, alcohol dissolves the adhesive substance, which louses and nits are attached to the hairs and degreases the surface of the hair itself. Due to this, combing out dead parasites and their eggs after using the tool is greatly facilitated.

How many procedures are required for the complete elimination of lice and nits? The overwhelming majority of adult parasites die after a single treatment of the head with piperic water. Nits are combed and picked with their hands.

Repeated procedure is carried out as prevention and elimination of lice hatched from eggs after the first procedure. With a strong infection will require 3-4 procedures.

In general, it is possible to get rid of lice and nits with the help of cemeric water on average for 2 procedures with an interval of 7 days. The course of treatment of advanced pediculosis does not exceed three weeks.

Attention! If the result of treatment is unsatisfactory, the use of the cemeric water is stopped. To get rid of lice use antiparasitic drugs recommended by the doctor.

The composition of tinctures

The main component of the tincture is Chemeritsa Lubel, also known as the Puppeteer. Poisonous plant with strong insecticidal properties. It is made poisonous by natural alkaloids contained in the sap of the stem and the roots of the plant. Alkaloids are toxic to insects, bacteria and man himself, the plant grows mainly in Europe and Asia. Since in its pure form, hellebore is dangerous, in pharmacies we buy alcohol tincture, which begins to act upon contact with an insect. When applied, there is a rapid death of the entire population of lice and partially nits, the second step will be combing the remaining nits. Even the correct use of the tincture will not give you a 100% chance of breeding nits, and you will need to re-process in 10 to 12 days. Freely sold in pharmacies, tincture capacity of 100 ml will cost you about 40 rubles.

Instructions for use

Treatment with Cemeric water will be effective and without harm to your health if you follow the basic rules:

  1. Before use, wash your hair with shampoo to remove grease and dust.
  2. Processing is best done with rubber gloves, especially if there are open scratches or wounds on the hands.
  3. Take a cotton swab moisten it with tincture and rub into the hair along the entire length trying not to skip sections.
  4. Pay special attention to areas of the greatest concentrations of lice. This is usually the temporal part, the back of the head and the place behind the ears.
  5. After processing, a plastic cap or bag is put on the head for 30 minutes. Then the hair is washed under running water and washed with shampoo.
  6. After wet hair are combed with a special comb, larvae, nits and the remaining dead lice.
  7. Observed for 5 - 7 days, if you need 2, we produce treatment after 10 - 12 days (this is the time necessary for new lice to hatch from the remaining nits).

Handling precautions

The main rule for any treatment - do no harm to yourself. Cemerichnaya water is poison, and even 1 mg can be seriously poisoned if it enters the human digestive system. Hit on the mucous membrane is also dangerous if there are open wounds from scratching on the head (often in children) or scratching the tincture is not recommended.

  • It is forbidden to use during pregnancy and lactation and feeding.
  • Do not tolerate burning and stinging after applying the tincture on the head, wash off immediately
  • It is not recommended to use Mercury water for children under 12 years old

Pros and cons means

  • Efficiency
  • Natural natural ingredients
  • Low price category
  • Positive effects on hair

  • Strong poison - strictly adhere to the instructions.
  • Age limit

Application Reviews

A long time ago, when I myself was still in school, I brought lice from a pioneer camp home. As I remember, my mother immediately ran to the pharmacy for Chemerichnoy water and a comb with frequent teeth. My hair was always long, and there wasn’t even any questions about cutting it off. Now I am a mom myself and I have a daughter with long hair, and how well we didn’t look after them school is a school. We save ourselves in the old manner With water in the water and the ridge always helps out. After applying it, hair is always gorgeous. Be careful not to let it in your eyes and mouth, it is very poisonous.

We are always rescued by Chemerichna water, if you have a daughter and she goes to school, then lice can appear at any time. We apply it this way: with my head with shampoo and wait until the hair dries out (so that the water does not drip). With a tampon we apply water to the hair along the entire length and rub it a little into the scalp. We dress the package for 30 minutes, and then remove everything from the handkerchief and wash off everything with shampoo. We comb the comb along the entire length of combing dead insects and nits. If parasites are noticed in a day, we repeat the procedure. Do everything carefully water is toxic. But then the hair is gorgeous.

We use the water Priche prophylactic and general recovery of hair. Its use provides increased blood circulation of the hair follicles, and protects from almost all types of fungal diseases of the scalp. Helps against dandruff, prevents dry and oily seborrhea. Beautiful and healthy hair for you.

If you have experience using this drug, leave your feedback in the comments below. Perhaps he will help someone to make the right choice.

Happiness to you and your home.

Method of application - instructions

Before the procedure, the hair should be washed as usual - with shampoo or soap. Balsam - air conditioning is better not to use. Hair dry a little (so as not to drip water) and you can start. Shake the bottle well.

When all the hair will be smeared with water, a towel is tightly wound on the head. The towel must be kept on the head for about half an hour. Do not forget to wash your hands!

After a time, the head is first washed with warm water, then shampoo again. You can already apply a balm. Then the hair is well combed with a fine comb. This will help get rid of the "corpses" of parasites.

