Haircuts for an oval face for short, medium and long hair

Among cosmetologists and makeup artists it is believed that the oval face shape is one of the most convenient for selecting various haircuts and experiments with appearance. For oval-shaped faces, both short and medium haircuts are great. But long hair slightly lengthens it, so with such haircuts you need to be neat.

But precisely because many girls with an oval face do not dare to choose haircuts for long hair, courageous fashionistas manage to choose the most impressive and unique images of haircuts with long hair for long hair.

That is why one of the most popular trends in the hairdressing world of the new season is haircuts for long hair for an oval-shaped face. How to choose a haircut and how to properly perform it - in our article!

Haircuts for thin hair for volume. Advantages and disadvantages

For owners of thin and not thick hair, you can choose several options not only haircuts, but also styling, which will help add volume. This could be a bob or bob. Look good haircut garcon.

However, so that the hair looks volume, even as it grows, it would not be superfluous to keep a few rules:

  • During each drying of the hair, lower the head down so that the stream of hot air lifts the hair roots.
  • When using the ironing or curling, observe the direction of hair growth, with each movement of the unit should be clear, neat and not long.
When using ironing movements should start from the roots and gently descend to the tips.

Like any other option, a short haircut has several drawbacks:

  • For long-term preservation of the result, it is necessary to use lacquer or hair gel, in a small amount.
  • To make a haircut look volumetric all the time, you must regularly maintain the selected length of hair. A haircut for an oval face and fine hair is usually demanding to care, but some options are quite heavy in styling.

Hair should be washed frequently, as at the slightest pollution they will begin to lose their volume. Regular proper hair care is an important rule of any modern girl or woman.

Short haircuts for thin hair for an oval face shape

Among the large number of short haircuts, every woman will be able to choose the one that suits her most.

There are such options haircuts:

  • classic bean
  • pixie haircut
  • haircut cap
  • Bob haircut
  • garcon
  • cascading or haircut ladder.

All this diversity will be discussed below, exactly how each haircut looks, what effect will be achieved, and what type of face each haircut will suit.

Pixie - perfect haircut for fine hair

Pixie haircut is perfect for women who have already tried all the options for coloring, curling or straightening. In other words, if you need to remove diseased hair, split ends, then the pixie haircut will be just right. Owners of thin hair pixie like it and the fact that it visually adds volume to the hair.

Haircut "Pixie" for oval face and thin hair increases the volume, it does not need long-term styling.

When clipping a pixie, the hair on the back of the head is removed almost completely, only very little hair remains, 1.5-2 cm long. The hair on the top remains longer, approximately 8-12 cm. usually retracted, allowing for greater volume.

There are several options for pixie haircuts:

  1. Pixie haircut with a long bang. Usually it is removed on the side and fixed with varnish, gel or wax.
  2. Pixie haircut is elongated. More than 12 cm of hair is left on top, which creates the appearance of a large volume, and at the same time neatly styled hair.
  3. Pixie-bob haircut Hair is laid on one side, while cutting the hair from above unevenly, achieving a large and asymmetric volume.

Pixie-bob haircut and pixie haircut elongated perfectly fit chubby people, as it will hide the flaws.

For fine hair, you can recommend a regular pixie and pixy haircut with elongated bangs. These haircuts add volume to the hair, and at the same time do not cause difficulties when styling.

Classic bean for fine hair

A haircut for an oval face and fine hair can be a classic bean that prefers an increasing number of women. The length of the classic bean usually reaches the end of the oval face. At the same time the optimum volume of hair is reached.

Hair length when shearing "bob" reaches the edge of the oval face, thereby emphasizing the soft lines.

Often confused haircut bob and square, not knowing that the square always assumes the presence of bangs. Classic bob usually without bangs, there are only strands that are on the edge of the face, they have the same length as the haircut itself.

Haircut classic bob is suitable for women who do not want to spend on styling more than 10 minutes a day.

Thanks to the asymmetrical strands of different lengths, the hairstyle will always seem a little disheveled, but at the same time beautifully laid.

To put a haircut, you need a round brush, a hairdryer and some hairspray.. After 10 minutes, the woman will look great. This haircut will be appropriate at a noisy party, and in the office at a business meeting.

Cap - the natural volume of thin hair

Haircut cap came from ancient times retro and still remains at the peak of popularity. This haircut will not work for ladies with a round face, poorly pronounced cheekbones.

