How to make a Greek haircut with a bandage with his own hands

A variety of accessories in hairstyles have been popular at all times. In different countries, fresh flowers, ribbons, combs, tiaras and headbands were added to the hair. The latter are incredibly popular today.

Bandages for hair can be of different types. Separately developed models for sports and parties. Thin leather flagella will be appropriate to look at school or while walking with friends. Bandages in the form of ribbons, braids of artificial hair or chains are suitable for publication. Accessories with feathers, rhinestones and large flowers must be combined with the whole image. Today it will be considered how to make a hair with a bandage in various versions.

The right choice of dressings for hair. General recommendations

It is advisable to buy a bandage in a specialized store, as there is always a large selection of accessories in it. The fixing element should be kept firmly on the head, but not squeeze it, so that after a whole day spent with such a hairstyle, the head does not hurt.

During the fitting of the accessory it is necessary to take into account that under it there will still be a layer of hair.

Greek hairstyle. Three options for performing

At the mention of Greece, many girls immediately appear in the head with an associative array of long dresses, shoes with thin soles and, of course, elegant hairstyles. Today, such styling is incredibly popular. This can be explained by the relevance of such a way to collect hair in different life situations.

In order to perform a Greek hairstyle with a bandage, we need:

- brush to create a pile,

- studs, invisible beads and hairpins,

- curling irons or curling irons,

- lacquer medium fixation.

Performing a specific option may not require all the tools.

The first embodiment of the Greek hairstyle with bandage

1. Comb your hair and put a bandage on your head. In front of the gum should be just above the middle of the forehead.

2. On the right side, separate the small strand of hair and hide it under the bandage. Similarly, do the area on the other side of the head, as in the photo. A hairstyle with a bandage is not difficult at all.

3. Similarly, hide 3-4 strands on each side. At this stage of creating hairstyles with a bandage, you need to follow the symmetry of the location of the future hairstyle. You can immediately fix the area from the forehead to the top with varnish.

4. Hair from the back of the head is hidden under the bandage by wider locks. So that they do not break up, you need to use the studs, pinning up the elements of hair from top to bottom.

5. Fix all varnish.

If such a hairstyle with a bandage - with a bang, then the hair from the forehead must first be stabbed back, and then dissolve over the elastic band.

In the absence of bangs, you can slightly modify the hairstyle depending on the location of the parting. The classic option is to split the hair in the middle. But it is possible to make a side parting, with it the center of laying will shift slightly to the side.

The second option hairstyles

1. Comb the hair back. Wear a bandage.

2. Fasten the ends of the hair with a thin elastic band about 5 cm from their edge.

3. Start twisting the end of the resulting tail into the roller. When he reaches his head, he must be hidden under a bandage.

4. Carefully distribute hair across the entire width of the hairstyle. In some places they will have to hide again.

This option is faster than the previous one, but it is more difficult to lay symmetrical strands around the face.

Who is suitable?

Owners of lush curly hair will look gorgeous. Curly locks can be curled slightly to get a neater look. Girls with a thin and elongated face will be able to slightly “balance” him. But chubby better to refrain from such a hairstyle. It fills the face and gives unnecessary volume.

Hair color and length do not matter. It is best to create a set of strands of medium length. But having a long head of hair will have to try, putting your hair under the gum. From the first time, it is unlikely that you will effectively make a neat haircut with your own hands. No need to get upset, the experience will come soon.

Hairstyle in the Greek style so liked the girls that it was used in almost all situations. There were options for short and long hair, with bangs and without, for weekdays and holidays, for light and dark curls. Below are the most popular ways to create such a masterpiece in the Greek style with your own hands. Make them quite easy.

Low styling

She is worn by most girls. Will need studs and flexible bezel-gum.

  • good brushing hair
  • apply mousse or foam,
  • washing your hair is not necessary, but the strands must be clean,
  • worn gum
  • twist the hair around the face and tufts in a bundle. Gently push it under the gum and let it out,
  • take two more strands and wrap around the rim in the same way,
  • do similar manipulations with the remaining hair,
  • Wrap the remaining hairs around the tape several times and hide well. So you can do with bangs,
  • fix with studs if necessary,
  • fix varnish.

Bundle option

It is difficult to wrap long curls around the elastic band several times. They slide and pull down. It is better to make a more simplified version of the hairstyle in the Greek style. It involves the creation of a magnificent beam at the back of the head. Make it easy.

  • bezel is put on the head,
  • hair combed and collected in the tail. In this case, they do not need to be fixed with an elastic band,
  • the tail is twisted into a cord and pulled up to the elastic band,
  • the hair is placed in a lush beautiful bundle and fixed with pins,
  • everything is fixed with varnish.

This arrangement has its own options: you can wrap the front short strands with bangs around the bandage, and do not pick up the rest, but release. Get a light feminine image.

How to deal with bangs? Take it under the bandage will not work - it will get out. It is better to leave it in “free flight” or lay on its side.

Festive option

For prom, weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations fit refined Greek hairstyle with a bandage. Need to do a pile.

