We study the types and features of two-tone hair dye

Dyeing hair in two colors - this is a very fashionable direction recently. It is popular with both young girls and adult women.

With it, you can achieve a natural effect in the style of "naturel" or create a bright glamorous image for a party.


For this method, hair is divided into strands and dyed them in several shades, creating smooth transitions, or vice versa, emphasizing the contrast

Coloring has several highly sought-after destinations.

  • Booking - one of the most popular types of coloring in a very complex technique. The name combines the words "blond" and "brunet". The result is a natural fusion of these two colors with a minimum of contrast. The main range of hair is beige or golden brown,
  • Ombre (degrade) - the so-called transverse coloring. Creation of the natural effect of regrown hair due to dark roots and very bright tips. The transition can be both smooth and rather sharp depending on the client’s desire and the master’s hand,
  • 3D coloring - an incredibly complicated technique of creating a natural volumetric hairstyle with the help of several tones of a single scale. Only dark or light shades are used.


Creates the natural effect of blond hair. Strands selectively discolor. It turns out a few light, as if "burned out" in the sun, strand in the total mass of dark hair. It is also possible to highlight all the hair with 3-4 light edemas, due to which the effect of a natural, natural blond is achieved.

  • Mazhimesh - not too traumatic hair highlighting cream-based paint, to which is added wax. Since the paint does not contain perhydrol, you can get only golden or honey shades, but not platinum,

How often to dye your hair, you can read here, and, in particular, about whether frequent coloring and its types are harmful.

  • Baliyazh - under this mysterious name lie coloring and highlighting. The hair is lightened, while the coloring itself occurs only directly on the tips,
  • Shatush implies imitation of natural burnout by lightening hair. Several strands are painted in random order, departing from partings of two or three centimeters. For smoothing the transition is done bouffant. Sometimes experts paint strands deep in their hair to create the effect of natural volume.

7 tips on choosing the type of staining

Dyeing hair in two colors allows you to achieve a variety of effects, so depending on the performance it will look good on a variety of hair.

Tip number 1. In adulthood, it is better to avoid too bright colors. When coloring discard the sharp contrasting shades: they emphasize age.

Tip number 2. Brondirovanie will look good on wavy and straight hair. It perfectly refreshes the complexion, so it can be safely used by fair-skinned girls.

Tip number 3. By brondirovanie can be structured face, highlighting the cheekbones.

Tip number 4. Ombre looks better on curls. Straight hair may look sloppy.

Tip number 5. Highlights beautifully shades the tan and generally looks better on dark-skinned girls.

Tip number 6. If the hair is not very thick, it is better to abandon the contrast strands. Visually add volume 3D-coloring, shatush and smooth brondirovanie.

Tip number 7. If you do not want to injure your hair, maskesh, as the most gentle method of coloring, will suit you as well as possible.

Where to dye your hair: at home or in the salon?

Choosing where it is better to dye your hair, at home or in the salon, you need to be aware that at home the result may be unexpected. Hair dyeing in two colors is done on rather difficult technology.

And if you select a few dozens of highlights or make a contrast ombre yourself is still possible, then 3D coloring is necessary do only in the cabin, with what a professional colorist, and not from an ordinary barber.

Even if you buy professional paint yourself dyeing technology too complicatedto adequately implement it at home.

In the salon after dyeing the hair will receive extra care needed for his recovery, which, however, it is possible to choose at home with a responsible and competent approach to business.

Not recommended multi-color staining at home, unless you plan to do something simple, for example, coloring in two colors.

How professionals do one of types of two-color coloring - brondirovaniye, watch video.

What you need

  • brush,
  • foil,
  • large mirror
  • comb with rare teeth,
  • paint mixing tanks
  • by brush for each shade,
  • foil cut into pieces (approximate size 10 by 20 cm),
  • hair dye itself
  • old clothes and towels.


To do double coloring of hair is preferred by girls who are bored with monochromatic hairstyles. With a combination of several shades can achieve amazing results. There are modern techniques and other advantages:

  • Giving a hairstyle a visual volume. The combination of tones makes the hair thicker and lush, which is especially important for owners of rare and liquid strands.
  • Harm reduction for hair. Provided that only individual strands are colored, the main part of the hair remains in natural color and is not affected by pigmented compositions.
  • Visual facial rejuvenation. Playing shades refreshes skin tone, after staining you will look younger.

In addition, modern methods of dyeing allow you to visit the salon to refresh the color every 1.5-2 months, which will save time and money.