Suitable only for women with an elongated or oval face. The cap will hide the angularity of the facial features, will give the image of softness, and hair will help add volume.

Haircut "cap" hides the angularity of the face, giving it softness.

With a classic cap, a perfectly smooth bang should, due to a soft transition, merge with the side strands. Now stylists recommend opening the forehead, and leaving the bang only to the middle of the forehead, and making the transition to the side strands more graphic.

However, following the fashion, it is necessary to understand that it is necessary to refresh such a haircut very often. The hat is unpretentious in layingThe only caveat is that the tips of the side strands curl inward, and the fringe should be perfectly flat.

Haircuts for thin hair of medium length

Haircut for oval face and thin hair can be very different, but you need to adhere to one basic rule. The shorter the hair, the easier it is to give it volume..

To complement the image, you can choose a flat bang. For women with a square and round face, it is better to prefer oblique bangs, which will help to remove excess volume. Preferred length - to the middle of the shoulders or slightly lower.

You can achieve an increase in hair due to shearing layers. The essence of this haircut is that some strands are cropped shorter than others by a few centimeters. A light perm, although it will remove the length of the hair, will help add the missing volume.

Besides, perm will give lightness and charm to any woman. No need to curl each strand, it will be enough 5-7 carelessly made curls. In order not to lose volume during the day, it is enough to sprinkle them with mousse or foam.

Bob - neat fashionable haircut for fine hair

Haircut bob will help your hair to improve its health, and the tips will no longer appear thin and weak.

For creation of additional volume to hair of medium length, a bob haircut is suitable.

The effect of volume is achieved by using ends of unequal length. If thin hair is also slightly curled by nature, then be sure to choose a bob haircut.

Kare haircut for thin hair

Thanks to modern stylists, now you can see a variety of types of square, with bangs, without it, with oblique bangs. Kare with lengthening or asymmetry.

Any variants of the square, except for the classic, will suit women who want to visually get rid of thin hair.

Kars, unfortunately, is perfect for only chubby women and women with an oval face. The rest is better to prefer lengthened caret.

Haircut "square" on thin hair is ideal for women with an oval face.

Women who do not have perfectly smooth hair from nature should definitely pay attention to the square. After all, light curls will look very gently and without any styling tools.

Neat garcon for fine hair

Haircut garcon is not in vain loved by many girls and women, because it is easy to style and does not require a large number of styling tools or time. The hair length for this haircut is about 6-8 cm.

Haircut "garcon" for an oval face and thin hair helps to increase the volume of the hair and give them a healthy appearance.

No need to go to the hairdresser every month, because if your hair grows back, you can podvivat them regularly, or just use foam or mousse so that the ends are not fluffed and did not stick in different directions. For fine hair, haircut is useful because it helps to visually add volume to the hair.

Growing hair when shearing garcon no longer looks thin and sick.

As with other short haircuts, women with a square or round face, it is better to avoid such options, they only emphasize the shortcomings. The advantage of a haircut garcon is that it can in a few minutes turn from a strict and smoothly laid, into an unusual romp haircut.

Garson unusually young womenIt is impossible to mistakenly believe that a table of short length deprives femininity.

Haircuts for long thin hair for an oval face

Among the large number of various haircuts for long hair, you need to choose the one that will help to visually increase the volume.

Among them, you can select a haircut cascade and a ladder, they will help to achieve the desired results, and are suitable for any type of person.

Cascade for thin hair and oval face

For an oval face that you want to visually enlarge, it would be an excellent option to make a multi-level haircut cascade. Cascade is best to start from the line of the ears to the very ends of the hair. To add a zest to a haircut, you can dream up with bangs. It can be flat, oblique or elongated.

It will be interesting to look at the cascade with bangs to the middle of the forehead. This haircut will significantly rejuvenate and refresh a woman.

Do not be afraid to take risks, because long hair loses much in volume, and if you do not want to lose length, then you should choose this option, it will be the most optimal.

If necessary, refresh the cascade by staining. Multiple strands can be made a few tones lighter or darker to visually increase the depth of the image.

“Torn” long hair for an oval face and thin hair visually enhances the face.

If you need to add volume not only to the main length, but also to a bang, it is better to make a light line-up directly on the bang. Layers can begin not only from the line of the ears, but even higher if it is necessary to add volume just at the roots.