If some parasites are still alive, then you can repeat the procedure the next day. If after that there were lice and nits, then now it can be repeated not earlier than in a week.

After the use of hellebore water, a decrease in blood pressure and dizziness is possible. This is a consequence of intoxication of the body with cemeric water.

Drug reviews

Anna, 35 years old, housewife: “In the summer, my son managed to get a ticket to a summer camp on the sea. As I was happy. He, too, was very pleased. Came so tanned, rested, funny and .... brought lice!

Immediately we did not notice, his hair is short, he washes them himself, and quite often. But the younger daughter has rather long hair and I wash them with her.
At first I noticed that she started to scratch her head.

I blamed it on the heat - they say, my head is sweating. Began to wash more often. So, during the next shampooing, I noticed these parasites. Could not understand - where did they come from?

Then she examined her son's head and found a whole “settlement” of these creatures there.
Fell into a panic. But not for long. I quickly dug through the Internet, sat on the forums (by the way, also began to scratch myself) and found out from other moms that it was best to kill the lice with hellotic water.

Do not shave all bald, in fact! I bought this 2 bottles of this water (worth a penny) at the pharmacy and treated the children that evening. The next day my daughter repeated the procedure, as her hair was thick and long, suddenly she missed something. I killed these parasites with meticulous water! No wonder I was recommended - really the best tool! "

Natalia, 42, economist: “My daughter in school suddenly had an epidemic of pediculosis. I have not heard about lice for a long time, and here I did not only hear it, but I saw them in my daughter’s head. My daughter is 15 years old, a difficult period. Hair cares.

So that she "did not stink like a combine," I began to look for an alternative to kerosene and dichlorvos. Got on the Internet, began to look for supporters in misfortune. And I found that lice can be removed with cemeric water. She offered her daughter such an option. She herself sat on the forums, read reviews about this tool, and gave her consent. I ran to the pharmacy and bought this water.

Slap off the same head, and in the evening from the parasites left a trace. My daughter and I combed out many "corpses" from the head. But they killed everyone the first time. Chemeric water helped!

Thank you very much mommy, I do not remember her name, which advised such a wonderful tool. Daughter is very happy - her hair has not suffered

Already decided to take documents from the garden and give it to a private garden! But my mother explained to me that in the state, that in private - pediculosis can occur everywhere, and this is not about unsanitary conditions or dirt! But what to do, and it is necessary to treat. I refused to shave him nakedly.

He has such funny curls. Began to look for an alternative. We immediately rejected kerosene, gasoline and dichlorvos - a terrible stench from them, and it is not yet known how a small child will react to this.

Again, my mom, where I read about the prohimeric water. After some discussion, we decided that this tool suits us. Bought at the pharmacy and used the same evening.

We took them from the first time. I also recommended this remedy to other mummies in the kindergarten to treat the heads of their children. A wonderful tool! ”

Anastasia Olegovna, 63 years old, pensioner: “It so happened that I was put in the hospital. I lay down, got sick, and when I left, I found the “guests” in my head. Yes, I did not immediately figure it out. That I have lice!

I thought that some “left” shampoo was caught! Well, what a shame it is - at my age and, suddenly, lice! What to do, the last time I had lice in the year, so in 68 ... The truth is, from that very time, I remember the helical water!

It turns out, is still sold and is quite inexpensive.

I bought myself this medicine and took advantage of the instructions! It helped immediately, all lice died! Thank God, but I do not know what I was doing! As before, the cemeric water is an excellent tool in the fight against parasites! ”

Spirit tincture of hellebore (puppeteer)

For quite a long time, tester water occupies one of the leading places among the folk remedies used to treat pediculosis.

In terms of its effectiveness, it is not inferior to the products based on vinegar or kerosene, but at the same time, chemorechny water does not cause such serious side effects, although it has certain contraindications to use.

Consequently, the risk of incorrect determination of concentration, etc. is excluded, which can lead to various negative consequences.

Pharmacy water sold in pharmacies is a mixture of water with an alcoholic tincture of the medicinal herb Hellebore taken in equal proportions. The main active ingredient in the tincture of hellebore is an extract of alkaloids, which themselves are quite toxic.

And they are toxic not only for insects or bacteria, but also for people. It is the toxicity of alkaloids that determines the effectiveness of cemerichnogo water when applied against lice, but it also makes it dangerous to health if used improperly.

The principle of the action of hellebore water on lice is that already in contact with the chitinous integuments of insects, it begins to have a toxic effect on them.

Due to the content of alcohol in the solution, hellebore water well wets insects, while getting into spiracles and penetrating deeply to internal organs and tissues. As a result, lice and their larvae quickly die from such toxic effects.

As for the impact of coderic water on nits, it is minimal, since the nits are protected by a very strong shell through which poisonous substances cannot always penetrate.

Therefore, when treating nits with tameric water, only some of them die. In this regard, for greater efficiency of the procedure, it is necessary to additionally comb the nits with special combs with frequent teeth.