Varieties of highlighting techniques

The stylist can offer you to paint the curls in different variations. There are different schemes that involve a combination of several shades. All of them are distinguished by their technique, colors, and even the type of paint used. You can find the most suitable look for strands of any natural color and length.

Initially, highlighting consisted in lightening individual thin strands from root to tip. The strong contrast between the base of the dark color and the blond-edged areas gives the hair volume and pomp, making it more expressive. Now there are many varieties of this technique.

Coloring option, when the crown is left in a natural shade or darkened, and the ends of the individual curls are lightened. Strands can be blond both on the lower part of the hair and from the middle.. The transition is smooth, which allows you to get a result that resembles sun-baked hair.

Coloring is performed on a head of hair of any length. Short hairstyles look especially original with a balacer, they acquire volume, the texture of strands stands out.

Curls below the shoulders also look very stylish with a soft transition from dark to light shades.

Coloring option, in which the top hair remains in natural color, and the bottom is lightened. Dark top and light ends create a contrast, which advantageously emphasizes the texture of haircuts and visually makes the hair more voluminous.

This dyeing method looks best on a dark base color. Between the tip and the tips, the transition is as smooth as possible, or, conversely, clearly distinguished.

It is quite difficult to reproduce the technique on short haircuts, since creating a blurred border requires space, and a sharp change in shades will more resemble untidy regrown roots, and not fashionable technique.

Partial highlighting

It assumes the selection of a color of any one or more specific zones of hair. Most often painted strands in the face or bangs. It is important that the entire head of hair was clearly divided into zones with different shades.

Since the essence lies in the contrasting selection of individual strands, you can use not only natural, but also bright colors. However, they must be combined with the base and fit your color type of appearance to complement the image, and not to make it dissonant.

One of the most benign types of double coloration, in which individual strands are highlighted in a chaotic manner. Masters use for this safe compositions, in which there is no ammonia. Protection of color and curls provides natural beeswax.

The technique allows you to mask the early gray hair, make your hair more stylish and bright. Everyone around you will think that you were not in the cabin, but were sunbathing on the azure coast.

The only drawback of this technique is that with its help it will not be possible to obtain platinum shades of blond, but only honey and gold.

Another “solar” technique that allows you to achieve the effect of burnt curls. Only a few strands are lightened up in a chaotic manner, 2 cm recede from the roots. In order to make the transition border less noticeable, a pile is made.

After dyeing, the hair will be as if illuminated from below; this will be obtained by combining a natural base and strands that are 2-3 tighter brighter than it. For this technologists experts recommend the use of gentle cream dyes.

3-D Coloring

Individual thin strands are colored with colors from a dark or light range, they should be as similar as possible to each other. This approach allows you to give your hair a good amount. This technique is also quite difficult to perform, and therefore requires professional implementation.

This type of double coloring will suit more girls with thin and rare locks. The color and length of the hair does not matter, you can make a beautiful transition between shades on any base.

Paint dark curls

The complexity of working with a dark base lies in the fact that it has to be clarified with very aggressive compositions. They can damage the hair, especially its bottom, which already does not receive enough moisture. It is important to use high-quality professional dyes that do not destroy the hair.

These shades will look great on dark-haired girls:

  • platinum,
  • pearls
  • chestnut,
  • cognac,
  • red,
  • pink,
  • blue,
  • Violet.

Change the color of long strands

Long hair is an ideal base for coloring with two colors in any technique. However, it should be borne in mind that only correctly implemented techniques give good results. It is very important that the chosen shades are in harmony with the base and your image.

An interesting effect is obtained when using such techniques:

Dye your hair at home

Dyeing hair in two colors at home can give good results, if you correctly approach the process.

For classic highlighting, you need to put on a special cap, pull strands through the holes made in it, and apply paint on them. If you will use more sophisticated technology, take care of the presence of foil or thermal paper, which you will need to lay out the treated curls, so as not to randomly stain the base.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Wash and dry hair well. Comb, divide into sectors and stab the top and side sections with clips so that they do not interfere.
  2. Apply the clarifier to the areas you want to select. If you want to get a contrast transition, wrap the treated curls with foil. For a more natural blurred border, leave the composition in the open air.
  3. Hold the product in accordance with the time specified in the instructions.
  4. Wash off the remnants of a special shampoo, apply a reducing balm on the tips.
  5. Dry your hair naturally or with a hairdryer.

In conclusion

The use of two colors when coloring allows you to create beautiful and original hairstyles. You can combine the natural color of the base with a variety of shades, ranging from natural to bright.

Each girl can choose for themselves the most appropriate technique to emphasize the beauty and sophistication of the image.