Do not forget that drying is best done by directing a stream of air under the roots of the hair. Such a haircut will help to remove protruding ears, big cheekbones and visually narrow chin. A haircut cascade for an oval face and fine hair will help to remove the flaws that have come from nature.

Ladder - fashionable haircut for thin hair

Often, many confuse the ladder and cascade, not knowing the basic differences. Ladder is performed only on the extreme strands. Unlike the cascade, with a ladder is quite difficult to achieve a larger volume of hair. It is especially important to consider the length. The longer the hair, the harder it is to give it volume.

Haircut "ladder" visually brings the shape of the face to the correct oval.

It will be interesting to look at a short haircut on even hair, where every transition will be clearly visible. To hairstyle for a long time retained its originality, you can prefer to cut hot scissors. It seals the ends of the hair, keeping them healthy and shiny for a long time.

Ladder is suitable for those who visually want to bring their face shape to the correct oval.

This haircut will look good on a little curly hair, creating a light and natural look.

Haircuts for fine curly hair

Curly hair requires a special approach. It is not enough for them to occasionally trim the tips, you also need to choose the right haircut, so as not to injure them often with a hairdryer, ironing and styling products.

The ideal haircut for an oval face and thin hair is the bob haircut.

In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the bob haircut. In combination with curls, it will look especially elegant. Owners of curly and thin hair do not need to strive to grow length. Curls will stretch out, creating a disheveled and unkempt appearance.

Short, elastic curls will look amazing, and thin hair will no longer bother.

You can try a haircut cascade on the shoulders. It will also add volume, and will not require much time for installation. You can use foam for curls or mousse to preserve the beauty and elasticity of curls.

Haircut for a round or oval face and thin and curly hair is no longer a problem, because you can choose a huge number of options.

Haircuts for an oval face and thin hair for women after 40-45

Older women do not need to be afraid to experiment with a haircut. An unusual image takes several years and significantly rejuvenates the face. Depending on the type of hair you can pick up a large number of different haircuts.

A haircut for an oval, and not only face and thin hair will look advantageous with a multi-layered cascade or a ladder.

You can try to release a flat bang or vice versa, get rid of it, dismissing the bangs on the side strands of asymmetric length.

A short haircut for an oval face and thin hair after 40 years adorns a woman and rejuvenates.

Many women prefer to cut their hair in the middle ages in order to save time while laying. And they do it for good reason, a short pixie haircut or asymmetrical bob just decorates them.

An oval face will look gorgeous with any haircut, most importantly, do not forget to properly care for her, and not allow unclean appearance, which appears due to an irregular visit to the hairdresser.

How to choose the perfect haircut - professional advice

Hairdressers assure that the perfect haircut for every woman is different. To find the one that suits you, you need to experiment in front of a mirror with hairpins or elastic bands.

Adhering to the advice of professional stylists, you can choose the perfect haircut for an oval face and thin hair.

The only caveat - do not forget about layering. It will help to add volume, where it is lacking.

To add basal volume, layers are made at the very beginning of hair growth. To add volume in the area of ​​the ears or neck, the layers begin to make from there. Properly chosen haircut for an oval or round face and thin hair can help to rejuvenate the appearance of a woman.

Do not be afraid of radically short haircuts, such as garcon and pixie. They are extremely comfortable and besides this they help to look extremely young.

Fashionistas with curly hair is better to prefer haircuts about the middle of the shoulders. Curls in this case will be slightly shorter, which will add ease and simplicity to the image.

Dear women, do not be afraid to change your image! We hope the information in the article was useful and interesting for you!

Interesting videos about trendy haircuts for an oval-shaped face

In this video clip you can see which short haircuts for an oval face and thin hair are perfect:

Find out in the video clip the advice of stylists and hairdressers, about what kind of haircut for an oval face and fine hair will work best:

Fashionable women's haircuts-2018 for hair of medium and short length (with photo)

There are plenty of haircuts suitable for an oval face, especially for girls and women whose appearance is flawless.

However, having a large nose, it is worth refusing too short or long haircuts, as they only emphasize this shortcoming. For girls with large facial features, stylists recommend preferring medium-length haircuts for an oval face, approximately along the shoulders.