The procedure for removing lice with the help of cemeric water consists of the following actions, the observance of which ensures the effective destruction of lice and the prevention of possible side effects.

  • The first step is to thoroughly wash your hair with a regular shampoo.
  • Further, hair is poured on the hair and scalp using a cotton swab. And it is very important to apply the tool to the entire length of the hair, so that the procedure is as efficient as possible and there is not a single untreated area left. Particular attention should be paid to the neck area, the temporal area and the area behind the ears, since it is in these places that the greatest accumulation of lice and nits is usually observed.
  • After applying cobaltic water on the hair, they are covered with a plastic bag or cap. The duration of stay on the hair means should be thirty minutes.
  • After the specified time, the hair is washed with running water and subsequently with shampoo.
  • At the final stage, still wet hair should be carefully combed with a special comb with frequent teeth to remove dead and paralyzed lice, as well as possibly nits.

When used for the treatment of pediculosis of the cemeric water, it is very important to observe all safety measures, since this remedy is very toxic.

Therefore, treatment of the hair and scalp with tesic water is allowed only in cases of no damage, wounds, or scratches on the skin. It is very important to make sure that there are no scratches on the scalp that often accompany pediculosis (especially in children).

In addition, when using hellebore water (and any other means) it is very important to monitor your condition and sensations. As soon as signs of itching, burning, etc. appear, the product should be immediately washed off. You should also avoid contact with the mucous membranes, eyes, mouth or nose, as this can be very dangerous.

Treatment of pediculosis in pregnant and lactating women, as well as young children using hellebore water is not recommended because of its high toxicity, although no specific studies on this subject have been conducted.

Thus, it can be noted that Chemerichna water is not for nothing considered to be a sufficiently effective and time-tested means against lice, although there is a certain number of restrictions in its use. Choosing this remedy against lice, you should carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Chemerichna water from head lice in children

When a child has a problem with lice, parents are looking for a tool that not only effectively removes the hair of a daughter or son from lice and nits, but will also be safe in childhood. Pediculosis can be infected in the pool, kindergarten and other public places.

Is this a celimeric water that is often used for pediculosis? To find out, you need to figure out what the drug is made of, how it works, and other nuances of its use in lice.

Chemerichna water, which can be purchased today in any pharmacy, called the means, based on the medicinal plant helmer Lobel, also called puppeteer. The active ingredient of the drug are the natural alkaloids of the hellebore, which have a toxic effect on insects, bacteria and fungi.

Since these alkaloids also show a toxic effect on humans, it is necessary to use chemoremic water in the fight against lice very carefully.

The puppeteer is a poisonous plant that can cope with parasites.

Composition. 100 ml of hellebore water contains:

  • 50 ml of alcohol tincture of roots and rhizomes hellebore
  • 50 ml of purified water

Release form. The tool is produced in bottles that are made of dark glass. In the pharmacy, you can purchase both 40 ml bottles and a larger package - 100 ml capacity.

Operating principle

Upon contact of the hellebore water with lice, the agent penetrates through their chitinous cover, and also flows into the spiracles, which poison insects. Due to the alcohol in the composition of such a drug, hellebore alkaloids gradually penetrate into the bodies of parasites, with the result that almost the entire population from larvae to adult lice dies rather quickly.

Although it is believed that the hellebore poisons and destroys nits as well, in fact the drug is unable to penetrate their dense shell.

In addition to the antiparasitic effects, helmerites have such properties:

  • Antifungal action.
  • Anesthetic effect.
  • Excitation of the nervous system, which is replaced by depression.
  • Expansion of vessels.
  • Increased skeletal muscle tone.

Chemerichnaya water is not able to penetrate the shell of the nits, so re-disinsection is often required.

Action on parasites

With the help of coderic water you can get rid of:

  • lice of the scalp,
  • pediculosis pubis.

The first contact of the hellebore water with the chitinous cover of the parasites leads to their poisoning. Alcohol in the composition of the solution helps to moisten the parasites, due to this, the main substances of the drug penetrate better, striking the creature from the inside. Tincture helps to quickly get rid of adults and small creatures.

According to the reviews of the parent who carried out the treatment of pediculosis with a tincture against nits in a child, it follows that for complete deliverance it is better to do the treatment about 2 times. Destroy nits from the first time rarely possible. How long will it take? About a week. The first time should be used tincture for treatment, and the second in the preventive purposes.

Indications for use

The main indication for the use of hellebore water today is pediculosis. In this case, the tool can and handle the head, and use it for processing clothes, destroying body lice.

Side effects. One of the side effects, but at the same time, of the positive action of the tactile water is the beneficial effect on the hair. The drug enhances blood flow to the hair, eliminates dandruff, stimulates hair growth, and also makes them stronger and more pleasant to the touch.

Improper use of procamera water can cause nausea, depression of the heart, vomiting, itching of the skin, redness of the skin, burning sensation and tingling in the scalp.

Such effects from hellebore alkaloids are possible with active rubbing into the skin and reusable long-term use. It promotes penetration of the agent into the deeper layers of the skin and absorption into the blood.

