Short haircuts for women 2018 for full, thin, after 40, 50, 60 years old, beautiful with straight, slanting bangs, a cascade

Despite the most different experiments with style, many girls are afraid to change the usual haircut. After all, for a long time it was believed that long hair - the standard of female beauty. But in the conditions of the modern pace of life, not every girl is ready to spend a large amount of time on the full care of them.

In addition, stylists openly declare that in 2018, short, bold haircuts should be preferred. Therefore, today we offer to discuss the most relevant options.

Rules for choosing a short haircut

Before you sign up to the master, we recommend choosing for yourself a few suitable options. First of all, it is worth making a start on the quality of the hair. If they are damaged and dry, it is best to cut them as far as possible. Due to this, the hairstyle will look more well-groomed and fresh. And in the future you can easily grow longer hair.

The next thing that is very important to take into account is the features of your face and body. Depending on the shape of the face, the same haircut can give the image of romance or boldness. Therefore, you must understand in advance exactly how you want to look with a new haircut.

As for the figure, girls with curvaceous forms should not choose too short haircuts. Due to this decision, the proportions will be visually distorted. It is better to look at the asymmetric options, as well as multi-layered hairstyles. Such options help to visually stretch the shape of the face.

For those who have already chosen a short haircut for a long time, we suggest experimenting a little and making a bang. Her choice also should be taken seriously, as it sets a different character to your image. For example, smooth bangs will give some restraint and seriousness. A torn and asymmetrical version will make the image more daring and flighty.

It should be noted that short haircuts are suitable for everyone, regardless of age. But in order for it to fit you in all respects, be sure to consider the above rules.

Fashionable short haircuts 2018

If you like bold and original solutions, then a short haircut is exactly what you need. Therefore, we propose to consider the features of each of them in more detail.

Unlike the usual pixie, ultrashort haircut involves very short hair, a couple of centimeters long. Of course, not every girl can decide on such changes.

However, stylists say that this haircut looks very feminine and fashionable. This is especially true of owners of blond hair. Brunettes who seek such experiments should lighten their hair slightly and make it softer. The fact is that dark hair such haircut looks too boldly and strictly.

It should be noted that the best ultrashort haircut is suitable for owners of an oval or round face shape. The rest is better to choose for themselves another option.

Classic bob haircut does not lose its popularity for several years. It is suitable for medium length hair. She is also often chosen by girls who want to get rid of long, damaged strands.

No less popular is this haircut for owners of thin hair. An experienced master with ease will make the right structured hairstyle. Due to this, the hair will acquire additional volume at the roots and visually will appear thicker.

As for styling, it is not at all necessary to align the hair every day. Light negligence will be much more relevant this year. That is slightly disheveled, wavy hair. For this effect, you can use a curling iron or just braid tight pigtails for the night. Owners of curly hair were even more fortunate, since they do not have to spend time on styling at all.

The caret is back in fashion

Four of a kind is a famous classic that will be in fashion again in 2018. However, we suggest paying attention to a more original performance. For example, a shortened version of a haircut or a combination with a cascade. It looks very unusual.

Styling this haircut does not require. Therefore, girls with curly hair very often choose for themselves just such an option.

Bangs - another way to diversify the classic square. Smooth bangs - ideal for those who like more restrained haircuts. Girls who love unusual manifestations will enjoy the asymmetrical or ragged version. Romantic natures advise you to choose a bang on its side.

The real hit of 2018 will be asymmetrical haircuts. Daring, bold options are suitable only for open girls who want to be the center of attention.

The main feature of the asymmetrical haircut is a voluminous bang. Due to this, it looks very unusual and stylish. If desired, you can make shaved temples or neck. This option will definitely appeal to young fashionable women.

It is not necessary to make styling asymmetrical haircut. As mentioned above, in fashion easy negligence. However, if you are going to an event, you can make light curls or even hair. It all depends on your outfit and image in general.