Long, straight bangs will help to smooth out the rough features of the face, give the appearance of softness and tenderness. If your forehead is far from ideal, too high or, conversely, low, you can hide it with the help of bangs. In this case, it is better to give preference not to a straight line, but to its sloping variant, laying to the side.

Many girls with short hair choose a bob haircut. This is one of the most fashionable haircuts in 2018 for an oval face. It is represented by many variations - the bean can be perfectly smooth, disheveled, neat, stylish, voluminous or “glamorous”, in any case it will look attractive.

Such a modern short haircut for girls with an oval face looks stylish with a short nape and an elongated front.

Bob looks good with a variety of bangs, this element of hair can be oblique, even or torn, his choice should be made depending on the height of the forehead and hair type.

Such an attractive model of a short hairstyle for an oval face is also suitable for thin hair; after such styling, they appear thicker, more voluminous and healthy.

Bob with a perfectly even part in the center of the head has been the main trend of the season for several years in a row. This model is on the verge between rocker and strict styling.

Pixie is a very popular haircut for short hair and an oval face.

What is its popularity among modern fashionistas? First of all, the secret of the success of the model for women is that it allows you to focus on the sensitivity of the lips and expressive eyes.

In addition, with the help of "pixie" you can easily create a gentle and romantic image. It is ideal for girls with an oval face and a thin long neck.

“Pixie” will be a good choice for those who like to change their hairstyles with the help of just one styling. However, when choosing such a hairstyle, owners of an oval face should understand that it looks best on young fashionable women, stylists recommend women of adulthood to look at other models.

The second, no less popular option for an oval face type haircut on a short and medium length hair is a square.

This model is quite versatile, it is suitable for any type of hair - thick, thin, straight or curly.

Today, there are many options for models of caret, but the leadership among them is still a classic haircut, when the hair is cut exactly, as if in a line.

True, in recent times modern women of fashion are increasingly preferring more stylish models - square on the leg with lengthening in front.

This fashionable women's haircut for owners of an oval face is suitable for women of different age categories. Young women of fashion will have an elegant and luxurious look, and women after the age of 40 will also be younger. In principle, regardless of the choice of model of the car, it will give the oval face tenderness and attractiveness, focusing on the merits of the appearance of its owner.

In this trendy season, a slightly careless car with torn strands and coarse hair thinning turned out on top of fashion. This model is suitable for fans of extravagant fashion. However, there are always such women who do not dare to cardinal changes in their appearance, even in the name of fashion, but at the same time they want to look stylish and attractive. In this case, stylists recommend to pay attention to the square, when in the upper part of the head the strands are perfectly smooth, and at the bottom they are twisted into light curls.

Pay attention to this photo, what kind of cutting hairstyle is suitable for an oval face.

Haircuts for thick hair for an oval face: cascade, square and bob

In the current fashion season for short hair at the peak of fashion are cascading haircuts. Owners of oval face type such multi-level models are ideal. Female haircuts for medium hair for an oval face, first of all, are presented by such bright models as the “cascade” and “ladder”. It is desirable that the girl by nature had thin and perfectly straight hair. If you are the owner of curly strands, you have to constantly pull them with an iron.

Suitable "cascade" and "ladder" for hair of any length, such models look good on short strands. Interestingly, the cascade is ideal for thin hair, as with the help of several levels of strands the hair appears more healthy and bulky. In this case, a haircut cascade for an oval face is also suitable for thick hair, when it becomes necessary to reduce the volume of styling.

According to stylists, girls and women with an oval face fit a cascade with a magnificent frame. This technique will focus on the impeccability of its form. You can diversify the haircut “cascade” for long and medium hair for an oval face by changing parting or oblique bangs.

Another suitable haircut for medium-length hair and an oval face is a bob with lengthening. Besides the fact that such a model is now in trend, it allows to solve some problems - to hide a high forehead, if the haircut is complemented by a bang, or to make the cheekbones less wide, if you make asymmetry on the sides.

Women with an oval face and medium-length hair can also choose a bob with lengthening. However, you should know that this hairstyle is suitable only for owners of thick hair, since the bob will not add additional volume.

This kind of haircut, like a multi-layered bean, allows you to hide wide cheekbones and elongated sharp chin. Girls with such features of appearance when choosing an average bean will look more tender and feminine.