Contraindications. Ceramic water is not used if:

  • The scalp of a child is scratched or has wounds.
  • Skin inflamed or covered with rash.
  • There is intolerance funds.
  • The child is less than 2 and a half years old. Many doctors do not recommend the use of this tool in children under 12 years of age.

Dosage. The tool is used exclusively externally in such quantity that it is abundantly moistened hair, as well as the scalp.

Instructions for use for getting rid of lice and nits:

  1. Thoroughly rinse the baby’s hair using regular shampoo.
  2. Shake the bottle with coameric water.
  3. Take a cotton pad and apply with the help of it on the scalp, paying enough attention to the processing of the neck, temples and the skin behind the ears.
  4. Dampen the child's hair with its entire length, trying not to leave the untreated areas.
  5. Tie your head with a plastic bag or a kerchief.
  6. After 30 minutes, remove the bag or handkerchief, then rinse your head under running water.
  7. Wash your scalp and hair with a simple shampoo.
  8. Even when wet, comb your hair, using a frequent comb for this (it is better to purchase a special metal). This will remove dead and paralyzed adult lice from the hair, and also partially clean them from nits.
  9. If they detect a live lice on the head after such treatment, the procedure is repeated the next day.
  10. Another treatment a week later will help get rid of the larvae that have emerged from the nits, which had no effect helper.
  11. In case of scalp injuries it is impossible to apply hellebore water.

Lice application

Use hellebore water externally. Apply for the child better in the form of heat, a little heat the bottle. Before processing, you should take precautions when wearing medical rubber gloves, and shake the medicine bottle. Processing is best done in a well-ventilated area.

Chemerichna water from lice is applied to a wet head in such quantity that it can moisten all skin and all hair. Before treatment, it is better not to wash the head. According to the instructions for use, this should be done carefully, evenly distributing the drug in all areas, especially at the back of the head, behind the ears and at the temples.

Tip!The treatment process should resemble step-by-step wetting. Actions in no case should remind massage movements.

After processing, the head should be covered with foil; a light cap or scarf can be worn on top. How much time is needed to treat depends on the stage of neglect. This is usually about 30–40 minutes with each treatment.

Tip!It is necessary to ensure that there are no wounds or scratches on the treated areas, which could occur when the skin was badly combed during itching. Before treatment within 2 days it is better to heal wounds. Excessive itching, burning, and too hot sensations on the skin should be a signal for immediate washing of the head.

What to do after processing

When the treatment time runs out, the head should be thoroughly rinsed in running water with shampoo twice, after which the hair is combed with a special comb, which should have frequent teeth. It perfectly helps to remove dead parasites and nits. Under the bright light you need to check whether the nits are still on the hair. Dead and live nits can still be removed with your fingers.

Re-treatment can be carried out not earlier than in a day, but preferably after a few days to protect the scalp from an allergic reaction. If re-infection occurs, the procedure should be repeated only one week or ten days later.

In order to prevent parasites, it is better to process clothes and bedding.

Impact on the body

Alkaloids in the plant can also reduce systolic and blood pressure when used internally, but this increases the blood flow rate, which can lead to bradycardia (decrease in heart contractions) and cause an attack of coughing and excessive sneezing. This is facilitated by protoveratrin and veratramine, which have a hypotensive effect.

Alkaloids have a high level of toxicity, therefore, it is recommended to use preparations from a plant more externally.

Tip!Prolonged rubbing tincture of protoveratrin can penetrate the blood through the skin and cause negative effects, so you should use the drug carefully.

Water, applied externally, perfectly helps with:

  • alopecia,
  • baldness after chemotherapy,
  • dandruff
  • oily hair
  • gout

  • arthritis
  • radiculitis
  • neuralgia,
  • muscle pain
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

For treatment can be applied not only alcohol tincture, but ointments, creams and decoctions.

Chemerichna water in cosmetology has perfectly proved itself, it can be used to get rid of dandruff and stimulate hair growth. To this end, you should add the tincture to the shampoo or wet the scalp. It is enough to carry out the treatment 2 times a week for half an hour, and the head should be covered with a film.

Possible side effects

Because of substances that have a high level of toxicity and can have a poisonous effect on the body, the use of pore water can externally cause:

  • allergic reaction
  • redness of the skin,
  • severe itching and burning.

Accidental ingestion of tincture very often leads to symptoms of poisoning and is expressed:

  • nausea
  • drop in blood pressure
  • vomit
  • dizziness
  • thirst
  • diarrhea,
  • severe headache.

Particularly severe cases can be expressed by strong signs of acute poisoning, convulsions, visual disturbances, overexcitement, loss of consciousness and cardiac arrest, which is the reason for immediately calling an ambulance.

Tincture against lice and nits is strictly prohibited for pregnant and lactating women, children under 12 years. Alcohol tincture is applied only externally and in no case internally. In case of accidental contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

Tip!You should not be treated with a decoction, the ointment as part of which is a puppeteer without a doctor's prescription. White clowfish is popularly known as a very poisonous plant, its use can be fatal. Even accidental inhalation of rhizomes rubbed into dust will lead to severe irritation of the respiratory tract.