Stylish haircut in the French style - the choice of self-confident girls. The fact is that garcon assumes very short hair with bangs as an accent. But despite this, it will be quite easy to create gentle, romantic and feminine images. After all, by itself, this haircut looks elegant.

However, this option should not be chosen if the rash on the face are quite often. Such an open haircut will only draw attention to this problem. Therefore, we recommend to look at other fashionable options.

Whatever haircut you choose for yourself, it is very important to take care of it regularly. That is, not only to select good care products, but also periodically visit your master. After all, he will take care of the condition of your hair and give the necessary recommendations.

Do you like short haircuts or prefer long hair?

New short women's haircuts in 2018

Each girl chooses her hair based on personal preferences and features of hair and face. Short haircut is a real salvation for those who can not grow hair or can not cope with styling.

The features of a short haircut are:

  • they help solve the problem of split ends, brittle hair,
  • make hair obedient
  • amenable to laying at home
  • fit any shape, style, face shape,
  • do not require frequent shampooing and prolonged combing.

Short female haircuts, current in 2018, are suitable for both full and thin girls.

Short hair can be stylish, interesting, classic or outrageous, it is important to choose the right hairstyle.

Popular short haircuts 2018-2019 and their variations:

    caret (bob-square, four-legged, asymmetrical, with straight or torn bangs). This hairstyle remains popular, because with its help you can create a casual or outrageous image, use coloring in dyeing due to the length,

Short haircuts for women 2018 are distinguished by their diversity.

  • bean (smooth, asymmetrical). Hairstyle does not require frequent alignments, it is easy to move from short length to medium. Suitable for curly hair,
  • asymmetry. The haircut complements any classic styling (four of a kind, cascade, pixie) and perfectly combines with coloring in bright colors, ombre or baly,
  • sesson. One of the few haircuts that does not require any styling after shampooing. Suitable for short girls with an elongated face shape,
  • pixie. Short haircut is suitable for unruly hair. Gives a rejuvenating effect, therefore it is ideal for women aged,
  • cascade. Suitable for hair lacking volume and for a narrow type of face.
  • Among the most relevant shades for coloring lead:

    • platinum (platinum blond),
    • caramel and cinnamon,
    • ashy blond, grayscale,
    • strawberry blond, shades of pink, colored strands, pink coloring.

    How to choose a haircut full and thin women

    Recommendations for thin women:

    • too long hair should be avoided. The optimal length for thin ones is the length of the shoulders or a short haircut, due to which you can add volume,
    • when styling any hair requires the use of mousses and foams to give volume,
    • when choosing a haircut, it is necessary to abandon the direct parting, it should go to the right or left of the middle,
    • the use of straight bangs is not recommended, it visually narrows the face,
    • suitable haircuts such as "ladder" (it can be done on long hair, starting to shorten the strands from the cheeks), bob, squares without bangs.

    Advice for obese women:

    • do not stack the hair in a ponytail or bundle with too licked strands,
    • It is recommended to do a magnificent styling to visually attract all the attention to the hairstyle,
    • highlighting and coloring light strands will allow you to distract from the fullness of the face,
    • It is recommended to cut not a short fringe, you can make it milled,
    • dark tones make the face look visually fat
    • full symmetry in the haircut, parting should be avoided,
    • the widest part of the face should not coincide with the volume part of the hair.

    Pixie haircut

    Women's short haircuts (2018) for full girls exclude information about this hairstyle. Pixie haircut comes from English. pixie - elf. The fact is that the hairstyle gives the girl a fabulous boyish look, revealing an oval of face, ears and neck.

    The essence of the haircut lies in the fact that the hair on the temples and the back of the head is cut off shorter than on the top of the head.


    • looks great only on clean hair, so you need to wash your hair more often,
    • the hairstyle opens the face and draws attention to it, you should do bright makeup,
    • Pixies need to be updated frequently so that the hairstyle does not lose shape,
    • for a change, you can trim the bangs.