For long hair is possible and this version of the haircut, when the upper part of the styling has the appearance of a cap, and the bottom is presented with even strands. In this case, the upper part of the styling can be framed in the form of such short haircuts like pixie, bob, and square. The transition from the top to the bottom can be smooth, even or stepped. Such options are designed for stylish and extraordinary personalities.

Suitable haircuts for oval face and curly hair

Often, women who have curly wavy hair by nature refuse many stylish haircuts. Owners of curls should not avoid stylish haircuts, even if they are short in length.
Suitable haircuts for fashionable women with an oval face and curly hair are elongated bob, bob and cascading models. If you are a gentle and romantic nature, to emphasize your femininity once again, give preference to the average bean.

What else haircuts are suitable for girls with an oval face and wavy hair (with photo)

Another haircut for an oval face and wavy hair, which stylists recommend to pay attention to in this trendy season, is a cascade. It can be of different lengths, in any case you get a stylish and attractive image. The cascade technology of a hairstyle will allow to remove the excess volume, to tame the disobedient curls and to facilitate the process of combing.

Asymmetrical curly bob is suitable for women with large features. This technique allows you to divert attention to the shortcomings of appearance, focusing on the hairstyle.

Owners of an oval-shaped face may dare to have a very short model, despite even curly strands. She looks sporty and at ease, but only women with a slim figure can afford such a transformation.

All the most fashionable women's haircuts for an oval face on different lengths and hair types are presented in the photo below.

Haircut for an oval face - how to choose

Since the oval shape of the face does not cause any difficulties with the choice of haircut, attention should be paid to the type of hair and the figure of the girl.

For a small and slender lady is best suited neat not very voluminous hairstyle.

For tall girls, very short haircuts will be unacceptable, as in this case the face will look smaller and may not proportionally look relative to the body.

A haircut for an oval face and thin hair should be made more voluminous using various methods, such as graduation.

Also, do not forget about the environment, because for business ladies who regularly participate in business events it is very important to look stylish and not fancy, so this should also be taken into account when choosing an image.

And of course, it’s worth remembering about age, so in 40 years and 50 years you shouldn’t choose too bright and unusual images, it’s better to go towards the classics.

Options for oval face haircuts for short, medium and long hair will be discussed further.

Short haircuts for an oval face

Haircuts for short hair for an oval face are very diverse.

One of the most popular options for women in 2018 is the bob, which has long been at the top of its popularity among short hairstyles.

A bob is a kind of bob hairstyle, but now there are many variations of it, and the similarity with bob appears only in the shortened nape.
For an oval face fit all varieties of this short haircut. The bob haircut in which the back of the head is very short, almost shaved, and the front strands of the face are elongated has become especially fashionable lately.

For the most courageous and extraordinary personalities, you can combine this short and stylish hairstyle with a shaved temple or an interesting bright coloring, it looks stylish in a youth.

The main types of this hairstyle are:

1) graded bob - when the tips of the strands are twisted in or out,
2) with a lush top and a short nape,
3) different types with bangs,
4) elongated, suitable for medium hair, when the curls hang down just below the shoulders,
5) asymmetric - characterized by the fact that curls from different sides of different lengths.

Curly hair will also look great with a bob haircut.

For women over the age of 50, a short bob hairstyle is a great way to give a fresh appearance and is also very comfortable, as it looks great without styling.

The next haircut, which is perfect for short hair for an oval face, is a pixie. Pixie is a hairstyle, when the whole volume is concentrated on the top of the head, and the back of the head and the temples are made quite short.

This styling for short hair makes the woman younger and more modern, as well as perfectly emphasized neck and neckline. A good color can complement the image.

Rear view of Pixie hairstyle will show the following photo.

Pixie hairstyle will look great on both straight and curly short hair. Such styling is very creative and stylish, which will not leave their owner without attention.

Garson's hairstyle is very similar to Pixie, but the hair is treated with shading so that it fits to the head. With an oval face, you can afford even the shortest haircut that opens the forehead and ears.

This styling is a bit boyish-style, so only bold and open ladies choose it.

Haircuts for medium hair for an oval face

Haircuts for medium length, both for oval and for any other face shape, are the most versatile, since time and money are less expensive than for long hair, but the feminine length is maintained.

In addition, the average length of the hair to the shoulders or a little lower allows you to hide all the flaws of the face shape and emphasize the advantages.