Means description

The composition of the drug is presented by alcohol tincture of hellebore and distilled water. Used only for external use.

The price of chemeric water varies in the range of 30-50 rubles per bottle, you can buy it at a pharmacy without a prescription.

Lice can be removed from a child or an adult in 1-2 treatments. In cases of severe infection, the number of procedures increases to 3-4. When applying hellebore water to hair, the death of a significant part of adults and larvae is observed immediately, since the active components penetrate through the spiracles into the insect's body.

The tool not only helps against lice, but also promotes hair growth, strengthens them, improves the structure. In addition, it eliminates dandruff and prevents hair loss.Reviews of chemerichnoy water from lice and nits indicate high efficiency, however, note the high toxicity of the drug. Use them with great care. Inhalation of vapors and the ingress of hellebore water on the skin may experience increased sneezing, watery eyes.

The tincture of the hellebore for people is dangerous if the drug is ingested. In this case, you should immediately take drugs to detoxify the body and contact a medical institution. If the aggressive toxic effects of the drug are not leveled, death is possible.

Doctors prescribing treatment for pediculosis do not recommend the use of the drug due to the negative consequences caused by improper use. For the same reason, and in view of the high toxicity, the method of use of the hellebore water for lice in children under 12 years cannot be considered. To get rid of lice and nits in a child, use safer means.

How to use Chemerichna water

You can not use chemorenic tincture, if the skin has abrasions, damage. However, one of the main symptoms of lice is severe itching, causing scratching and, accordingly, wound formation. If, for any reason, champion water is the only drug than to poison the lice, then you should wash your hair with tar soap or shampoo for several days. An effective natural remedy relieves irritation, soothes itching and accelerates wound healing.

Before you use cobalt lice water, you should read the instructions and possible symptoms of poisoning:

  • dizziness, vomiting,
  • convulsions, loss of consciousness,
  • weakness, increased thirst,
  • cardiopalmus,
  • excitability,
  • burning on treated places.

It is forbidden to use the drug during pregnancy, lactation, childhood and idiosyncrasy of the components.

Instructions for the use of hellebore water from lice:

  1. Wash your hair, comb your hair and divide them into small strands.
  2. Water from the lice is applied with a cotton swab or syringe. Pre-shake it well.
  3. To process the hair along the entire length, with particular care of the occipital, temporal part. To avoid draining the product, wet the hair with a semi-dry swab several times in the area of ​​the forehead. If you have to handle the head of a child over 12 years old, it is more convenient to start the procedure from the back of the head, and the head should be tilted down. It is also necessary to ensure that the child does not scratch his head during processing in order to prevent the ingress of toxic substances on the skin of the hands.
  4. Cover the head with a plastic cap, a plastic bag, a handkerchief. Wash hands thoroughly with soap.

During the procedure it is necessary to monitor the general condition At the slightest signs of indisposition, cemeric water should be immediately washed off.

If you properly use hellebore water from lice, then you can get rid of parasites at a time. I was convinced of this from my own experience. Before that, I bought a special shampoo against pediculosis - only money wasted. Grandmother advised me about hellebore water. The price of 40 rubles is very embarrassing - is it possible to expect any effect for such a ridiculous cost. However, I decided to try it. The treatment was carried out in rubber gloves, on the hair weathered in accordance with the instructions for 30 minutes. As it should be, combed the eggs of parasites. In addition, made the treatment of the apartment from lice. I hope that in the future I will not have to face pediculosis.

About chemeric water heard from her mother. Only she forgot how to use it correctly. Began to look for recipes, how to dilute the drug. It turned out that it is not necessary to dilute it and it is already ready to be applied. Side effects after its use is not revealed.I liked that the hair did not lose its luster and did not burn, as it happens after using insecticidal lice products.

What is pediculosis, learned in 30 years. It was a shame to go to the pharmacy for an antiparasitic agent. On the advice of a friend for the removal of lice acquired hellebore water. She works as a therapist and said that she was not officially prescribed, since the tincture is a poisonous drug. However, with careful use, you can get a good result. After applying to the hair, I felt a slight burning sensation, but no more than that, so I performed the procedure to the end. After combing in the head there was not a single individual. So there are still effective cheap drugs to combat head lice.

Chemeric water has never come to me. As soon as she applied it to her hair, immediately sneezed, tears flowed from her eyes, her head began to itch incredibly and burn. I had to quickly remove the tool.

What is needed for the procedure

  • vial of chemeric water,
  • cotton (tampon) or sponge, a piece of gauze, a syringe without a needle,
  • shower cap or cellophane (plastic) bag,
  • handkerchief or towel
  • rubber gloves,
  • neutral (baby) shampoo,
  • comb + comb with frequent teeth.

Side effects

Rarely, but after applying proameric water to the hair, symptoms of allergy and hypersensitivity to the drug may occur. This is manifested in the form of erythema, burning, itching of the skin. If such a reaction occurs during the application, the procedure is immediately stopped, the solution is rinsed off with warm water and shampoo from the head.