  • twist long hair with forceps or curling iron,
  • on the back of my head a few strands to comb,
  • gently put on a bandage
  • twist the strands into a cord and wrap them with gum,
  • pull a pair of hairs to give a slight negligence.

How to deal with a small length?

You can make this styling on short hair with bangs. In this case, the technique will be slightly different. First, wet hair should be washed and blow-dried with a nozzle diffuser. Apply a foam or gel. To wind on hair curlers. Then put on the ribbon and wrap the curls around it. It does not work out a lush hairstyle. But the image is very cute.

Accessory selection

The headband is one of the most important elements of the hairstyle in the Greek style. Therefore, you need to choose it carefully.

  • product must fit. Otherwise, the bezel will hang out and the hair will fall apart,
  • short ribbon fit a narrow ribbon. Wide will look ridiculous. Long hair is the opposite
  • It is better to choose an accessory from a natural fabric. It should not slide through the hair,
  • the color should be slightly different from the shade of the curls, but at the same time it is in harmony with the outfit,
  • it is better to have several such dressings - each for his own case,
  • It is not necessary to take only fabric. For this purpose, suitable and all sorts of laces, and braid, and even chains. Necessary condition - bandages should not slide and confuse long hair.

Some tips

You can make such a masterpiece yourself. However, in the salons of the master give a lot of useful tips. Here are some of them:

  • for the first time laying may be weak. To keep it well, you need to support her studs. Only one bandage will not hold the hair. The exception is thin and short curls. Of them make the hair easy,
  • for every day it is better to choose modest monochrome rims. But for a festive occasion will suit a more luxurious decoration. It is enough to pay attention to models with such hairstyles. Headbands decorated with lush flowers and stones look interesting
  • styling can be both tight and looser. It all depends on the shape of the head and features of the face. Slightly hairstyle will help to shorten the face,
  • To give the image even more chic, you can braid individual strands into pigtails or make ears. Greek hairstyle with a bandage is suitable for both very young girls and more adult women.

Laying gives the image restraint, femininity and simplicity. It is easy to do, and it looks interesting. Hairstyle looks very nice with light chiffon dresses, weightless blouses and other delicate outfits. Some girls even manage to go with her to the gym. This further emphasizes its versatility.

Option hairstyle number 3

1. Comb the hair and perform a full brush with a special brush over the entire head.

2. Put on a bandage and securely fasten so that it does not slip.

3. Hair on top of the head a little to get from under the fixing accessory to achieve greater volume.

4. Start to pick up the front locks for the gum on both sides.

5. Hair back must be combed before you hide them under the bandage. The volume should be inside the hair so that only smooth curls are visible from the outside.

6. Fix the strands with a small amount of varnish.

This voluminous hairstyle with a bandage is suitable for special occasions. It is worth noting that the fixing accessory must match the style and color of all clothing. The bright evening make-up and short dresses are not combined with the Greek hairstyle. On the contrary, light-colored dresses to the floor and peach shades of shadows are suitable for it.

Roman hairstyle. Embodiments

Women aristocratic in ancient Rome always looked gorgeous. Especially distinguished their exquisite styling. How to make a hair with a bandage in the Roman style, you can learn more.

For such styling is best suited curly hair of medium length. If nature has not rewarded the girl with such charms, then this can always be corrected with the help of thermo-curlers or curling. How to make a hair with a bandage in the Roman style?

Roman style bandage

Such a roman hairstyle with a bandage adds extra volume to the hair.

Step-by-step instructions for performing the braid with a bandage:

1. Wash your hair and curl your hair into large curls. A little comb through their fingers, so that you can easily braid.

2. Run bouffant at the crown. Take all the curls back.

3. Put on a bandage, slightly pull out the volume of hair from under it.

4. Separate the strand near the ear, twist it into a loose harness. Take another part of her hair and do the same with her. Bind the two strands between each other and hide under the bandage behind the ear.

5. Do the same with curls on the other side of the head.

6. The hair from the neck divided into three strands and braid the French braid.

7. Pull out strands for volume from it.

8. Fix hair with lacquer.

If desired, the girl can replace the last items in the implementation of hair, thereby using a different way. It is necessary to separate the three strands on the back of his head and create from them the usual pigtail. The remaining curls will be attached to it with the help of invisible hairpins and hairpins. Curls should be laid out in the direction of the spit so that they completely closed it. In this case, the hairstyle will look like a structured waterfall of hair.

Egyptian hairstyle with bandage

All the ancient Egyptians had straight hair. The standard of beauty was considered to be their division into three parts, two of which fell on the shoulders in front and one in the back.

How to do hair with a bandage in the Egyptian style, it will now become clear.

To create it you need:

1. Wash, dry and straighten hair.

2. Make a parting in the middle.

3. Put the bandage down gently from top to bottom and no longer move it. Otherwise, the hair under it will become fluffy, and this will spoil the whole impression.

Thus, it becomes clear how to make a hair with a bandage quickly and with taste. To do this, just need to choose the right accessory and fix it correctly.

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