An excellent medium-length haircut for an oval face is a bob. Kare hairstyle has been at the peak of popularity for a long time, but nevertheless it does not lose its relevance.

As with the bob haircut, the bob has many variations, so everyone can find the right shape for this hairstyle for medium hair.

If the hair is not too thick, then a graduated square will work best. In this case, the hairstyle combines two options, this is a classic four of a kind and a hairstyle ladder. It will suit almost any lady and will look great both in everyday life and at some solemn event.

In order to stand out and show yourself as modern and risky, you can resort to bright staining, for example, as in the photo.

Cutting a quad on the average length of hair will look great for women after 40 years, because long hair becomes irrelevant, but beautiful styling will perfectly complement and rejuvenate the image.

Extended Bob

Haircut lengthened bob will also be a good option for medium hair, the hair will change and the appearance of the girl to refresh.

If a girl has too pronounced cheekbones, then bob-cut hairstyle will help to cope with such a disadvantage, it looks especially good on curly medium hair, which is laid slightly sloppy.

Also for the elongated face in the hair you need to make a more voluminous top to make it more rounded.

Cascade - one of the most popular hairstyles for medium length. The hair is cut in tiers, so that the length of the strands increases from the top down.

Best of all Cascade looks on straight hair. It is also worth remembering that it will look good only on a healthy head of hair, if the hairs are heavily incised, then after cutting them will become stronger.

Classic sesson

Characterized by a smooth line of hair length all along the length. In this case, the bangs and strands have approximately the same length without abrupt transitions.

This is the most suitable haircut for an oval face, regardless of age, and styling does not require much effort. Here it is important that there was a thick head of hair, otherwise the entire spectacular appearance of the hairstyle will be lost. In the short version, Cesson looks like it is shown in the photo.

Long haircuts for an oval face

Long hair is always very beautiful, but only if they look neat and well groomed. Long haircuts on an oval face require more time for the daily care more frequent visits to the master.

Oval face go long haircuts with multilayer styling, as the hair is easier to style and they look beautiful. One of these styling is a cascade. Haircut Cascade on long hair can help adjust appearance. Different filigations can be used: only at the tips or along the entire length. Strands increase their length from the crown to the back of the head.

Different length of curls can be, as throughout the hair, and only on the front strands.

The Cascade hairstyle will help to hide the excessive fullness of the face, as the front strands will make it narrower.

Also applies to multilayer stacking, but differs from the cascade in that the transitions in length are smoother. This name is due to the fact that the curls are cut steps, the next step is longer than the previous one.

And of course, long haircuts can differ in different bangs, which can perfectly complement the image.

And also for a variety of haircuts for long hair can be collected in different hairstyles from time to time.

Bang for oval face

Bangs helps to correct the image and relieve her owner of some flaws in appearance, for example, she can cope with her high forehead and hide it a little.

Haircut on an oval face with a bang, no matter for long hair or short, can be very diverse. The main thing is that the bangs complement and embellish its owner, and not spoil it or “forgive” it. To do this, you need to choose the right bang, combined with external data and styling.

So a straight bang is well suited to a hairstyle of a square, especially in combination with straight hair. This bang can be used to make the face smaller, then its length should be approximately up to the eyebrows.

If the face is a bit full, then it can already be made by a fringe, made in an oblique version.

For a short hairstyle, for example Pixie, asymmetric puff bangs are well suited.

In order to soften the transition from hair to bangs, it can be torn, geometric, the difference between these two types is that in geometric, the edges are more even, and you can trim the bang in a semicircle in the form of an arch.

And of course, haircuts with bangs for an oval face are not suitable for all, for example, too long and massive bangs will cover most of the face, this is not good, since an oval-shaped face can be opened due to the fact that it does not have flaws. Too graded tips give the lady a casual and slightly old-fashioned look.

For curly hair is unacceptable to be thin and straight fringe, it is better to make it to one side.

Despite the fact that the oval face is not very elongated, it is nevertheless not worth it to create a big fleece in bangs, this can harm the appearance.

The most fashionable bangs in 2018 and haircuts with them, see here.

Watch the video: BEST HAIRCUT TO SUIT YOUR FACE SHAPE: Round, Oval, Heart, Square-How To Pick. ThatQuirkyMiss (April 2020).