Haircuts You Should Try This Winter

When you want to be intensely fashionable, bright and stylish? Of course, in the winter! Winter is a pleasant, but still a dreary season, requiring positive images. In order to dispel the longing for expressive fashionable solutions, stylists annually prepare new trends for winter. First of all, they relate to hair - original haircuts and styling are best to help lift your spirits before the New Year holidays. Hairstyle in winter ... What is she? Stylish? Strict? Bright? Or calm? Ideas season 2015-2016 will help to understand this!

Hairstyle in winter: special requirements

Creating winter hairstyles is difficult because they are heavily influenced by hats. Almost no styling can support the weight of the cap. Additional negatives in hair are caused by frost, dry air in rooms, the active use of styling products and endless daily washing. Such depressed moods can be completely avoided this season, because hairstyles winter 2016 2017 prepared a little dependent on these factors.

Most of the styling offered in the 2016 2017 season calmly tolerate hats without losing stylish charm and accuracy. As for the other factors, their influence is reduced, thanks to a creative approach to creating hairstyles.

Nodes and bundles: retro and futurism are back in fashion

Convenient to wear knotted hair. Not only that - it is stylish, feminine and charming. And most importantly, such hairstyles for autumn-winter 2016 are almost not subject to the troubles of conventional styling and do not require special skills for creative implementation.

"Bundle" is created by lifting the hair up, where they are simply knotted or fixed with the help of hairpins, pins, invisible. To create a spectacular image of the nodes can be varied:

  • released loose strands that can be spun in elegant curls or left in natural negligence,
  • sophisticated jewelry or accessories that highlight the feminine hairstyle and give charm to the owner of luxurious hair,
  • with the help of packing accessories that will help create the basis of the node and fold it into a more complex shape.

Spit - spectacular weaving is still in trend

The hairstyles of autumn-winter 2016 2017 continue to delight us with various weaving, although we can already say that the braids are gradually losing their positions. Before this happens, we recommend using this type of installation in order to look stylish, impressive and neat in winter.

Spit differ in complexity of weaving, but most of them are quite realistic to master on their own. The hairs fixed in the refined hairstyle do not require special styling products, they are easily put in order and, if necessary, are quickly replaced with cute “waves”.

"Ponytails" - hairstyle is not for the lady?

"Tail" do not like to allocate a separate type of styling, considering it unaesthetic and coarse. But fashionable hairstyles fall-winter are ready to argue in this confidence. This season, stylists have offered a huge number of options for tails and tails, which, depending on the length of hair and the type of styling, can be:

  • continuation of the existing hairstyle - for example, braids,
  • complex version - with asymmetry of location, accessories, vintage version,
  • in low realization - when hair is collected at the tail level,
  • from several serially connected tails.

Many fashionable hairstyles of 2016 autumn-winter have pleased with tails of varying degrees of complexity and sophistication.

"Wet" hair: a stylish mess

To obtain the effect of wet hair will require strong and high-quality styling products, but the effort is worth it - the hairstyle will look spectacular, fresh and interesting always. And at the same time, it doesn’t matter what length a woman's haircut has - experiments have been successful for both long and short hair.

Depending on the planned effect, fall-winter 2016 2017 fashionable hairstyles fall into:

  • normal “wet” hair, when styling looks at ease and independently,
  • slicked back - looks like smoothly combed recently “washed” hair.

Creative shades for a fashionable winter

Bright colors, neon strands, original coloring - all this also combines fashionable hairstyles for the autumn-winter 2015/2016. Experiments with tint variations continue for the season, and the coming winter is no exception. If you do not want to worry about the showiness of your own hairstyle, you should think in advance about the color scheme for hair.

Trends hairstyles autumn-winter 2016 2017: images for stylish ladies

Unfortunately, not all fashionable styling is simple in execution: working on some requires effort, accuracy and periodic adjustments throughout the day. But it is worth noting their merits - they are more spectacular, original and feminine than all previous decisions. Describing the fashion trends of autumn-winter 2016 2017 we offer hairstyles to choose from several very stylish options.

Wavy hair - an eternal fashion trend

"Waves" never leave fashionable Olympus! They change their steepness, direction, variability in the performance, but always offered to the ladies for the implementation of a stylish image.

This season, the wavy solutions have pleased another variety:

  • corrugated styling - created by special "irons" and look like very small small waves,
  • asymmetrical waves - the hairstyle features curls of different bending widths, as if the girl had woven many different-sized braids, and then dismissed them,
  • "Naturalness" - hairstyles are distinguished by verified carelessness, even carelessness,
  • futurism - it is distinguished by the originality of styling, when the curls are arranged in strict anarchy on the head and fixed by strong means.

Bang - try new

If you look at demonstrating fashionable hairstyles for the autumn-winter 2015 photo, then it is noticeable that many celebrities appreciated the importance of bangs as a fashion trend.