Poisoning with hellebore water may occur due to a violation of the rules of application, overdose of the drug. Signs of mild poisoning:

  • dizziness,
  • thirst,
  • headache,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting
  • cardiopalmus,
  • tachycardia.

Symptoms of severe poisoning:

  • labored breathing,
  • blurred vision
  • a sharp drop in blood pressure,
  • slow heartbeat
  • convulsions
  • fainting.

At occurrence of the listed signs of intoxication it is necessary to take urgent measures to remove toxins from the body. In cases of severe poisoning with promeric water, we cannot do without professional medical care and special treatment.

Attention! Excess doses of the drug, non-compliance with the intervals between the procedures, the use of the piperic water inside is deadly!

The popularity of tameric water against lice and nits is due not only to the high efficacy of the drug, but also to its low price. A bottle of medical solution 100 ml on average in Russia costs 25-35 rubles.

This volume is enough for 2-4-fold treatment of the head, depending on the length of the hair. Therefore, the cost of the entire course of treatment of pediculosis with cemeric water does not exceed 35 rubles. In the light form of infection of one bottle will be enough for the preventive treatment of lice and nits 3-4 people.

Rational cautions

Applying hellebore water to get rid of lice from a child, it is important not to forget about the precautions:

  • The tool should in no case be taken orally. In case of ingestion of hellebore water in the amount of even one milliliter into the human gastrointestinal tract, serious poisoning is possible, which is manifested by nausea, dizziness, vomiting and an allergic reaction.
  • The drug must be protected from children. If a child accidentally swallows hellebore water, you should give it a lot of drink and seek medical help immediately.
  • It is unacceptable that the cemeric water be in contact with the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose or eyes. If it still gets on the mucous membrane, immediately rinse it with a large volume of running water.
  • If after applying the child complains of feeling hot, itching or burning, then the drug should be immediately washed off the head.
  • In order to avoid poisoning, it is necessary to store Chemeric water in places that are not accessible to children.

Storage Packing with cobalar water should be kept in a cool, dark place. The shelf life of the drug is up to 24 months.

Parents who used hellebore water in their children with pediculosis, note the ease of use of the drug and its low price.

In most cases, they emphasize that the lice from chemerichnoy water die fairly quickly, but the tool does not always give the full effect.

Many say that even when applied with all the recommendations and instructions they could not completely get rid of all the nits. Because of this, after 1-2 weeks, it was necessary to perform a reprocessing in order to kill the lice that appeared from the remaining nits.

Lice: Causes

The causes of the appearance of pediculosis are many. One of the most common causes is poor sanitary and hygienic conditions in which people live.

Lice are also transmitted through bed linen and hats. This disease is transmitted through the water in pools or ponds with stagnant water.

Lice are tenacious parasites that can lay eggs in folds and stitches. This is another common cause of the recurrence of lice.

Also, these parasites can develop during long trips in which a person cannot fully comply with the rules of personal hygiene, as well as during seasonal work. A common phenomenon of lice are in kindergartens and schools, which are characterized by a rather dense contact of children.

Also, quite often in these rooms deratization is carried out. If you comply with all hygiene and sanitary regulations, then these facilities will be absolutely safe for people.

Cemeric water from pediculosis

If lice are found in a person, it is recommended to trim the hair as short as possible. Next, you need to thoroughly wash the hair of the patient.

The bottle with chemeric water should be shaken up, and then proceed to the application on the scalp and pubis. A cotton or gauze pad is used for this.

After this time, the patient must wash his hair with shampoo. After this is done combing hair. To do this, use a frequent comb. With it, dead lice and nits are removed from the head. If the parasites are not completely destroyed, then this procedure must be repeated.

Preventing the appearance of lice

Preventive measures can permanently save the child from the appearance of lice. To do this, a person must ensure adequate sanitary and hygienic living conditions.

This requires constant cleaning of the room in which a person spends a fairly long time. You also need to systematically wash the underwear and bed linen.

To avoid pediculosis, a person should constantly wash his hair and take a bath. Also public spaces should be constantly disinfected and disinfected.

To prevent the recurrence of lice, you must stop using the hair dryer after treating the patient's head. Before applying hellebore water, you should not use a rinse balm after washing your head.

After applying this tool is not recommended to wash your hair for one to two days. You should not take any medicine for lice in parallel with the tameric water. If you dye your hair, the lice will not reappear.

Pediculosis is a fairly common disease that causes discomfort and also spreads rapidly. Cemerichnaya water is a highly effective means by which it is possible in the shortest possible time to get rid of lice with its proper use.

How to apply hellebore water from annoying lice?

Pick up harmful parasites is especially easy in the children's team. If the parasites appeared in one child, then the rest will become infected.To get rid of the disease most often use hellebore, but the desired result can be obtained only with proper use.

Before you use the helperic fluid for the treatment of lice, it is worth knowing all the features of using such a remedy.

