Creative hair coloring - beauty for extremal

Sometimes the soul requires radical experiments with the image. In this case, one of the worthy decisions is creative hair coloring, which today has many options. Block and stencil coloring is the spirit of recent times, which is just beginning to gain popularity. This appearance is for brave girls who do not mind becoming the object of increased attention.

Block coloring: how it looks and is done?

Based on the name of the technique, it is clear that all hair is divided into blocks, which will then be painted in different colors. In this case, the dyes can be applied both to the entire mass of hair, and to individual strands. Before you start a creative coloring in this technique, you must carefully consider and even draw on the paper the scheme of future coloring. It is necessary to calculate how many centimeters in length and width will occupy this or that color.

The more shades you plan to use in block staining - the more difficult this process. It must be remembered that much will depend on the length of the hair and the shape of the haircut. On long hair, only the upper layers will be visible, but on short haircuts, a coloring scheme should be made, given that absolutely all hairstyle will be visible.

It should be remembered that it is better to use persistent dyes, as tint means are rather quickly and not always evenly washed off, and if bright contrasting shades are used, the hairstyle will look simply untidy after a short time.

Practice shows that it is better to perform such coloring on hair of medium length and short. The more creative the shape of the haircut, the better.

What does block staining look like?

By the name you can already understand that the technique of dyeing is that the hair is divided into blocks and dyed in different colors. The paint can be applied both to the entire mass of hair, and to individual strands. Before dyeing hair using such a technique, carefully select colors, you can even draw them on paper. Clearly calculate the length and width of the dyeing strands in one or another color.

Technique block staining complicated by the number of selected colors. The more shades, the more difficult the process. Much depends on the length and shape of the haircut. If only the upper layers are visible on long hair, then on short hair the coloring will be visible completely.

Best of all, the coloring is seen on medium and short hair length.

Unusual painting - to be or not to be?

Non-standard staining has its own characteristics, so before going to the salon you will appreciate all the pros and cons of the procedure.

The advantages of an unusual painting:

  • It makes the image memorable, modern and bright, especially in combination with a trendy haircut. But for this, of course, you have to look for an excellent specialist who will approach the procedure, taking into account your wishes and individual peculiarities,
  • This is the best way to hide the flaws of hair and lack of appearance. Proper staining can mask fragility, damage, split ends and other problems,
  • Hair of bright shades look lively, strong and shiny,
  • Thanks to unusual hairstyles, a woman becomes a few years younger.

Disadvantages of creative painting:

  • The need for regular (once a month) correction of growing roots and burnt color,
  • If you don’t like the result of such an experiment, it will be extremely difficult to correct it, especially if the procedure was performed with permanent paints,
  • High price. There are very few hairdressers who perfectly own such a technique, therefore the price of such a procedure will be quite high.

If earlier it was believed that this technique is only suitable for long hair, but now it is successfully performed even on short strands. The principle of operation is the same - a soft, smooth transition from one tone to another. The tips of the hair at the same time brighten about 2 or 3 shades. If the length allows, make three transitions. For very short haircuts, two will be enough. Ombre just looks perfect on a long bob, square, page and even pixies with long bangs.

Rainbow staining

Those who are eager to experiment, but fears unnatural colors in their hair, we advise you to look at the rainbow technique, made in soft pastel colors. A beautiful mix of pink, blue and mother of pearl will make your face bright, but will not cut your eyes.

The essence of this coloring is to darken or lighten randomly selected strands combed at the roots. As a result, we get the effect of burnt hair, beautiful and natural. The main advantage of shatush is fast execution, minimal effect of coloring agents and natural appearance. It is not necessary to make the transition between colors smooth - therefore each of you can make a shatush at home. In addition, each strand is colored at different heights, which only enhances the naturalness of the hair.

Coloring bangs

Creative bang coloring is the best way to quickly change your style and transform your hairstyle. Just a few strokes - and you will be different! For dyeing bangs fit almost any of these techniques. It looks good both on trendy short haircuts and on medium strands.

Another incredibly fashionable dyeing technique that looks very pretty and rather unusual in the short version. It is the staining of thin strands in contrasting colors. Balayazh is somewhat similar to classic highlighting, but thanks to a well-blurred border between shades it looks more natural. Such coloring gives additional volume to short and medium haircuts and adds a unique zest to the girlish look.

Tip! In this case, the technique is chosen under the hair, and not vice versa. Therefore, the haircut should be done before coloring, and not after it.

Light pink shade is the perfect solution for blondes. It will be very easy to achieve such a color on bleached hair - it is enough to toned it with a sparing paint or toning shampoo. Strawberry blond looks as tasty as it sounds. Thanks to him, you not only diversify the light palette, but also easily neutralize unnecessary yellowness.

Technique degrade managed to win a large army of fans. For staining using several similar or contrasting colors (the difference can be up to 6-8 tones). They stretch along the entire length of the hair, ranging from the darkest and ending with the lightest. Best of all, the gradient technique looks on a dark base. Its advantages include the natural appearance and the absence of the need for frequent tinting of the roots. As for the shortcomings, there will not be many of them. Firstly, degrade is almost impossible to perform on its own. Secondly, even an experienced specialist can’t find the right combination of shades for a short head of hair.