In the experiments for this season you should pay attention to such moments associated with styling, coloring and cutting bangs:

  • Asymmetry. Any haircut looks original, if the shape of the bangs is not a classic direct look. Asymmetry can be any, including pronounced. In any case, it will give the appearance of charm and some extravagance.
  • "Childhood". Stylists again turn to "sloppy" solutions and offer to try to try on the bangs "as in childhood." It should be slightly wavy, a little messy and not have a structured shape. An interesting solution if others are already tired.
  • Accent. Bangs can be any, but it has a specific task - to attract targeted attention.

Also to the fashion trends of this year include:

  • parting - straight or side,
  • short haircuts - bob, bob, page and others,
  • straight hair - "under the collar", business style,
  • imitations - short haircuts on long hair, retro-style, “grandmother's” combing.

Each hairstyle of winter has a great future as a trend of the coming season. But most importantly, fashionable styling does not “wither” the creative and optimistic mood and helps to maintain the image of a stylish lady in any situation.

Go ahead: the trendiest short haircuts for spring

Interesting feature of this haircut: that curled locks, that straight strands visually make the face look thinner. When the hair opens the neck, face you already look much slimmer. A haircut emphasizes the line of the chin, and the strands that frame the face conceal its width. Haircut bob, no matter how long it is, focuses on the cheekbones, thereby shifting the widest area in the center of the face. That is, the forehead and chin look already, creating the illusion of a perfect oval. For girls with a square, round or heart-shaped face, this is exactly what is needed.

Curls make hair more voluminous, which is great for those who have thin hair. But straight strands when shearing the bob do not look too "thin", because this length does not weigh down the hair, leaving them more mobile.

Age doesn't matter either. And on young girls, and on women over 40, bob haircut looks perfect. Hair color is also not important: monotonous coloring, balayazh or ombra look on short haircuts bob and forehead is incredible, adding volume and texture to the hair.

Which haircuts do Egor rejuvenate and which ones age? | Topic author: Dmitry

| Topic author: Dmitry

Gregory Kare is young,
long hair when over 50 is probably out of place
bangs if not going can age

Edward the Short are young.

Catherine is a classic square
well, respectively, long hair aging, and it looks more often ridiculous

Jaroslav Well, first, haircuts do not rejuvenate. Only some cosmetic procedure can rejuvenate you. But a haircut can help you look younger to a certain extent. It all depends on the type of person. I think without your photo, you are unlikely to be someone competent to give advice. To do this, it is better to contact a specialist in a hair salon directly.

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Haircuts that are young + 15 photos -

After 35 years, women are forced to put more and more effort,. Haircuts that are young, can be, as well as medium, and very short, under the boy. . Haircuts that you should try this winter.

3. Caret medium length

This haircut should be chosen by those who notice that the contours of the face lose some clarity. If more recently a short car was in fashion, now its length has shifted lower - to the middle of the neck. And this in the sense of the anti-age effect is very useful: the cut line with a noticeable indentation from the chin will distract attention from the oval of the face.

4. Haircuts with long bangs

If you see the first signs of age-related changes and you do not want to resort to aggressive cosmetology, then you can make a bang - slightly thinned, with a length of eyebrows. Or below - you need to create a line along which you would glance. So he will not linger on wrinkles that become more noticeable.

5. Bob with graduation

There may be a graduation (length difference). Behind it should be necessarily below the hairline on the neck. And in front, longer strands will help soften the line of the cheekbones, instead of emphasizing it, this will provide a “tightening” effect, masking the age changes. If you make them even slightly "torn", rejuvenation will be more noticeable.

6. Long hair with “play” strands

It is believed that long hair can not rejuvenate, but it is not: take a look at 49-year-old Jennifer Lopez, who is always with a length. And at the same time - with a light gradation of color (lightening on the face). Even if she collects hair in a ponytail or bundle, the bright strands of the face remain released. If you "wear" hair loose, strive for elegant carelessness in styling - it gives the image the ease with which youth is associated. Surf-style styling is refreshing.

Haircuts with oblique bangs

Oblique bangs talking about the inclination of the girl to flirt and mischief, and can also talk about some measure of recklessness. If you want to look bold and risky, and are not afraid of experiments, make a hair with a long braid with a slant.


If you like to look bright and stand out from the crowd, then you just have to try this haircut

Haircut cascade

Haircut cascade which year does not lose its position in the list of the most popular among women. It is quite versatile, suitable for different types of faces, cascading hair is easy to style.

The hairstyle of an aurora is thought up by masters from Italy several decades ago. Italian roots are immediately visible in it - such a refined symbiosis of enthusiasm and refinement could not have been achieved by a master from other countries. Aurora is a haircut for those women who highly appreciate their individuality, who value style and quality to all.

Pixie haircut has become one of the most popular haircuts in the world, not out of fashion for many years. When stylists call it unique, they are not cunning. Hairstyle goes to almost everyone, does not play a role neither the type of hair, nor the oval of the face. You can choose your own and individual version due to the possibilities of the hairstyle itself ....

Haircut garcon

Haircut garcon - This is a choice of brave girls who are not afraid to make a challenge to society. The best choice for active young ladies!

If you do not decide on a fashionable haircut from our list, then here are ideas for inspiration gathered from around the world:

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