Instruct on use

For a more effective impact of cemeric water on parasites, all recommendations of specialists should be followed. Before the fight against lice is to prepare everything you need:

  • bottle of tincture,
  • shampoo,
  • cotton swab,
  • plastic cap or package
  • combs with rare and frequent teeth
  • thick rubber gloves.

Before using the tool is to wear gloves. The main method of application of hellebore water from lice:

  • Rinse your hair well with shampoo and lightly towel dry.
  • Comb curls, dividing them into several parts.
  • Shake bottle with tincture. After moistening the tampon with a solution, gently apply the product to each strand. Particularly careful to treat the occipital area, the area behind the ears and at the base of the neck. It is important to apply the optimum amount of the composition, so that is enough to wet the entire skin of the head.
  • Raising curls up, you need to wear a hat for 30 minutes.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap to remove remains of celeric water.
  • After removing the cap, wash the hair with warm water and shampoo, lightly dry with a towel.
  • First, comb the curls with a regular comb to remove the remnants of dead parasites. Then repeat the procedure with a metal comb to remove nits. The main thing is to do this carefully so that there is nothing left on the hair.

7 days after the procedure, it is necessary to check the head for the presence of parasites. New nits can already hatch by this time. Until the lice have begun to multiply, it is worth repeating the procedure.

This is due to the fact that the use of a large amount of the composition may contribute to the deterioration of the general condition of the hair and skin of the head.

Safe Use Rules

When processing it is necessary to follow several rules:

  1. If the tincture of hellebore gets into your eyes, you should rinse them thoroughly with plenty of warm water.
  2. If after treatment, symptoms such as nausea or dizziness appear as a result of poisoning, use any sorbent, such as activated carbon, to remove active elements from the body.
  3. If you feel a strong burning sensation in the area of ​​infusion, nausea or dizziness, it is necessary to wash the solution with warm water using shampoo.
  4. It is not necessary to treat children under the age of 12 with hellebog water, since the agent is poisonous.

Before proceeding to the removal of parasites, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the attached instructions, which indicate that the product is intended for external use only. Before using coameric water, you first need to make sure that it does not harm the body.

Contraindications to the use of hellebore water for the treatment of pediculosis:

  • period of gestation and lactation,
  • if there are infectious skin diseases,
  • the presence of allergic reactions on the skin,
  • the presence of damage to the skin of the head: wounds, burns or abrasions.

Too much tincture may adversely affect the body. Possible side effects such as redness of the skin, itching, nausea, increased blood pressure. It is necessary to keep the tool as far as possible from small children.

Those who do not know how to get lice and nits should seek help from a specialist. If a mother or grandmother once used a helper to eliminate lice, they would recommend this remedy to others, as it quickly cures parasites.

Well-known and beneficial effects of tincture: it improves hair growth, rehabilitates the skin, eliminates the fungus that promotes the appearance of dandruff. The tool is often used in combination with preparations for baldness.

How to use

Today, in any pharmacy, you can buy medicine for pediculosis. But many of them contain very dangerous toxic components. Compared to them, hellebore water is not so poisonous, and many people choose it.

The algorithm for treating pediculosis with pomeric water looks like this:

  1. Hair wash with any shampoo or soap as desired. Use a balm or conditioner is not necessary. Then dry them slightly, wrapped in a towel.
  2. Vigorously shake the bottle with tamericheskoy water to raise the sediment.
  3. Now you need to take a pre-prepared cotton swab and moisten it with the drug. Wet swab need to treat all the scalp, as well as all the hair. To do this, they are neatly divided into strands and lubricated from root to tip. It is very important to carefully treat the hair near the roots, nits are usually located at a distance of about 2 cm from the skin. Most of the parasites live on the back of the head and on the temples, so these areas should be lubricated very carefully.
  4. After the whole head is moistened with the product, the hair should be wrapped in plastic and wraped with a towel on top. In this turban you need to be like 30-40 minutes.
  5. After the expiration of the allotted time, the head should be rinsed with warm water, then apply and rinse the shampoo. Now you can use your favorite balm or conditioner.
  6. When the hair is a little dry, they should be combed with a simple comb. Then you can start combing out a special comb from lice. This will help remove not only dead parasites, but also their eggs.

Chemerichnaya water practically does not kill nits, but well weakens their connection with hairs. Therefore, combing will be much easier than after regular shampooing or using other insecticides.

Too frequent use of this drug can lead to poisoning of the patient. Throughout the week, it is desirable to continue daily combing, this will significantly increase the chances of a victory over lice.

How to apply the drug on the hair

Usually, hellebore water is applied to the hair with cotton swabs, dividing the hair into thin strands. But if you are comfortable, you can use a cotton pad or cosmetic sponge for this. It is advisable to carry out the entire procedure with gloves, as hellebore is rather toxic.

During the procedure and after it is necessary to monitor their well-being. Cases of intoxication, although rare, but do occur.

It seems to many more convenient to apply the product with a disposable syringe or plastic bottle and a hole in the lid. If there is a bottle with a spray bottle at home, it can also be useful. Apply the product should be evenly, distributing the hair with a comb or hands.