    To suit:

    • owners of a small face and large features,
    • hair of any texture
    • girls with long or thin face.

    Who does not suit:

    • girls with curly and curly hair
    • women with a round face and short neck,
    • owners of small features.

    Haircuts with straight and oblique bangs

    Haircuts with bangs are relevant, as this detail helps to hide flaws and refresh the hair.

    Possible haircuts with straight bangs:

    • quads
    • bob car
    • elongated bean

    Features haircuts with bangs:

    • looks advantageous on thick and long hair
    • bangs usually to eyebrows or a little lower
    • suitable owners pear-shaped, oval face shape,
    • medium bangs visually lengthen the face
    • creates a rejuvenating effect
    • requires regular trimming and styling,
    • not suitable for full women with a round face shape.

    Haircuts with oblique bangs:

    • quads
    • pixie,
    • bean,
    • asymmetrical haircuts.


    • allows to improve the rectangular and square shape of the face,
    • allowed on long and short haircuts,
    • Not suitable for curly hair,
    • for a more airy image, filleting is used,
    • suitable for women looking to look younger.

    Shaved hair

    Haircut with shaved temples is a win-win option to attract attention. As a rule, the length of the hair remains unchanged, while the temporal part is completely shaved.


    • It combines not only informal but also classic style,
    • haircut does not need to constantly adjust,
    • many options for creative hairstyles - shaved pattern on the temples,
    • shaved temples are easy to grow, covering them with long hair.

    To suit:

    • owners of dark hair,
    • Fits an oval face shape
    • not only the hair, but also the scalp should be healthy,
    • asymmetrical haircuts with shaved temples will suit full women,
    • haircut is not recommended for women over 40 years, as it partially opens the face.

    Normal quads

    Women's short haircuts (2018) for full girls exclude the classic square, as this hairstyle opens up the facial features and neck.


    • There are many options for the square for each type of appearance (four-leg, long square, four bob),
    • hair is cut in a straight line, helps to avoid brittleness and give volume,
    • hairstyle does not require much time for styling,
    • it is combined with coloring in one tone and coloring.

    To suit:

    • owners of high forehead and facial features,
    • if the face and neck are large, shoulder length is suitable,
    • to the oval shape of the face fits the classic car.

    Long caret

    This haircut is universal, as is suitable for any type of person.


    • ability to keep hair length,
    • different symmetry along the entire length
    • 3-5 cm split ends are usually removed,
    • for an elongated car takes time to lay.

    This haircut is one of the few that suits both thin and full women, for any style and shape of the face.

    Bob haircut

    Women's short haircuts (2018) for full girls are now at the peak of their popularity, as they do not require much time for styling.

    Bob haircut features:

    • suitable for any type of face, due to the variety of styling,
    • There are options with different types of bangs,
    • raised at the roots and disheveled hair give a mischievous look, rejuvenate,
    • suitable not only for short hair.

    To suit:

    • option with bangs fit to the oval, elongated shape of the face,
    • an elongated bean will decorate a round face
    • Bob is also suitable for full women, if you do not leave a straight bang.

    The haircut cascade is called so, because it resembles a water cascade, at the top of the head the hair is shorter.

    Hairstyle is popular due to the fact that it is suitable for any length of hair and unpretentious styling.


    • hairstyle will suit girls with bleached or blond hair,
    • recommended for narrow face, visually expands it,
    • looks equally advantageous with bangs and without it (bangs are shown when there is a high forehead and an elongated facial oval).

    Pluses haircuts:

    • versatility
    • creates volume
    • easy to fit.


    • not suitable for thin, weak, split ends,
    • with careless styling, hair can be pushed.


    1. Kare. It differs from the usual presence of a smooth transition between slices,
    2. Romantic cascade. All transitions start from the top of the head and follow all over the head.

    Laying options:

    • with a round shape of the face, it is necessary to twist the hair onto the brush and place the tips in the form of a cap,
    • with a narrow type, on the contrary, you should lay your hair tips out.