Fashionable coloring of 2019-2020: ombre and sombre

Fashionable techniques of hair coloring ombre and sombre are quite similar to each other. Stylish ombre coloring is a beautiful smooth transition of color of one shade to another, while creating a beautiful effect.

Coloring ombre looks original and beautiful, so it is very popular. This type of hair coloring looks more impressive on dark hair, allowing you to achieve a beautiful smooth transition from a natural dark color to lighter ends.

Smooth color transition when using ombre and sombre hair dyeing techniques should start from the middle of the hair length to create a beautiful effect on your hair.

Coloring with a sombre allows you to achieve an even smoother color transition, which is achieved not only horizontally, but also vertically with more shades of the same color.

Beautiful dyeing with 2019-2020 sombre is great for women who want to lighten their strands a little bit, giving the hair a greater depth of color.

Fashionable coloring "beybilayts" 2019-2020 year

The popular hair dyeing technique of this season is the babies. Coloring the babylights seems to create the effect of the sun bunnies on the hair, which looks incredibly beautiful and original.

The bebilayts technique is to lighten the strands of hair at the ends, which creates an unusual effect. It is best to create the effect of "sunbeams" on curly hair of light brown or light chestnut shades.

Fashionable coloring balayazh 2019-2020 year

Fashionable dyeing 2019-2020 balagaz performed in a special way: the paint is applied by the master on the surface of the strands. This application technique allows you to achieve the most natural effect of hair coloring.

When painting balayazh used two shades of the same color, which creates a natural effect of color burnout in the sun. Fashionable balayazh dyeing looks good on graded haircuts, allowing you to achieve the desired effect.

Fashionable colors of 2019-2020: bright and unusual shades

Stylists in the season 2019-2019 offer fashionable dyeing of the most unusual shades: bright blue, blue, pink, purple, turquoise, as well as hair coloring imitating the space “galaxy hair”.

Fashionable hair dye 2019-2020 of this type is very unusual, original and bold. Not every girl and woman will agree to such bold experiments with her hair.

If you nevertheless chose such a bright type of coloring, then know that you will certainly be the center of attention, riveting the goggles of those around you.

What you need to know

In order not to be mistaken with the combination of shades, you can purchase a ready-made set for coloring. Another option is to buy the necessary shades from the same manufacturer and from the same line. It is best to take colors that are darker or lighter than your main shade by no more than three tones.

Everything you need to compactly expand around them. Sure to read the instructions on the packageto properly mix paint. Pre-test for allergies, causing a little paint on the skin.

Staining technology

Step 1. After you mix all the components, separate the dyed strands from the total weight of the hair and squeeze them out with hairpins. Strands should be no more than 0.5 cm in width, otherwise the coloring will look inaccurate.

Step 2. Under the strand of hair, place the foil.The edge, which is located at the roots, should be folded down. Carefully, trying to hurt the neighboring hair, distribute the desired tone through the hair and wrap the strand in foil. Make sure the strand is tight and the foil does not move out of the hair.

Step 3. Continue to also process other strands of hair, moving from bangs to the back of the head.

And for the shine of dark and light hair, homemade masks are perfect - this article is dedicated to them.

Step 4. After maintaining the time specified in the instructions, wash your hair with shampoo.

Step 5. Be sure to apply a balm or a restoring mask on your hair. It is advisable to use the tool that comes with the package with paint. If not, then you can use your regular balm.

Step 6. Dry your hair with a towel and let it dry naturally. Since the color is so traumatic, it is undesirable to use a hair dryer or iron immediately after it.

I can help you with a video tutorial on how to dye your hair in two colors in a home environment.

Video: two-color coloring at home

Two-tone coloring is an ideal way to transform yourself, which is suitable for women of different ages and with different types of hair, and you can realize the idea both in the salon and at home, depending on the complexity of the work.

Two color staining

In this article we will talk about coloring in two colors.

Now there are many different techniques that allow you to dye your hair in two colors or even more. Often, speaking of such coloring, we mean hair highlighting. But highlighting is a very generalized concept and it is impossible to simply combine all the modern technology with one single word. Let's take a closer look at what techniques exist and which ones will be popular in the new season.

With this technology, you can achieve the effect of natural hair burning. Strands are painted randomly, from the roots, the master can paint both small and large strands.


The basis includes a smooth transition from the primary color to the strands. This technique is very popular, because it often uses natural tones, chocolate and beige, and the new season calls us to naturalness.

This technology uses different colors and the transition is more contrast. Strands are painted from the roots and gradually change to a different color.