Most problems cause self-application funds. Extreme care must be taken to ensure that the liquid in no way gets into the ears, eyes or mouth. It can burn the mucous membrane. Therefore, in such situations it is necessary to immediately flush the affected area with running water.

Hair benefits. Many pediculosis medications have a bad effect on the hair, dry it out, damage the structure or, for example, Dimethicone, envelop and make it greasy. That is why girls are often afraid of them and looking for more harmless to the head of hair treatments. Chemerichnaya water is just one of them.

This plant has long been known as an excellent tool for hair growth. Due to its high toxicity, it is not used in the cosmetic industry. But if you need to get rid of lice, than the mexican water allows you to do it with a good hairdo.

The alcoholic tincture of hellebore is capable of working wonders with our hair. After using it:

  • Normally oily scalp, dandruff disappears,
  • Hair becomes more healthy, smooth, silky and luxurious shine,
  • Accelerated hair growth
  • Significantly reduced the likelihood of alopecia (alopecia),
  • The blood supply and nutrition of the hair follicles are improved, so the loss of hair is reduced, they become much thicker and stronger,
  • Bacteria and fungi die that can cause hair and scalp problems.

The main condition for safe use of hellebore water is not to overdo it. If you use it strictly according to the instructions, do not allow contact with the mucous membranes and apply no more than two days in a row - then you can get rid of lice and improve the condition of your hair without significant risk to health.

Contraindications and cautions

Chemerichna water in pharmacies sold without a prescription and use it usually without prior consultation with the doctors. But this tool is not so harmless as it may seem. Often, after the application of tincture of hellebore, allergic reactions are observed.

Sometimes patients have symptoms of overdose:

  • dizziness,
  • weakness,
  • vomiting
  • tachycardia,
  • burning at the site of application.

If such symptoms appear, you should immediately wash off the drug, if it is still on the hair, and contact the nearest medical facility. You should not expect that the indisposition will pass by itself, failure to comply with the dosage of the drug may even lead to fatal outcomes.

Poisoning with hellebore water is treated with cardiovascular drugs, anticholinergics and drugs that normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

In patients with head injuries, treatment of lice with hellebore water is contraindicated. You also can not use it:

  1. for any acute infectious diseases of the scalp,
  2. children under 12 years old
  3. during pregnancy and lactation.

It is strictly forbidden to take chemternoe water inside. This can lead to serious poisoning and even death of the patient.

Safety measures when using

The use of this drug requires compliance with all precautions that are relevant to work with toxic substances. These include increased caution when applying as well as the use of protective clothing. You also need to work with gloves, especially if the skin is damaged.

It is very important to protect the patient's respiratory tract and that which the medicine inflicts on the drug vapors. If possible, respirators should be used. It is sometimes advised to use cotton gauze dressings, but their effectiveness is not very low. It is also important to work only in a well-ventilated area.

From different types of lice

The described method of treatment of pediculosis is also suitable for the treatment of pubic lice. Although shaving all the hair in these areas is much easier and more efficient, the use of hellebore water is also possible.

But keep in mind that the skin near the genitalia is much softer than on the head, so you need to keep the tincture no more than 10-15 minutes. In addition, the application should also be very cautious, since the likelihood of a drug on the mucous membranes of the genital organs and anus is high.

Occasionally, if pubic lice are not disposed of in time, they can settle in the armpits and even on the eyebrows and eyelashes. If the application of hellebore water in the armpit does not usually cause problems, then it is more difficult with eyebrows and cilia.

There is a very high probability of hitting the eye. Of course, they can be treated with a brush from the mascara or apply medicine with a cotton swab. But it is better not to risk and visit a dermatologist to choose a safer method of treatment.

Chemeric water can be used to disinfect things when identifying a louse. Most often, these insects are in the seams and folds of clothing. They must be treated with hellebore water, then all things are washed at a temperature of at least 60 degrees. Steam treatment and ironing with a hot iron are also very effective.

Lily, 35 years. I bought chemeric water when a child brought lice from school. The impressions are twofold, on the one hand, inexpensive and lice disappeared twice.On the other hand, it stinks very badly and the annotation says that it is forbidden for children under the age of 12, although the pharmacist said that it was allowed from two.

Alina, 22 years old. I never thought that this could happen to me, but it happened - I found lice in myself. On the advice of a friend bought Chemeric water.

Victoria, 54 years old. Many years ago, hellebore water helped get rid of lice brought from a tour. Hair after that case began to grow much better, so I still periodically use it as a mask for growth. Very effective and inexpensive means.

Anna, 28 years old. I bought the hellebore water when the whole family picked up the lice. Its only plus is low cost. From lice she did not help at all, I had to buy another product and comb it out. But the stifling smell did not erode from the apartment for a couple of days.

Ksenia, 41 years old. I took out lice with hello water to myself and my son — a normal remedy, the parasites were gone, though not immediately. By the way, the smell is not so bad, herbal and not very strong.