    Women's short haircuts (2018) for obese women varied hair semi-boxes. As one of the most popular men's haircuts, hair halfboxes instantly captured a female audience.

    Haircut "under the boy" fell in love with many girls due to its features:

    • maximum face opens
    • styling does not take much time
    • fits almost any facial contour
    • combined with creative coloring,
    • gives volume to thin hair.

    To suit:

    • mistresses smooth or slightly wavy hair,
    • owners of a round or oval face, long neck,
    • if the face is elongated, you should make a half-box with asymmetrical bangs.


    Asymmetrical (or slanting) haircuts are hairstyles with different hair lengths on both sides.

    Most often, asymmetry is done in haircuts such as:

    • bean,
    • quads
    • bob car
    • pixie.


    • it is possible to make long hair, if it is difficult to part with them,
    • allows you to successfully beat the usual hairstyles,
    • each time you can lay in a new way, according to the style (both classical and casual),
    • the form requires constant care,
    • gives volume to any hairstyle.

    To suit:

    • owners of an oval face type,
    • with excessive fullness, asymmetry will visually lengthen the face.

    What haircuts are suitable for women after 40, 50, 60 years

    Recommendations for choosing a haircut:

    • cut the bangs. Often women are afraid of bangs, as it requires constant styling. But at the same time, she hides the wrinkles on her forehead and makes her eyes more expressive. To look younger, it is recommended to make a torn and asymmetrical fringe,
    • if the quality of the hair allows, it should grow length Many believe that only short haircuts can be worn at age, but it is long curls that will allow you to rejuvenate your image for 10 years,
    • not recommended to create too smooth, licked styling,
    • too long hair should also be avoided.

    Suitable anti-aging haircuts after 40 years:

    • quads
    • bean,
    • ladder
    • multilayer cascade
    • halfbox,
    • page,
    • sesson.

    After 50 years:

    • quads (best cascade or asymmetrical),
    • halfbox,
    • short or medium bean,
    • pixie,
    • garcon

    After 60 years:

    • pixie,
    • cascade,
    • quads
    • bean.

    Styling tips: face selection

    Leading stylists are unanimous in their opinion that the choice of a haircut should take into account the shape of the face. For each type there are rules for the selection of hairstyles.

    Oval face:

    • if the face is slightly elongated, you should make elongated haircuts and bangs
    • not recommended to wear parting,
    • for oval fit hairstyles with bangs and without. If you do bang, then recommended oblique and asymmetrical, lush,
    • suitable haircuts: multi-layered (cascade, four of a different length), bob, and straight straight hair.

    Round face:

    • when the round type can not do a fluffy straight bangs, perm, hairstyle with the ends of the cheekbones and cheeks. Horizontal lines and monotony of color are also not recommended,
    • layering should be created with the volume at the top of the head,
    • Curly hair is recommended to grow to medium length,
    • if a bang is used, it should be oblique,
    • suitable hairstyles: pixie, short bob, quads.

    Square face:

    • should avoid straight hair, open forehead, straight bangs, too short hair,
    • choose haircuts to frame the face, curls, curls falling,
    • fit oblique multi-level bangs,
    • haircuts should be voluminous at the crown and asymmetrical.

    Diamond face:

    • for this type, short haircuts “like a boy”, straight hairstyles, wide bangs, hair of the same length,
    • Suitable trapezoid hairstyles, squares with tips out and curls,
    • best fit elongated square or to the middle of the neck.

    Rectangular face:

    • not recommended large volume at the crown, parting, hairstyles, opening the face,
    • suitable multi-layered haircuts, curls and curls,
    • bangs should be oblique, fluffy and asymmetrical.

    In 2018, a huge number of female short haircuts appeared, including for plump girls. Before a haircut, it is important to decide on what type of person, to reveal the flaws that should be hidden, and the merits that the hairstyle will help emphasize.

    Article design: Oksana Grivina

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