This technology is distinguished by its care. Harmless paints are used for dyeing. The minutes of this method is that the dye is very quickly washed out of the hair and the hairstyle requires constant updating.

Partial staining

If you do not intend to change the hair color drastically, but simply want to update your hairstyle, then this technology will suit you. You can color only bangs, or one or more individual strands. This technique usually uses bright, poisonous colors to achieve maximum contrast.

Best two-color staining looks on long hair. Long curls give the master a huge springboard for the manifestation of fantasy. Any technology of dyeing is available to long-haired fashionistas, which means their choice is almost limitless.

Natural or poisonous colors to choose, depends only on the personal preferences of women of fashion. A good master is able to create a real work of art on such hair. And the new season opens up all the gates for you to experiment.

The owners medium hair length, also have a huge selection. Unlike long hair, short hair requires less attention to itself. Not all women are ready to grow long hair or, on the contrary, to cut it off radically, and therefore they choose a middle ground.

On medium hair, all highlighting techniques will look equally good. You can afford bold solutions like ultrafashionable dyeing or contrasting color mixing solutions (red with black, black and white).

If you want a more natural solution, then pay attention to the shatush and the sombre.

As for short hair, although some techniques of highlighting are not available to them, this does not in the least prevent impudent fashionistas to amaze with their originality.

Short haircuts like pixie are simply made for radical coloring. It is enough just to paint a few strands in bright colors and you get a fashionable and unique hairstyle. Too bright for you? Not a problem, use a layering of colors, it will not only update your bow, but also increase the volume of hair.

As you can see, the new season is completely open for experiments. Dare and look for fashion trends that suit you.

Carrying out the procedure at home

If the girl decided to use the technique of double coloring, then she will be able to create an incredible effect to her hair, if she chooses the right option correctly. To do this, you must comply with some rules for the selection of dual-tone hair painting technique.

The first step is to identify the specific technique of painting strands. For this to pay attention to age. If the woman is middle-aged, then she should give up bright tones, as this will give the image a challenging shape. In addition, it is unacceptable to use contrasting shades, as they add age.

For women who have straight or curly hair, brondirovanie suitable. This technique looks great on ladies with light skin, as it allows you to give a fresh look. Also applying brondirovanie can favorably highlight the cheekbones and structure the face.

But to use the ombre technique is necessary for those ladies who have wavy hair. On straight strands such a painting option will look careless. Highlights should choose beauties with dark skin or tanned. Technique perfectly sets off the complexion. But to apply melirovka not worth girls with fair skin.

In the video - dye your hair in two colors:

If a lady has thin hair, then she should take advantage of painting, with which you can visually create volume. We'll have to abandon the counter tones. It is best to add volume when using bronzing, rods and 3D coloring.

When a lady's hair structure is bad and she does not want to injure her, then the use of technology will be an excellent option. As a rule, this technology is considered the most benign among all variants of two-color dyeing of hair.

But how syoss gloss sensation paint is used and how to achieve the maximum effect is described in detail in this article.

What are the proportions of hair coloring with henna and basmo will help to understand the information from the article.

How wide the palette of professional hair dye Estelle will be, will help to understand the information from the article: http://opricheske.com/uxod/okrashivanie/palitra-professionalnyx-krasok-dlya-volos.html

How wide the Kapus hair dye palette is and what its price is, the information from the article will help you understand.

It should be noted that painting a hair in two shades is a difficult technology that requires certain knowledge and skills. Despite this, hold it mono at home. It is best to perform the first painting in the cabin. Then you can carefully read the technique of its creation, and only then carry out the procedure at home.

When the girl finally decided that the painting will take place at home, the first thing is to buy quality paint. Then comes the preparation of all the tools.

On the video, how to dye short hair in two colors:

For this you need:

  • foil,
  • rare tooth comb
  • clothes,
  • dye,
  • capacity for mixing paints
  • two brushes,
  • towel.

After that, you will use the following instructions:

  1. Combine the paint composition according to the instructions on the package.
  2. Strands that should be treated with paint should be fastened with clips. In this case, their width should be no more than 0.5 cm. Otherwise, the hairstyle will not be very neat.
  3. After that, put a foil under the selected strands, put a dye under it. Then roll the foil around the hair. Similarly, it is necessary to paint over the remaining hair.
  4. When the dye was applied, it is worth waiting for the necessary time, and then remove it with a shampoo.
  5. To protect hair from hair loss, you must use a special mask or shampoo. After washing, you can start drying with a hairdryer.

Watch the video: What's your season? Seasonal color analysis. Justine Leconte (April 2020).