Elluminating can be done not only on long hair, but also on medium and short length. With such coloring, the hair is beautifully highlighted with bright and not too traditional shades. Women who decide on such a bold method of transformation can quickly highlight their own uniqueness.

For those who are afraid of cardinal changes, but want to bring something new into their appearance, there is another very interesting technique. It is called "babylights" or "sunbeams". The essence of this coloring is to lighten the individual strands, which are performed as close as possible to the ends. As a result, we get the effect of burnt pads

Tip! To emphasize the beauty of “sunbeams”, make a light perm and paint the base in light brown or light chestnut color.

In the following video you can see examples of creative dyeing for short hair:

Fashionable coloring of the season 2018 can not do without the good old highlighting. This year it is important both the traditional performance in dark and light shades, and bright, color. Among the most popular colors for highlighting are ashen, copper and lilac. Glare highlighting is not less in demand, in which the main color remains unchanged, and only the darkest strands are brightened.

Tip! In order not to be mistaken with the choice of tone, consult an experienced colorist. It will help you figure out which shades are cool or warm. You may not even have to drastically change the base. Sometimes a few light accents are enough to create a stylish look.

Feel that it is time for a big change? We decided that you do not have enough audacity and extravagance? Then start with a hairstyle! You can beat her with unusual stencil dyeing, which will set you apart from the crowd and attract the attention of others. The main advantage of the footage is its uniqueness - you can be sure that no one will repeat this pattern. This technique is suitable for hair of any color and almost any length. The pattern can be applied even on a shaved area!

The procedure itself is considered one of the most benign. It allows you to select one or more strands, without affecting the roots. And one more very pleasant moment - it is possible to repeat screen coloring at home. Take any picture, apply it to the film, cut and apply to the hair. Just a few strokes - your hair is ready! The most popular patterns are zebra, leopard, feathers, flowers, firebird.

Tip! For screen coloring it is not necessary to use resistant paint. For a temporary effect, for example, for some holiday or event, a colored spray or dry pastel is useful.

This option is suitable for true extreme lovers. With it, you will give your hair an unusual color and make it incredibly colorful. Thanks to this new barbershop, there are great opportunities for experimentation. You can somehow combine several shades or apply one, but very bright. Such a madness of color causes an ambiguous reaction from others and catches the eye. It is better to entrust crazy colors to a professional - at home it is extremely difficult to achieve impressive results.

Creative hair coloring of medium length includes the incredibly beautiful pixel technique. In this case, the coloring composition is applied to the hair in the form of variegated rhombuses, squares, triangles and other geographical patterns. Contrast and bright enough colors (green, violet, blue, yellow, red), and also their combinations are ideal for pixel coloring. One of the most important requirements for creating hairstyles are perfectly straight hair. Pixels look best on smooth haircuts - bob, bob, asymmetrical. The main enemy of laying is a strong wind. In this weather, the pattern will be almost invisible.

Interesting! Previously, pixel technology was present exclusively in the catwalk fashion, but recently this pattern is increasingly found on city streets. True, in this case, use more calm variations.

According to the masters, this method of painting requires good professional skills, so it is completely unsuitable for independent use.

As can be seen in these photos, gray hair is not a reason for complexes and depressions. Quite the contrary - the last couple of years silver and snow white strands are increasingly chosen not only by mature ladies, but also by young women. If you have never painted, but you already have the first gray hair, it's time to wear it with dignity and pride. Experts even came up with a new name for this style - “glamorous granny” or “granny glam”.

Ash dusting can be performed not only on the whole mass of curls. There are some more stylish options:

  • At the tips,
  • On half the hair, separated by a horizontal line,
  • On separate locks.

Artificial gray blends perfectly with the base colors - wheat blonde, peanut, coffee, chocolate, brown, caramel, blond, honey, etc.

Important! To get a beautiful gray color, you have to brighten. And remember, owners of a cold color type are less likely to miss than girls with a “warm” appearance.

Color bomb

The hit of this season was the wine and berry shades. Of these, the most popular colors are Marsala, mahogany, cherry, bordeaux. They can be used both individually and as a duet. Often cherry strands set off the chocolate base. If the warm color is typical for the hair, it is worth replacing the cherry with burgundy or cowberry. Other unusual tones - green, violet, orange, blue, ruby, fiery, turquoise, etc., are no less in demand.

Two-tone coloring

In this case, the master selects for coloring two similar or contrasting colors. Their location can be very different. For example, the top layer of hair can be dyed in a darker tone, and the top left light. Another option is to split the hair in half with a straight parting and tint each of the parts into its own shade.

Screen coloring: what is it?

This is probably the most creative variant of coloring, because using a stencil, hair painted in one tone can turn into a kind of feathering of a peacock or become similar to the flag of the native country. You can, of course, not commit such radical actions and limit yourself to unobtrusive hearts or flowers.

To make a stencil painting (it is also called futuage), you will need stencils (that is, forms on which the pattern will be applied) and paints that may well be unstable (if the pattern is not too complicated and voluminous).

So, a photo of block coloring and futuazh which will help to make a choice.

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